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The Tutor

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Vi opened the door to her large house on the nicer side of town and I stood smiling holding my laptop and my Trig notebook. She smiled back at me as she waved me in and asked me to take off my Timberlands. I took the time to observe the foyer. It was small with a bench to my left and to my right a door which I’ll assume is a closet. The colors were all warm and well matched and the artwork on the walls looked expensive. Past the foyer is a hallway that leads straight to a set of stairs that goes up next to a flight that goes down. Vi circled my wrist in her small hand and pulled me through the hall. I got glimpses of her family then. She has a beautiful mother, a nerdy looking father and an older sister. Photographs of her family littered both sides of the hall and my head jerked back and forth taking in as much family friendly color coordination as possible.

“My family is at some work function,” Vi said as she led me straight up the stairs and she looked back to say, “Mom’s company is funding the opening of a new art gallery.”

“Oh? Sounds pretty cool,” I said with a smile; I couldn’t understand the excitement in her jade green eyes.

“Yeah! It is actually,” She said thoughtfully as we finally reached the second floor. She led me to the end of the hall where a white door with two purple flowers framing the gold door knob stood. She smiled to me before she opened the door to her room and I was surprised with the slight sloppy state of it.

“I’ve been meaning to clean up,” She mumbled as she kicked scattered clothing into her open closet. A queen bed took up most of the room but across from the bed was a vanity/desk. The walls were lavender and the room was decorated with light pink and baby blue. Blue curtains covered her one window and to the left of the door is a large book shelf. She had books lined against the wall; she probably had enough books to open her own library. I set my things down on her bed and sat in time to watch Violet close her door behind her.

“No one will be home until really late,” She said quietly and her gaze dropped from mine. Oh? My eyebrows rose on my forehead as I took in her ‘home clothes.’ She was wearing a snug white tank top; I could see her light purple bra straps next to the thin straps of her shirt. As her bottoms she just wore red basketball shorts that didn’t reach her knees. No shoes and no socks. Her small toenails were painted bubblegum pink. She looked so girly in spite of what she’d chosen to wear. Her mouth opened slightly and I noticed she had glossed her lips. Her hair was down, the way I like and a few stray pieces fell in her face.

“Come here,” I said darkly and she gasped lightly as I consumed her with my gaze. She gripped her left wrist tightly as she slowly crossed the distance between us. When she was standing in front of me, my legs extended out beside hers and my knees brushed her thighs. I pulled her wrists till she was trapping me with her arms and I reclined on my elbows as her palms rested on her perfectly made bed. Her body was hovering over mine, so close yet so untouchable. I beckoned her closer with my eyes and tilted my head up as she leaned in. My lips parted and she took that as an invitation, depositing a minty, glossy lip in my mouth. I tasted it softly with my lips and soon realized it was her bottom lip. I nibbled at it then bit down harder causing her to moan. My tongue slips past her lip into her mouth and I tease her with a slow probing motion. She finally falls against my body. Her breast push into my chest and her pelvis was at my pelvis. My rod twitched slightly when she moaned again and I worked my tongue slowly in her mouth, controlling everything but keeping it under control. My fingertips lightly grazed her torso and the curves of her waist. Slowly my hands inched upwards finding the edge of her bra. My hands paused at the strap around her chest and as I kissed her my hands fell towards the bulging swell of her breast. I inched slowly waiting for her to knock my hands away or push off me or slap me but nothing happened. I had four fingers on both of her breast and I felt her kiss me harder as I squeezed her mounds together. I moaned in her mouth as I felt her breast move against my chest. My hands grazed down to the crook of her waist so I could push her off. I sat up and held her back with my hands on her waist; I was breathing hard as I searched her deep green eyes.

“Violet? How far can I go?” I asked breathlessly and her eyes twinkled with a hint of lust. Her breath caught and her gaze lowered before a bright pink blush highlighted her high cheek bones.

“I actually wanted to talk to you about that,” She started as she pulled away from me to crawl on her bed. I turned to face her and pushed my homework out of my way so I could lie down on my side. I propped my head on my hand to look up to her hugging her knees to her chest. She swallowed and her blush deepened before she said anything else.

“I uhm . . . It’s just that I—I don’t want to go to college a virgin,” She whispered the word like saying it would trap her izmit escort within the confines of her virginity. She pushed a bit of her hair behind her right ear as her eyes flashed to mine then away again as she blushed.

“So you want to . . .” I let my sentence hang in the air as she pulled her lip into her mouth with her teeth.

“If you want to . . .” She said quietly to her white knuckles clutching her other wrist and trapping her legs.

“Are you kidding . .?” I said as I crawled closer to her then, “Stand up,” I ordered. She blinked a few times before she obeyed and her shapely legs extend before swinging over the edge of the bed. When she was standing she turned so she was facing me, and she was blushing deeply.

“Can you do everything I say, when I say it?” I asked her as I shifted to my knees in front of her. She nodded and I smiled brilliantly before saying, “Good.”

“Strip,” I said my one word command rather harshly and she gasped before frowning slightly.

“Wh—what?” She whispered innocently and her hands were fiddling with the edge of her tank top.

“Take off your clothes,” I said quietly but sternly and she released a shaky breath before complying. She crossed her arms in front of her to pull at the edge of her tank top. Slowly she inched the fabric up her torso till it hit the bottom of her breast. Closing her eyes she swiftly pulled the shirt over and off, flinging it towards her closet. I kept my expression emotionless as I watched her shimmy out of her basket ball shorts.

“Stop,” I ordered once the shorts were near her forgotten shirt on the floor. I took in her plain lavender push-up bra and her matching purple cotton panties. They were the kind that cover everything but try to be sexy with the bands at the sides thinning to the width of a pencil. I let her squirm a bit as I looked her over from head to toe. Her breast swelled amazingly in her push-up and I could feel myself hardening just from looking at her. The red in her cheeks spread underneath her skin, highlighting the swell of her breasts, her torso, the tops of her thighs.

“You’re too cute,” I whispered and she looked up from the plush carpet seeping between her toes to my blue eyes. I waved my finger to signal her to me and she understood, slowly walking to me. I stood right as she reached the edge of her bed and when she took a step back, I grabbed her upper arms to pull her back to me. I snaked one arm round her shoulders and the other I used to press her pelvis harder against me. I kissed her mouth hard and her knees weakened causing me to bend her backwards. I felt the vigorous rise and fall of her chest against mine. The minty gloss on her lips reminded me of something I’d planned to tease her about but I kept kissing her before forcing myself off her. Her lips were so soft, I couldn’t fathom it. When her tongue swivels against the roof of my mouth I’m reminded I’m the only tongue she’s felt, and I’m the only lips she’s felt. My cock presses into her lower abdomen as it swells. I pull my lips from hers harshly and there’s a loud suction noise before she gasps for air.

“Did you wear this lip gloss just for me?” I ask her breathlessly before nipping her bottom lip. I mumbled against her lips, “You taste so good.” I felt her shudder against me and she whimpered to my mouth.

“You’re not being a very good tutor right now, are you?” I teased her and she swallowed before blinking wildly.

“No,” She dragged out the syllable before shaking her head to emphasize her answer. I sighed before slowly releasing her from my hold and gently pushing her away.

“Bad tutor,” I tsked and she pouted as I pushed her away. I smirk before saying, “Do you know what happens to bad tutors?” She shook her head while her eyes glaze over with undeniable lust.

“They’re taught a lesson,” I said darkly and the muscles in her torso twitched.

“Please,” She pleaded with me and I raised my eyebrows before saying mockingly, “Please what?”

“Please . .?” She asked unsure what she really wanted but I know what she wants; what she needs.

“Undress me,” I ordered and when she hesitated, I pulled her closer to me by her wrist roughly as I said, “Now.” Once I’d released her wrist she got right to the task at hand. Her fingers worked nimbly at the buttons of the dark blue linen I was wearing. She pushed the shirt off my shoulders the moment her fingers popped the last button open. Her hands trailed down the black undershirt I had on; smoothing over the indents of my abs. She patiently worked the brown leather belt through the loops of my jeans. An idea tempts my wicked mind at the sight of her holding my belt but I file it away. That’s for another time. She threw the belt to the floor and it made a muted thud against her carpet. She slid to her knees and glances to my face as she unbuttons my jeans and slowly unzipped the zipper. Oh wow . . . Her—her everything. Sweet merciful Zeus.

“Pay attention to what you’re doing sweet girl,” I said and her eyes dropped from mine instantly to watch her fingers wiggle yahya kaptan escort their way into the band of my jeans. She pushed the denim down to pool at my ankles and I lifted my feet from the tangle of jeans on the floor. I sat and when Violet frowned at me I pointed to my socks. She pulled them off my feet one at a time before slowly standing up. Hesitantly her fingers skim their way to the bottom of my black wife beater and I raise my arms making it easier for her to pull the shirt off my back. Her eyes traced the black ink along my ribcage. She followed the path the twisting, pointed tribal design made. She was getting more and more excited the longer she stared at me and I could tell she was waiting for me to stand so she can finish her assigned duty. I smirked knowingly at her and when I stood, instead of letting her finish I swiftly moved us so she was against the bed. I pinned her hands together and held them there with one hand while my free hand worked the clasp of her bra. When the bra snaps open, I free her hands and hook my thumbs in the sides of her cotton panties. She showed her shyness when she grabbed her shoulders making an X with her arms, covering her breast.

“Why so shy tutor? You haven’t even learned anything yet,” I teased and as I leaned towards her I put the weight of my arms on my thumbs, straining the thin straps.

“Actually I did learn something,” She whispered bravely and I raised a brow at her, silently encouraging her to explain.

“I learned that undressing for a man is a lot more pleasurable then I’d originally thought.”

“You haven’t finished yet,” I point out as I nod to her, still in her panties and bra.

“I thought you wanted to do that part . . .” She said with a hint a disappointment and her head fell slightly.

“Maybe another time baby,” I promised as I slowly moved my hands from her skin and back away from her. I nodded encouraging her to continue undressing. After a moment’s hesitation Violets arms fall slightly allowing the bra to slip off on its own accord. She didn’t even give me a second to see her creamy tits in all their bountiful glory as she leaned over to push the panties to the ground. When she stood erect again, so did my dick. My eyes widened and my mouth dried as I took in her mounds defying gravity. Her bright pink nipples elongated under my gaze and I licked my lips as I thought of slipping them into my mouth. My gaze drifted lower and I was pleasantly surprised by the neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair above her clit.

“Lie down,” I ordered in a low, husky voice and she jumped from my tone change along with the change in my eyes. Soon she was lying on her fluffy, white comforter with embroidered pink and blue flowers. I smiled as I sat on the edge of the bed.

“Now my little teachers’ pet, I’d like to begin my lesson with something simple. You could even call it a pre-test,” I said excitedly as I leaned over her.

“Fenton, I—” I pressed my index finger against her full mouth to silence her talking.

“Violet, this is how it’s gonna work tonight: I talk, you listen. I teach, you learn,” I smiled as she pouted against my finger. Through my smile I said, “It will be a nice switch. I know! Why don’t you call me tutor? How does that sound, Vi?”

“Yes tutor,” She said dutifully and I felt a twitch in my prick as I consumed her naked body. Eagerly she added, “Please continue.”

“Thank you! Now! I need to see what you know, assess your level of knowledge on the subject, do you understand?” I said as I let my fingers caress the soft, white skin of her torso.

“Ye-Yes,” She said as her lashes flutter against her bright pink blushing cheeks. I smile down at her proudly and let my fingers drift lower to tickle her hipbone.

“So what I need for you to do is . . . touch yourself,” I ordered softly and she blinked up at me with a baffled expression.

“What?” She asked innocently in a small voice and I moved so I was sitting Indian style on her bed to her left.

“Make yourself come,” I said slowly and her bottom lip quivered briefly before I asked, “Have you ever masturbated before?”

“A few times . . . But I never,” She paused as she frowned before, “I—I can’t.”

“You can’t what? Make yourself come?” I asked her curiously as I leaned closer to her. The sight of her thick brown hair swished out around her round pale face on her white pillow along with the curves and mounds of her body had me transfixed.

“No, I can’t,” She said quietly and she avoided my gaze as she admitted, “I don’t know what to do.”

“Just start doing what you normally do and I’ll direct you if I think you should do something different. How does that sound?” I asked softly, trying to make her feel as comfortable as possible. She nodded as she whispered, “Okay,” And her skin took a beautiful fleshy pink color. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before trailing her fingertips lightly across her skin. I let her keep her eyes closed for a while; this is supposed to be about her comfort. gebze escort Her pink fingernails matched her toenails and she dragged them across her skin leaving a trail of goose bumps. My breath hitched as I watched her fingers skim their way to the apex at her thighs. She pushed two fingers to her clit and rubbed vigorously.

“Woah easy girl,” I said chuckling softly as my hand moved to hers. I lifted her fingers to my mouth and when I dipped her fingers into my mouth, her eyes popped open. I closed my eyes as I sucked on her fingers and once they were drenched in my saliva, I guided her hand back to her clit. She half sighed, half moaned once her fingers pressed against her small pink nub again.

“Go slowly now,” I said as my hand left hers and she kept her eyes on her fingers as she slowly rubbed her clit. Her nipples stretched taller as she moaned and I moved to lie beside her to get a better view of the rise and fall of her B-cup breast as well as what her fingers are doing.

“Try this,” I offered before beckoning her fingers into my mouth once more and I led her fingers back to her swollen clit. I took one of her fingers and circled the nub with her fingertip. A moan that resonated from deep within her belly escaped and it fueled my arousal to see her pleasuring herself as I instructed.

“Are you wet?” I asked dazedly and she gasped at my intrusive question before I ordered, “Move your fingers lower.” Her bottom lip jutted out in a pout and I smiled cruelly as I moved her hand myself. Her fingers slipped across her wet folds and when they found her small, tight hole she released a shivering sigh.

“What would you do next?” I ask in a way one would ask a test or study question. Her eyes lifted to mine as she slipped her middle finger inside. She finger fucked herself with her one finger and I smiled, biting my lip, as I watched her wiggle her hips around. What she was doing, couldn’t have been satisfying.

“Use two fingers,” I said and her eyes widened slightly.

“You want me to fuck you, yet you’re nervous about masturbating with two fingers? Come on pet,” I said and paused to smile before helping her. I used my index finger to push her finger closer to her opening and when it was near enough it slipped right in. I left my hand down there and when her fingers came out, they knocked into mine and I could feel her arousal on my hand. She’d picked up a nice rhythm and her moans became more frequent and louder. I smiled smugly as I memorized the expression she had with her eyes closed and her wet lips open, moaning.

“Do you feel it building? Deep in your lower abdomen? It burns then clenches, then burns, then clenches… and so on and so forth but then it all just explodes. Not yet though, let it build.”

“Tutor, I—I . . . Agh—fuck! Ahh…” She stuttered and I giggled lightly at her jumbled words and her cursing. I make her swear! Her fingers were moving faster now and I smiled as I pushed my hand on hers with her thrust, pushing her fingers harder into her to hold them there. She sat up a little with confusion in her brow and lust in her green eyes before a long tortured groan escaped her mouth.

“Be still baby,” I cooed as I leaned over her and blew lightly on her clit. She sighed as she wiggled uncomfortably and I used my free hand to hold her still. She groaned in frustration before attempting to move her fingers inside of her. I shook my head as I tsked her and swiftly pulled her fingers out. She whimpered and squirmed as I pulled her fingers to my mouth to taste her arousal. I closed my lips around her fingers as I close my eyes and when I moaned, her fingers vibrated against my tongue.

“Mmm, Vi you taste so good,” I said once I’d pulled her fingers from my mouth.

“Please, tutor,” She begged with wide, excited green eyes and when she blinked, I swallowed at nothing.

“Please what?” My voice sounded a little hoarse as I glanced up to her from beside her thighs.

“Please let me finish,” She whispered and her eyes fluttered closed.

“You think you can do it without my assistance?”

“You’ve helped enough tutor,” She said breathlessly before adding, “I want to see if I can do it by myself.” I released her hand and shifted to my knees to watch her and I raised my eyebrows at her expectantly. She blinked a few times before she closed her eyes.

“Keep your eyes on mine,” I said harshly and her green eyes popped open to find my gaze. Her fingers slipped around her clit teasingly and her mouth opened as a soft cry escaped. She continued down to push two fingers into her pussy with as much force as she could manage. A second’s hesitation and a cry later she began to move her fingers inside her, building her rhythm. Her fingers moved faster until her moans began to crescendo and she was thrusting her hips to meet her hand.

“Oh—my . . . I’m—I’m coming,” She gasped as her hand suddenly stopped to fill her as her body twitched and collected a sheen of sweat. Her eyes widened and her pupils dilated as her orgasm continued and when her eyes drooped I assumed it was because her orgasm was over. Slowly she removed her hand and she examined the sticky texture coating her fingers. I watched as she spread her fingers apart and then back together, watching her come drip across her fingers.

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