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They Lived Spankily Ever After

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Anal Fucking

“June!” George hollered into the kitchen one Saturday morning. “Where’s that little bag of screws I bought last week? It was on my workbench.” “I haven’t seen it, George.” His wife was busy cleaning out the pantry and wasn’t too concerned with helping him find the latest thing he had lost.“You moved them somewhere, my workbench is cleaned up again, and it wasn’t me.”“Well then, they should be where they are supposed to be!”“And where is that? I’ve asked you a million times not to clean up my workbench!”“George, don’t raise your voice at me! Look in the drawers.” June poked her head out of the pantry shooting laser beams with her eyeballs in the direction of the bellowing voice.George mimicked her mouth with his lips and shook his head. She didn’t see him doing that, of course. Looking in the drawers, he cursed. “Fuck!” There they were, in the drawer with the other screws and bolts and nuts.Goddammit. Why can’t she just leave my shit alone? The garage is my domain! Can’t I have a domain?After hearing his expletive, June walked to the garage door. “Did you find them, dear?”He sighed heavily. “Yes, June. But I do wish you could leave my things alone.”“If you kept your area clean then I wouldn’t have to do it.” She furrowed her eyebrows at him. “I don’t know why you’re in such a foul mood.”He turned and muttered quietly, “Probably because we haven’t had much sex lately.”“What was that, George?”Shit! How much did she hear? Do I want a fight right now? “Nothing, dear,” he sighed, figuring that discretion was the better part of valor.“Oh, I think it was something. Tell me.” She smiled sweetly now, so he let his guard down.George stared at his wife. Even though she pissed him off he couldn’t help thinking she looked really good in her little pants and blouse. He put the bag of screws down and faced her. “I said, ‘I’m probably grumpy because we haven’t had sex in a while’.”Without missing a beat, she replied, “We would have sex more often if it lasted longer than thirty seconds, and maybe if there was some foreplay, too.”Ouch! George scrunched his face as if she had just smacked güvenilir bahis it. “Thirty seconds? Come on, June.” “Okay, maybe ninety. Tops!”Satisfied with her comeback, she did that hair toss thing coupled with a “Hmph!” that she knew infuriated her husband. Adding the exclamation point, she turned up her nose and marched past him. As his wife’s prissy ass walked by, his hand unexpectedly reacted and swatted her ass cheek hard. A resounding Smack! echoed in the garage. She stopped dead in her tracks and spun around in a fury; he stood his ground, jaw set. To his shock, her face then morphed into an entirely unexpected and unreadable expression. Their eyes locked, neither saying a word. After a few moments of weird silence passed, June slowly turned and walked back into the house. George was left alone adjusting his very uncomfortable cock, wondering what the fuck just happened.oOoGeorge and June steered clear of each other the rest of the morning. When they did pass one another in the hallway, heads were down, eyes averted. There was a big, fat elephant in the house. June tried to busy herself with laundry, but couldn’t forget what happened in the garage; George had spanked her. And if she was honest, she liked it but had no clue why. George couldn’t forget what happened either; his cock refused to go down on its own, so he retreated to the bathroom to take the matter in hand – literally. Although originally intending to pull up his go-to blowjob porn on his phone, he found himself searching for an adult spanking video. He had never spanked a woman until today. Surprisingly, he startled himself more than June when he spanked her. At first, she looked mad, but then … he wasn’t sure she didn’t like it. The video started and he couldn’t peel his eyes off the sexy ass sprawled across the man’s lap. George had always been more of an ass man than a boobs man, for sure. He pulled out his cock and began stroking his rigid staff while watching the man rub the woman’s ass. She was quite vocal while sprawled across his lap causing George’s cock to lengthen even more. Damn, this güvenilir bahis siteleri is hot! Never had he considered spanking his wife. When the man began spanking the woman in the video, he timed his strokes with the spanks. “Fuck!” He groaned as he rapidly neared his release. His balls tightened and he came hard as he watched the video vixen wiggle, squirm, and squeal during her spanking. Temporarily sated, he was able to think clearly again without all the lustful thoughts addling his brain. I need … we need to talk about this. We can’t go on avoiding each other. This tension is killing me. But, I better think about how to approach her.He went out to the front yard and arranged the cars so he could wash his pride and joy in the shade. Certainly not a difficult task, but it was one he enjoyed due to the satisfaction gained from a job well done. It also afforded him time to think, time to sort through things.  After two hours, his car gleamed and sparkled in the sun, and George had concocted a semblance of a plan for talking to June. He walked into the house but didn’t immediately find June. He was hungry, craving a beer, and felt a bit hot and sweaty. Beer, then a shower, then we will worry about something to eat, he told himself.He cracked open a cold one and headed to his bedroom walk-in closet to shed his dirty clothes. He was surprised to find June sitting on the floor of the closet. She looked like she had been crying.“Hey? Hey, are you alright? Come here…” He set his beer on a shelf, then held his hands out and lifted her to a standing position. She slowly lifted her head and looked sorrowfully at him.“I don’t like us fighting. It’s tearing me apart, George.”He wiped a tear from her cheek with his thumb. “Me neither. Come with me.” He led her into the bedroom where they sat on the edge of the bed, facing each other.”I don’t think you appreciate me – all I do.” She sniffled, eyes red. “I know all you do, honey, and I do appreciate you.””Lately, I’ve felt more like your mother than your wife, just cooking and cleaning, picking up after you.”George eyed iddaa siteleri his wife’s beautiful breasts tenting her blouse. “June … baby … in no way do you remind me of my mother.” He sighed, raking his fingers through his hair. “And I don’t want you picking up after me. That’s part of the problem I think. You treat me like a child sometimes, instead of a grown-ass man, with your fussing and all.”Okay, let’s just put the rest of this out there, George thought.”I didn’t mean to upset you. But you know I’m a prideful man, June. You need to know that you pushing me away in bed hurts me – that makes me feel like less of a man, too.”His eyes squinted with pain; her heart ached with guilt. “When’s the last time you touched my cock, June?” He sighed. “I mean, foreplay goes both ways, you know.”She lowered her head, knowing he was right. “I guess, well, I just felt like you weren’t appreciating me. And weren’t there for me, so why should I give you any attention?”George studied her face. Her anger had been replaced with concern and sadness.”You have been paying that damn car more attention than me.””That damn car doesn’t fuss at me … or stab me with its eyeballs.” With that comment, they both laughed. Realization finally hit two very hard heads that they were both part of the problem. June squeezed his hand with a new understanding.  “I think we both became-“”Selfish,” they said in unison. “I love you dearly, George.” “I love you too, June.” He pulled her against him in a tight, long-lasting hug, then raised her chin so he could see her beautiful face. Bowing his head, he kissed her. They lovingly kissed this time, not the small pecks of late, but an open-mouthed, tongue-swirling kiss. June was the first to pull away and smiled at him. “I am going to the kitchen to whip up your favorite meal, honey. We kind of skipped lunch.”She stood up and took a step forward but George grabbed her by the hand. “Where do you think you’re going, my dear?”  Still sitting on the edge of the bed, he spread his legs and patted his left thigh. “I still need to spank you for getting into my stuff.”June’s eyes widened. Was he serious? “What did you just say?” “You heard me. I said I’m going to spank you.” His firm-set jaw told her he was serious. Shivering with both apprehension and excitement, she slowly turned back towards her husband. 

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