Mar 14

The Village 5: Training

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The Village 5: TrainingPart 1: http://xhamster.com/user/catherine-belmont/posts/448244.htmlPart 2: http://xhamster.com/user/catherine-belmont/posts/450107.htmlPart 3: http://xhamster.com/user/catherine-belmont/posts/451760.htmlPart 4: http://xhamster.com/user/catherine-belmont/posts/454058.html“Come over here,” his voice bellowing his command, the sound bouncing off the walls.Raisa cringed in fear, getting up from the bed, one arm trying to cover her naked breasts, the other slipped between her legs. It seemed that once she had been forced to cum, her embarrassment returned. She saw the rope in his hands and two sets of black metal cuffs, a thick chain connecting the metal bands. “No, don’t put them on me,” she cried out.Bella walked into the room, followed by Jamon, Zorg’s male servant. “What have you done to her? You promised not to touch her,” she yelled indignantly, forgetting her place.“You dare talk to me that way! I will have you flogged!!“Raisa was stunned, Bella was so forceful, defying Zorg. She knew that Bella had made a mistake and would be punished if she did not do something quickly. “Nothing, Bella, he did nothing,” trying to calm her down. “I am still a virgin.”Bella looked at the face of Zorg, his mouth curled back into an angry scowl. God, what have I done, she thought. “I’m sorry, Master, please forgive my insolence. I am here to serve your pleasure,” hoping to placate him, knowing that it would involve trading her sexual favors to further protect Raisa.“Yes, you are here to help service me. Raisa has provoked a lust in me that needs to be taken care of.” He pushed Raisa towards Bella. “Put your hands behind your back, “ his cock straining the front of his trousers. He saw her body tremble, but her thin arms moved behind her, her wrists crossed submissively. He grabbed the rough rope and began to loop them around Raisa’s wrists, watching the rope dig into her tender skin, her groan of pain further igniting his cock. “Tight enough,” giving the rope a quick snap, watching as the rope pushed deeply into her wrists.“Bring the cuffs, Bella, we must secure this vixen,” laughing as he watched the look of terror on Raisa’s face. The first set of metal cuffs was large, over two inches wide. He grabbed them from Bella’s hand and sank to the floor, grabbing one of Raisa’s ankles tightly. He opened the first cuff, letting it slip around her delicate ankle. He hoped it would tighten enough to hold her securely.“SSSNNAAAPP,” the cuff shutting loudly, the chain connecting the cuffs rattling on the floor. There was about two feet of chain between them allowing the wearer the ability to spread her legs.“Now the other,” his large hands gripping her other ankle and snapping the cuff on quickly. “You wouldn’t be running anywhere now,” laughing at her predicament. He stood up and picked up the second set of cuffs, this one only about one inch wide. He grabbed her bound arms, the cuff snapping around her upper arm, a chain of one-foot separating the two. The cuffs forced her elbows out accenting the thrust of her breasts.“Why are you doing this to me?” Raisa begged in a whimpering voice. She felt his large hands reach around, cupping her breasts. “Please don’t,” feeling the fingers moving over her naked flesh, plucking her nipples into hardness, the callous fingers moving harshly over her perky nipples. She could feel the hardness in his trousers behind her, rubbing against her naked ass.“Over here,” he ordered both of them, moving over to where the sofa and chair was located. “Bella, I want you to instruct this little wench in the proper manner to suck my cock. Since your capture, you have learned well the proper method of making me cum in the hot depths of your mouth. Now you must instruct Raisa how to do the same.”“Please, Master, let me do it. Do not make me force Raisa to suck your cock. I will please you very much, Master,” Bella begged Zorg.Raisa’s eyes lit up, hoping the Zorg would take Bella’s offer and spare her the terrible duty of putting her mouth onto his dirty cock. The act sounded so despicable, taking a large male organ into her mouth and swallowing his seed. She had heard other girls talk about it, how their husbands forced them to suck their cocks when the curse was about them.“No, she must learn to please me. If you refuse to help me, Jamon will whip you until you do. Now open your top. I want to see those lovely tits while Raisa goes about her chore.” Raisa’s heart sank, the look of disappointment etched on her face. Zorg was going to force her to suck his cock and her best friend, Bella would have to instruct her how. She would be humiliated again, this time in front of Bella. She watched as Bella pulled her peasant blouse down, her naked breasts swinging free of the garment. They were bigger then hers, the areola a dark brown, surrounding the pink nipples, the tips already extending from the cold damp air in the room.“Let me talk to her, Master. I want her to do a good job of satisfying your lust,” Bella responded, feeling more naked because Raisa was in the room. “Yes, yes, go ahead, but hurry. My balls rus escort need to be drained and that hot little mouth is going to do it.”“Kneel down on the floor, Raisa. Yes, here,” pushing her down in between the chair and the couch. She leaned over to her, whispering into her ear.“Now you must listen to me and do everything I say. You must take his filthy organ into your mouth. If you don’t please him, I am afraid we will be whipped and then you will still have to perform this loathsome task. We will make our escape from these horrible men, but we must do whatever to survive until then. Do you understand?”“No, don’t make me do that. don’t want it in my mouth. Please, you do it.”Bella grabbed Raisa, pushing her chin up into she stared into her eyes. “I will not tell you again, obey me. Do you understand?”Whimpering, tears falling from her eyes, “yes, I will do it, just don’t let him hurt me.” Raisa looked so innocent, her mouth slightly ajar, her face already tear stained. Soon, her mouth would be crammed with the hard dick of Zorg and she knew that he would be brutal, fucking her mouth like it was her cunt.“I can’t wait any longer. Is the wench going to suck my cock or should my servant whip her into submission? Either way, it will be a pleasurable situation,” laughing at Raisa’s plight.“Over here Master,” Bella requested Zorg. Zorg moved in front of the chair, Raisa kneeling submissively before him. Bella’s hands moved quickly to the front of Zorg’s trousers, pushing them down towards his knees. His cock sprang out sharply, Raisa’s head moving back in surprise.“Ah,” a surprised Raisa cried out as the huge cock sprang out in front of her innocent eyes. She had heard that a man’s cock was big, but she had never seen such a massive weapon before. The head, a dark red, almost purple, glistened already, small drops of cum leaking from the eye staring at her blankly. The rest of the member, over 7 inches long, as big as her fist, was covered in dark blue veins running the length. It looked like it was made of steel. She did not know how it would fit into her mouth. How deep would he push it in? “Please, Master, don’t make me do this,” she begged, her face stained with tears.“Quiet, c***d,” Bella talking to Raisa as if she was a c***d learning a new game. “Just do as I say,” her voice stern. She grabbed the cock with her hand, barely able to wrap it all around the throbbing member. “Move closer, I am going to rub it over your face and lips. Don’t move away when I do. It will displease the Master.”Zorg’s cock jumped in anticipation as he felt the hot breath of this young virgin on his cock. Bella’s hand grasped it tightly, the blood rushing to the engorged head. A small drop of cum escaped from the tip glistening in the torch lit room.“MMMM,” he moaned in lust as the head of his cock slid over the dainty features of Raisa, moving down her nose, rubbing sensuously over the wet lips of this virgin, her moisture mixing with his cum to leave ropey trails of cum. “Tell the cunt to open her mouth,” he ordered, his hands moving down to grab Raisa tightly on the top of her head. He wanted to control the movement of her head. He wanted to force her to take his cock deep into the hot confines of her virgin mouth.Bella moved over to the couch, reclining on the soft cushions, reaching over to continue to hold the throbbing cock in her hand.“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Run it over the head of his cock, making sure that you push into the tiny eye on the head. That is where his cum will come out of. You are going to have to take it into your mouth and swallow it. It is salty and thick. Try not to choke on it.”Raisa cringed at the command, her tongue moving hesitantly out of her ruby lips. She could smell the scent of the male member, a musty smell as it jerked before her eyes. Her eyes closed tightly, not wanting to see the perverted task she was being forced to perform, especially in front of her new friend, Bella.“Open your eyes, I want to see your eyes as you receive your Masters cock in your mouth for the first time,” Zorg’s voice ringing out loudly in the room.Raisa’s eyes opened wide, the large head of the cock only inches from her mouth. She looked into Zorg’s eyes pleadingly, seeing only the blank look of lust in them. Her tongue moved hesitantly, touching the hot tip of the cock, it jerking back in response to her tongue.Bella grabbed the cock tighter, hearing Zorg moan in pleasure as she did. “Again, this time run your tongue over the head.”Her tongue moved over the head, feeling the heat of the organ as she did. The first taste of cum hit her taste buds, a salty, thick texture her first response. Not altogether unpleasant, but she feared large quantities of the thick fluid filling her mouth. Her tongue dragged over the head, feeling the thick ridge, running underneath it, feeling the cock jumping in pleasure. She did as she was ordered, the tip of her tongue pushing into the piss slit in the center of the cock. She could taste the cum leaking from it, filling her mouth with the taste. She rus escort bayan felt the organ throbbing as her tongue played over the surface, her first experience of her power over the lust of a man.“Good girl, I knew you could do it,” Bella encouraged her young protégé. She ran her other hand down to his balls, feeling the heavily laden sack as she squeezed them gently. A gentle massaging of his ball sack, a gentle squeeze of the delicate balls enclosed in them produced lustful groans from his lips. “Now open your mouth wide in an “O” Raisa. You are going to have to take his cock into your mouth. He will not wait much longer, his balls are full of his spunk.”Raisa looked up at Zorg, her mouth open wide, a gaping hole waiting for the entrance of its first cock. She did not have to wait long, the pent-up lust in Zorg overtaking his emotions. He pushed on her head, his hips moving forward as the head of his cock slowly entered her virgin mouth. She felt the hard cock rub over her lips, stretched wide to accept the large instruments. She allowed her lips to slacken, moving tightly over the cock like a tightened rubber band. The head was tucked tightly in the hot confines of her oral cavity, over two inches of throbbing cock jerking around inside. She let her tongue run over the member, tasting the cum leaking from the tip as she slowly sucked on the cock, a squishing sound filling the quiet room as she sucked her first cock.„MMMMM, such a hot mouth, almost as good as yours Bella, MMMMM,” he groaned again as he felt the hot tongue run over his cockhead. Bella’s hands continued to stroke and grasp his cock and balls, milking the hot cum from the depths of his body. He pushed his cock further into her mouth, angling it so it pushed her cheeks out on the side, first on the right side, then the left. He heard her muffled sounds as her mouth was crammed with his thick cock, her ragged breathing coming through her nose.Raisa squirmed in her bondage, her body bound tightly, kneeling submissively on the floor, a hard cock pushed tightly into the hot confines of her virgin mouth. She could feel Bella pumping the cock, sometimes banging hard into her lips as she stroked the erect member.“GGGHH,” she moaned, almost unable to breathe, her breath ragged. It banged inside her mouth, each time pushing farther in before pulling out again, her tongue running up and down the length of the cock as it moved. She could feel it moving towards the back of her mouth and she feared when it would hit her throat. She knew that it was longer then the confines of her mouth. Would he try to force it in farther? Would he make her take it in her throat? She knew that it would gag and choke her if he did and that is what she feared most.“Take deep breaths through your nose,” Bella whispered to Raisa. “You are going to have to take it deeper. Men are so evil. They love to hear you choke and gag on their cocks. It will make them cum sooner. Try to relax and let him have his way. It will be over soon,” she promised.“GGGODD, this c***d is sucking the cum from my balls,” Zorg cried out in lust, her hot mouth and tongue exciting his cock. “You trained her well, Bella, now make her take it in her throat,” he cried out in lust. He grabbed her head tighter, pushing her toward his naked stomach, his cock slowly filling her mouth, pushing towards the depths of her oral cavity.Raisa braced herself for the assault on her throat as she felt the cock grow bigger, stretching her lips around the organ. “MMGGGG, MMMGGHHH,” her muffled sounds ringing in her ears as her tongue began to tire from running over the swollen member. “AAAAH,” she cried out, tears running from her eyes as she choked on the member for the first time. “AAAGGWWWW,” again, the head of his cock hitting her throat, her gag reflexes taking over.“Again, swallow when it chokes you. Let your throat open. It will go much easier if you do.” Bella watched Raisa’s eyes, wide open, her throat throbbing open and closed as the cock began its assault on her virgin throat. Her face was already tear stained, her eyes red, spit dribbling down her chin as the hard cock continued the brutal assault on her virgin mouth. She remembered her first experience with Zorg’s cock. The night he took her mouth virginity, the mouth restraint holding her open, preventing her from biting the cock in her mouth as he brutally used her for his own pleasure, dumping his load of cum into the hot confines. She quickly learned to take it deep inside, her gagging and choking only bringing more pleasure to his organ.Zorg pushed with his hips, his cock over halfway into her mouth, banging against the back of her throat painfully. He loved to hear the sounds of his cock banging against their throat, the pitiful choking and gagging as they were forced to accept the huge cock into the tiny and tight confines of their throats. He knew he would not last much longer, Bella’s hands continuing to pump his cum up from his balls. He would soon give this young girl her first mouthful of cum. But it would not be her last, no, bayan rus escort Bella and her would soon be fighting over who would be the recipient of his nightly cum bath.Bella knew that Raisa could not take much more of the punishing cock in her mouth. She removed her hand from Zorg’s balls and let it move down the front of Raisa’s body, moving over her hard nipples to nestle between her loosely spaced thighs and a finger nestle between the wet lips of her pussy. She was not surprised that Raisa was wet. She did the same when she was forced to service Zorg’s cock. They both seemed to get pleasure to submitting to the sexual demands of the Master. Her finger began to move up and down the slit in rhythm to the cock in Raisa’s mouth, rubbing over the erect clit as it did.Raisa was surprised when she felt the soft hand of Bella move over her body like a lover would do. She had never felt the touch of a woman before. It felt strange, but not uncomfortable. She allowed her thighs to spread open, allowing Bella complete access to her pussy. She moaned on the cock pushing against her throat as her finger played with her pussy, stroking up and down the moist slit like her own fingers would do when she lay in bed late at night.“AAAGGGHHH,” she gagged, reality coming back as they cock tried to gain entry to her throat, her spasms milking the hard cock. She gagged, her throat opening in response, his cock taking the opportunity to push further in. “GGGGUUUGG,” she moaned in pain as the huge cock pushed open her throat and shoves painfully deeper. Her face turned red as the cock began to push harshly into her throat. She tried to push back, but Zorg’s hand on her head prevented any escape. She sucked in a deep breath through her nose and began to run over tongue up and down the cock in her mouth. She had to make him cum soon.“Such a good cocksucker, Raisa. A natural. Your mouth was made for my cock,” pumping her head up and down onto his cock. He smiled as he saw Bella’s hand nestled between Raisa’s leg. He would remember that. He would enjoy fucking them as they played with each other. A threesome for his bed at night. How had he become so lucky to capture two such lusty wenches?“Feel my fingers on your pussy, Raisa. Try to shut out the cock in your mouth, just feel the pleasures of my fingers. When he cums, keep it in your mouth until he tells you to swallow it. He will like that. Can you cum from my fingers, Raisa?” She saw Raisa nodded her head, her eyes pleading for the pleasure that only her fingers could provide.Zorg pulled his cock from her throat.“AAAAHHHH,” Raisa sucking in air through her mouth as her throat was unclogged. She ran her tongue over the cockhead, hoping to coax the cum from the organ. She did not want the cock in her throat again. Her hips moved as the fingers played over her sex. “GGGMMMMM,” she moaned in pleasure.“AAAAAHHH,” he cried out, Bella’s hand pumping his cock into the hot confines of Raisa’s mouth as the first load of cum shot up from his balls. A ropey load of cum shot out, shooting into the back of her mouth, the last remnants falling on her lips as he pumped his cock into her once virgin mouth.“AWWWWW,” Raisa choked, the hot cum filling her mouth with the thick mixture. She had not expected so much at one time. She was only expecting tiny dribbles like she had coaxed out of the head with her tongue.“More, take it all, cunt,” he shouted, another load of cum shooting out, her lips wrapped tightly around his engorged cock as it jerked and sprayed inside her mouth. He heard the sloshing sound as her mouth quickly filled with his cum. “Don’t swallow it until I tell you,” he ordered her. He saw her body shudder, knowing that Bella had succeeded in making her cum. Smiling, yes these two would be a delight in his bed at night. He pumped her head up and down his cock, a third and fourth load of cum filling her mouth.Raisa’s mouth filled rapidly with the thick cum, the cock jamming it back it the depths of her mouth as he pumped her harshly Her body trembled in orgasm as the lustful fingers of Bella achieved their results, masturbating Raisa to an orgasm that overtook her senses. She had never felt such sensations as she felt the female fingers so expertly playing over her sex. She felt the cock in her mouth begin to soften, the hard cock now feeling rubbery, hanging limply onto her tongue. The cum sloshed around in her mouth.Zorg pulled his cock from her mouth, the cum covered organ glistening in the torchlight. Traces of his cum dripped from the corner of her mouth as she closed her lips tightly to trap the liquid, waiting for the order to swallow the heavy cum.Zorg pulled up her head, “open your mouth wide, wench.” He watched as she showed him her mouth, his white, sticky cum filling the oral cavity. “Now swallow the seed of your Master,” he ordered her, watching as she closed her mouth and her throat moved up and down as the copious fluid began to run down to fill her stomach. He patted her head like he would his horse.“You did good my pet, you sucked your Masters cock good. Onto the bed with the both of you. Bella, get naked! I want you both to keep me warm tonight.” He watched as Bella slowly stripped naked before him and climb into bed beside Raisa. He stripped his clothes from his body, moving towards the bed. His bed, filled with the naked flesh of his new sex slaves.To be Continued.

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