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The Test Drive Chapter 3 My photo site has been suspended and no reason given. I am working on a replacement site, if you think I should, please let me know.

This is fantasy fiction.

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WickrMe andrewmthomas

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Boys are to be loved, cherished and cared for. Never hurt!

Have you ever wanted to laugh, I mean really laugh, an infectious little boy belly laugh, just because? I need to laugh. It feels so good to laugh.

Chapter 3

Johnny was excited for the next driving lesson. Even though he told Adam it was up to him, who was he kidding? Johnny was in control and had a plan. He met Adam after work as agreed in the large parking lot, where he showed off his skills to Adam after playing innocent and dumb.

“Hop in.” Johnny barked at Adam, who was standing next to his car.

“Hi to you too.” Adam said snidely to Johnny as he buckled in. “What”s the hurry?”

“We have a bit of a drive, then we can have our lesson.”

“Oh, so now you”re defining the lessons?” Adam asked.

“Are you complaining? You want me, I want you. Am I wrong? I can stop the truck and let you out.” Johnny half joked, wondering if the man was having second thoughts.

“I”m good. Let”s get this party going.”

They drove for about 30 minutes up a windy road near the national park. There was a little parking area in the gravel and a path that led over to the hills. Johnny grabbed the gym bag and hopped out. Adam followed him.

They hiked up the trail, or rather walked it, it wasn”t that challenging, and found that there was a small area that had signs and things to see next to a boarded up mine. One of the caves had bars on it and was labeled “jail,” apparently for the people that caused trouble at bursa escort the mine in the old days. Outside of the little jail was a set of stocks. It was set up to take photos. You put your head and arms in and then got a photo taken with the jail behind you. The stocks weren”t tight enough to hold you, so it was just for show.

“Strip.” Johnny barked as he quickly stripped himself. Once he was done with that, he opened the gym bag and tossed a bottle of lube to Adam. “This should make it easier than last time.”

Johnny had also set his phone down on a little stand on the table next to the gym bag on record. He made sure it showed the action that was about to happen. He grabbed a little money bag prop he brought and ran into the frame of the phone. “Hey Adam, I”m stealing your money. Are you going to punish me?”

Adam ran up, nude, holding the lube and guiding Johnny over so he could place his head and arms in the stocks. “Boy, you”re going to pay for it.” By this point, Adam was hard as a rock. He leaned in and licked Johnny”s ass. It was sweet, and the boy was bent over just right. He tongued and rimmed the boy until he decided it was time. He poked one finger in, it was loose. He went for two, then three, and realized the boy was ready. He lubed up and plunged in.

“Oh, mister, that hurts. I won”t steal again.” Johnny yelled out.

“You”re gonna learn your lesson, son.” Adam went along with the role play.

“Fuck, mister, that cock is huge.”

“You like it son?”

“No, mister, it hurts, I think you”ve punished me enough.”

“I”ll stop when I”m spent. You”re gonna be dripping my cum for a month.”

Breaking character, Johnny pushed himself out of the stocks and got Adam to stop pounding him. He could feel that he was getting close and Johnny was as well.

“Ha, I broke free. Your turn.” He pushed Adam to his knees and forced his cock into Adam”s mouth. After about two or three strokes, he shot his load. Before he finished shooting, he pulled out and painted Adam”s face with his last volley of cum.

“Round 1. Fuck me again, Adam, and don”t wipe your face.”

This time, Johnny grabbed a bursa escort bayan padded roll from his bag and placed it on the ground, still in view of the camera. He got on his back and led Adam to fuck him missionary. “Fuck me deep, Adam, fuck me.”

Adam got in place and started pumping. He leaned down to kiss Johnny, and Johnny licked his own jizz from Adam”s face. “Oh, fuck, I”m about to shoot.” Adam cried.

“You better not, unless you”ve got a second round in you.” Adam pulled free, went down on Johnny”s cock, and got the boy”s second load. That didn”t cause his own pending orgasm to go away. Johnny sensed it and pulled Adam up to suck on his cock. He immediately deep throated it and was treated to a load of cum. Again, Adam collapsed on Johnny, but Johnny wasn”t about to stop sucking on Adam”s cock. He carefully rolled his tongue around it driving Adam nuts. As he felt Adam getting too sensitive, he slowed down. He was good. After a good ten minutes, Johnny decided it was round 2 time for Adam. He sucked with passion. Adam”s cock responded. Johnny knew it wouldn”t last, but as he got Adam close, he stopped. “Time for you to make a deposit in the bank of Johnny. Fuck me Adam, give me that second load.”

Adam complied. The demands from this boy were just driving him crazy. “I”m about to, uh, oh, about, to, ugh, shit, here it comes.” Adam slammed deep, shooting a load of jizz deep into Johnny”s ass. As he did, Johnny”s cock erupted for the third time. He shot straight up into Adam”s face as he looked down on the boy he had just filled. Johnny pulled him down and licked it off, then pulled Adam in for a deep kiss. They swapped Johnny”s cum back and forth until it was all gone.

“We had better get back, it”s getting late.” Johnny grabbed all of Adam”s clothes, placed them on the padded roll, rolled it up and shoved it in his bag. He grabbed his shirt, put it on, but tossed his shorts and underwear in the gym bag. He grabbed his phone, stopped the recording, and took it all to the truck.

“In the truck, buckle up.”

“My clothes.” Adam sort of begged.

“Later. Get in, or I leave you here.” Johnny tossed the bag behind escort bursa the seat. Adam had barely gotten in when Johnny started to take off. Johnny”s phone was now in a dash mount recording Johnny”s crotch.

“Get down, you may get seen. Suck me!” Johnny ordered. This may be tough while driving, but he wanted to try it. It wasn”t going well, so he stopped at a turnout. You can finish me here, then we can get down the hill for round 4.

Just as Adam had Johnny at his climax, a policeman drove past. Johnny knew that they would be turning around to come check that everything was OK, so he started the truck up again and began to drive and saw the officer coming back at them. He waved and kept going. Adam was clueless as to what happened. Unfortunately, Johnny”s postponed climax would have to wait. They got back to the parking lot and Johnny demanded Adam finish what he started before getting his clothes back. Adam loved the taste of Johnny”s cock, and it was a perfect size and shape. As Johnny got close, he held Adam”s head and pumped the final ropes of cum into Adam”s mouth. Adam came up to share it with Johnny. They swapped it back and forth before Adam swallowed the batter down. “Fuck that was hot.” Adam said.

“Even hotter was that the cop followed us down the hill. If you had sat up, we would have been busted. Speaking of that, how the hell are we going to get our clothes. Adam was able to reach the bag, pull out his clothes, and get dressed.

“So, Adam, do you still want to be my teacher?”

“Hell, yes! When can we do this again? I think you”re the teacher, not me.”

“How about next Tuesday at six. Same meeting place. Are you afraid of heights?”

“Tuesday is fine, but heights? What do you mean?”

Johnny started laughing as he drove off. “See you Tuesday!”

End of The Test Drive – Chapter 3 – Andrew Thomas Published stories

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My photo website suspended even though it was G rated. Let me know if you want me to make a new photo site. This time without links and just G rated photos of the people, places and events.

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