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Subject: Time with my nephew part 7 The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story may depict sexual situations between minor males, and minor males with adults if reading such is illegal where you reside, or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, BenCraig, and should not be re-posted or reproduced without his permission. ©2022 Ben Craig. Please donate to Nifty to keep this archive free. Address all comments to: ook Time with my nephew part 7 (half term part 3) When I woke up in the morning the smell of the bed reminded me of the session last night. Both boys were still asleep, I needed a wee badly so I let it flow. The bedding was ruined in any case what would another weewee do. It felt so nice to be able to wet the bed at will. I gently drifted off again. An hour or so later I woke up again, it was obvious that I had not been the only person who had added wee to the bed. Both boys were whispering and sniggering. `Who wet the bed’, I bellowed semi sternly. `Somebody needs their bottom spanked.’ `Me, me’, the lads shouted. A play fight ensued with all three bottoms being spanked. `Time for showers’, I said. `Aden you take the bedclothes off while I wash Adam. Then it’s your turn.’ In the shower I started to wee and as the wee came out I washed my willy with it. Adam thought that was great and he did the same. I then washed him thoroughly. When I stuck my finger up his poohole I noticed there was a poo waiting to come out. As I pulled my finger out the poo followed I caught it in my hand and threw it in the toilet. Another wash of his bottom and he was clean. `Next’, I shouted. Aden walked in his bottom was the worst obviously. The poo was all caked on and dry. It needed the bath brush, the soft end, to get his bottom clean. At the end of the wash session his buttocks glowed like they had been spanked with the hard end of the brush. Having stood under the shower for nearly half an hour the poo that had been caked into my willy had softened up so much that a quick wash got everything clean. Downstairs we made breakfast and had this in the garden in the lovely sunshine. Both little horn dogs had stiffies again. I just could not keep up with them. Spurting 2 ,maybe three times tops, a day really was my limit. These two little spurt producers managed 4 times a day easily. I sent them off to chase each other around the garden. There was lots of play fighting, tickling and hands around willies and bottoms. `This’, I thought’, is what Mike wants to photograph. `What was happening now!’ Aden was on the grass on his back and Adam istanbul travesti stood up and weed all over him head to toe. Then he turned round and proceeded to poo over his friend’s tummy. He had not been able to poo for days now he was producing it like a poo factory. More chasing ensued. I was so hard after seeing this play session that I ended up having to rub my willy before it burst. Minutes later I spurted over my tummy. It was time to calm things down. `Come on boys’, I shouted, `let’s talk about what we will do today. They both came running over. `Ohhh, what’s that on your tummy’, Aden said’, as he drew his finger in my spurts and licked his finger. You spurted without us! That’s naughty.’ I grinned and said `ohhh you are all wet and there’s chocolate on your tummy, you had fun without me. That’s naughty.’ A huge grin on both boys’ faces. `Now, listen here. It’s Monday we have an appointment on Wednesday afternoon then we have 3 more days. What are we going to do? I have been thinking about a few things.’ Adam as usual stood there scratching his little poohole and sniffing his finger. Aden just looked at me expectantly. `There is a camp site in Cambridgeshire that is for naturists only and it’s only for boys and men. I can hire a caravan or we can get a tent to sleep in. How does that sound?’ `Oh wow’, said Aden, `yes please, we can be nudie all day like now. That sound good Adam?’ `Oh yes.’ `Now I got another plan but that need some working out.’ `What’s that?’, Aden asked. I tapped the side of my nose indicating he was being nosey. `Get me my phone and I see if we can book on the camp site.’ Ten minutes later I organised a glamping tent for the three of us with three single beds. All we had to supply was sleeping bags. So we went off to the camping shop in the large shopping centre. From there we ended up at a large wholesale shop where I was a member. I sent both boys of to get swimming trunks and whatever they needed while I had a talk with the salesman. After we came out Aden said `who was the man you was talking to?’ `You are very nosey aren’t you?, I admonished him. Ok next stop Peter.’ `Yeah sauna’, both boys shouted. `I’m not sure we have time for that, we have to set off to the camping. I just want a quick word.’ At Peter’s place, I jumped out of the car. `Now stay here I be 5 minutes’ A short while later I came back to the car. `Quick visit home. Wees and poos, grab some bits and we are off. Now it’s 5 hours to get there. Do either of you want a nappy so I don’t have to stop? I will give you a clue, I will wear one.’ Aden obviously was quite used to nappies and said yes. Adam, however, looked very confused. He kadıköy travesti was 13 why would he wear a nappy? `Just do it’, Aden told him. `That way if you need a weewee you can just do it in your nappy.’ `But I’ve never worn a nappy’, Adam sputtered. `Yes you have’, his friend said, `when you were a baby. `Yes but not for a long time.’ `Look’, I said, `no one is making you. It’s just that I cannot stop on the motorway if all of a sudden you need to wee or poo. Trust me if you make a mess in my new car there be big trouble.’ The boy relented. At home I nappied both boys up and put my own nappy on. We packed a few things for on the way and off we set. Two hours into the journey Adam said `,thank you Ben,’ `What’s that mate.’ `Well I just needed a weewee badly so I did it in my nappy, you wouldn’t have been able to stop.’ `Good lad’, I said, `when we get to the camping I will clean you up and put some baby moisturiser on and around your willy so you don’t get nappy rash.’ `I done a weewee too’, said Aden, `do I get moisturiser too? `Of course you will.’ Another hour later I got a cramp with a small push I pooed my nappy. I had no idea what I had eaten because the poo was very soft. `Who trumped’, Aden said holding his button nose. `Sorry’, I said, `I’m afraid to say that I pooed myself.’ Both boys thought that was very funny. I drove the next two hours in my soiled nappy. At the campsite as I booked in there was a man behind me totally naked, I think he knew what the problem was because when I looked round he was grinning widely and gave me a wink. I winked back, `nice looking guy’, I thought. `Wonder if he’s any good at cleaning pooey bottoms. Outside I hung on waiting for him to come out. `Hello’, he said as he came out, `I think you have a problem there don’t you? I have a caravan with a shower. Perhaps you want to use that? Of course you can use the shower block but that’s not very private. It’s a bank of showers there are no individual ones.’ `I would appreciate that, my name is Ben by the way. The two lads in the car are Aden and Adam.’ `My name is Frank, the two lads in the car have pooed themselves too he said laughing. Just follow me.’ As I drove behind Frank I instantly liked him for being friendly and not rude. He was around my age and quite handsome. Frank stopped and got out of his car. He opened the caravan and beckoned for us to come out of the car. The three of us climbed out and followed Frank in. I was surprised how at ease both boys were with a totally naked stranger. `Ok boys you stay here for a minute, I will just show Ben where the shower is.’ We went through a large bedroom into a room behind that contained bakırköy travesti a large shower. `Now you just get in there I will get you a towel.’ As I undressed I bent down to pick the pooey nappy up. That precise moment Frank walked in and got a full view of my dirty bottom and poohole. `That’s a nice sight’, he whispered hoarsely. `Please Ben I hope you don’t mind.’ He started stroking my bottom and inserted a finger up my poohole. `Mmmmm’, I moaned. `I really am into poo’, he said quietly. I felt his hard willy slide in me. He gently moved in and out the poo working as a lubricant. `Ohhh yes, please’, I begged. Frank climaxed and filled my tummy with his hot spurts. I spurted all over the shower floor I had not even touched myself. Frank pulled out and I felts his spurts trickling out of my poohole between my buttocks. He switched the shower on and pushed me underneath. Slowly and sensuously he washed me down and cleaned me up. He then took care of himself washing his willy all clean. Then he picked up the huge towel and rubbed me dry. His mouth found mine and he kissed me deeply. `Thank you’, he said. `Please can we do this again.’ `The boys’, I whispered hoarsely. `Oops’, he replied. We walked into the room. The boys were sitting on the sofa. I certainly got some dark looks. `Sorry lads’, Frank said, `Ben needed some help.’ `You boys want to shower and clean up here?’, I asked. `I’m sure Frank won’t mind and it easier to do it here than in the tent. `What’s the matter did they have an accident too?’ `No they have wet nappies we wore nappies for the long journey.’ `Ah ok. Come on boys follow me I’ll show you the shower and grab you some towels.’ The boys got up slowly and followed Frank. `There you go I will leave you alone’. `Gee, they are cute’, he said as he walked into the room. `As you are here on the site I trust they are happy to be naked.’ `Very’, I said, `and they like it dirty too.’ Frank sat next to me and kissed me again. `I’m falling head over heels. Do you believe in love at first sight?’ `I do, I do.’ Adam and Aden walked back into the room as I was making out with Frank. `I thought we had our own tent’, Aden said. `Yes, yes, sorry lads’, I blushed. `Ok Frank thanks for your hospitality. We have to find our tent. It’s getting dark and the boys need to go to bed.’ `I understand, look hopefully we can catch up for breakfast tomorrow? I heard you say you be here until Wednesday morning, when you checked in?’ `Yes that’s right but we have to leave at 6am because we have an appointment at 1 that afternoon, haven’t we boys.’ Both of them nodded. `Ok see you in the morning’, Frank said. We left the caravan and followed the map to our tent. The tent was based right next to the toilet block and showers. `Ok boys, are we hungry or ready for bed.’ Both boys said they were ready for bed. To be honest I was too. We settled down on our posh camp beds and cuddled up in our new sleeping bags.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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