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THE YOUNG MAN-Part 1This is what I found in my 53 yr old girlfriends drawer. I’m amazed that young people idolize musicians like Led Zepplin from a time long gone and play their music. Hard Rock from my younger days, today it has become Blues. Oh well… A few weeks ago I let myself be dragged to a downtown club by some friends for an evening out to enjoy a few drinks and to experience this new blues band that was quickly gaining popularity. I went along expecting to hear the blues that I knew and recognized. I was disappointed when I realized that it was not the music I was accustomed to. Then I noticed the bass player. He seemed the shy type; totally immersed in the music he was playing feeling each and every note. He seemed to be in a world all his own, oblivious to the people who had come to watch and listen.I could not stop gazing at him as he held his guitar against his body and strummed it as though he was making love to it. His left hand moved so gracefully up and down the neck of his guitar, all the while the muscles in his arms and shoulders danced under his skin. His long hair fell over his face as he bent his head forwarded. He would throw is head back when he hit the high notes, the muscles in his neck becoming taut, His eyes closed tight as the sound traveled through his body. Oh! how magnificent he was. I sat there mesmerized, engulfed in the same world that surrounded him, captured by his beauty, no longer hearing the blaring sound the band was making nor realizing the chatter of my friends.Tonight I will go to watch him again. I have become obsessed with him. I have watched him as he was totally immersed in his music, feeling every note to the very core of his soul. He fascinated me. I couldn’t help myself. Tonight would be the last night he would play at this club. I would make sure to arrive early so I could get a table up front where I would get an unobstructed view of the entire band and especially of the young man that now occupied all of my thoughts. Since the last time that I saw him I have visions of his hands caressing my body in the same manner that he caresses his musical instrument. The weather was hot and humid, making it impossible to do anything with my hair and so I decided to just let it go wild and let it do what it willed. I slipped on my white lace panty and put on the matching lace bra. I chose to wear the new summer dress I had purchased; a white low cut neckline, fitted cotton dress. The lace of my bra just barely peeked through. I then slipped on my strapless halkalı escort sandals. I observed myself in the mirror and took a long discriminating look at myself and decided that for a woman about to turn 45 I was still desirable. I grabbed my purse and keys. I was off.A few patrons of the club were sitting at the bar. I recognized some of the faces of the regulars. Some nodded a greeting my way. The waiter escorted me to a table just in front of the empty stage. I was nervous, or maybe anxious, I wasn’t sure which. I took my seat at the table and ordered an ice cold margherita. Thankfully the air-conditioning was on and it was cool in the club. It wouldn’t stay cool for long once the stage lights would come on and the place would be filled with people. A new band would be introduced tonight, but I didn’t care about that. I sat patiently sipping my drink enjoying the cold, salty, sweet, tartness of it. More and more people came streaming into the club. Mostly in groups and I could hear them talking and laughing. The tables around me filled up. I was attracting looks from many men a few of which approached me with the usual uninventive lines. No one interested me this evening as I was there for one purpose alone. I wanted to see the young man who consumed me since the first time I saw him. I didn’t want to miss a thing; this would be the last time that I could admire him.It was starting to warm up in the club. I don’t know if it was because of the people that filled the room or the second drink that I had ordered which had warmed me up. The lights on the stage came on; my heart skipped a beat. It wouldn’t be long now; he would be standing right before me. I leaned back in my chair and crossed my legs trying to calm the uncontrollable shaking. I felt like a school girl. My hands were jittery and I did not know what to do with them so I folded them into my lap and prayed that no one would notice the trembling. How could this be happening to me? The members of the band came onto the stage and readied themselves for the show. When I saw him come through the curtain my breath caught in my throat, I couldn’t breathe. He walked over to his guitar. It seemed as though he was floating on air. He picked up his instrument and passed the strap around his neck. He touched it lovingly, caressing it, holding it close against him. He let long fingers glide over the strings of his guitar. I had seen him do this before. It was like a ritual with him as he became one with his guitar. He flicked on a few switches istanbul escort with his fingers and then picked at the strings as the guitar came to life. I watched the play of his muscles in his arms as he played. He didn’t look at anyone. The expression on his face was calm and serene. He seemed a little lonely to me and I found myself wondering what he was thinking. Did he know how beautiful he was and the effect he had on me? The lead singer took his place at center stage and welcomed us to their last show at this location. With his rugged voice he started to sing giving us his own rendition of the classic Me and Bobby McGee. I know the song well but I couldn’t hear it. My ears heard only the sound coming from the guitar that the young man was playing. My eyes watched him as he seemed to be making love to it, making it do exactly what he wanted. He held it close to his body as he picked at the strings. His head fell back. His hair fell away from his face exposing his beautiful features. He swayed with his guitar and dipped it as though he were dancing with it. I saw myself being held by him that way. I shook my head attempting to remove the vision from my mind. It’s wrong; I mustn’t have these thoughts. I was old enough to be his mother. I couldn’t help it. I convinced myself that after all he wasn’t my son and he most definitely was not a c***d.He lifted his eyes and looked directly at me. He may as well have been looking directly in my soul. I looked away hoping to shake the uncomfortable sensation I was having. A few more tunes and the band leader introduced the new band. I saw him gently set down his guitar, and then I watched him as he walked though the curtains and saw him no more.The new band was quite different, more my type of music. They played some very pretty ballads. I ordered another drink. As I was taking a sip from the drink I felt a presence behind me. I knew it was him but I dared not turn around and look. I set the drink down I felt his hands on my shoulders and his breath near my ear. He whispered, “Come with me”. He took my hand and I let him. I was mesmerized and would have followed him to the ends of the earth. He walked me through the club and down a narrow, dark corridor toward the back. He guided me through the dark corridor that he knew well. Suddenly we stopped. I heard him turn the knob of a door which led us into yet another dark place. The door closed behind him. I was trapped. Where was I? My heart was racing; my breath was caught in my throat yet I wasn’t beylikdüzü escort frightened. Every part of my being was alert trying to imagine what was reserved for me and then he spun me around. My back was pressed against the door while his lean, muscular body was moulded against mine. The fingers of his left hand were caught in my tangled hair while the palm of his right hand lay flat on the door. His mouth was against my ear, I could feel his hot breath on my skin as he whispered in my ear, “I want you”. I could feel the urgency in his voice. What was I doing here? My head was spinning and all I could hear within my head was “No, I can’t let this happen”. My body was betraying me for I wanted him as much as he wanted me. Perhaps I wanted him more. My nipples were so taut they ached. As my body arched against his I could feel his manhood pressing against me. He took possession of my mouth with his, bruising my lips which parted easily to let his tongue explore the inside of my mouth. His hand travelled down my body to the hem of my dress which he lifted above my hips. He slipped his fingers in my panties and with a swift movement ripped the delicate fabric. My fingers worked quickly to unbuckle his belt. He unbuttoned is jeans, pulled down the zipper letting his pants and boxers gather around his ankles. His throbbing sex was rock hard against my softness. With both his hands on my buttocks, he picked me up as my legs wrapped around him. His hardness pressed against my moist vulva sliding easily into my vagina in one swift movement. I gasped as he penetrated me. He stared deep into my eyes and took my mouth with his as our bodies moved in perfect rhythm with one another. His member plunged deep within me making us one. The tempo increased and I caught myself begging him not to stop. Then, with one last forceful thrust, he filled me with his warm semen as an orgasm took over all my senses. His gentle thrusts brought me to heights I had never experienced before. I felt his manhood soften inside me. He held me there holding me up with my legs wrapped around him while he kissed my lips softly.He put me down gently and with a hand on my chin he laid a gentle kiss on my lips. He pulled up his pants, buckled his belt and guided me back to my table as he took his place onstage. I sat at my table totally relaxed. The waiter brought me another drink and I sat watching him play, sipping on my drink enjoying the silky feeling of his fluid mixed with mine between my legs. He stared my way as he played on. My cheeks turned ruby red under his glare. I felt like a young girl. I lowered my eyes certain that everyone in the room had noticed and understood the silent language of his smile. His eyes held the promise of more to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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