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The Welcome Interloper Chapter 5 A Deja Vu

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The Welcome Interloper Chapter 5 A Deja VuThis is Chapter 5 of this story. If you have not read Chapter 1, “The Blitz & Fond Recollections”, Chapter 2, “The Arrival”, Chapter 3, Coveting Karl and Chapter 4, Consummation, it is recommended you do so. Set in rural England during WWII, this story traces several years in the life of Ellie, 43, a highly-sexed, retired, army nurse. Ellie is living alone while her husband, Phillip, 43, an army infantry officer, is fighting in South Africa. She dearly loves Phillip and misses him terribly. She cannot wait for the war to be over and for him to return home safely. Meanwhile, Ellie’s longings for Phillip and her lustful cravings for love and gratification become so intense and unrelenting they lead her into several affairs, one, in the most extraordinary way possible.The story is historically accurate. Ellie’s journey is told in the genuine ambiance, language and jargon of the times. The use of vivid, graphic and effective vintage images further enhances what is a compelling and erotic story of how a woman fills the voids created by war, and the adjustments she makes to accommodate her needs and cravings.Since the story is relatively long, the author is publishing it in chapters. So, please, check back. The author encourages readers to comment on her story and welcomes constructive criticism.The Welcome Interloper – Chapter 5 – A Deja Vuby Scarlett O’MaraFor the next several days, I was withdrawn, having only Gerald on my mind. Though He took much longer than we ever thought, God did, finally, answer our prayers, putting in place a plan for Gerald and me to reunite. I was so thankful to Him. Looking at the cross on my wall, I prayed and thanked Him every night before going to sleep. On the Sunday following Gerald’s call, I went to Mass and dedicated my Communion to God in honour of His generous gift.A week before my trip to London, I told Karl my aunt had called from London and wanted me to visit her the following week. She was going to have minor surgery and would need help for about a week. A close friend and neighbor was helping, too, but my aunt wanted me there for the surgery and her first few days at home. Karl did not question it. Karl replied for me not to worry, he would take care of everything around the farm. He said he was more than capable. He also said he would wash and check my car to make sure it was sound for the trip. He reminded me to get some petrol. In bed at night, Karl would hug me from behind. He would put his left hand over my waist, his palm covering my stomach, softly rubbing my hairline with his fingertips. He wanted to elicit my favour, he seemed so needy, so wanting affection. I would put him off, my mind filled only with visions of being with Gerald. The splendor of surrendering myself to Gerald and the ecstasy of becoming one again with him was all I thought about. Though I craved Karl and my loins were beckoning, I wanted to save myself for Gerald, to create as much pent up desire as I could, to give all of myself and my cravings to him. This was becoming the longest ten days of my life.Finally, three days before my departure, I relented and made love with Karl. I did not want him to feel abandoned and I did not want to feel any guilt while I was gone. I took Karl into my mouth and loved his ball bag for the longest time, licking and sucking it while jacking his willy until it was enormous and dripping. Taking his full shaft into my mouth, I sucked him for over fifteen minutes, slowing intermittently, allowing him to become fully engorged. Panting and panting, he whispered he was ready. With most of his cock in my mouth, I gently massaged his ball sack as I sucked and sucked. He finally released himself, volley after volley of his warm love nourishing me as I took it all. My fanny was on fire, all wet and pulsating. I did not want to become aroused, wanting to save myself for Gerald, but now that I was I had to do something about it.I took Karl’s semi-firm cock and laid it on his stomach. I climbed on top of him, and, spreading my legs over him, I opened my fanny and dropped onto his cock. I needed relief and this would be the fastest and least involved way to get it.Sliding erzurum escort up and down his shaft, my swollen clitoris made constant contact, up and down, around and around. The sensations in my clitoris began almost immediately. Within minutes, I was climaxing, long, sweet waves of ecstasymelding one into the other. The spasms were so exquisite my pelvis was now rotating feverishly on him, groaning and groaning my ecstasy. My face was in the nape of his neck, one arm around his back, the other around his neck, squeezing him, sucking on his neck as the final sensations of pleasure began to fade. Meanwhile, Karl’s cock had gotten firmer and was now slightly flinching beneath me. As we kissed each other into my calm, his cock became fully restored. Although I had no intention of Karl penetrating me, I became helpless to my cravings. I pulled forward slightly and opened my fanny, then slid down on his cock, encapsulating it completely inside me, filling me to the hilt. I rocked and rotated on him for over fifteen minutes, his hands cupping my bum cheeks, pulling me in, making certain I had all of him as we climaxed together. My fanny exploded in at least twelve exquisite spasms causing me to tremble and shake as we whispering our love and devotion to each other. For the next few minutes we kissed sweetly, whispering how happy we were that God had brought us together, literally, from the heavens. Karl’s kisses were all long and sweet, all over my face and neck, then, gently, sucking on my titties and teething my nipples. Still naked, with our legs entwined, I told Karl I loved him with all my heart and would come back to him as soon as possible. I did not want to be gone from him too long. We both fell asleep with my head on his chest and my hand on his cock, protecting it. I was far more helpless to Karl than I wished to acknowledge to myself.The drive to London was unremarkable. There were just a few cars on the highways, the rest mostly trucks and military vehicles. I arrived at the pub and parked down from the entrance. I sat in my car, waiting. It was past 5pm, and there was no sign of Gerald. It was not like him to be late. He was like Phillip, always punctual. The sun had set and it was starting to get dark and chilly. I reached in the back seat for a blanket and put it over my legs.A few minutes later, a set of headlights appeared behind my car. It was a taxi, and I could see a big man in an overcoat getting out. It looked like Gerald. “Oh! God, he’s here! He’s here!” He reached through the front passenger window of the taxi and handed the driver money. He started walking toward my car, and I quickly opened my door and rushed to him, calling to him, “Gerald! Gerald, it’s you! Oh! My God, it’s really you!” He opened his arms and I filled them as we kissed and kissed, holding each othertightly. I could not let him go! We continued to kiss, at least a dozen times, whispering how much we missed each other and how much we loved each other. I was so happy we were together again. I told him I could not wait to be with him. I wanted to go to his room now. I told him we need not go to the pub tonight. I packed a dinner for us to eat in his room…cheese and onion sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, cake and milk. He was delighted to hear what I had done, and we hurriedly drove to the Excelsior.On the way to the hotel, we talked and talked. Gerald told me over and over how bad he felt I did not receive his letters. He said he brought them with him and he wanted to read them to me so I could see and feel the love that was in his heart. He said he was so excited. He couldn’t wait for us to get to his room. I told him my heart was pounding for him and that my body was quivering. I could not wait either.That night, Gerald and I made up for lost time, loving and pleasing each other in every possible way. I was ecstatic! I have never been so happy! His cock was just as I had remembered it, long, thick and beautiful, the most wonderful thing in the world to me. I loved it so much and did not want to ever be separated from it again.Nothing was more important to me than being with Gerald, not Philip, not Karl, not Rebecca, absolutely nothing. eskişehir escort Loving Gerald, giving myself to him, having all of him in me, front and back, was all I wanted to do. Receiving his pleasure and reciprocating was all I cared about. It was all so wonderful, so exciting, so gratifying. I did not think I could get enough of him. I could not stop kissing him at first, his long shaft nestled in between the hairs of my fanny opening, my right hand running up and down its complete length. As I cupped his full, immense ball sack, I told him how much I loved his willy and missed it, how I fantasized about this day for over five years and ached for him. He said his most recurring fantasy was kissing and sucking on my beautiful legs, thighs, bum and fanny, he loved them so. He laid me down on the bed and I spread my legs for him. He started with my feet, first sucking my toes, then my calves, languishing on my upper thighs, licking and sucking them. My heart was beating faster and faster and I was panting and panting. He began to love my fanny with his mouth and tongue, sucking it over and over. I never wanted to be sucked and fucked so much as with Gerald. He fucked me and fucked me. His marvelous, magical cock was up my canal as far as it would go, endlessly, stroking me to orgasm after orgasm. Gerald was such an unselfish lover, going so long, giving me the time I needed to satiate myself. Once I was satiated, he took his own and filled me with his warm jism and splashed my cervix. As he groaned his love for me, I climaxed with him one final time before falling asleep in his arms.That week with Gerald was like a honeymoon. I felt like I was twenty, again, and a new bride. I would remember it all of my life. Gerald’s volleys of warm jism confirmed his love for me as he emptied himself into me over and over. His lips, mouth and tongue cleansed me after each deposit, celebrating and sealing his abiding love.On that final morning, as it drew closer to the time we had to part, I told Gerald I wanted us to love each other goodbye in the ways we loved the most. He took me with his tongue, lips and mouth for nearly an hour, not tiring until after my second orgasm, longer and deeper than the first. His tongue rolled around my clitoris well into my afterglow, sending chills and lovely sensations up and down my body.It was my turn to give him my goodbye and I rolled over on my stomach. He took some of my gush and fingered it into my bum hole, preparing me for that special form of love we both loved so much. He gave me as much of his cock as I could take and slowly moved in and out. For the next half hour, he gently and lovingly continued his stroking as I massaged my engorged clitoris. His cock was in contact with every part of my rectum and the the back wall of my fanny. I was dizzy with arousal, excitement and anticipation.With both of us panting and whispering our love, we climaxed together in what was the most wonderful orgasm of the week. Waves of ecstasy rippled everywhere inside me, my fanny, my clitoris and my rectum, all on fire and cumming at the same time. It was so rapturous, I thought I was going to faint.During our afterglow, Gerald slowly pulled out and rolled me over. Kissing me sweetly, he said, for this reason, if nothing more, God has brought us together to love and cherish each other. He will do His best to re-unite us as quickly as He can.Holding hands, he continued kissing me, telling me he would return soon,pledging his love forever. He was intent on marrying me so he could love and care for me for the rest of our lives. I cried slightly, and whispered I loved him with all my heart. I had never stopped loving him. I would try to find a way to make his dream come true.I hoped the hotel maids would forgive us for so conspicuously leaving the remnants of our love all over the bed sheets. I have never gushed as much as I did with Gerald. It was all so exciting and gratifying.After having lunch at the pub, I drove Gerald to the East London station for his train to Port Alfred where he would board a military ship to South Africa. Though we did our best to have meaningful conversation, we were both grieving. escort bayan I teared most of the time, having to wipe my eyes in order to see clear enough to drive. I finally broke down crying at a stop signal and had to pull over where Gerald held me and kissed me. He said for me not to be sad, we were now in God’s hands. He was confident God would watch over our love because we had so perfectly re-consummated it in His name, this time with considerably deeper meaning and understanding, Gerald made the Sign of the Cross and thanked God for allowing us to be together, asking Him to watch over us and to reunite us in His own time. Gerald was confident God would not forsake us, we were following His lead. He would see to it that we would reunite soon. I accompanied Gerald to his train, walking along side, looking at him through the windows as he located his seat. As the train began to slowly move, I cried and cried. Gerald lifted his window so we could have one final kiss goodbye. Our lips remaining locked until the train began moving so fast we became separated. I shouted to him that he was the love of my life. I would always love him and wanted to be his forever. He replied he would always love me, too, and he would be back to claim me as his wife. He threw me kisses until the train rounded a bend and I could no longer see him.On the drive back home, I felt I was in mourning, intermittently crying with pain in my heart. Though we had enjoyed each just three short hours earlier, I was already missing Gerald, not knowing how long it would be before I would see him again. I arrived at the farm and drove through the gate. As I got closer to the house, Karl came out onto the porch, waving. Though still forlorn, I was happy to see him and was sure I would warm to him again. He loved me immensely and I did not like living alone.I drove straight into the barn. Rushing in, Karl opened the car door and took me into his arms, kissing me and welcoming me home. He said he had missed me terribly. He did not know what he would do if I had been gone any longer. I told him I missed him, too, I was happy to be home and back with him.He took my suitcase and we went into the house. He said he had prepared dinner. He hoped I would like it…roast pork, potatoes, greens and biscuits. Apple bread pudding was in the oven. He said he would understand if I was tired, but he was hoping to have a romantic dinner and retire early. He had so missed being with me and needed me so. Not wanting to disappoint him, I hugged and kissed him, saying I understood, I would never be too tired to make love with him. I said, I, too, was a little needy. My fanny was a little sore from my time with Gerald, so I was hoping a lovely session of oral sex would satisfy Karl. And, it did!He said what he missed the most was loving me below and took me to the bedroom and undressed me. I spread my legs for him and he put his head between them, beginning to ravenously lick and suck me. He rolled me over, saying it would be more pleasurable for me to be on top. He wanted to give me a memorable welcome home.My clitoris was between his lips, his tongue swirling around and around, darting in and out of my fanny, then back on my clitoris. The sensations were exquisitely wondrous and satisfying. I wanted to hold off, to engorge further for maximum pleasure, but I simply could not go any longer and released myself to it, cumming and cumming. It was almost like I hadn’t had an orgasm in months, my gush flowed so freely. The orgasm was long and deep, so utterly satisfying. Karl’s dick was the size of a flagpole, bigger and thicker than ever. I first loved his ball sack and stroked his shaft, then took him into my mouth, giving him the pleasure he so desperately needed. He must have had a dozen contractions, releasing volley after volley of his warm love into my mouth, nourishing me even more than Gerald. That was enough for him because he cuddled up to me afterward and we fell asleep. I was genuinely happy to be home!***********************Continued In Chapter 6 – Fascination – Please look for it soon.**************************Copyright ©2019. Scarlett O’Mara. All rights reserved. This story is the property of the author and may not be copied, reproduced, duplicated or circulated in any manner or form without the prior, express, written consent of the author. Any violation of this copyright will be adjudicated to the fullest extent of the copyright laws of the United States of America.

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