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Autumn Falls

Subject: The Sunnetci Slipped As always, gentlemen, please remember that Nifty exists for our pleasure. Please make sure you show your appreciation to keep it financially stable. I also just want to say that while the fact is true that the incident where one of my students told me “the sunnetci slipped” and also later said he’d been used, most of the rest of this is fiction, including the names. ++++ When I was teaching in Istanbul, it was “recess,” and my 7th graders mostly went out to play. I stayed in the classroom to catch up on book work, and two boys also stayed (or maybe they came back in. I can’t remember that part.) Anyway, they are messing around and I’m not paying much attention until I look up and see that the one boy has grabbed the other one from behind, and is kind of humping his ass. I tell them to settle down. The boy who was being held and humped then said to me, “It’s okay, Teacher David, the sunnetci slipped.” Then the other boy immediately let go and looked embarrassed. But I need to tell you a little bit of Turkish here. “Sunnet” = circumcision. The suffix “-ci” is the Turkish parallel to our English suffix “-er” — the person who does something. Driver, swimmer, builder, etc. So “sunnetci” was the circumciser. So in effect, the boy who was being humped, Ali, just said that “It’s okay, Teacher David, the circumcizer cut off his dick, so he can’t actually fuck me, even though it looks like it.” I was pretty amazed that a kid his age even knew about butt fucking, let alone joke about it. Ali seemed to like me and trust me, and eventually, he told me that “some of us get fucked because girls have to be virgins when they get married, and well, a lot of boys….” I asked him if he was one of them. He just said, “yeah.” And it was clear he didn’t want to elaborate. But that didn’t help much when I looked at his ass over the next year or so. I think he knew I looked. He’d look back sometimes, and grin, sometimes even wiggle it. Ali actually ankara eve gelen escort started to be quite friendly with me. He’d yell at me at lunch — “come sit with us.” He’d tell me stuff about other guys in the dorm. I told him once, “everybody jacks off man. No big deal.” “But Ozkan sucks dicks, too. I saw him.” “Oh, okay.” I’m thinking Ozkan is a very handsome senior guy. He sucks dick in the dorm???? Does anybody return the favor?? Ali is also one of several boys who told me about how his uncle or his older brother or some neighbor fucked him, but he didn’t seem ashamed or anything. Like it was almost a normal thing. The only not normal thing was telling a teacher about it. I couldn’t tell if he was coming on to me, or just somehow letting me in on the dorm gossip. A year later, he said he wanted to run in the Istanbul marathon, and would I run with him? I agreed. In those days, there was only one Bosphorus bridge between Asian Turkey and European Turkey, and it was vehicular traffic only. No pedestrians or bicycles, etc. So the fact that the marathon started on the Asian side made me think oh, man, I get to be in running shorts with this boy AND actually see historic Istanbul from the bridge on foot. So we did it. Istanbul wasn’t the only view I had. His sweaty shorts clung to a VERY nice ass. After we finished the 10k, and we got our glass medals, we went back to my apartment. He’s laying back on my sofa. I knew all along he wasn’t wearing a jock. Anytime I got a chance to look during the run, it was just bouncing back and forth. Now, with him leaning back on the sofa, he’s either hard or big — or both. I look in his eyes. He looks in mine, then looks down to his dick. I do too. I try to avoid the obvious. “You want to get a shower first, or should I?” “Sir…” He lifts his ass and pushes his shorts down. I just stare at the beautiful uncut 7-inch brown dick that is standing straight up in front gaziantep escort of me. I’m thinking, “shit, this 15 year old has a dick that’s as big as mine, Maybe bigger.” Then he says, “Sir, let me see yours, too.” I hesitate, then drop my shorts. And my jock. “it’s so nice, sir.” He rolls up a bit and takes off his sweaty t-shirt. “You too, sir.” I do. Now we are both totally naked except for our socks and we are both very hard. Then he relaxes on the sofa again, his hard dick staring at me. Then he rolls up, holding his knees. “I know you’re afraid I’ll tell. But I won’t.” I know he’s “inviting” me to fuck him, but that’s not what I want with that hole. It’s winking at me. I stop resisting. I kneel and plunge my face into that hairy pink hole. Sweaty, but I like that, too. He starts jerking his dick and his balls are bouncing on my face as I work my tongue into his hole. “Sir, I — oh, shit, I’m gonna cum, sir.” I leave his ass because I’m definitely NOT gonna miss tasting his cum. I finally swallow that beautiful thing of his just as his balls pull up and he starts shooting. I hold his ass so he can’t take it out of my mouth, and I actually shoot on the floor. Talk about dreams come true! This amazingly beautiful kid, naked on my sofa, and I just not only ate his hole but I swallowed this luscious cum load. Then he falls back on the sofa. Me still on my knees at the edge. “Teacher Dave, you just made me cum like I never did. But I thought you wanted to fuck me, sir.” “No. I wanted to do exactly what we did. I wanted to make you cum like that.” “When you licked my asshole, you made me so hard. Nobody ever did that before.” “And maybe you didn’t notice, but it made me hard too.” “You don’t want my ass?” He sounds almost disappointed. “Oh, man, I’d eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you’d let me. But I don’t want to fuck you, if that’s what you mean.” Then he leaned back again. Thoughtful. “I wondered why I got ankara gerçek resimli escort hard when guys were fucking me, but you just taught me another lesson, teach. Our assholes are sexy too. Not just our, uh, dicks. No wonder I got hard when they were fucking me.” I noticed that he’d stopped with “Teacher David” and I was now “teach.” But that was cool. “Hey you can call it your dick or your cock or whatever, and yeah, our assholes have like 17 zillion nerve endings that are REALLY there to get our dicks hard.” Then, after a long pause. “I think you’ll keep a secret, right?” “I trust you to keep mine, too, Ali.” “I like getting fucked. I never told anybody before. Please don’t hate me.” “Ali. I just sucked your asshole and your dick and swallowed your cum — which was delicious, by the way. So I’m gonna hate you for what?” “I’m not supposed to like it. I’m supposed to be a real man.” So I decided to be teacher again. “So the guys who got hard looking at your ass and fucked you are ‘real men’ I guess?” Ali looks at me almost stunned. “And of course I’m not a real man because I just sucked your cum out of your balls after licking your ass.” Now my 15-year-old is crying. We are both still naked. I hug him to me, his head now over my shoulder. His body is against mind. I think about how vulnerable I was at his age. I rub his back. I mostly resist that beautiful ass, but can’t help caressing it along with all of the rest of him. He stops sobbing. “You are fine, just the way you are, Ali. Yeah, we all make mistakes, but being gay isn’t one of them.” “Teacher David. I want to say that again. Teacher David. You just said the word I was always afraid of. You said ‘gay.’ And I know I am but it’s so scary. You’re like the only guy I can trust.” “Ali, do you really think at your age that being horny makes you gay? And even if you are, do you really think you’re the only gay guy in Turkey who likes a dick up his ass?” He almost laughed. “Yeah, you’re right. But I also liked your tongue up my ass.” Then he rolls his eyes, and adds “sir” to that comment. I laugh. “Who knew that the REAL reward of the marathon would be this…” as I roll his legs up and plunge my mouth into that hairy pink hole again. I know I’ll be getting another delicious reward very soon.

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