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The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Chapter 3)

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The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Chapter 3)Dorothy and Ku-Klip got up off the yellow brick road and held hands walking back to his cabin when they saw smoke. They started to run and Dorothy looked on shocked as she watched her clothes going up in flames. Ku-Klip ran up and grabbed her clothes and thew them to the ground stomping them out but it was too late. “I’m sorry Dorothy. It must have been one of the flames jumped up and caught a piece of your clothes”.Dorothy just stood there naked. Shocked to see clothes her Aunt had made for her, destroyed. Ku-Klip went up looking down at her,” Here wrap this apron around you and go into the cabin its going to be ok”.She took the apron and wrapped herself in it tight. It was so big that it was able to cover most of her body. She went into the cabin and sat down at the table holding a piece of her former clothing. As she sat there she started to hear banging of the hammer and metal. She walked up to a side window and looked out seeing Ku-Klip standing over his anvil banging his hammer down on tin, forming it into something. She watched shocked as he moved with vigor, a master of the metal forming it into shapes so easy. She walked back out,”Ku-Klip what are you doing”.He turned and held in his hand a tin corset. “Put this on ,see if it fits.”. She walked up and held it in her hands. It was so light, lined inside with soft fur. “I lined the inside with fur from a Gump, it should keep you warm and comfortable.” Dorothy slide the corset on and locked it together with a latch on the side.”There’s a mirror inside have a look as I finish the rest”. Dorothy walked inside the cabin and saw the mirror. She walked up and looked at her self stunned at the workmanship. The corset fit perfect around her torso hugging her curves. She laughed knowing Aunt Em would never allow her to wear something like this. It pushed her boobs up showing her cleavage off. Aunt Em would have told her absolutely not. “Dorothy I’ve finished the rest off”.She walked back out and found Ku-Klip standing by his workbench pointing down at a couple tin pieces. “I made a skirt for you out of my apron. Then with the extra fabric I made a hooded cloak that should help keep you extra warm if you need it.” Dorothy walked up sliding the skirt up tying it around her waist then she slide the cloak over herself. “How could you make all this for me”.He smiled,”It was my fault your clothes got destroyed and this is my gift, I’m able to make things.”She hugged him. “I can’t thank you enough Ku-Klip”. She slide on her black, no heel shoes, that were the only things not destroyed. She looked up at him,”How I look”. He stepped back,”Perfection”. They walked around the cabin and to the road.”I can thank you enough Ku-Klip, I hope that I come back some day.””I hope so too Dorothy”. He leaned down and they kissed, there lips deeply pressed against one another savoring the moment. Dorothy pulled away and started walking down the road to the mountains waving goodbye. As she walked down the road into the valley loosing site of Ku-Klip her last thought was he was still naked and his cock was hanging there, god what a cock.Dorothy looked at the mountains and walked on the yellow brick road ,enjoying the scenery. With her new outfit on she felt she was ready for anything. Her feet carried her for a few miles to the point Ku-Klip had mentioned. A fork in the road, one way leading to Oz the other way leading towards ultrabet yeni giriş the mountains.As she turned towards Oz a carriage was coming towards her. It was being pulled by a old grey thin horse. The horse came by her, it looked like it was made of bones the skin so tight against it body. She wished she had some food for it and then felt a lump in her cloak. She looked down, and reached into a pocket she had never noticed before, and found a bright red apples. Dorothy was going to yell to the driver to stop but noticed no driver. She walked up and the horse stopped. She held the apple up in her hand and the horse pulled it into its mouth with its tongues. As the horse ate there was a rubble in the carriage. The carriage was as old and broken down as the horse that pulled it. She looked up and saw a girl face, a little older then Dorothy, sticking out from behind the curtain, on the carriage where the driver would be. Dorothy stepped back, as the woman came through the curtain and stepped off the carriage. She wore a long black dress that covered her whole body. Her hair long and black to her shoulders.”Did you make my horse stop. It wasn’t suppose to stop until we got to the mountains.” Dorothy pointed to her right and the woman turned and saw the mountains,”Ah were here.” She walked around behind the carriage and reached into the back pulling out a small bag that she thew over her shoulder. She walked up to Dorothy,”Whats wrong with you”.Dorothy slowly spoke,”Are you a witch.” The young woman laughed,”Why would you say that.” Dorothy hesitated then spoke,”Your green”. The woman put her bag down and walked slowly up to Dorothy locking eyes with her,”No”. She put her hand out,”My name is Leandra whats yours”. Dorothy shaked her hand,”Im Dorothy Gale.” Waiting for a response to her name but one never came.”Well nice to meet you Dorothy Gale, now if you’ll excuse me I have some searching to do.” She started walking towards the mountains. “Wait what about your horse.””He knows the way back”. Dorothy turned and watched the horse slowly turn and start walking back the way it came. “Wait” Leandra stopped and turned,”Will you stop that. What now.”Dorothy walked up to her,”What are you looking for.””I’m looking for something of my father and its last known place was in the mountains.””Are you going alone.””Yes I’ve been on this quest by myself from the start.” Leandra started walking to the mountains on the yellow brick road. Dorothy watched her and worried about her. Not knowing why she should care about this stranger, but she did. Dorothy looked down at the road leading to Oz but knew she couldn’t leave Leandra by herself. Dorothy started after her, following her up into the mountains.Leandra looked back hearing footsteps. “What are you doing.””I figured you could use some company on your journey.” “Suite yourself. But have to warn you of one thing…..I snore”. Leandra laughed, and her and Dorothy began walking together up road. The two of them walked up the yellow brick road until it got to the beginning of the mountains. The road stopped and turned to gray brick. Leandra turned to Dorothy,”You sure you want to follow me”. Dorothy walked over the last yellow bricks and onto the grey bricks,”Well what you waiting for”. Leandra smiled and followed Dorothy up the grey brick road. Dorothy and Leandra were on the winding road for half the day. They decided to stop by a flat rock that ultrabet giriş looked like a small table. They sat down on two rocks and Leandra reached into her bag and pulled out loft of bread and cheese. She cut up the two, and handed Dorothy some to eat. They sat there enjoying their meal when Leandra jumped up.”Whats wrong”, then Dorothy jumped up. “I think something just grabbed at my butt”. Leandra put down her bread and cheese feeling the rock,”I think the rock did it.” Dorothy laughed,”The rock, its not alive.” Thats when Dorothy heard,” I am so alive”.Dorothy stepped back and looked down seeing a mouth appear on the top of the rock. “I’m alive too.” Leandra jumped back seeing her rock talking. Leandra grabbed her bag and was going to walk away but huge slates of rock came up from under the ground blocking her way. Dorothy tried running the other way but the slates of rocks came up from the ground infront of her. Both looked around seeing they were imprisoned in a circle of rock.”Let us out of here”, Leandra yelled, kicking the rock she had sat on. The rock laughed,”You can’t hurt me”. Dorothy walked up to her rock,”What do you want”. The rock smiled,”Let us amuse ourselves with you two and we will let you go.” “Amuse yourselves what does that mean”,and Leandra watched as the mouth on the rock went away and slowly the rock on the top pushed up and formed into a cock. The rock smooth as glass. The rock infront of Dorothy said,”Its either this or you never get out. Leandra looked at Dorothy,”What choice do we have”.Leandra walked up to the rock and hiked up her dress. Dorothy watch as Leandra exposed her shaved pussy and squatted over the rock and slowly slide her pussy down on the rock hard rock. Leandra moaned as her green pussy slowly slide up and down that smooth rock cock. She pulled the bottom of her dress to the side and put her hands on her knees riding up and down. As Dorothy watched she heard rock moving and looked down seeing the chair she was on form a cock on top of it. Dorothy couldn’t let Leandra be the only one. She removed her cloak and pulled her skirt up, squatting over the cock and slowly sliding down on it too. Looking at one another as they road these cocks. Dorothy pushing her self up and down pushing her pussy open around that smooth rock cock. Leandra moaned and slide up her black dress, exposing her green body. Dorothy looked on watching Leandra fuck herself on that cock. Watching as she reached up playing with her small B tits and nipples. Dorothy undid her skirt sliding it up off her. Then she unhooked her corset and both of them became naked as the rode both cocks.Dorothy rode harder pushing herself down to the base. Then up to the tip, then back down again enjoying the whole cock. As she rode the cock Dorothy watched the rock table shake and on the edge infront of her another cock came up. She leaned forward and slide her mouth down on it. Surprised the rock cock didn’t taste like rock at all but like a real cock. Dorothy began sucking up and down, holding the base as her mouth devoured it. All the while, her pussy riding the other cock. As the two of them moaned the ground began to shake and the cocks disappeared. Dorothy and Leandra both stood up,”what now”. As Leandra said that, the ground shook and up from the ground came two slim men of rock. They had arms and legs but had no faces. The only thing on there body smooth was their cocks. The rest ultrabet güvenilirmi of their bodies had cracks and was jagged. They walked up to the girls. One grabbed Leandra and pushed her over the rock table and slide up into her pussy. Holding her ass the rockman began fucking Leandra pounding up into her pussy. The other grabbed Dorothy and made her get on her hands and knees on the ground and slide up into her. Dorothy moaned as she felt the cock push her pussy open again. Leandra tried hold the table as she got pounded. The rockman not slowing down.As he fucked Leandra the table moved again forming a cock infront of her. She opened and slide her mouth on the cock. Her wet mouth dripping up and down, savoring that cock so deep down her throat. Her black lips sucking deep down to the base, deep throating it all. The rockman held her hips tight and shoved his whole cock into her, making her moan all over that cock in her mouth.As Leandra took her cocks, Dorothy was busy getting fucked into the ground. Her ass pointed up in the air as the rockman mounted her pumping up and down into her pussy. She moaned out,”Oh my fucking god Leandra”.”Oh fuck I know Dorothy”.Both of them enjoying themselves so much. The rockman slide out of Leandra walked over and grabbed Dorothy by the hair and slide his cock into he mouth. the two rockmen working Dorothy from either end. Leandra stood up and watched as Dorothy screamed taking two hard rock cocks. The two rockmen not tired, working Dorothy’s holes deep and hard. Rockman behind Dorothy put his hand behind her head, pushing her mouth down on the other rock cock making her gag, spit oozing out down its cock. Leandra rubbed her pussy, as the rockmen slide out of Dorothy and walked over to her. She knelt down and grabbed both cocks. Dorothy sat up and watched as Leandra went from one cock to the other, sucking them with passion. She slide her mouth down one,while jerking the other. Then she slide off turned and began sucking the other. She slide off,”This one was in your pussy”. Smiling at Dorothy as she opened and went back down on that cock. The rockman grabbed her hair and began pumping her mouth. Moving his hips back and forth, making his cock slide those black lips wide open. Then he let go, she turned and the other rockman grabbed her hair, pushing into her mouth. Both cocks dripping with spit as Leandra mouth got pumped and fucked.He slide out and they both turned and walked over to Dorothy. They stood on either side like they did with Leandra. Dorothy reached up grabbing both and turned and slide her mouth down the cock on her left. Sucking his cock up and down as her hand jerked the other cock covered in Leandra spit. Her mouth devoured that cock. The rockman held her hair, holding her mouth on his cock. Dorothy gagged hard spit choking up all over his rock cock. Then pulled off gasping for air, turned and slide down the other cock. Strings of spit hanging from one cock to the other.Rockman fucked her mouth hard then slide out. The two of the them stopped and just stood there. Dorothy looked at Leandra,”Is that it”. That’s when the rock by Leandra spoke. “We will let one of you go, but the other must stay and take both cocks until we are done.” Leandra stood up,”Sounds easy enough Dorothy, we been taking both at same time already.”The rock laughed. “You misunderstood me. The one left behind must take both cocks….one in her pussy, the other in her ass”. Dorothy and Leandra looked on shocked,”I’ve never done that, have you Leandra.” “Are you k**ding Dorothy. I would never do that”.The rock spoke,”Well, choose one or neither one of you leaves….ever”.Dorothy and Leandra looked at each other, wondering who should stay.

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