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There is a First Time for Everything

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I saw the category ‘first time” and sat for a long time wondering ‘first time for what?’ It covers so many possibilities I started to wonder even more as to just how many ‘first times’ I could cover in one go.. The result is this story and I fully appreciate it may not all appeal to every reader, but I do hope there is a section here or there that you will enjoy. For the records this story contains: –

• She Male

• Interracial

• Public sex

• Heterosexual Anal

• Non consensual

• Lesbian

• Pegging

• Public masturbation

• Group Sex

• Gay anal


The group consisted of six friends who sat around the lounge of the cabin passing round a bottle of rum that they each took swigs from, the third of the evening. They had known each other since they were kids, though university, and been to each other’s weddings and at least one divorce party. None of them could remember whose idea it was to book the log cabin to celebrate their 30th birthday year but once booked it took on a life of its own. It was agreed no husbands, wives or partners, just the six of them for a boozy hair down weekend.

“OK next subject,” laughed Annie, “I think we have done politics, the economy, mortgages and marriages to death so let’s talk about something lighter.”

“How about the first time.” said Debbie slurring slightly.

“First time for what?” snorted Charlie, “the first time we went abroad, the first time we got drunk?”

“First sexual encounter” Debbie carried on.

The group went quiet as they thought about it before Brian piped up, “stories about losing your virginity are a little boring at our age don’t you think. Let’s talk about the first time for the kinkiest sexual encounter you have ever had.” The friends stared at each other unsure what to say when Brian went on, “let’s all agree what ever is said remains between the six of us.”

“Ok” said Eva, “and as it’s your idea Brian why don’t you start us off.”

“Fine” said Brian, “let me tell you about the first, and only time, I have sucked cock.”

The group looked stunned, as Brian was well known womaniser before he settled down last year and got married, they went quiet as he told his story.

Brian’s head was spinning from the amount of booze he had drunk over the past few hours as he found himself abandoned somewhere in Amsterdam’s red light district having just watched a live sex show. It was friends of a friends stag do and it had seemed like a great idea to spend a weekend away, though now all he wanted to do was find the hotel and sleep. As he wandered around getting more lost he came round a corner and face to face with a petite young Asian girl. She was as small as a tiny bird and her long legs were only just about covered by a short mini skirt. Her breasts were small but the tight top she wore meant her hard nipples could be clearly defined.

“Hi” Brian blurted out, “how are you this fine evening?” waving his hands about.

“You want sex, blow job?” the Asian girl asked openly.

Brian thought for a moment still horny from watching the show earlier before asking, “how much for a blow job?”

“20 euros, no refunds.” came the reply as the girl pulled him into the doorway and pulled the blinds down. “Cash” said the girl holding out her hand. Brian thrust a note at her before unbuckling his jeans and pushing them and his boxers to his ankles. Leaning back against the bench Brian closed his eyes and waited for her to start. After nothing happened Brian opened his eyes to see that the Asian girl had lifted her skirt and was holding a cock that Brian thought was at least as big as him yet was still only semi hard.

“What the fuck,” Brian spluttered.

“20 euro you suck” replied the lady boy working her cock, “50 euro I fuck your ass. No refunds.”

Part of Brian wanted to walk away another part thought what the hell first time for everything, and convincing himself that no one would ever know, his relaxed state the dare devil side won over. Dropping to his knees he held out his hand nervously and jerked back with a squeak as the cock twitched to his touch. “You never done this before have you,” asked the lady boy and seeing Brian shake his head he went on, “you suck cock good and maybe I bend you over bench and fuck you for free.”

To his surprise Brian felt his cock twitch with excitement and opening his mouth swallowed a cock for the first time. At first it tasted strange but as he worked his head back and forward he felt the lady boy grow hard. Brian started to get into the swing really working the cock with his mouth, varying the pace and pressure. He felt the lady boy’s hands on his head guiding him back and forward and heard the words of encouragement, “you good cock sucker, you make Lee very happy, Lee give you gift now.” With that the lady boy gripped Brian’s head tightly and face fucked him spurting streams of seed into his mouth. Because his head was gripped tightly Brian had kocaeli escort no choice but to swallow every drop of cum pumped in.

Brian stood and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and although didn’t want to admit it didn’t taste that bad. The Asian reached out and grabbed Brian’s erect cock, “you come back tomorrow and Lee fuck you half price.” Brian nearly came at the touch but said nothing and pulled his boxers and jeans over his raging hard on and staggered into the night.


No one spoke for a few moments though a couple of them took swigs from the bottle before Debbie broke the silence, “so did you go back the next night?”

“That would be telling,” laughed Brian,”and now it’s your turn Debbie.”

“Jamaica” murmured Debbie, her eyes glazing over, “and the first and biggest black cock I have ever had.”


Debbie laid on the sun bed enjoying the hot sun beating down on her young body as she listened to the reggae beat drifting up from the beach. Her parents had taken her away as an 18th birthday present and Debbie loved the secluded luxury villa they had booked, even giving her own private room. Debbie rolled over onto her tummy and undid the strings holding her bikini top in place and with the string of her thong tucked between her tight buttocks she looked nearly naked from a distance. She knew her parents would have gone mad had they seen her outfit as she normally wore a more modest, yet brief bikini when they were around, but as they were out for the day the opportunity was too good to miss.

“Be careful you don’t burn baby girl,” said a deep voice with a broad Jamaican accent. Looking up Debbie stared into the face of a beautiful Jamaican Rasta whose dreadlocks were drawn in a loose ponytail and fell longer down his back than Debbie’s own curly dark hair. Guessing he was in his late 20s Debbie admired the finely defined muscles on his smooth naked chest and looked down to the cut off tattered jean shorts he wore to just below his knee.

“Maybe you should put some sun cream on me then,” said Debbie as she put her head back down, and lifted her hair away exposing her neck.

Closing her eyes Debbie felt the strong hands work the cream into her back, massaging it into her muscles and working up and down her back. He then started on her legs working up from each ankle towards her buttocks. Debbie was squirming with pleasure willing him to move higher and couldn’t stop a moan of pleasure escaping her lips when he kneaded her ass. “Turn over girl” the Rasta said in his deep chocolate voice, and Debbie rolled over leaving her top behind. The Rasta admired Debbie’s firm young breasts and squeezing some cream onto them said, “me name is Arthur and yours?”

“Debbie” she managed to croak her mouth totally dry.

“Where’s your folks” Arthur said as he massaged the cream into her breasts causing her nipples to swell and harden as he rolled the casually between his large finger and thumb.

“Out until 6,” Debbie swallowed as she tried to gain her composure.

“We have good time then yeah mon” Arthur said chuckling, “and we can have a good time as well no problem,” and with those words he stood and dropped his cut off jeans and was naked under. Debbie had to stifle a scream as Arthur’s huge cock sprang free; hanging down like a thick black snake it was half way to his knees. Debbie just stared transfixed unable to speak as the monster cock twitched “guess you haven’t had black before by the scared look on your pretty white face.”

“It will never fit,” Debbie blurted out almost in panic.

“Don’t you worry little white girl, you will take every inch of Arthur’s 14 inch python,” Arthur rumbled, “and when I is fully in you will cum on me cock like never before. Now open up and let me see your pretty white pussy.”

Debbie couldn’t take her eyes of the cock as Arthur pushed a thick black finger deep inside her pussy, twisting so she moaned and squirmed. Mesmerised she saw it swell and harden growing in length by the minute. Debbie groaned with pleasure as Arthur used two fingers driving in and out making her wetter and wetter. “Right I think you is ready,” said Arthur moving between Debbie’s legs and lifted a leg onto each shoulder. Gripping the base of his cock with one hand Arthur parted Debbie’s pussy lips with the other and inserted the head inside.

Debbie screamed loudly at the sheer size and looked up at Arthur as he pushed a little deeper. “Oh my fucking God” Debbie moaned sure that she was about to die from being split in half.

Arthur’s face split into a wide grin as he took one of Debbie’s ankles in each hand and opened her legs wider. “It’s only half in,” he chuckled, “feel for yourself.” Debbie reached between her legs and nearly passed out as she found she could put both hands on top of each other side side to still only almost cover the cock yet to be inserted into her. Her hands hardly fitted round and dropping them back to her sides she gripped the sun bed darıca escort ready for the assault. It seemed to take forever as Arthur moved back and forward, each time forcing his cock a little deeper and Debbie was mewing like a kitten when he finally got it fully in. She had already orgasmed twice during the passage of Arthur’s cock insertion but she felt it build again when he looked down and said, “now I am gonna fuck you good mon.”

For the next 15 minutes Arthur drive in an out of Debbie’s defenceless body, fucking her like a rag doll impaled on his cock, his strong hands holding her ankles apart. When he withdrew it was almost a relief that was quickly replaced with an aching void inside. Arthur flipped Debbie over onto all fours and then grabbing her by her hips pulled him back onto his cock. He began to saw in and out, his strong hands pulling her onto his cock as he slammed home. At one point Debbie looked under as her head was pressed into the sun bed and swore she could see her belly swell each time he thrust in. Suddenly Arthur yelled, “here come me seed girl” and as he squirted streams of seed deep inside Debbie’s pussy she lost control again and climaxed on his cock.


“Bloody hell” Annie whistled, “bet you were sore after”

“Could hardly stand” Debbie giggled, “and I swear every time I coughed for a week cum came out he went that deep.”

“So” said Brian, “whose next, what about you Annie.”

Annie looked round the faces, “you all know my husband Chris don’t you” everyone nodded as Annie went on, “well we have been doggers for the last 5 years but I still remember my first time like I was yesterday.”

There were a couple of gasps but they fell silent as Annie started her story.


“So tell me again how it works” asked Annie as she sat in the car looking at her husband who was driving towards a well known dogging site.

“We pull up in the car park and when you are ready we flash the head lights,” Chris replied not taking his eyes of the road and went on, “if you are in the car then protocol is they ask, if you are out of the car then you are available.”

“And if the windows are closed they just watch,” Annie finished Chris sentence in a voice that caused him to glance across to his wife. She had dressed for the occasion, and the denim mini skirt was pulled up round her waist as she was rubbing her pussy in frenzy. Her chest was heaving as her orgasm grew, the very tight top she had on outlined her large heavy breasts and it was very clear she had no bra on.

“Looks like you are going to put on one heck of a show,” Chris said.

“And I can go as far as I like?” panted Annie looking at her husband who nodded in assent as they pulled into the car park. This was the fruition of a dream for Annie who had discovered dogging online a few months ago and was totally captivated by it. Together they had researched details online and Chris had even checked out a few spots on his own, but this was their first joint visit.

Chris flashed his lights a few times and it wasn’t long before a few men gathered round Annie’s window. Annie was fingering herself as she looked at the circle of hard and semi hard cocks being worked by the surrounding men. There was a tap on the window and Chris looked at his wife for her agreement and when she nodded he pressed the button to lower it. “Can we see your breasts as well?” one of the men asked and Annie just tore her top off and threw it on the back seat, “and touch?” the man went on, Annie just nodded and moaned as she felt his rough hand mauling her breast while he worked his cock with his other. She groaned loudly as her climax hit and she felt a jet of hot cum hit her breasts as the man unloaded.

Annie slumped back in the seat and Chris reached out and squeezed his wife’s hand, “enough?” he asked, “or do you want to carry on?” Annie looked at Chris and he could tell from the fire in her eyes she was far from finished. “Well if you are going to carry on any chance you could help with this?” said Chris who had freed his raging hard on from his jeans.

“Come round here,” Annie purred as she licked her lips massaged the stranger’s cum into her breasts.. Chris got out and moved round to the seat Annie had vacated, and sitting with his feet out of the car, his jeans round his ankles, he let out a large moan of pleasure as his wife’s willing mouth engulfed his cock. Chris could see over Annie’s back that a few men were gathering as she continued to suck standing straight legged and bent from the waist pushing her naked ass out into the night air.

“You know you are available if you are out of the car don’t you?” Chris said softly as he stroked Annie’s hair. Her muffled murmur he took as assent that was good as a moment later a man standing behind stepped forward and slammed into her without any foreplay. Chris could feel Annie moaning onto his cock and gagging slightly as she was thrust forward onto him. The man behind let out a gölcük escort yell and fucked fast and furious as he shot cum deep inside. As he withdrew another man replaced him immediately driving his cock to the hilt into Annie’s soaking cum filled pussy. The second man soon deposited his load into Annie and was replaced again immediately by a third, and in a few strokes his cum joined that of the two men before him

A forth man stood in position behind Annie but didn’t plunge so allowing a dollop of mixed cum to fall from Annie’s pussy onto the car park floor with a loud plop. He looked at Chris and asked, “ass?” in an inquisitive tone. Before Chris could respond Annie reached behind, still sucking Chris’s cock, and with each hand parted her butt cheeks exposing her anal star to indicate her desire. The man grinned and then grunted as he pushed his cock into Annie’s ass and started to fuck her hard. Annie’s moans of pleasure and pain from the brutal fucking sent Chris over the top and gripping his wife’s head tightly he emptied a huge load into her mouth.

Annie sat on her top as they drove home to avoid the cum still leaking from her pussy and ass to stain the seats. “How you doing babe?” Chris asked his wife as they approached their home.

“Fucking amazing,” moaned Annie softly, “but next time I want twice as many cocks.”


The group stared at Annie in silence and it was clear both Brian & Charlie had massive erections from the bulges in their trousers. Eva & Debbie were also clearly affected by the way they were squirming in their seats. Florence, or Flo as she preferred to be called, who wasn’t into cock at all broke the quiet. “At least you had a choice about all those cocks,, which is more than I did.”

The group looked at Flo in shock, as it was well known she was a lesbian and was currently shacked up with Charlie’s sister Lisa.

“No way,” stammered Eva,”you are lez, well at least I hoped you still were.” Debbie & Annie exchanged knowing looks as that explained why Eva had been on the phone to both of them begging they let her share with Flo.

Flo gave a cynical laugh as she went on, “I may be lesbian now but I was married once for short time to a man, well to his whole family really.”

“You are fucking joking.” Flo stormed still in her wedding dress stomping around the room. The day had been wonderful, though it would have been nice to have some of her friends and family to the wedding on the picturesque remote Greek island, but even still she had a fantastic day. The sun had shone and she looked at George with pure love as she joined him at the altar. She loved the way he had whispered in ear how gorgeous she looked and had laughed with glee as she danced with the members of her new family. It seemed hard to imagine that it was just two weeks ago George had swept her off her feet and proposed marriage rather than lose her when her holiday ended. The whole fairy tale had come crashing down in pieces as George dropped the bombshell.

“But Flo,” he pleaded, “it is the way our family has been for generations, on the wedding night after the groom has deflowered the bride all the male members of the family get to fuck her. That way one of the family seed should impregnate her and ensure the family line carries on.”

“And this carries on forever until I am pregnant?” Flo asked with a cynical sneer.

“Oh no,” George shook his head in earnest, “after your wedding night it’s only the unmarried men folk that get free access, and even then only with the husband present.”

Flo let the words sink into her brain and knew in her heart there was no getting out of it in the short term but a plan formed in her brain. She wondered just how pissed off George would be if she acted enthusiastic, she hoped a lot as she said with bravado to hide her nerves, “in that case let’s get the fucking started,”

George was a little surprised at his wife’s sudden change of heart but didn’t question it as she climbed onto the bed and knelt on all fours with her wedding dress pulled up over her back and head. Flo hadn’t worn any panties for her wedding day so her ass was naked and exposed to the world as she felt George move behind and fumble into position. “Come on hurry up,” Flo hissed, “there is a lot of cock for me to get through.” George drove into his wife ignoring her yelp of shock as he buried himself deep. As he started to thrust in and out the door burst open and various male members of George’s family tumbled in.

“Hurry up George my boy” roared his father Stavros, “make sure my new daughter in law is well lubed for my turn next.” Peals of raucous laughter filled the room along with shouts and words of encouragement. Soon George grunted loudly as he unloaded into his new bribe, before pulling out and clasping his hands above his head like a prize-winning boxer.

Flo sniffed back the tears as she felt George being replaced by his father who was as long as his son, but considerably thicker. After Stavros had deposited his seed another took his place and as soon as he had cum another then replaced him. So short was the time between the men the only way Flo realised they had swapped was the change in pace or the size of the man fucking her.

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