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The visitor.

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The visitor.Later that morning Beth and Stellar came back to the house, Stellar looked like she had almost lost the will to live having endured the parish council impromptu meeting and the vicar’s inevitable oration for which he took every opportunity, the three women were deep in conversation which stopped as soon as I entered the kitchen, Beth smiled at me sweetly, they were up to something and I had yet to find out what, it didn’t take long, Gemma came into the lounge where I was again catching up on paperwork, I found the atmosphere of being surrounded by the countryside very relaxing instead of the constant noise of London, “we err… Stella and I are going out to lunch with Leslie, would you like to take Aunt Beth to lunch, you could come with us but you would have to endure a few hours of women’s talk” she said, she knew I hate sitting around listening to the constant chatter about nothing that they insist on subjecting us to, I played along, “ok, I’ll go for lunch with your aunt B” I said, she smiled and almost ran from the room, again I could hear the chatter of plans being made, my cogs were turning, trying to figure out what it was, I sensed it might be aunt B looking for a follow up performance of the previous night, I knew there were a couple of positions we hadn’t tried, the two women left for their meeting with Leslie so Aunt B and I got ready and went to lunch to a very nice pub grill about 5 miles from the house, when we got there surprisingly I found out that reservations had been made in my name for lunch, Aunt B sat down smiling, “Cedric and I used to come here all the time, they have a fabulous carvery for lunch” she said smiling, “great, it will give us chance to chat” I said, “about what?” “then we shall have to make sure that the surveyors report is favourable, to us” I said smiling, she studied my face for a few seconds, I am beginning at understand why Gemma likes you apart from last night of course” she said softly, the waiter took the plates and we helped ourselves to a very lavish carvery, it was excellent, at the end of the main food she excused herself to the toilet, I grabbed her handbag from her seat and got her phone, I flipped through the numbers and found the one I wanted, this would stifle her plans for me, I made the call and put it back, she came back and we had coffee, she seemed to be getting rather nervous, “you ok?” I asked, “yes I’m fine, that was a lovely meal, thank you” she said as we approached the payment desk, we drove back to the house and as we got through the door she excused herself again saying she had something to attend to then disappeared into one of the drawing rooms telling me to go into the lounge, I obeyed, I sat on the couch, out of the corner of my eye I saw her come into the lounge, I glanced around, she had feather duster in her hand which went together with the maids outfit, ultra-short skirt, black stockings that stopped two inches short of the skirt so that the black suspenders were visible, silk blouse top with Velcro fastener that was unfastened almost to the waist allowing the insides and cleavage of her tits to show, my cock twitched as she grinned at me, “you like?” she asked as she sashayed in my direction flicking the duster around as she walked, her very high heels showed her leg muscles off a treat, I sat back against the back of the couch, “very nice, I can see your weekend retreats being very popular” I said, “this is for you, not for them, they must bring their own entertainment” she said, she dusted the coffee table in front of me bending down so that her top opened and her tits unfettered almost fell out, she put her hand on them and stood up, “ooo, naughty me, whatever must you think of me sir” she said as she moved around the table still dusting, now she was stood directly güvenilir bahis in front of me with her back to me, she bent down again, she had no knickers on, I viewed her thick vulva and the slight wetness of her genitals, I reached forward and stroked my fingers over them sliding my fingertips into the slit among the fine silky hairs, she placed her hands on the table and groaned, “this is for you and only you” she croaked, just then the doorbell went, she jumped, “who the fuck is that, what a time to come here” she cried as she almost ran to the bay window and looked out, I was already on my feet in case she tried to make a run for it, “fuck, it’s the vicar, shit!” she exclaimed as she started for the door of the lounge, this was her only exit and I was there before her, the front door was just outside the lounge door, “no worries, I’ll get it, maybe he’s just collecting for charity, I turned and opened the door, the vicar stepped forward, “I hope I’m not too early?” you did say around three” he said, I heard the gasp behind me, “do come in vicar, Beth has been so looking forward to seeing you” I said, she kicked me in the leg from behind, “and me her, I feel we have so much to talk about” he said smiling, he was a classic, small round glasses on a small round face, slightly buck teethed, a spit of the Dick emery vicar, Beth was behind me, “don’t let him in for fucks sake I’m not decent, he can’t” she began as I backed into the lounge with the vicar, “Beth, look who’s here, the vicar has come for tea” I said smirking at her, she was trying to pull down the skirt with one hand whilst pulling together the blouse with the other, she was bright red in the face as she glared at me, the vicar eyed her up and down, “oh I’m sorry, were you err..?” he asked, “no, not at all vicar, sit over there, you’ll have a better view, aunt Beth was just doing a bit of dusting weren’t you sweetheart” I said, again the glare, “it’s so nice to see you vicar, you’ll have to excuse me I must just” she said as she made for the door, “I headed her off, “don’t be silly Bethany, just sit down whilst I get the vicar some tea and cakes, I noticed some very nice scones in the fridge earlier, perhaps the vicar might like one” I said gently pushing her backwards so that she sat down on the couch in a flurry of tits and pussy as the outfit failed to conceal her charms, I glanced at the vicar who was staring at her tits, she shoved them back into the blouse as she grabbed for the skirt hem, she was almost choking, “perhaps some jam on the scones might be nice” she said trying once again to get it together as she tugged at the skirt, “I’ll be right back in a second” I said as I turned for the door, I hesitated in the doorway out of sight of Beth, she came through it in a flash, literally, “I caught her, “what is going on here, what are you playing at you prick, that is our vicar, how can I show my face again” she gasped, “he’s not looking at your face, haven’t you watched his eyes, he’s mentally undressing you, not that there is much to take off” I said, “but this was for you, not for him, how can I” she hesitated, “show me what you can really do, show me why you are such a good investment” I said, “are you suggesting that I play along with this, I think he’s gay, he’s never showed any interest” she said, “oh, so you would like it if he did well I can assure you he is not gay after the way he was looking at you, I bet he’s sporting a hard on already” I said softly, she half smiled, “are you telling me that you wouldn’t buy the house if I don’t err..” she said, “no, I’m not saying that, I’m just suggesting that it might be nice to show your vicar that you are human and you might need his help to get the planning permission for err… change of use” I said, she looked at me, “you engineered this” türkçe bahis she said menacingly, “not me, you and your niece, I am just helping things a long a little now go back in there and do your stuff, I’ll take care of any short comings” I chuckled at my own pun, “you are a very wicked man” she said softly, she stood on her tiptoes and kissed me on the cheek, “get the tea and scones” she said, I went into the kitchen while she went into the lounge, I came back with the laden tray, “why don’t you sit on the couch beside Beth, it will be easier for you to get at the err… scones” I said, all the coyness had gone out of Beth as she leaned forward giving us the maximum flash of her tits whilst she poured the tea into the bone china cups, the vicar stood up tentatively, I was right, he was showing a bulge, he sat down nervously as she handed him a cup, I got a cup from the tray and sat down in one of the arm chairs, “so what was it you wanted to discuss Bethany?” he asked unable to take his eyes off her bare legs above the stockings, she glanced at me and smirked, “we must put up signs on the green about dog fouling” she said, “is that all?” he asked, “I think it’s important, people walk their dogs there and just let them err… for want of a better word vicar, shit where they like” Beth said sipping the tea, she leaned forward again as one swollen nipple showed through the gap, I stood up, “where are you going” Beth asked, “I’m just going to get some more milk” I lied, she shuffled a little as her skirt slid back along her legs exposing more thigh, the vicar almost choked on his tea, “Beth put down her cup and moved closer to him, “are you ok Vicar, you’ve gone very red in the face” she said reaching out to put her hand on his forehead, “it has suddenly gone very warm in here” he croaked, I moved out of the room and stopped by the door, I looked through the gap of the hinges, Beth stood up, “I’ll just check the thermostat” she said as she went to her tiptoes again in line with his eyesight and stretched upwards with her back to him to the stat on the wall, her buttocks showed beneath the bottom of the skirt, I heard the vicar moan gently, she hadn’t bent in front of him, that was yet to come but Beth was certainly getting into it, she sat down again in another flurry, the vicar put down his cup, “I feel I must” he began as he started to get up, “nonsense, have some more tea vicar, here, let me feel your pulse, you might be running a fever” she said as she grabbed his wrist and pulled it across her front and rested it on her bare thighs, he whimpered again, she held his hand steady well or almost steady as it was shaking slightly, while she looked at her watch, his fingers were just fractionally below her breasts as they came together in the middle, he was staring at them, she looked up at him, “your pulse is a little fast, maybe we should get you into bed and call the doctor” she said reaching forward again and putting the back of her hand on his forehead, he was sweating profusely, his hand was still in the same place and her reaching forward crushed her tits onto his hand, they bulged in the top as the pressure was applied then one nipple popped out onto his fingers, his fingers shook for a second then closed around the nipple, the temptation had been too much for the cleric, Beth looked down, “oh vicar” she breathed as he slid towards her on the couch, his free hand came up and slid under her blouse grasping the other breast, “oh Bethany, I’ve wanted to do this so many times, Bethany, I’m in love with you” he said as he pushed her backwards on the couch, her legs parted and she laid back, the hand that had been on her thigh slid under her skirt exposing her white silky hairs of her pussy, “oh Oswald, why didn’t you say, I would have been happy to accommodate güvenilir bahis siteleri you” she said, he was sticking his fingers into her as she arched backwards exposing everything to him, “accommodate me, what does that mean?” he asked, “why Oswald, didn’t you know, this is a brothel, me, Stella and my niece Gemma offer sex for money, that is what that man is doing here, he’s a paying customer Oswald” she said, I was trying to stifle my laughter in the hall way, “oh my god, you mean, you mean, I’m in a house of ill repute, the lord poured scorn on such places, I must get out” he cried out as he began to stand up” she pulled him down again as he fell face down into her lap, “it’s a bit late now Oswald you see, we have CCTV camera’s all over the place for the security of the girls, sorry Oswald but you are already on film so why not just lay back and enjoy it” Beth said as she pulled back her skirt to reveal the full extent of her pussy, she wrapped one leg over his back as she took hold of his thinning hair and thrust his face into her pussy, he struggled but was not in a good position for escape, her head went back as she forced him down, she humped her pussy at him her mouth opened slightly, Oswald had no choice, he was eating her cunt whether he wanted to or not, her action against his mouth increased as the feelings began to rise with in her, “oh Oswald darling, yes, yes, oh shit, I’m coming Oswald, I’m” she gasped as she began to shake violently clamping her bare inner thighs against his ears, she pulled his face up, “fuck me” she gasped as she fished in the pocket of her skirt and pulled out a condom, she rolled over with him onto the floor, all the fight had gone out of Oswald as she sat up on top of him, her tits swinging free of the blouse, she grabbed his zipper and wrenched it down, his thin cock sprang up then she rolled the condom onto it and mounted him, Oswald stood no chance at all as Beth fucked him riding him frantically whilst at the same time feeding him her tits, his head went back as the orgasm struck, she leaned forward and kissed him hard on the mouth, snaking her tongue into him, he gagged on the ferocity of his ejaculation, Beth eased up on him and stood up slowly off him, his limp cock fell onto his pubes, she turned away from him whilst he slowly fastened his trousers leaving the condom in place, she was heading for the lounge door, she came through it and saw me, she smiled, “satisfied?” she said, “very” I said, “well I’m not, come on, you owe me” she said firmly as she grabbed my hand and pulled me through to the kitchen then she put her hands on the kitchen table and spread her legs, I pushed my fingers into her cunt, she was very wet, “it is not your fingers I want” she groaned as her head went down, I slid my cock into her, this time she lurched upwards as I slammed my cock against her cervix, “oh fucking hell, you really are a big boy”! she groaned as I proceeded to fuck her banging my cock into her, she came three times in that position and almost collapsed off the table, I rolled her over onto her back, pulled open her top, her erect nipples pointed up at me, I stood between her open legs and shoved my cock back in, again she lurched backwards thrusting her tits upwards as her head pressed down on the table, I banged her again through another two orgasms then launched my wad into her, she groaned at me as the surge of my ejaculation made her come once more, I pulled out of her my cock fading, she sat up, “wow, that was some fuck” she exclaimed, “and what about me, was I ok as well?” I asked, she slapped my chest and smiled, she slid off the table in front of me and grabbed my head in her hands planting her mouth on mine, “you, you are fantastic, where have you been all my life, it’s nice that you are prepared to fuck an old biddy like me, this woman Dot, will you introduce me, maybe she can give me a few tips and pointers but this afternoon was good, I really enjoyed the roll play and at least we’ve got the vicar on our side” she chuckled,

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