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The Way It Should Be – Meeting at Last

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The Way It Should Be – Meeting at LastSo we are finally getting to meet for real. We have talked and fantasized and masturbated together and shared pictures but now we are actually going to get together. I’m so nervous, but so so excited. What if you don’t like me once we meet? What if the anticipation and the online sex and the picture romance was all the thrill and once we meet, you realize that as sexual and hot for you as I am, I’m still just that 45 year old mom. I don’t want to overdo, to try to be someone I’m not, so as I shower I think about what I’m going to wear to meet you. Thinking about you, how sexy you are, how hot your cock is when I know you have been stroking it imagining my pussy, my hand subconsciously wanders between my legs, parting my pussy lips, rubbing over my already swollen clit. No, I’m not going to do it. I promised myself and you that I would not masturbate in the week prior to you coming to town. And damn Baby, I am really feeling it now that the day has finally arrived. Out of the shower, my flesh is so ultra sensitive as I rub the towel over it, every touch of the towel or my hand being sensual and sending tremors through my body. I pull on my white lace panties, knowing you will love those, and the matching white bra. Are my hands really shaking? Yes Babe they are. Finished dressing quickly, I just shake my hair, not even bothering with the hair dryer, brush my teeth, smile, wink at myself in the mirror and head out the door. Even though I’m supposed to be headed out of town for a meeting, I head out of town to finally finally get to put my hands on you.When I get the message on my phone that you’re in town, at the hotel, in the suite, waiting for me, my breath quickens and I feel really funny…tingly all over. This was it. When I get there, I stop at the door for just a moment, take a deep breath and knock. When the door opens, WOW, you are so much more than I could have ever fantasized about, and your smile lets me know immediately that it is going to be an awesome weekend. You draw me into the room and pull me into your arms into a huge hard hug. After a minute, you loosen your grip and take my face into your hands, bring your lips slowly to mine and kiss me. Slowly, tenderly at first, eyes wide open, looking into my eyes, you kiss me again and again. I can feel your cock harden against my stomach as each kiss gets more and more passionate. As your wet tongue meets mine, I definitely know this is going to be a time neither of us will ever forget.I’ve had it planned for weeks now that I wanted for us to be able to enjoy each other nonstop for 2 days, to savor each second we are together, but WOW! This is moving fast, and I so want our first encounter to last, to be drawn out, to build to a point of desperation before the first mindblowing orgasm of the weekend happens. Oh but I thought about that too. I pull away from your embrace, hesitantly, and go to my bag. You sit down on the edge of the bed to see just what I’m going to do, and smile ever so cautiously when I turn around, handcuffs in hand. Not some sissy padded pretend handcuffs, but standard police issue, all metal, and very secure. Do you trust me? Do you really know me well enough to submit to handcuffs after having only met me 5 minutes ago? Your choice Baby, but you surely know I wouldn’t do anything bad to you, that I only want to bring you pleasure. When I ask you if you are game, you stand and pull me close to you again, and the hardness of your cock is answer enough to the question. I pull your shirt up and off, and your body is hot to my touch, gorgeous just I had seen in pictures, but sexier than I could have ever imagined. I ask you to lay down on the bed, on your back, hands above your head, and I place one wrist in the cuffs, loop them through the post at the head of the bed and then secure the other wrist. Hahaha… now you’re mine. All mine. My pussy is soaking at the sight of you laying there, shirtless, the outline of your cock so obvious in your pants, knowing that whatever I want, at this moment I can take.Now that I have you just where I want you, I move to the bed beside you, but first stand by the bed and take off my outer shirt, leaving my bra and tank top, and slide out of my jeans, revealing my fairly sheer lacey white panties. Laying beside you, it feels so good to rub my hands over your chest and down your stomach. I can feel the goosebumps as I rake my nails lightly up your sides and over your now hard nipples. I take one of them in between my fingers and twist, just a little, just hard enough to make you close your eyes and let a little moan escape from your lips. Mmmmmm, I really love the sounds you make. It sends a wave of tingling through my body to hear you responding to my touch. Moving to my knees, I lean over you and barely brush my lips across yours. Your mouth is so warm and your lips are so wet, and we start to kiss again, deeply, desperately, and I can feel you pulling against your restraints, wanting so much to touch my body like I am touching yours. But not yet Baby. I’m not nearly done with you. I move so that I’m on my knees with one leg between yours and my body lightly touching yours as I move slowly down from your lips, now kissing your neck, down your chest, sucking your nipples, biting just a little, causing you to squirm and moan as you move your hips trying grandbetting yeni giriş so hard to rub your cock against my thigh. I continue on down, my mouth enjoying the taste of your warm skin, the feel of your body touching mine. My pussy is so wet by now, my panties sliding against my sensitive skin as I move down your body, you lift your leg so that when I move your leg is pressed between mine, and you can feel the heat of my cunt, even through your pants. When I reach your waist, my hands are shaking as I unbutton your pants and slowly unzip them. I can hardly breathe at the thought of finally getting to see, finally getting to touch, finally getting to taste, finally getting to have that gorgeous cock I have fantasized about and masturbated thinking about for so long. And DAMN baby, you do not disappoint. As the zipper comes down, the fact that you are not wearing underwear shortens my wait as your rock hard cock springs up and out of your pants, so very close to my face. I grip the waistband of your pants and instinctively you lift your hips so that I can slide them down and off. I have never before seen such a gorgeous body, and naked, so close to me, it’s almost more than I can take. I sit back on my knees, pull my tank top over my head and just admire you for a very long minute. Your cock is alive, moving, and the precum coming from the slit is so inviting. You say something about not being fair, but my mind is in a fog, thinking of nothing more than wanting to taste your cock in my mouth. You ask me to take off my bra and panties too, but wait a minute Babe. The way I see it, you are not in much of a position to make any requests, but ok, maybe my bra, but not my panties. Not yet. I reach behind me and unhook my bra, my nipples are already so tight and hard, and I reach up with both hands and take them between my fingers, pinching, just a bit too hard, loving the feeling it sends through my body into my already aching pussy. After a minute, I refocus my attention on you, on your gorgeous body, moving my hands up your thighs, feeling your muscles tense under my fingers as I get nearer to your balls, nearer to your hard swollen cock. I move my face up, brushing my cheek on your thigh, smelling how good you smell, getting more and more turned on at the thought of your cock in my mouth, in my pussy, making me feel how I have been dreaming of. My lips are so close to your cock now that you can feel my breath on it, and you try so hard to be still, not to move your hips so that it touches me, but it is killing you to wait. Instead of taking it in my mouth, instead I continue to move back up your body, kissing my way back up, rubbing my breasts against your cock on my way. Putting my other leg on the outside of yours, I am now completely straddling your thighs, and as I move on up, your hard throbbing cock rests perfectly between the lips of my hot wet pussy through my soaking white panties. All I want is to touch your cock to the outside of my pussy, just for a second, just to coat it with my sweet wetness so I can taste us both when your cock is in my mouth. I move my panties to the side, making sure to stay close to you, my pussy pressing your cock between us, careful not to let it slide such that it might go inside me. Oh my God Baby you feel so good when your cock throbs against my clit. You start rocking your hips, ever so slowly, ever so slightly, but with each movement I find it impossible to move away from your cock. I lower my lips to yours, almost panting, moaning at the feeling of the head of your cock brushing back and forth over my swollen clit, and as you kiss me, putting your tongue in my mouth, the first wave of the most intense orgasm I have ever had washes over me, causing me to shake and scream in pleasure. (Just FYI – I am so wet typing this that I can hardly stand it!!!) When the waves settled for a minute and I am able to breathe again, I look into your eyes and you give me this smile, and it lets me know that I am not nearly as in control of this situation as I think I am. Shaken and amazed, I regain my composure, remembering the goal of this particular exercise, to cover your cock with the wetness from my pussy, and I would say that particular goal was accomplished…and then some. I move off your body, to your side, and once again admire your gorgeous cock, now slick with my cum. Not wanting to lose any of it, I lean over, and without touching it with my hands at all start at the base of your cock and with my tongue flat and soft, lick up your shaft and back down again, loving the taste of your body mixed with the taste of my pussy. I love how you moan as my tongue meets your body. I can’t wait any longer to have your cock in my mouth, so I grasp the base of your cock in my hand, part my lips just a little and touch that tight swollen head to my lips. Licking over the slit of your cock, I love the taste of the precum that teases me with what I can’t wait to fill my mouth with. I move my mouth slowly, sliding just the head into my mouth, licking the rim with my tongue and loving the way you move trying your best for me to take more of you into my mouth. I move my hand up and down, slowly stroking the shaft, enjoying how thick you feel in my hand, enjoying the noises you make, enjoying the way I can feel your heartbeat in your cock as I lick and suck grandbetting giriş the head. Moving my head up and down, I take just a bit more into my mouth with each down stroke, adjusting to the size of your cock in my mouth. I look up at you, and your eyes are closed, your face peaceful, the muscles in your arms relaxed as you just enjoy how I am making you feel. My hand moves in the same rhythm as my mouth, gripping firmly but not too tight, moving a little faster, but in a very controlled way. As my lips reach the head on each movement, I use the opportunity to use my tongue and lick all around and feel that with each stroke it gets tighter and more swollen. I can tell that it won’t be long until you give me what I’ve been so looking forward to, until you can’t take it anymore and fill my mouth with your cum. I move up and down on your cock just a little faster now and I can feel your breathing quicken, your muscles tense, and as you lift your hips from the bed and let out a long, sexy moan, I feel the first of many surges of cum shoot into my eager mouth. I don’t want it in the back of my throat… I want to taste every drop of every orgasm that I plan to give you. You taste so good and I lick and suck your cock until you are completely relaxed again, but in the process, your cock has remained hard, only softening slightly for a minute, then hardening again as I cleaned all the cum off it with my tongue. You again mention something about not being fair, about me being the only one who has tasted my pussy so far, and truthfully now, the thought of your tongue on my clit is about all I can imagine. You ask me very nicely to please unlock the handcuffs, that you will be good, that you just want to be able to touch me now. That sounds great to me so I get the keys and unlock your wrists. You immediately pull me to you and we share a long deep kiss, my taste mixed with your taste, and the combination is something that turns you on as much as it does me. You roll me to my back and waste no time moving your hands over my body, across my breasts, holding my face in your hands. You run your hands down my arms and draw my arms up over my head, shifting your weight so you are resting most of your body on me. As you take both my hands in one of yours, I realize that I have been had. The next movement was way too fluid, way too calculated as before I could wrap my mind around it, I was handcuffed to the bed. NO FAIR!!!You have no way to know this, but my greatest fear in life is to be restrained, to be out of control of what is happening to me. How ironic that now I find myself in the position of ultimate vulnerability, completely at your mercy. My heart is beating uncontrollably and the mixture of excitement and sheer terror is almost unbearable. Sitting back on your knees you just laugh at the predicament I am in, and at the power you have. I do trust you, or I wouldn’t be here in the first place, so I decide to just go with it, let you do to me what you will, as if I have any choice, and enjoy it. The first order of business is to rid me of my panties, soaked with the wetness from all that has already happened. As you slide them down and off, you bring them to up to your face and inhale the scent of a cunt in need of some serious attention and a deep satisfying sigh escapes your lips. You spread my legs with your knee, putting one of your legs between mine and lean forward to kiss me. I can feel your hardness touching me as you kiss my lips and my neck, your hand now moving over my body to my breast, cupping it in your palm with your fingers so expertly rolling my rock hard nipple between them, making me squirm and moan with pleasure. Your hard thigh pressing between my legs, I rock my hips against you, trying my best to somehow quench the burning fire pulsing through my pussy. You shift again, moving your other leg in between mine, spreading my legs, completely exposing my pussy to you, and although you’ve seen it a hundred times, it has always been in pictures, and the reality of having me there, dripping wet for you like I always have been is almost enough for you to abandon your plan and to take me right now, slamming your cock so deep inside me like we have talked about so many times before. But you resist the temptation, refocusing on the rest of my body, taking my nipple into your mouth, sucking and licking, biting just a bit too hard, causing me to almost die it feels so good. I have told you that I can almost cum just from having my nipples sucked, and I honestly believe today might be the day that I move from almost cumming to actually having an orgasm just from your mouth on my nipples. When I think I can’t take anymore, you move on down, as if you know that I’m so close to the edge, rubbing your face and your lips across my stomach, rubbing your chest down across the mound of my pussy, and the anticipation of what I know is coming next is almost too much to bear. Settling in on your stomach between my legs, with my legs spread wide for you, you lean forward and plant a tiny kiss on my swollen clit, causing an almost electric thrill to pulse through my entire body. I move my feet up and position them on your shoulders, begging you to PLEASE PLEASE lick my clit, to please suck it into your mouth, to please take me to a place I have never ever been regardless of the thousands grandbetting güvenilirmi of orgasms I have had in my life. I u*********sly pull against the handcuffs, needing so desperately to push your face into my pussy, wanting you to make me cum so bad I honestly cannot stand it. The first movement of your tongue is from the bottom all the way to the top, tongue soft, not probing, and I hear you moan as you taste how sweet and wet I am for you. When you reach my swollen throbbing clit, you circle it with your tongue, careful not to press too hard, careful not to let me cum yet. Then you move down to my opening and stiffening your tongue, put it inside my pussy, so tight, so hot, and slowly start to fuck me with your tongue. My hips are rocking to meet your tongue and I am almost crazy with the feeling of your mouth on me. You replace your tongue with a single finger and are amazed at how tight I really am, and start expertly rubbing my g-spot, so swollen with need. Your mouth moves back to my clit now, alternating between licking and sucking it into your mouth. My juices are already freely flowing, covering your finger and hand, and you love the feeling of me squirting for you, just like you had seen me do so many times on video. It’s only a few minutes until I can’t take anymore and feel the spasms of orgasm building so deep within me. You can feel it too and it only intensifies your movements, pressing your tongue more firmly against my clit, licking oh so slowly to let it build before you bring me to the most powerful orgasm EVER. My entire body spasms and trembles as I scream, calling your name, begging you to please stop and to never stop, not knowing if I can withstand this feeling any longer because it is so powerful. But you don’t stop. You keep licking and sucking my clit and fingering my pussy as I squirt in orgasm over and over, and it’s not until you are satisfied that I could not possibly cum any longer that you stop, relax, and again plant a tiny kiss on my now well taken care of clit. Please Baby, I am begging you. I beg you to unlock these cuffs and let me touch you. But you answer that I’m really in no position to ask for anything. Hmmm… sounds familiar. Moving back to your knees, and still between my legs, you move back up my body, both hands rubbing and caressing my stomach and breasts, kissing your way back up to my mouth, sharing the taste of my pussy with me in a long deep kiss. I can feel the head of your cock so close to the opening of my pussy and I arch my back, frantically trying to make better contact, desperate to finally feel your gorgeous sexy cock inside me. As you continue to kiss me, you tell me to lay still, not to move, just for a minute. It is almost instinctive for me to move my body against you, but I agree and try my best not to move. Slowly, deliberately you press the head of your cock against the opening of my pussy. It is so hot and so wet, but you move forward just a bit, sliding just the head in. I told you it was tight Babe, and I can see by the way you close your eyes and drop your head back that you like the fit. Easing out and back in again, a little further this time, you can’t help but to moan as I tighten my muscles even more around your cock. Not able to stand the anticipation any longer, you shove your cock inside me, all the way to the base, filling me up with the cock I have been dreaming of for so long. Grinding your pelvis against mine, you reach up and finally release me from the handcuffs. My arms immediately wrap around you and my hands grab your ass, pulling you into me as I lift my hips from the bed to meet your cock. Already in a perfect rhythm, as if we were meant to be the perfect lovers, you slam your cock into me over and over again as we moan in the pleasure we have been waiting for. It seems like only seconds before I feel it building, a need from my very inner core, a heat I have never before known. You can sense it too and respond by fucking me as hard and as deep as you can, each stroke bringing me closer to the edge of insanity. And then, as if for the very first time, I completely lose it, my body completely lost in wave after wave of orgasm, my pussy spasming and tightening around your cock until I don’t even know my own name. You slow down now, fucking me deep and slow until I can breathe again, then resting your weight on me, slide your arms around and under me, moving in one fluid motion, rolling to your back and rolling me with you so that I am now on top, your cock still deep inside me. You reach behind me, both hands on my ass, pushing my pussy onto your cock as you thrust upward under me. I let you lead and move my hips with yours, the juices from my pussy covering your cock, and the rhythmic sound of my pussy slamming down on your cock is the most perfect music. I reach down and take both your nipples between my fingers, twisting, pulling, making your face tighten with a mixture of pain and the most intense pleasure you could possibly know. After a few minutes, I can’t believe it but I feel yet another orgasm building inside me. Leaning back now, resting my hands on your thighs, you reach down and thumb my clit while you keep fucking me so hard and as deep as your cock will go. As I explode with pleasure, I can feel your muscles tense under my hands, and I can feel your already huge cock swell even more, stretching the walls of my pussy. Both hands on my ass now, you raise up and literally slam my pussy down onto your cock, filling me over and over with loads of your cum. You seem to cum forever, and finally lay back and relax, with me literally collapsing to your side. Damn Baby, what will we do tomorrow?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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