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Their First Adult Book Store. Part 3

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Their First Adult Book Store. Part 3Gary loved seeing Albert’s big cock, jacking off, on the other side of the glory hole. He guessed that Albert was sporting at least seven inches. Maybe eight. Gary wanted that cock. He put his fingers through the glory hole, beckoning. “Albert, gimme your dick.”Albert couldn’t believe what was happening. He was so excited that his mouth had the taste of extreme forbidden horniness. Albert stopped jacking and put his dick through the glory hole.Gary was in heaven. When he first saw the two twinks, it was pure fantasy that anything would happen with either of them. Now he was about to wrap his lips around this hottie’s big, hard, beautiful cock. Gary took it in one hand while jacking himself with the other. He stroked Albert’s cock slowly, for a few seconds. Then he kissed the tip, his tongue darting out to lick up the precum that oozed from Albert’s big cock.Gary slid his tongue along Albert’s cock, licking the shaft. “Albert you have such a big cock!” Gary said, before he took half of it into his mouth. He sucked and slurped the hard dick.Albert was loving it, and any concern about being blown by a man went away very fast.Gary took in more of Albert’s cock and his tongue was rapidly moving up and down the shaft.Albert’s cock never felt so warm and wet, and the tongue pressing into the sensitive front of his dick began to drive him crazy. “Oh my god Gary….”Gary mumbled an indiscernible ‘yeah baby’ with his mouth full of cock. Then Gary took Albert’s full hard on all the way in, slid it back out, and continued the face fucking motion on Albert for a couple of minutes. Slurping kayseri escort and dribbling, Gary took Albert’s big fat dick to the back of his throat, then out. Albert’s big hard cock deep in Gary’s face, then back out. Albert was a fair stud, but nothing had ever compared to the feeling his dick was having now. He gave in completely and soon felt like he was going to cum. “Oh yes Gary, that’s it, that’s it….”Gary gently massaged Albert’s balls. On the motions in and out of Gary’s mouth, he squeezed hard on Albert’s cock.Sucking, licking, massaging, stroking, squeezing, slurping……. shooting.”OH MY GOD!!!” Albert nearly shouted. Cum began shooting heavily into Gary’s mouth. The pro that he is, Gary swallowed it all up and kept squeezing Albert’s cock. Another heavy set of jizz came bursting from the big dick. Gary stays on top of the continuing load.Stroking and kneading out every drop of cum, Gary does his last slurp and gives Albert’s still hard dick a nice stroke before letting go. Albert is exhausted and sits down in the chair.Joe was so horny that he didn’t worry about the new neighbor right away. He didn’t pay attention to him kicking off his sandals and completely remove his pants, and then begin rubbing himself through his own white briefs. Well, maybe just a little from the corner of his eye. So he kept playing with his dick, in his tight red bikini. Then he realized that his neighbor was rubbing off, but not playing his video machine at all. Just then his neighbor got near the glory hole and softly said, “Those are really pretty red panties you’re wearing…. honey.”Joe was flattered and was only slightly uncomfortable with the way the guy had approached him. “Thank you, but they’re not panties. Just a red nylon bikini with no fly, sexy men’s undies…. I guess.” Joe noticed that the young man had a very cute, feminine face. With his long, straight, black hair, he even looked pretty.”You got that right. They’re very sexy. Especially with that big bulge you’re massaging.” The stranger went on.Joe nearly blushed at the mention of his cock. “You have sexy men’s undies too.” Joe whispered, feeling a little embarrassed at complimenting another man’s underwear.”Thanks, but guess again. I am wearing panties.” The man stopped rubbing, stood up and displayed his crotch in front of the glory hole.Joe looked closely and was mesmerized. There within inches, and surprisingly to him, was the sexiest thing he had ever seen in his life.The panties were white, satin briefs. They were very tight on the stranger’s hard dick. Joe could see the waistband said ‘Victoria’s Secret’, and a small drop of precum darkened the panties at the tip of his dick. The man turned around and showed his rear to Joe, slightly bending over. Joe nearly gasped at what was as sweet an ass as he’d ever seen, covered in the white satin panty.Now Joe had some serious precum in his own tighty reddies. He wanted to say something, but all that came out was a pathetic, “….oh….””I still say you look like you’re wearing pretty panties.” The panty boy said, always speaking softly, then asked, “What’s your name, sweetie?”He cleared his throat and answered, “Joe.””Joe…. hmmmm.” The neighbor’s voice got a happy tone and said, “I know, let’s call you Josie, OK?”Joe took a few seconds to understand what he meant, “You want to call me Josie?””Yes, do you like it? I think it’s a pretty name. I’m Marcie.””Josie? Yeah sure, why not? Uh… Marcie.””Hee hee. That’s wonderful, Josie. So, would you like me to come over to your booth?””Really, you want to come over here?””Oh yes.” Marcie grabbed his pants and sandals without putting them on and quickly went over to Joe’s booth. As they stood, very close to one another, Marcie spoke in a feminine voice, “Hi Josie, honey. You’re a cutie.” “Hi Marcie. You are too.” Joe was nervous.”Relax Josie, just let me see what’s happening in your red panties (Joe had stopped correcting him about the undies).” Marcie gently took hold of Joe’s bulging undies crotch. “Mmmmmm……… nice……” He put his other hand on Joe’s butt, and grabbed and squeezed and patted that red undie covered ass. “You are so fucking hot, Josie. Don’t you want to feel my panties?”Joe came to life then, “Yes, oh yes. I want to feel your panties….. Marcie… your pretty panties!” He sat on the chair and started looking at Marcie’s panties. He put a hand on Marcie’s butt, rubbing, then gently patting the panty butt. Joe grabbed the front of Marcie’s panties and was soon vigorously rubbing and sliding his hands all over sexy panty cock and ass. Joe was nearly having an out of body experience. He was oblivious to everything except the panties and what was inside of them.Marcie was getting felt up so intensely, that she had to struggle to keep upright and sometimes to keep from cumming. “Baby, you are a wild one. Let’s try something else for a bit.” Marcie pulled Joe’s hands away. “Stand up, sweetie.”Joe wondered what Marcie had in mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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