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Subject: Watcher go early and leave early. I’m already working on a way to spin it to our advantage if it gets out and maybe even doing something preemptive about that. When we talked further about it Cody did say that we would be at the gay end of the beach and since it’s typically all adults it is highly unlikely that we’ll run into anybody that even recognizes you. He also said that a common rule of the beach is no camera’s. Regardless, we’ll deal with any issues that come up if we have to.” From that point on we talked about the experience and what it was like for each of us. The boys told me about their jack off experience and watching a movie from David’s 18th birthday party the year before. Apparently there was almost 2 dozen males of various ages, but mostly boys, there and all of them were hot as hell and more than a few of them were hung as well as the triplets were. “One black boy was even bigger if you can imagine that,” Evar said. It was hard to believe it. I was well aware that there were cocks larger than the boys but one rarely got to see them because they were few and far between. The boys talked about Dane, their cousin, and that he seemed to be a somewhat extraordinary boy. I agreed with them having gotten some insight into Dane while I was with him. I told them about the open invitation to stay at their ranch outside of Seattle when we needed a break. They could ride horses, camp, fish, and all kinds of other things. The boys were excited about that prospect. “He asked us about being sexy with you Jordon,” Jorgy said. “And actually he didn’t ask, he stated it.” I nodded my head and related that part of the discussion that had happened between David Cody and me. “I think they might come to Europe this summer too Jordon,” Evar said, “and join the tour, or at least part of it.” David Cody and I had talked about that as well and it was looking like it was more than possible. “I guess boys, that we’ll be seeing a great deal more of them and I’m all for it.” The yawns started so I suggested that we hit the hay. “Can we all sleep together tonight Jordon,” Gunnar asked. “Not for sex or anything just to be together.” I saw no problem at all with that request. After a small glass of wine, of which the boys also partook, we headed to my oversized king bed and fell promptly asleep We were up at 6:30 with a plan to meet everybody by 7:30 and Mickey D for breakfast on the way to the airport. We managed to get showered then headed over meet Dane and Brett and their front gate. They were there waiting; David and Cody were walking out their small gate and I was but feet behind the boys as we slid out of our gate. Kamaka was there with the limo right on schedule so in we piled and off we went. We ended up stopping at Mickey D’s on the way to the airport and of course the triplets caused a panic among the workers who recognized them immediately. Fortunately there weren’t that many people in the place. The boys all signed autographs while the rest of us, just stood and gaped. “See why I avoid public places,” I asked in a stage voice. David said that they certainly did and it made me wonder what the next couple of days were going to be like. We managed to get out without needing Kavika to use any force and 20 minutes later were airborne. Before leaving the limo Kavika got Alika’s cell phone number and David called him from plane. The Hawaiian boy was excited as all hell that we were coming over and told us to cancel the rental van; that he’d pick us up at the airport. Kamaka got us to the private part of the terminal and we hurried aboard the 737-800 BBJ2 that Bill I don’t want to try but the feelings I am getting are incredibly powerful.” He looked at me and I knew that he felt something too. “You too,” I said as I looked to big Toby, “but not as much as young Toby and the fact that you’re both named Toby is a story in itself. Am I right?” Both Toby’s nodded their heads. “I would love to hear that sometime,” I said and I meant it. “I know that it’s extraordinary.” I meant that too. By then the rest of the boy crew came over and I introduced them to them all including the fact that Brett was my boyfriend, the triplets were cousins and Alika was a close friend of the family. I pointed to the adults and said their names and then something clicked for big Toby. “You guys are friends with a guy in Honolulu named Derrick, but everybody calls him D,” he said. “Yeah, now I know where I’ve seen you,” I said. You have a custom bike and are friends with Eli and Majie. I think you visited our house in Kahala once with D.” I got a head nod from the man. “Small world huh,” big Toby said. “D is my savior and mentor,” Brett interjected but didn’t elaborate. I told them that we were only here for one night and flying back to Honolulu the next day. “Where are you guys staying Toby,” I asked and when he told me I got a huge grin. “We’re staying there too, in one of the villas. Maybe you guys should come visit tonight after dinner. I think you’d have a lot of fun.” We hung out and played and I noticed that little Toby seemed to be paying more attention to me than the others and since every other boy or man was staring at the rest of the boys because of their cocks and stuff I knew that wasn’t what was going on with Toby and it gave me a little chill. Not a bad one, just a chill. There was something very important or mysterious or special about the boy but I’d be fucked if I had any idea what it was. We finally got out of the water and flopped down on to our towels. David said the same thing that I had about the Toby’s being familiar. I told him that they friends of Derrick “That’s it; custom Harley,” David said. “D flew back with us from Seattle a couple days ago,” he offered, then introduced himself, Cody, and Jordon explaining that he was with the triplets.” “So, what are the odds of two people with the name Toby hooking up,” David mused. “Dane said the same thing,” the boy Toby offered. “He said that he thought that I had an incredible story,” whatever that means. David looked mildly amused at Toby’s statement. “Hhmmm,” Cody murmured. “Well if Dane said that then you have a story that would undoubtedly be very interesting. Dane has kocaeli escort bayan a gift, or a curse depending on one’s point of view. He is incredibly intuitive, perceptive, when it comes to people.” “Trudat,” David said with a grin, “which mean I for one would love to hear your story some time; that is if you don’t mind sharing it.” “Maybe Toby can do that,” the boy said. “The Toby’s are staying at the Grand too Cody,” I said “Really,” Cody said. “Perhaps you could join us for dinner. What room are you in?” Toby told him, and as we talked little Toby was involved in a conversation with the boys. Back to Jordon: Other people started to arrive and get into the water and nobody seemed not to notice 6, now 7 teenage boys. As David had said the day before, boys themselves were somewhat rare on little beach but all of ours were cute as the dickens. It was only a matter of time before someone recognized them and as they came out of the water and up the beach toward us, most of the men all but stared at them. And why not? All 7 of them were slender with developing pretty nice teenage bodies although Alika was getting pretty cut. All were above average in the cute department and the 4 blonds all sported 7� inches or larger cocks although Brett was even bigger than that. I heard one guy say to his friends as they approached, “Christ they’re all fucking Gods. Look at the hose on the kid.” Indeed there was easily 3� feet of cock swaying in the breeze as they walked even though they all had experienced shrinkage due to the water temperature. Every male within 100 feet watched as they passed, and at least one of them whistled. The boys all flopped down on their towels, some sitting and some lying. The 2 guys in front of us rolled onto their bellies and had watched the boys join us. After our conversation died away, it started. “Don’t suppose ya wanna share em.” One of the guys said as he looked at me. “Not on your life friend,” I replied. Then his aggression got really out of hand. “Well, I’m not your friend,” the guy said as he got to his knees facing us. He pointed a finger at Brett then wiggled in a “come hither” motion. “I think those lips would look great wrapped around my dick.” “If he could find it,” Dane quipped. I learned that Dane could be very fast at times, too fast for his own good sometimes. The recipient of the barb got a little defensive. “Kind of a smart ass aren’t you kid?” “Better than being the opposite doncha think,” Dane responded immediately. Cody cautioned Dane to be quiet and started to speak but the guy overrode him. “What the fuck” the guy said, standing up. “I’ll kick your faggot ass right here.” David stood up. “Not gonna happen ace; see that guy,” and he pointed to the other end of the beach where Kavika was coming on like a freight train and people were staring as he passed. The loudmouth turned to look then looked back at David. “He’s our bodyguard. I would suggest that you sit back down and zip it.” The guy looked back down the beach to see that Kavika had already covered half of it and the guy could see the size of the man. “Ed, sit your ass down,” his friend said. By that time the people around us were beginning to take notice that something was in the air. As Kavika cleared the distance David told the guy to take his friend’s advice and the guy did. “We got a problem,” Kavika said from 10 feet away. David shook his head. “It’s all “G” brah.” Kavika nodded his head in response, his eyes still glued to the dickhead sitting on his towel. “Beach starting to fill up,” he said. We looked around and indeed it was. Little beach was a fairly popular place and by 10am over 100 people would sprawled out on its soft white sand and soaking up the Hawaiian sun. The chances of the triplets being recognized were heading upward at a rapid pace. “Duly noted `Vika,” David responded and to the others said we should be thinking about heading out. “Hey, Alika,” a voice called out and we turned to see a guy about 50 or so headed toward us. Slightly silver in the temples, the man was in very good shape for a guy his age. “Hey John,” our Hawaiian boy said, extending his hand for a local boy handshake and a bump of shoulders and a pat on the back with the left hand that was the local boy equivalent of a hug. “Hanging with celebs again eh?” The man noted. Then to the triplets he said, “I don’t suppose you guys would consider doing a show here on Maui?” Alika then made the introductions explaining that John was a promoter of sorts for entertainment on the island. It was a little weird standing around talking business with no clothes on but hey. I took over the conversation with the man while the rest of our group started the dressing process which caused us to have spread out a little bit. That brought David and Cody a little closer to the guy who had hassled us and who was standing up again which caught Kavika’s attention immediately. The guy put his hands up in supplication then said to me, “Sorry about that display, I don’t mean to be an asshole.” I nodded my head by which time Kavika was standing next to me, all but blocking out the sun. “So, are you guys famous or something?” “Brah, you gotta ask brah, you don’t need to know,” Kavika said in his booming voice. “Now get your ass back on the sand.” Considering that Kavika outweighed the guy by 180 or more pounds and loomed over him by at least a foot, the man dropped back onto his towel like a rock. I had a little sympathy for the guy. “Yeah they are and when you figure it out you’re gonna be kicking yourself in the ass for being an ass, Cody said kindly. John and I exchanged business cards. The boys were in various stages of dress, some wiping sand off each other’s back or butt which was somewhat erotic. Some of the other beach goers had watched that as well, envy etched on their faces. We finally managed to get dressed and headed back down the beach, Kavika in front of us parting people like Moses. Plenty of people stared, some pointed and as we passed I heard snippets of comments like; pop stars, rock stars, famous, hot and even the band name: Times 3. A few people snapped pix with cell phones and a couple of people approached with pen and paper and asked kocaeli sınırsız escort for autographs which the boys good naturedly signed. Again, that was pretty strange considering we were now clothed and they weren’t. As we walked away I said, “Well I suppose this is gonna be on the front page of the Enquirer in a week.” “I’m gonna run back and remind the Toby’s about dinner Cody,” Dane said and tore off back down the beach. We stopped at the outside showers on big beach to get the sand and dried saltwater off and Dane caught back up to us there. While big beach was filling up most of the beachgoers were all still on the sand or in the water so we weren’t accosted by anyone. There were a few stares and even some comments as he we headed up the walkway to the van but we weren’t stopped. An hour and a half later we were on top of Haleakala and enjoying the incredible view that being 10,000 feet above the blue pacific can offer. Alika had suggested that the triplets each wear their hair a little different in order that they might not be as instantly recognizable so Jorgy pulled his up into a scrunchy with the end tucked in as well. Ponytails, ball caps and sunglasses helped too and again, we got some stares and some comments but nobody approached us until we were getting back in the van and a boy about 13 came over and asked for an autograph. A cute little thing, the boy was all but fainting as the triplets signed a piece of notebook paper with a heading; To Eric, all the best. The boys posed for a picture with him in then all shook hands with him. About then the Toby’s rental car pulled in and parked. “Heeey,” Dane called out. “You guys following us,” the green eyed boy asked with a faux serious expression on his face. “So it would seem,” big Toby responded. “We’re headed down to Paia for lunch if you want to join us,” David said. “Where at,” big Toby asked and was told Charley’s. “That’s right on the main street isn’t it?” and he got another head nod. Toby looked at Toby and the boy nodded his head. “My boy says yes so, yes it is,” he answered. “That’s great,” one triplet said “We’ll get to know you better,” a different one said. “And who knows after that,” the 3rd one said. “And yes they do,” Dane said before the question could be asked. After we got in the van Dane observed that the kid who got the autograph was gonna go home and jack off while he remembered the experience. Jorgy asked why Dane said that and the green eyed wonder boy answered with, “He’s a gay boy. He practically squirted in his board shorts while you guys were signing the note for him.” Some doubt was expressed by my boys but I reserved judgment. Dane was an incredibly perceptive boy. He had made such calls a few times in the past 24 hours and been dead right. That thread of conversation was soon lost as the boys started in about being hungry and I was in full concert with that. Charlie’s is a large airy restaurant in the center of Paia on the Hana Highway which is the only thoroughfare through the small town. It was named after the owner’s Great Dane and is Willie Nelson’s favorite restaurant on Maui. Paia was where Jerry Garcia had always said he would reincarnate to when he died so, when he died the place was overrun with deadheads hoping to catch him I guess. Many of them never left. We parked the van and the 2 Toby’s pulled in next to us and we all piled out into the parking lot. Kavika went inside and arranged for us to use a private room in the back. Everybody milled around until Kavika came out and said it would be a few minutes but was doable. Talk was light, a little more of the get to know you. Being from Oahu, Alika had wondered if he and Toby knew any of the same people. Toby looked a little nervous about Alika asking simple non-meaningful questions and I wondered about that until all of a sudden Alika dropped the subject for no apparent reason. I would find out some time later that was an ability that little Toby had. It wasn’t that the boy was “special” or “gifted” in some way; he was just plain extraordinary, as was his story. We were finally called in and got seated. Everything was pretty cool even though some of the younger wait staff recognized the band. Jordon had bribed the owner with plenty of signed autographs at the end of the meal if they would keep it quiet. Of course there were a couple customers kids that recognized them but the cat never really got out of the bag. Still we had busboys and waitresses falling all over themselves to ensure that everything was perfect and once again, the boys signed autographs and posed for pictures with the various service staff. Of course all the girls were gaga as were plenty of the boys. Dane had gotten seated next to Toby and the two of them talked about typical boy stuff. “You guys should have dinner with us at the Hotel,” Dane mentioned to Toby. David and Cody overheard the invitation and agreed. “Maybe you guys can hang out at our villa afterwards. We have our own pool and hot tub.” If Dane was making a play for Toby he didn’t show it. It was a simple invitation. I was sitting on the other side so heard Dane when he said quietly, “I know you’ve got an incredible story Toby. I can feel it. I would love to hear it and I want you to know that you can trust me with it.” “I know I can Dane.” Before Toby could say anything else we were getting up and leaving. David invited the Toby’s to hang out with us but little Toby had lived on Maui at one time he wanted to see what things had changed so they said they’d catch at the hotel later. Brett Speaks It was great meeting Alika. I had heard a lot about him from Dane and David and even Cody. He was a lot of fun and really fucking sexy hot. I could see Dane’s cousins thought so too, all but staring at him from time to time. It was interesting too, getting a glimpse at what life must be like for the triplets, not just being triplets but as well as being famous; people always wanting to be around you, wanting your autograph and being in your space all the time. I mean, they weren’t mobbed or anything but you could see how people reacted when they saw them, knew who they were. And that guy at the beach. izmit anal yapan escort Wow. I never would a guessed that a man Kavika’s size could move so fast. It was kind of funny the way the guy dropped to the sand though. It was a fun experience but I was glad I wasn’t the triplets. No thanks. I wouldn’t like that at all. It was weird thinking of Dane’s cousins because 2 days ago Dane didn’t know he had cousins, the only family he thought he had was his grandfather in Switzerland or some place. He was so excited about discovering family that it was all he talked about for hours after he met them. Back at the villa after sightseeing the adult dudes, I think of David as an adult even though he’s only 18, wanted to nap but none of us boys did. Since the villa had its own small swimming pool and the whole thing was walled and very private, we decided to hang out outside and of course we had to be naked. As I looked at the triplets my thoughts went back to the night before. It had been a hell of a fuck fest, everybody doing something to everybody else. David had fucked me after I’d fucked Gunnar so I got a taste of what it was like for someone to have my cock shoved up their ass. It was a very filling experience and not without some pain. It really showed me how much I needed to be careful if I fucked boy or even a man cuz I was so big. Lotsa guys think it’s great having a cock the size of mine but seriously, it has some drawbacks. Whereas most guys wish their dicks were an inch longer I wish mine was an inch shorter. Being with the triplets was my first experience with an uncircumcised cock and it had been great. It made me wish that I still had my foreskin and when I mentioned that to David he laughed and said that most cut guys felt the same way. So there we were, 6 horny boys swimming and sunning, cocks swaying in the breeze without a care in the world. It was weird to me being with such hot looking boys. I didn’t think of myself as being equal to them in that category even though Dane kept telling me I was. Gunnar and I were sitting in lounge chairs and Alika had come from somewhere and was standing alongside Gunnar’s chair. The blonde hottie reached up and cupped Alika’s brown sausage. “What are the chances of getting to know this guy,” Gunnar asked as he gently squeezed Alika’s cock. Alika said that chances were excellent especially if Gunnar kept doing what he was doing. Gunner did more than that and leaned forward, placing his mouth over the end of the already rising appendage. Moving slowly so as not to disturb Gunnar, Alika turned and then moved one leg to the other side of the chair so was then straddling it. Gunnar’s free hand moved up to cup and fondle Alika’s heavy sac for a moment then both hands went to the boys’ firm butt to knead and rub. It didn’t take long for the Hawaiian stud boy to get fully hard and begin to slowly fuck Gunnar’s hungry mouth. I’d heard a lot about Alika so decided that I’d get into the mix and stood up. I walked over to stand next to the chair and put my hand on his shoulder and gently pulled him toward me. We met in the middle, pressed lips together, and began a long open mouthed kiss that entailed allowing our tongues to get to know each other better. About half way through it I felt a hand on my thigh, searching for then finding my cock. It was already on the rise but Alika helped get it there faster. “Goddamn but I love big cocked haole boys,” he said with a smile after the kiss broke. “But then, I love all boys and all cocks,” he added. “Me too,” I said then kissed him again. “Aahhh the party’s started,” I heard Dane say from off to one side. I broke the kiss and turned to see my boyfriend coming toward us, hair still plastered to his head and water dripping from his awesome naked body. “Are you having fun baby,” Dane asked me. I stopped kissing Alika long enough to nod my head then went back to it. Dane elected to help his cousin out by dropping to his knees in front of the lounge chair and burying his face in Gunnars’ crotch. The rest of the Swedish trio joined us a moment later, one kneeling to siphon my hose, and the other in front of Dane. That was broken up a moment later by Jorgy saying he wanted to taste some dark meat too so we all switched out for a couple of minutes until Evar said it was his turn. “Well don’t I feel like a princess,” Alika said to everyone’s delight as we switched it up again. Before last night I hadn’t seen any boys who were uncircumcised except for one or two in my gym classes at school. Now I was surrounded by them. I’d never seen a dark skinned boy naked either and Alika was so fucking hot looking that it was unbelievable. My belly was fluttering when it was my turn to suck him and of course discovered that color didn’t make any difference at all although his lighter colored swollen cock head was interesting. The uncut boys demonstrated docking to me as I’d never even heard of such a thing, although Dane had of course. My boyfriend has been with plenty of uncut boys in his short life having had sex with Mexican boys, boys from the Caribbean islands, Italian boys, and other European races. So Alika and Jorgy docked each other, Jorgy pulling his lighter colored foreskin down over Alika’s exposed cock head, then Alika stretching his out and managing to get it down over Jorgy’s now covered head. Once in place they slid it back and forth like jacking off. It was pretty interesting to watch I have to say because I’d never seen any skin stretch like a foreskin did. Alika actually slid his foreskin up over my cock head too, which was pretty cool. After that there was plenty of sucking, kissing, licking and touching. Sounds like a Journey tune. Anyway we managed to get down to fucking and I don’t think I need to explain every poke and thrust. I fucked Alika though cuz he wanted to try my larger cock. He screamed like a girl almost when he finally shot his sperm into Gunnar’s mouth at the same time that I was filling his ass with my sperm. Dane Jorgy and Evar made up the other trio with Dane doing the driving. Everybody got to cum of course then we swam for a while. We were lying about in the sun drying off when the adults got up from their nap. They ended up stripping and going for a quick swim then lay about with us for a while. I really liked that about Hawaii, the fact that you didn’t have to wear clothes outside as long as you were out of the public’s eye. It’s tough to do that in Washington. Shortly after that it was time to head out to dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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