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Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction which may contain descriptions of sexual interaction between adults and minors. All characters and scenarios only exist in the author”s imagination. If this type of story is not allowed by law or other reason, please stop reading.

Otherwise enjoy reading, and please keep donating to Nifty.




Uncle Thomas picked up eleven-year-old Thomas at the hospital, leaving the boy”s mother to take care of her father. Arriving at uncle Thomas”s house they fooled around with the enema ending in stuffing a vibrating toy up the boy”s bum. The effect of the toy was so extreme, the boy passed out during that sex-session. Waking up he was still hungry for more though…


Thomas – Part 4


I told Thomas to come down and get dressed. We needed to get some extra clothes for him and feed Donald the Cat. Although I had the keys to the house, I didn”t want to go there by myself. Entering their house alone without one of the resident”s present might raise awkward questions with the neighbors.

Cheerfully yapping about eleven-year-old boys stuff Thomas walked along with me over to his house. We were indeed greeted with suspicion by a neighbor, but Thomas quickly explained the situation.

Aiding a single mother in trouble gets you lost of sympathy tokens and seeing how at ease the boy acted around me, the guy reached out his hand to greet me and introduce himself as Serge. I gave Thomas the keys and told him to assemble his stuff. As is socially expected I remained outside for a moment to talk to Serge. He offered us to come over for a drink and he invited us in. I declined telling him we”d probably be going to the hospital later on. We said our goodbyes and I went inside looking for Thomas.


As I closed the door behind me, I watched Thomas feeding Donald down in the kitchen and petting him on the back.

The fresh painted walls and new flooring added to the idea they moved in only just months ago. The pungunt smell of a full litter box in the kitchen destroyed that thought completely. I asked Thomas about this neighbor Serge.

Thomas looked surprised at me.


“He”s a nice guy, keeps pretty much to himself.” Thomas answered.” I think he”s gay but he has no boyfriend or anything. Why do you ask? Do you like him? Do you want me to invite him over?” He asked with a teasing smile on his face.


“Well, actually he was checking you out as you entered the house just now. My guess is he”ll prefer your little tight ass instead of my old one. If you”re gonna invite him over, you won”t be doing that for me, I”m telling you. Maybe we ought to be looking for a boyfriend for you to have fun with your own age.” I told him smiling.


“Really? But I don”t want someone else, Uncle Thomas. We got a lot of fun together and we”re boyfriends, remember? I like having sex with you, I don”t want no other guy or boyfriend.” He said a little pouting.


“And I like having sex with you too. But my guess is that you”ll love having sex with anyone. And you should pass on this gift of joy. It”s not something to keep for yourself. That”s a bit selfish, don”t you think? I”m sharing and teaching you; you should pick someone to share it with also. Is there really no one you want to teach the fun we have?” I asked him.


Thomas looked ashamed and muttered” Maybe….but for now I only want you.”


Walking over to me, he stretched out his arms. I opened mine and lifted him up. He put his arms and legs around me, hugging me tight. After a while with his head against my chest he put his face in front of mine and leaned forward, his lips searching for mine.

Until that moment we”d never kissed one another. To me, kissing is something for those who love eachother, not for those who lust for eachother.

But I let myself get lost in the moment, tilted my head and kissed his soft boy-lips. After a while I put my hand behind his head and opened my mouth to flick his lips with my tongue. In return he opened his mouth and we let our tongues swirl around eachothers”. Wilder and wilder he kissed me, heavely breathing through his nose.

Thomas” hands were sliding all over my upper body and the horny boy as he is, started humping his hips grinding his awoken tumescence into my stomach. There was no way of controlling the boy so I turned us both around placing him on top of the kitchen counter. He hooked his feet together at my back and moaned loudly of lust. We broke off our locked lips and with his eyes closed he kept on humping. In between his licks and kisses all over my face and neck I whispered in his ear the neighbours might see us making out.


“I don”t care, Uncle Thomas. You can suck me with them peeking through the windows, for all I care. I just wanna have fun!” He replied with a horny smile.


Slowly I let him go and he released his grip on me. I knew he was in an emotional state right now with his mother gone and his grandfather in the hospital and all. When you”re eleven you tend to cling on to the first thing in front of you. And as hormones raged through his adolescent body bahçelievler escort too, his judgement on the concept of love might not have been totally objective.

But is it ever, I ask you?


“This is pretty dangerous what we”re doing right now. If your mother gets wind of this I”ll end up in jail. I told you before, we have to be very careful! Someone like Serge can tell on us.” I told him.

Even a simple task of getting him his clean clothes and feeding Donald was turning out hard for him to restrain himself.


“I know. But I get horny all the time with you around. Can”t we get back to your place and fool around some more?” He asked me.


“We really need to get you a boyfriend your own age. With him you can fool around as much as you want. I”m a bit to old to have sex five times a day.” I said and I winked at him.


I told him to assemble his stuff while I cleaned out the litter box. After that we could fooI around at my house. I checked out the fridge and threw anything perishable away. Figuring Susan wasn”t coming back home soon and I didn”t want her to find a zoo inside the fridge on her return.

Thomas came back down with a duffel bag full of stuff.


“Show me.” I told him in a fatherly fashion.


He opened the bag and out cam his teddy bear, one pair of socks, one tank top, a pair of jeans and his toothbrush it can be for relaxation or relieve as well. Seeing how fast you were crying just now, tells me how tense you are. When we get home, I”ll give you a nice blowjob and finger fuck your little ass, that will get you relaxed, how”s that? But first we need to get you your clothes and stuff.” I told him.


I sat him on the bed which was covered in a red Cars covered duvet. The pillow had a Car”s-themed cover on as well. A small bed lamp was fitted to the wall. The walls were covered with Spider-Man and Minions posters. The child”s desk had a small desk chair and a laptop. Dark blue curtains covered the windows.

In the corner of the room, I opened his wardrobe and assembled everything he”d need in the week to come.

When I turned around Thomas was sitting on his bed, undressed, spreading his legs apart and his head slightly tilted to the left. His right hand was fondling with his hard-on and he smiled at me. I noticed he was still wearing his cockring making his dick almost purple and probably super sensitive.


“Can”t you give me that blowjob right here, right now? I bet I”ll get relaxed here in my own bedroom.” giving me that cheeky smile again. He raised his knees, exposing his clean pucker and started brushing the insides of his thighs. Slowly but surely a milky tear welled up at his tiny piss slit.


“Please, come over here and help me relax, Uncle Thomas!” he pleaded.


By now my cock was so hard it hurt being restrained in my pants. I realized I”d become a slave to the will of this boy, and my own lust for him. I had no choice but to obey both so I undressed myself too.


Once naked, I got down on my knees next to the bed, turned him slightly around so my head was in between his legs and with both hands pushed his legs to his chest so his complete crack was exposed. Very slowly I bend my head forward in between his buns and breathed in, sniffing at his tight boy-hole.

That moment I realized what an ultra lucky boy-lover I was, having a wonderful eleven-year-old boy close by, who was willing to have “fun” with me any minute of the day.

I just kept my head there for a while enjoying the view and the scent without moving until I felt him shifting a bit restless.


“What are you waiting for, Uncle Thomas? What are you doing down there?” he asked me impatient but I did not react for half a minute except for a hum, just enjoying the warmth and the smell of him.


“If you want me to give you that blowjob, just relax. I”m doing this my way. I want us both to enjoy it, ok?” and brushed his hamstrings with my hands.


It took him a few seconds but Thomas relaxed under my hands. I pushed his knees on his chest as much as possible and raised his little butt to the max that way. Thomas moaned as the air was being pressed out of his lungs. I stuck out my tongue, started licking and teasing his tailbone. I lay my upper lip against his sphincter and every time I licked his pronounced bone, I could feel his little ass-muscle jerking inward and outward like a mussel. Knowing his abs also had to react at every flick of my tongue I told him softly to hold up his own legs.


“Don”t let goooo!” he moaned, trying to grabb my wrists and keeping my hands at his hamstrings. I opened my eyes and looked up. His little boner was leaking lustfully like a dripping candle. There was no way I was going to let that delicious boy-juice go to waste. I engulfed his scarlet helmet and swirled my tongue around making sure I cleaned it thoroughly.

Because of the extreme sensitivity of his dick at this point, the puppy inside him awoke and a tiny squeak escaped the boy”s throat. His twig twitched and out came even more bakırköy escort of his lukewarm juice.

I tried not to set him off yet, so I went back to my so beloved boy part, now French kissing his sphincter, nodding with the bridge of my nose against the cockring around his hairless scrotum.

With every little nod against his nuggets, he audibly panted rhythmicly. As he was totally plunged into his extatic state of mind he let go of my wrists. So, with my wrists in the back of his knees and pushing his legs to the sides of his chest, my hands searched for his hard nipples and tugging abdominal muscles.

I really had a hard time controlling myself and in all my lust my tongue dug deep in and out of his boy-hole like a pumpjack.

His panting and moaning got louder and louder. The puppy sounds I recognized from before. Then he started to shake uncontrollably until he screamed.” When will you start that blowjob!? I”m about to come!!”


I needed not to be told twice, my tongue leaving his now wet and sloppy sphincter for what it was, lifting my head and taking his dick all down to the root in one go.

I could feel the warmth of his thighs against my cheeks for a moment.

My hands moved over to his knees and I spread his legs apart as wide as possible, giving me full access to his throbbing boy-jewels.

Pulling my lips up towards his purple dickhead, I was lubing him with my saliva, clamping my lips tight around his rod. As I was going down, I released the grip stroking the soft skin with my lips, outstretching my tongue to his hairless pouch.

He cramped up, that indicated to me I had to be ready for his fountain of joy to fill my mouth.


Oh, the heavenly taste of boy-cum. Once you got your first taste of that watery boy-juice you will always hunger for more.


Instead of lying impotent on his bed, Thomas raised quickly, grabbed my head with both hands, mouthfucking me like a rabbit making his bed squeak this time. Only seconds later he stopped humping and the first jet of jizz graced my tongue. After giving me 4 shots of his nectar, he finally rested exhausted with his bare tummy over my head.

Enjoying his liquid gift, I kept is dick in my mouth for a little while longer. I then released his sensitive twig and looked up at him as if I wanted to kiss him.

The tired gaze on his face turned into a tired happy smile and he closed in. The second our lips met, I lay my hand in the back of his neck to keep us both locked and I snowballed him. I sensed some resentment but we kept kissing until all of his boy-jizz was shared and dissolved.


“Was that mine? It”s not gross or something.” He asked when we broke off the kiss.” Wow, Uncle Thomas you were right. I”m totally relaxed now, like you said. I have to admit, sex is a nice way to get relaxed.” he muttered still panting.


“I”m glad I could help you feel better, dear boy. But now you need to help me out too. All this rimming and blowing got me tensed up as well. And you know what the best way for Uncle Thomas is to get rid of his tension?” I asked politely.


“I guess it”s my Thom-ass again, isn”t it?” he asked with that cheeky grin on his face.


“You guessed it! Sex is about giving and receiving, Thomas. I just relieved you of your tensions. So now it”s time for you to relieve me of mine. Offer me one of your best parts like a good boy should.” I ordered him.” Go and stand on the headboard side of your bed and face Lightning McQueen on the wall. Don”t stand to close to the wall, I want you to spread your legs and bend over until the top of your head touches your pillow, ok? Now lean against the headboard with the top of your back to keep your balance and spread you ass cheeks for me with both hands.”


While Thomas was following my instructions, I got behind him and did the best I could to lubricate his boy-hole with my saliva again. His entrance had become as tight as a pinhole after he”d cum and although I had some pre-cum leaking, that wasn”t nearly enough to lube him up to gain easy access without using to much force. The longer I worked on the little wrinkles of his puckered sphincter, the more relaxed he got and the more my tongue could get in. Once my tongue was roaming freely beyond his sphincter the puppy sounds came from the direction of the pillow again. I knew then he was ready to welcome my now throbbing and leaking member around the back.

I raised myself to my knees behind him and made sure his awaiting boy-hole was level with my cock by spreading his legs just at the right length. I smeared my pre-cum on his wet hole as extra lubricant and without hesitation pressed my dickhead in.

The puppy squeak confirmed we were locked on.

To widen his entrance a bit more, I masturbated, in a milking motion, more blood towards my dickhead inside him. I watched as his little hole expanded to the circumference of my cock in between his soft skinned butt cheeks. And although the muscular ring just behind the corona of my head did it”s best to stay as tight as possible, it stretched under pressure. He was balgat escort still leaning on his head widening his butt cheeks with his hands.


“Are you ready to ride the train again, Thomas? You can count to three if you are…” I told him and grabbed his wrists.

“Let”s do this without using our hands, this time.” I said and I raised his stretched arms behind his back so far up, my fists were almost touching the wall above him. I now had him completely pinned down and at my mercy. Every muscle of his youthful body was tense. Looking down on him I could see every single vertebra in his spine lined up from his neck all the way down to his tailbone at his tight entrance, where I had him impaled.

A muffled sound came from his upside-down head and I recognized him counting one and getting to two. That was all the encouragement I needed. Much to his surprise I didn”t wait for him to get to two, but I forced myself inside him on `two” so hard, he screamed “TWOOOO!!!” at the top of his lungs.

Having my hard cock deep inside his soft warm wetness and clamped at the root again, I felt the rush of light headedness in that moment of sublime ecstasy.

Very slowly I retracted but left my dickhead in. Thomas took a deep breath before I plunged into his tight boy-hole again rubbing his little sensitive tangerine inside him. After that I picked up a steady pace feeding him my hard boy-ass loving rod over and over, trying not to miss his prostate as I went in.

The puppy sounds started coming out of him again every time I got inside all the way which reminded me what an absolute joy it is fucking such a young tight ass.

After about fifteen minutes of constantly stirring his intestines there was more grunting than squeaking that indicated to me, he was less physically involved. The tightness of his sphincter was also loosening.


While working on his little ass, I asked, “Are you all right down there, buddy?”


In between my thrusts he answered, “I”m ok, Uncle Thomas. I”m just getting a bit tired. You mind if we change position?”


I let down his arms, and being slightly overstretched at his shoulders, he let them fall on the matras besides him. I made sure my cock was still deep inside him before I got hold of his hips. On my knees I shuffled backwards, making sure my living sleeve stayed nice and warm around my cock.


“Thomas buddy?”, I asked when his head and the top of his chest were on the matras but his ass was still up with my dick inside. “I”ve got the feeling you”re not giving me your best. Just offering your ass isn”t good enough. I like you to work it as well. So, clamp your ass harder around my cock when I pull out, ok?”


“How am I supposed to do that? I have no control over my ass. You fucked me for so long, it”s all numb back there by now.”


I slowly starting sliding in and out again, keeping a nice calm pace, aiming for his gland.


“No, it”s not, trust me. When you gotta pee but you need to hold up, what do you do?”


The moment I explained, I could feel that wonderful tight grip coming back around my cock again.


“That”s it, buddy! That”s how you make Uncle Thomas happy again!” and my hands went all over his warm body sliding over his hips, sides and buns.


His grunting doubled. Not only when I was digging in deep, but also he was trying his best to keep my hard cock inside of him as I pulled out. Working that hard got him sweating, grabbing the sheets tight with his hands. Every time I pulled out almost all of his muscles thightened and a grimace showed.


“O buddy, I”m so proud of you! I can see you”re working hard, doing your best. It won”t be long now!” and after a few more thrusts my balls rose and I pumped his ass full of cum. I gave him the load I”d been saving up ever since he”d been humping my leg at the hospital restaurant this afternoon.

Now that he knew how to work his sphincter he kept squeezing and releasing my cock. Wasted, I bend over him and pushed us both on our sides, spooning.


I noticed the duvet was sprayed with his second load he must have released the moment I filled his ass. I was too tired to move, so I just scooped it up with my fingers and fed it to him. Thomas didn”t hesitate and eat it all.


After cuddling I raised myself and so exiting my deflated tool. Thomas climbed on my lap and sat on my right leg his little legs dangling in between mine. As we cuddled some more, he started leaking cum, I felt it running down my thy. Being the curious boy his is, he scooped up my spunk, smelled it and tasted that as well.

His face chanced into a grimace again, showing me he was surprised by the weird taste.


“It”s grown-up cum. You better get used to it. It”s about time you learned how to properly suck cock and get this as a reward. The more you eat it, the more you”ll love it. Trust me.” I told him. “Now let”s get dressed and make diner at my place. And we need to video-call your mother, showing her how you miss her but also happy you are.”


“Can I pick a different toy from the box tonight, Uncle Thomas? I”d like to try them all. You must teach me if you want me to pass it on, you know?” he asked me, again with that big lovely smile on his face.


No how could I resist that?



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