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Thuy, the girl with the sweeeet Ass!

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Thuy, the girl with the sweeeet Ass!It all started a few months ago when I met Thuy (real name), and during our conversations, she told me how much she loved my stories, and how turned on it made her, looking at pics of my man fucking other women. After getting to know each other, she told me she wanted to have Ben fuck her and me watch. I cant tell you how excited I was by our talks, and we decided to meet up and see if we could put something together. After having lunch with her one day, she showed me some pics of herself on her cell phone and I thought …now THAT is a sexy brown ass that I’d love to watch Ben fuck! We flirted and teased and decided to make it happen. Thuy lives a few cities away from us, so I decided to surprise Ben, rent a hotel room at a pretty nice place, and tell him I’m taking him away for the weekend, and told him I would take care of everything, packing included, and meet me at the hotel after work around 6pm. Thuy and I met at the hotel and giggled all day with what I had planned. While she spoke perfectly good englis, Vietnamese was her primary language so we discussed the details in a funny way: using hand gestures. I got up on the bed and told her “I want you like this…” getting on all 4’s, spreading my legs to face the door, with my ass up high in the air. Thuy laughed, and motioned with her hands “Picture?” and I said Yes, I’m gonna take as many as I can! I gave her my white stockings to wear (that Ben likes) and she said all she had planned to wear was a blue thong panty. Fine by me!!! Stockings and a thong it would be. I left her in the bedroom behind closed doors, and went into the living room area to wait for Ben. When he arrived, he had a big smile on his face, looked around the room and said..”So…what are we doing here?” I said “oh nothing..just thought it would be nice change of pace, we can go have dinner downstairs and walk around exploring” Smiling at him. He said “Exploring huh? yeah, I’ll bet”. He looked down at my clothing: a thin pink silky robe and a nice sexy pair of panties and untied my robe, pushing me up against the wall. We started to make out, kissing passionately while I felt his hands reach down between my legs, and his lips suck on my tits. “Oh Baby damn asyabahis yeni giriş you’re so wet I wanna fuck you right here RIGHT NOW” Ben said…I shook my head and said “noooo not yet, not ME” He looked up at me genuinely surprised (Thuy had been very quiet in the bedroom!) and said “huh?” I unbuckled his belt and started to unzip his pants, then began leading him by the hand towards the bedroom. He got that quizzical “she’s up to something” look in his eyes, following me… I gently knocked on the door, and opened it slowly and was not disappointed. Thuy was on the bed, blue thong, white stockings, bent over on all fours, her ass up on the air, just waiting. PERFECT. Ben sucked in his breath and said “Oh My ….what do we have here?” Ben grabbed me from behind, pulling my robe apart, and started caressing my tits and squeezing my nipples …”Baby, did you bring me something?” he said, whispering against my ear, looking at Thuy waiting on the bed. Moaning, feeling myself getting hornier by the second, I said “Yes Baby, I brought us home a little something to fuck”. “FUCK” Ben said, turning my face around with his hand and kissing me on the mouth, hard, his tongue exploring my mouth, his hands stroking my body… His Dick was pressed up against my body, solid and hard. Pulling down his pants while he removed his shirt, I led him over to the bed watching his face admire her ass while his fingers tried to finger my pussy. I whispered in his ear, “I want you to FUCK her baby, FUCK her GOOD, look at that sweet ass waiting for you” Ben leaned over, started rubbing her ass cheeks, pulling her thong to the side. “I’m gonna Fuck her baby” MMMMMMM I moaned to myself, wetting my hand and stroking his engorged cock… Ben spread her legs apart further, moaning himself, and opened up her pussy with his fingers “You want me to fuck this hole Baby?” he asked, spreading her cunt open wide. Thuy whimpered a little, spreading wide for Ben. I stepped away for my cell, and Ben grabbed some lube from the table, stroking it on his dick, all the while looking at her ass waiting for him. Standing at the edge of the bed, with her ass spread and ready for him, he stroked his cock, looking at me, looking at her, asyabahis giriş and I could see how turned on he was and that turned me on even more. Pulling her ass back to the edge of the bed also, he held his dick and positioned himself behind her, saying to me “I’m gonna fuck this cunt Baby, is that what you want?” slowly inserting only the head of his dick in her pussy… “YES” I said loudly, “I want you inside that pussy”. He slowly pushed his dick in her, one slow inch at a time, feeling her cunt open up to him. Once his dick was buried in her, he started to move his hips in a circular motion, causing Thuy to cry out. He slowly pulled out and I saw all her wetness starting to cover his now shiny slick cock. Slowly he put his dick all the way back in, moaning, looking at me while he began to pump her in and out, still slowly but steady. “Yeah Baby, you look good in that pussy, fuck your dick looks good in that pussy” I told him. Ben continued looking at me, starting to fuck her now, in and out, his dick all the way in, his stomach up against her ass cheeks, “This turn you on too Baby?” he said…. I just nodded, my wet pussy started to throb, wanting to touch myself… He pulled his cock out, and told Thuy to stay spread, open her legs wider, which she did. He rammed his cock in and each time he pulled out, her cunt gripped his dick tightly causing him to repeatedly say “Fuck Fuck Fuck” with each stoke. “Come here baby” he said to me, “Her cunt is sucking my dick” as I looked down, he pulled out and I saw her pussy lips like a suction around his cock. Fuck I was so turned on. He pounded her hard, pushing her body down on the bed so just her ass was up in the air and he pumped away on her cunt. “Fuck that pussy Baby, Fuck it hard” I told him, egging him on, while he thrust away, pulling out every few strokes, opening her pussy with his fingers again, then pumping his cock back in hard, all the way down to his balls. I saw his ass tighten up and knew he was gonna come real soon, too soon!, so I said “No, don’t cum yet baby not yet”… he pulled out, his cock bouncing up high, and pushed me down on the 2nd bed. In an instant, my legs were spread, pushed apart wide, and I felt his mouth on my cunt. asyabahis güvenilirmi His tongue deep inside me, then his lips sucking my clit, saying “oh my GOD baby you’re gonna cum on my mouth already aren’t you Fuck you’re so wet!” Pushing my pussy up against his mouth, I looked over at Thuy and saw her watching us, turning me on intensely. Ben continued sucking and eating me, fingering my ass and licking until I was ready to burst all over his tongue. “NO NO” I said, “I don’t wanna cum yet Baby!” pushing his face away, seeing his dick was still hard, and told him I wanted him to fuck her more! He stood up and walked back over, lifting Thuy’s ass up again, fucking her cunt hard once more. Her Brown ass was so beautiful, so full and round and lush, and bounced with every stroke of Ben’s dick inside her. Ben pulled one of her arms back, holding it firmly, and started to just pound the fuck outta her, making Thuy moan wildly, her tits smashed up against the bed, her pussy and ass up high being fucked for all our pleasure. “Get on top of him Thuy” I told her..Ben pulled out and got down on his back, Thuy got up on top of him, squatted over his cock, and started to fuck him, her tits bouncing in front of his face, his dick completely disappearing in her cunt…I saw Thuy throw her head back and cum, her pussy all the way down on his dick, filling her completely. Fuck it was so sexy!! After we watched her cum, he turned her back over on her back, spread her legs and started fucking her pussy, harder and harder until I he said “FUCK I’m gonna cum now”, pulled out his dick, and sprayed her body with his cum, on her pussy, her belly and her tits.. SO HOT!!!! She shyly rubbed his cum on her body and said “I liked that!” while I laughed and said “ME TOO!!” Ben looked over at me and said “Your turn”. Laying me back down on the bed, he started to eat my pussy again, deeply and hard, his tongue both sucking then flicking my clit, then covering my pussy with his mouth entirely, sucking me and moaning into me, until I came HARD, holding his face down against my cunt, not wanting to stop, pouring my juice over his wet mouth and he didn’t stop, he kept sucking until I couldn’t take it anymore. He got up and laid on top of me, kissing my mouth with his pussy juices covered lips, feeling his sticky cock up against my leg. Thuy, who watched me cum, said “Very sexy that was” and got up to dress. We stayed on the bed for awhile until we had a drink with Thuy and she left. I’m hoping…she will return 😀

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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