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The Torture

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The TortureYou are home alone. You find yourself looking around to determine what next to do. Wow, it’s been so long since you had the house to yourself. You sit on the couch thinking, “Hmmm what to do?” You end up falling asleep on the couch. Sweet dreams begin.In your dreams you smell lavender and you get this feeling that someone is with you, but who? This dream is peaceful and you find yourself relaxing. This person with you has soft hands, you think to yourself, “don’t let this dream stop it’s been too long since someone has made me comfortable”. Your entire body has been gently massaged in your dream. You smell sandalwood, where do you know that smell from? Still dreaming you have the picture of the person, but you cannot quite figure out who it is. “Man, this is some dream! I’m even aroused, as if…whoa” you drowsily wake up to find yourself blind folded and your wrist and ankles have restraints on them. You are comfortable, but spread out on the couch. You’re spooked beyond belief, “What the fuck is going on!” you yell and try to remove the restraints. Hands caress your checks and the smell of lavender becomes very strong and you feel lips press gently against yours. Your next surprise is that you are completely nude. Again you try to free yourself, but someone, feminine, is straddled across you. She whispers in your ear, “Relax baby and enjoy the sensations”. You think you know the voice, but who is it? You find yourself relaxing and the hands again massage and caress your body. You wonder, “Who are you?” Again, a soft whisper in your ear, “you know who I am. You’ve always known who I am”. Your mystery guest nibbles gently on your ear. You feel the coolness of the room on your body. You feel the couch on your backside. You smell the mixture of lavender and sandalwood. Soft music of a man’s voice is sensually singing in the background. Surprisingly you find yourself wondering who the artist is singing rather than being afraid of this feminine stranger. You find yourself relaxing to the gentle caresses and kisses you are receiving. You ask, “Who is singing?” She replies seductively, “it’s Robin Thicke. He is one of the most seductive artists in Pop Music.” She moves away from you, but you can hear her voice, “do not battle, just enjoy with your senses”. “Who are you?” you demand, but not truly meaning it because you find yourself so aroused. You hear a wicked laugh. You ask yourself, “Do I know her?” The lyrics to the current song, “Going to Love You” can be heard. You begin to feel something soft at your feet. It’s very soft and betsobet yeni giriş light. You can feel it slide between your toes, up around your ankle, along your calf, your knee, up the outside of your thigh, then down the inside of your thigh. “How does this feel?” she whispers in your ear. You jump because you did not expect her to be so close. You reply that it’s soft. “What is it, a feather?” you asked a little hoarse. You hear her smile (as if that is possible), “uh huh”. The feather is then stroked on your other leg starting at your foot, then around the ankle, up the calf, outside the thigh, then to the inner thigh. You’re thinking that your cock and balls will be next. The feather is now on your face smoothly stroking each cheek, you forehead, under your jaw, then you moan waiting for the feather on your lips. Instead it’s her lips sucking on your lower lip followed by her tongue licking your lips before plunging deeply into your mouth. “Are you still dreaming?” she laughs softly. You know you’re not. “Do you want me to stop, my beautiful Prince?” she breathes softly into your ear. You, of course, put two and two together, “Sandra?” Again as if you can hear her smile, “Yes, baby it’s me”. You realize you have never heard her voice before. It’s deeper than you expected, but in a sexual way. You can hear its warmth that is inviting and promising. You ask in wonder, “what are you doing?” She replies with the feather along your rib cage, up to your chest, down the other side of your ribs, finishing at your lower stomach. You beg for Sandra to take the blindfold off. You feel a finger pressed against your lips to silence you, “when I’m done”. “Is this beyond your wildest dreams? Just nod your head in yes or no?” Sandra asks. The feather continues its path back to your legs you’re ready to feel it’s lightness against your cock. Instead Sandra is between your legs and you feel a rush of lips going down your cock!Your hips surge up to meet her. “Sandra”, is breathed out of you in a rush. You again, demand for the blindfold to come off. You hear her say, “No” as she works her way to your balls to suck gently on each. She nibbles and licks sending electricity through your system. You want to see her eyes. Damn this blindfold. She continues up to each hip bone and nibbles followed by blowing on each to cool the sting. Sandra is driving you higher. Back down to the inside of your thigh she sucks hard. You know that will leave a mark. You feel her nails up and down your legs. Sandra continues back on your cock with betsobet güvenilirmi her fingers then followed by her lips. “I love the taste of you” as she licks your pre cum. Your breathing is erratic. Your cock is so hard and your balls are tight. You feel yourself deep in her mouth only to feel her pull away. She blows on your hot body. “Sandra, please, finish!” you stress. She whispers back in your ear “not yet, darlin’, I want to know how much you can take”. “What the hell does that mean?” you turn your head around towards her voice because she is farther away in the room.At this point you just want your release. You try the restraints again and find that they are still holding strong. You hear Sandra taking a seat somewhere. “Just listen”, you can hear her say. You can’t believe that she is leaving you in this position. Sandra softly whispers from across the room, “do you know what you do to me, baby?” Sandra takes a deep breath and moans softly. “Yes,I’m touching myself” she informs you from across the room. She demands, “Does it turn you on knowing that I’m masturbating just a couple of feet from you?” You begin to smell the lust in the air and it drives you crazy. She whimpers softly, “wouldn’t you want to taste me baby?” You can’t believe that she is doing this to you. You hear her breathing quicken as she comes to a quick completion “Oh baby, I’m so wet and taste so sweet”. You hear her lick her fingers and smell the lust even stronger on her. You are determined to maintain control, “let me taste your fingers”. Sandra puts her fingers close to your nose, “I’ll be nice and let you smell”. You think to yourself, “if I ever get my hands on her”. The nails, her nails are sliding across your chest. Sandra pinches each of your nipples followed by a gentle breeze. You begin wondering what is next. You had no idea how sensual Sandra is, nor how creative she is. How far will she take this? You feel something cold but smooth caress your thighs. Your head falls back on the couch, “Now what?” It’s material of some type that is cold to touch but soft as silk or satin. Sandra whispers in your ear, “It’s a wide satin ribbon”. You find that she slides the ribbon smoothly around your balls and lets it slip ever so gently so as not to cause pain. Sandra repeats the process around your growing cock. “Can your cock get any bigger?” Sandra laughs teasingly. Again the ribbon is felt around your neck where you can feel yourself being pulled forward. Sandra kisses you passionately and you return the kiss with as much lust and betsobet giriş passion to get back at her. Sandra steps away again you hear something loud rattle as if in a bucket. You know the sound, but can’t place it. You’re really getting tired of the blind fold and restraints. Sandra takes her hands on each thigh and spreads your legs even wider. “Sandra, I’m serious, I need to see you”, you demand again. Sandra does not respond to your question only, “hmmmmm”. You feel her nail on one finger play with your cock as it grows again with her attention. Then quickly you feel her mouth on your cock and, “what is that, ice?” you demand. “You have fucking ice in your mouth baby?” Sandra works your cock to melt the ice up and down the length of you while fondling your balls. The ice is melting at the same time your balls are tightening. You are so close, you feel Sandra swallow the melted ice just before she leaves you again in all your glory just on the brink. “Damn it Sandra, get back here and finish me now!” your words are spoken on a growl. She whispers in another ear, “but I’m not done”. Her lips nibble your ear, “how badly do you want me now?” “Baby, I’m touching myself again”, Sandra teases and again you can hear that smile in her voice. This time she puts a finger to your mouth to allow a taste, “You have been a good boy”. Your anger starts to rise…you’re not a BOY! Sandra ends up leaving you alone again.So as this story goes with the same process but with different items, a taste of strawberry, whipped cream, cinnamon schnapps, even champagne Sandra drives you to the edge but not over. You have not had your release. Sandra continues to tease and masturbates once more coming to full completion sitting right next to you with your name on her lips when you hear her climax. You are tired of trying to break away from the restraints but they continue to hold tight. The blind fold is still on so you are left with only your other senses. You are so fully erect your cock is now painful and you desperately need that release. Sandra approaches you and whispers, “How much more, will it take for you to go crazy for me?” At this point you are so hot you can’t think straight. You do not say a word. You are breathing hard and you feel like a rutting bull. Sandra takes each of you fingers and sucks on each one in turn. Each finger goes deep into her mouth. She finally whispers in her ear, “I’m done”. Finally you think that you are going to get that release. She straddles you and begins to rub herself against you. Her hands slide to both of your hands and glides back. You can feel her tits press tightly against your chest. You feel Sandra stand up and lean against your chest again, “come and get me”. You begin yelling “finish bitch!” as she leaves the room. You find that the restraints on your hands are gone…… What would you do next?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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