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Subject: The Thrilling Chronicles of the Daltons 3 The Thrilling Chronicles of the Daltons Volume 1: Stranded Chapter 3 They have probably walked a few kilometers already. The orange hue of sundown bathed the faces of the barbaric men’s prisoners. They kept them surrounded, assuring no one would go astray. “Where are you taking us?” the captain’s voice was reverberated by the forest. The savage near him responded by pointing him lightly with his fear. A little warning to stop talking and keep walking. The others were too frightened to speak. “Are they going to hurt us?” Sebastian whispered to his father’s ear. “I don’t know, Bastian. But I won’t let them hurt you.” “I know,” Sebastian said as he clasped his arms tighter around Santiago’s shoulders. Santiago started carrying the boy after walking a kilometer or so. He knew the boy was already exhausted. The young doctor noticed that his co-prisoners were all males. There were about thirty of them. He thought that the savages needed them for forced labor or as slaves. He was occupied coming up with a way to save his son and himself from whatever doom the savages have brought them for. He did not realize a source of light flickering a hundred meters up the route. It was a bonfire but more huge and meticulously made than they had at the seaside camp. As they walked nearer, he could make out the fine handiworks of four long voluminous log benches arranged squarely around the perimeter of the fire. The savages pushed them until they were all seated on the wooden benches. The amount of fire crackling in front of them is intimidating. Around them, more savages emerged from the numerous tents of wide and thick leaves that surround the bonfire. It was their camp. They were talking, shouting, and hissing at each other. Suddenly, a savage man with a peculiar feather crown emerged, and all the savages revered him. They were all silent for a while before their leader spoke in a hoarse outlandish voice. Then came the women of the savages. They were carrying baskets of fruits and water vessels. The leader beckoned them to provide the prisoners with some nourishments. It was a feast. Walking all afternoon exhausted and starved the prisoners. They ate without reserve. But Santiago made sure to check that every fruit in the basket was edible before he and his son ate. Once everyone was stuffed, the savage women went back with the rations to wherever they came from. It was only the men again. The savage chief spoke once more, and there was utter chaos. The savages are pulling on the youngsters among the prisoners. The boys are dragged along the camp. A savage attempted to anadolu yakası escort grab Sebastian, but Santiago quickly drove the man away. He embraced his son as the state of their surroundings worsened. Finally, there was silence. Ten or so boys from the plane were held standing by the savages. Only Sebastian, a Caucasian-Chinese boy with the captain, and a curly Aussie boy on his older brother’s lap were not captured. Lennard was also taken and was standing close to the Daltons. The fear was evident in the poor lad’s face. The chief croaked again as he sat on one of the benches. Other savages followed suit, and they occupied the rest of the seats. There are now thirty-two adult men sitting around the bonfire, eight on each bench. The savage chief whistled, and young savage boys appeared from the corners of the camp. Unlike the adult savages, they wore a loincloth resembling a thong. There is no extra article of animal skin fabric hanging a couple of inches in front or behind it. Surprisingly, the savage boys joined them on the bonfire by sitting on the laps of the prisoner men. Well, except for the three men whose laps were already taken. The savage leader whistled again, and he pointed to a 14-year-old American boy. The boy was brought to him and was sat on his lap. The remaining captured boys were randomly pushed to the sitting savage men. Lennard is forced to sit on the lap of a savage man beside the Daltons. Oddly, the whole scenario occurred as if they were being coupled up. Then, each pair was given loincloths and was coerced to wear them immediately. Santiago wore a loincloth with approximately eight inches of fabric hanging in front and behind his lower body. Sebastian’s loincloth was like the rest of the younger boys’. It was a small article of clothing that covers only his boyhood member in front, and the narrow back settles between his buttcheeks. “It’s okay. We’re just gonna go along with what the brutes want until I make out a plan of escape,” Santiago whispered to his son. “Please count us in,” said an 18-year-old lad on Santiago’s right. The lad had just perfectly worn his loincloth, and he is currently helping his younger brother, who is the same age as Sebastian. “I’m Zach. This is my brother Zane.” Santiago nodded and introduced the two of them too. He also pointed to Lennard on his left and addressed him to the brothers. The German lad’s bulge would seem to rip open the tiny thong-like cloth. After changing, he reluctantly went back to sit on a savage man’s lap. Santiago’s nod made him feel at ease. At least, he was not alone. Each of ankara anal escort the men has a savage man watching behind with a spear in case of an attempt to escape. After everyone had changed into savage skin, uneasiness spread among civilized men. They were out there illuminated by the light of the bonfire, wearing nothing but loincloths and most of all, with a boy sitting on their laps. Santiago looked at the starry sky and made out the north star in front of him. He snapped back to the bonfire when he heard the leader of the brutes emit a growl-like sound. The brute was seated on the log where the north star has designated as the east. Santiago and the rest of the men sat on the south bench could see every movement from him. To their utter shock and horror, the head of savages began fumbling the cloth covering the loins of the hesitant boy sitting on his lap. He started by forcing the boy’s legs apart to gain full access. He felt his groins before going straight to the pecker. The deft hands of the brute slipped it out of the boy’s loincloth. The crowd was astounded. Santiago has not blinked for long until he felt a sharp object pointing at his back. The savage behind him gnarled. He was confused at first, but then, he suddenly understood the meaning of the pairing and their position. The savages wanted the prisoners to mimic whatever their chief was doing. The savages with the plane boys on their laps are already miming their leader. Santiago felt another sharp nudge, harder this time. He sighed and began to imitate the brute’s movements. “Are we also doing it here?” Sebastian asked softly, so only his father would hear. “I think that’s what these savages want us to do.” Santiago caressed his son’s prick. It was soft. Maybe Sebastian was, after all, scared and baffled. Santiago thought of a way to set the boy’s mood while stroking his beloved’s thigh. “You must be feeling good in this outfit since you were practically begging me to let you and your so-called ‘no-underwear phase’ in Madrid.” “Yeah. I never felt so free.” Sebastian snickered. “Well, I think I’ll not be a bummer again with your ‘no-underwear phase.’ You could just wear your tighties in bed.” “Really?” “Yep. As long as I am there to handle your erections.” Santiago kissed the boy’s shoulder. “Oh, God. Thanks. I can finally breathe.” Santiago was glad the boy was easing up. He was surprised to see that some of the men from the plane began touching the savage boys on their laps. On his left, Lennard’s huge prick is out and being handled adeptly by the savage whom the German lad is sitting on. On the other ankara anal yapan escort side, the brothers have not started doing anything yet. The savage behind them has started assaulting the older brother with the spear. “You need to do it, Zach, or I’m afraid they’re gonna hurt you and your little brother. They are brutes. We don’t know what worst they can do.” Santiago tapped the lad’s shoulder. Shortly, all hands of the men sitting on the benches are occupied. The night is calm. Only the crackling of the fire and the addictive moaning of the boys can be heard. Young Sebastian is not doing good in suppressing his moans. With his legs wide open and with his right arm hooked on his father’s neck, the boy’s erogenous zones are exposed. Santiago adored the product of the boy’s sweat. He kissed his chest and armpit. The doctor was not stroking his son rapidly the way others do. He was doting on the feeling of Sebastian’s smooth and soft foreskin parting to free the boy’s glans. He also knows that boys in Sebastian’s age will not last long, so he does it very slowly. After some time, a savage handed over a wooden bowl to each of the men on the benches. Santiago quickly understood that it was for collection. The first boy who gave his load was the Caucasian-Chinese boy using the plane captain’s hands. They were sitting on the north bench, so Santiago could not see. The bonfire blocks the view between the north and south. But he could clearly hear the moan from the youngest boy of the group as he splattered the bowl with his load. Santiago held the bowl with his left hand as he felt the semen build up in Sebastian’s loins. Sebastian drowned his whimper on his father’s hair. Spurts after spurts of translucent spunk dripped from his wiener. Santiago milked it out until none was left. Zane beside them came simultaneously with Sebastian. But unlike Sebastian, Zane’s howl was a lot louder, and his semen was plenty of times milkier. The Australian boy had discovered wanking much earlier than the young Dalton. Completely spent, Sebastian turned to sit athwart on his father’s lap and nestled his face on the crook of his neck. Santiago patted the boy’s back as he still held on to the semen-filled bowl with his left hand. Some boys have impressive stamina. Lennard was one of the lasts to shoot their load. He almost made the bowl brim over with viscous semen. They waited for every boy to ejaculate before the uncivilized village chief continued the ritual. He raised the bowl in the air and muttered a series of indiscernible words. The constant pricking of a spear on Santiago’s back is starting to annoy him, so he quickly raises the wooden bowl he is holding. Then the brute chief abruptly lowered the bowl to his lips and hoisted the syrupy white semen of the boy he just milked. Unable to wait to taste his son again, Santiago gulped the bowl empty next. Few other plane men are disgusted and reluctant but still left with no choice in the end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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