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Subject: Tom Holland And I – Part 4c This story will contain sexual acts between two adult males. I am not, nor do I know the celebrities involved. I do not know their sexual preferences. If you are not of legal age, please direct yourself to another site. If you enjoy Nifty, please donate! A quick shoutout to Daniel, FanOfDrama31, Camb, Lane and Billy for the emails! You all are the reason I keep writing! ————————————————– Tom Holland and I – Chapter 4B ————————————————– Previously: “Thank you so much for the ride,” he said politely, sounding more like the Tom in press junkets than the sexually frenzied man I had just been fingering. “We really appreciate it!” He slid out of the car, discreetly untucking his shirt and covering his undone pants. I tumbled out behind him, giving the driver a wave as I closed the door. Tom already had the keys and the door and swung it open, basically dragging me inside. The literal second I locked the door, he whipped me around, shoved me against the door and pressed his lips to mine. I held his face in my hands, groaning appreciatively as our tongues dueled. His hands gripped my shirt, trying to pull us impossibly closer together. I could feel his cock mashed up against mine and it was maddening…” “Mm, babe…” I could only get the two syllables out before he pounced again. I smiled in our kiss. “Tom, wait.” He bit my bottom lip and undid the button on my pants. “Wait for what?” “I have to take these boots off,” I chuckled, brushing his hair back. Tom rolled his eyes, his hand roaming over my bulge. “I told you not to wear them.” “It’ll only take a second.” “No.” “No? I’m going to have to take them off at some p-,” Tom silenced me by dropping and yanking my pants down to my knees. I grunted in surprise as my dick popped free and grazed his cheek, leaving a glistening string of precum on his face. Tom wasted no time taking taking me into his mouth. My hips automatically thrust forward and my head fell back against the door. I grabbed the doorknob for support as Tom inhaled my length, his moans punctuated by noisy slurps. I felt movement on my shin and spared a hand to flick the nearby light switch. I sighed at the sight of Tom on his knees, mouth stretched around my thick shaft. He suckled on the first few inches while keeping his eyes on mine. Below, his fingers were frantically yanking at the laces of my boots in an attempt to get me out of them. As his tongue swirled around the ridge of my cock head, I felt my right boot loosen. I could just barely hear the sounds of the laces being ripped out over Tom’s heavy breathing. He was in a sexual fog and had only one goal in his sights: getting me as naked as possible as quickly as possible. Tom pulled his mouth off of me, chin covered in spit and precum, just long enough to pull the boot off and chuck it over his shoulder. As it clunked across the floor, Tom set to the second and, at the same time, sunk lower on the floor and ran his tongue across my balls. I hissed in pleasure as he sucked one then both of my boys into his mouth, engulfing me in warmth. In this position, all I could see of him was his chin and his eyes continually boring into mine. I tangled one hand in his hair and bent my knees just slightly, mashing Tom’s face into my body. He let out a long, low moan that reverberated up through me and scrambled my brain. My dick jumped and a stream of precum leaked out of the engorged head, down the shaft and onto Tom’s upturned cheek. “Show me that jock, babe,” I rasped. Tom couldn’t move fast enough. Without pulling off my now spit-soaked balls, he ripped his pants down to his thighs, then shifted his weight to get them past each knee. I cursed under my breath as he bunched the fabric around his ankles. The dark outline of the band cut across Tom’s pale skin, accentuating his plump, round ass. It definitely wasn’t the first time I had seen him in a jockstrap, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I wanted to grab it, lick it, and fuck it all at the same time. While I stared, Tom managed to get the boot laces done and pulled the other off. As it careened across the floor, he let my balls fall from his mouth and tugged at my pants. I leaned over to get them over my ankles, our mouths meeting noisily. My pants joined my boots in limbo which left me standing in the foyer in my shirt and socks. I made to join Tom on the floor, but he pushed me by my hips against the door and latched on to my leaking dick. I cursed again, entranced by his oral manipulations. My eyes flickered back and forth from his straining lips to his exposed ass. Tom must have noticed because his next move was to arch his back and pull his shirt up to his armpits. The little monster was teasing me. With his slim torso bared, his ass looked impossibly bigger. But, I only had a second to take it in as Tom then impaled himself on my rigid dick. I moaned loudly as I felt my head move into his throat, his neck bulging around the intrusion. I couldn’t control myself. I grabbed the back of Tom’s head with both hands and slid the remaining couple of inches into his eager mouth. My body shook as his nose landed in my pubes. It wasn’t possible with his lips wrapped around my stiff cock, but I swore I could see Tom smile. His throat squeezed my length a couple of times before I felt him start to gag. I held him in place a little longer until he coughed, his eyes tearing up. When I released him, he stayed where he was, choking himself on my cock. I watched in awe as he fought his gag reflex, his slim body bucking under me. He finally pulled back, openly smiling as he grabbed my dick, strings of spit connecting us. He wiped the mess away on his arm, muttering a small, “Mm, fuck…” “You okay down there?” I asked. Tom gave me a few jerks, his thin fingers barely meeting around my girth, then chuckled. “Fuck yes.” With that, he dove back in, his throat more relaxed. I jutted my hips forward and drove my cock down his gullet. Tom looked up at me, mouth stuffed, and grabbed my hands, placing them on his head. I took the hint and slowly dragged my dick out of his mouth, my legs tensing as I slid over his tongue. I pulled back until the head rested between his lips. Tom nodded ever so slightly and I gripped two handfuls of hair and buried my dick to the hilt. His torso twitched as he gagged a little. I ground my crotch into his face before retreating slowly. Tom took a quick breath before I repeated the motion. Languid, at first, but steadily picking up the pace until I was deep-dicking his face at a good speed. My balls smacked loudly against his chin with every thrust. I kept this up, languishing in the sensations of Tom’s gripping mouth and talented tongue until I felt him tap my hip twice. I let go of his hair and he pulled back, panting heavily before breaking into a smile. “I gotta take these pants off,” he said quickly. With his jeans at his ankles, he struggled to reposition himself then sat back on his bare ass and started kızılay escort at the laces of his Chucks. Between his toned thighs, I could see the pouch of the jock strained to its max by his own erection. Tom pulled off one shoe and grinned up at me, chin slathered in saliva. The vision was too much. I dropped to the floor and pushed him onto his back, a yelp escaping his lips. In this position, Tom’s perfect, pink hole was exposed to me. I grabbed the bunched up jeans around his ankles and pushed them further back which raised his ass off the floor enough for me to slide my knees under. Tom, one shoe on and eyes full of lust, was effectively folded in half on the floor. If only the patrons of the bar could see him now. I gave my thumb a quick lick before dragging it across Tom’s tiny pucker. The effect was immediate. His legs spasmed, his head fell back and a long whine pierced the air. Trapped in the pouch of the jock, his dick jumped wildly. I made circles around his hole, taunting and teasing. Overcome with lust, Tom blindly grabbed at anything he could while I toyed with him. His fingers clutched at my legs, the floor, his shirt. It was incredibly hot to know that one finger could drive him absolutely insane. I removed my thumb and quickly plunged my fingers into my mouth, coating them with spit before running my hand over his prone ass. Tom jerked, his legs still trapped. I dipped the tip of my finger into his hole which caused him to gasp. “You like that?” I growled, knowing the answer. Tom nodded wordlessly and reached back to spread his cheeks, silently begging for more. I slipped just a little further inside, watching intently as his hungry ass gripped my finger. The teasing was apparently too much, as Tom grabbed my wrist and tried to pull me even further. I held fast and chuckled. “Shouldn’t you be worried about getting that shoe off?” Tom let out a breathy whimper as a response before reaching up to untie his remaining sneaker. Once undone, it took both hands to yank it off and god only knows what direction it flew in. Tom looked up at me expectantly. A devilish grin played over my face as I let go of his jeans. “Pants.” He grabbed his jeans by the waistband and pulled his arms over his head. Legs free, he rested one ankle on my shoulder and bit his lip. My middle finger joined my index in Tom’s hole and I slowly pushed all the way in. “Fuck yes,” Tom whispered. “Take off a sock.” His legs shot over his head and, in one quick movement, he yanked both of his socks off. HIs eyes were closed and a light layer of sweat was forming over his body. My playfulness was paying off. Tom was becoming insensate from the stimulation and role playing. I had to straighten my face as I pulled out of him. He grunted, eyes popping open. “Please, please, please. Keep going.” “I said take off A sock, not both of them.” I could see the gears turn in his alcohol-addled mind as he recalled the command. His next words made my own tortured dick bounce in excitement. “What’s my punishment?” With a quick glance around the room, a simple idea formed. “Stand up.” Tom clambered to his feet. I stood and moved so close to him that our dicks met. I gently pulled Tom’s shirt off of him which left him standing in nothing but the jockstrap. His skin was flushed slightly, his breathing shallow in anticipation. I took him by his hips and turned him around to face the hanging analog clock on the wall, placing my mouth right by his ear. “I asked for one sock and you gave me two. So, for two minutes, you’re going to stand right here without moving or speaking. Maybe I’ll touch you. Maybe not. Got it?” “Yes.” “Starting…” I watched the clock creep up on the minute marker. As it passed the twelve, “Now.” I took a step back and reveled in the eroticism of the moment. In our time together, we had of course explored some mild kinks. Tom and I weren’t exclusively submissive and dominant, but it oftentimes came to us so naturally. And, in moments like these, I wished we got to do this more often. Tom’s affinity for physical contact was almost too easy to manipulate. Only a few seconds without touch and I could see him struggling to maintain composure. His slender body was trembling and his breaths came erratically. After forty five seconds, the mild flush of his skin had become a full on redness. Of course, I decided to take it a step further. Without moving my feet, I reached out and brushed the tips of my fingers over his shoulder blade and down his taut back. His skin bumped up instantly and his muscles locked. I heard him quell a moan in his throat. Goddamn, I was enjoying myself. I waited a few seconds, then lifted my left hand and grazed the side of his neck. He held it together. “You’re doing so well,” I whispered. “Only thirty seconds left.” I knew the affirmation would give him some relief, but the time would only frustrate him. Tom was on razor’s edge after only a minute and a half. I kept pushing. I didn’t have to raise my hand very far to find my target. When my fingers found Tom’s ass, I genuinely thought he might snap. His neck turned even redder, the muscles straining not to move. The slight tremble became a full on tremor. He was puffing heavily through his nose and his jaw was clenched. The little hand on the clock was moving so wonderfully slowly. I glided my middle finger across his hole as it moved past fifty seconds and stepped around Tom. His eyes were locked on the clock, every inch of him locked in place out of sheer determination. Beads of sweat were dotting his forehead as he concentrated and his trapped cock was practically dancing in confines of the jock. Five seconds. I pushed against his hole. Three seconds. I slipped in. One second. Tom pounced on me, lips mashing against mine, one hand on my cock and the other clutching my shirt. “Fuck me,” he moaned between kisses. “Please, fuck me.” I said nothing as I began walking forward, taking his body with me. Our lips didn’t separate as we moved awkwardly into the living room. I smacked the light switch without even looking and kept backing Tom up until we hit the back of the couch. He turned, only breaking our kiss at the last possible second, and jutted his sumptuous ass out. I planted a hand on his sweaty back and pushed. Tom took the hint and bent over the couch, reaching back to rub his entrance. I couldn’t tease him, or more honestly myself, any longer. I used my free hand to guide myself into Tom, the thick head gliding through his fingers and effortlessly into his warmed up asshole. Tom’s breath hitched and he reached back to grab my shirt and pull me towards him. I didn’t resist and pressed into him until our bodies met. He groaned loudly and I let out a satisfied sigh, a shiver coursing through both of us. Tom’s body was on fire and I felt as if I had stuck my dick in a furnace. I held myself still for a few moments, mildly concerned that I was going to shoot early. I pulled back only a bit before driving back in, grinding my hips. Tom’s legs keçiören escort trembled as I rutted against him. I could almost feel his heartbeat through our connected bodies as he gasped and whimpered below me. When I drove into him and grabbed one muscular cheek, his head popped up. With a degree of difficulty, he lifted himself from the couch and propped up one knee. At this new angle, I could fuck impossibly deeper into him, grinding my dick over his spot. Tom twisted his body and pulled me by my neck into a deep kiss. I gave him a particularly hard thrust, causing him to lurch forward a bit. “Shit…” “How you doing?” I asked gently. Tom’s glossed over eyes were locked onto mine and a satisfied smile broke out on his face. “Mm, I’m so good, babe. So fucking good,” he sighed. I joined him for a kiss. “But…” The single syllable shook me out of my sexual reverie. “But… what?” Tom bit his lip. “Can you stop being so… gentle?” I shouldn’t have been surprised by the request, especially considering the games I had played with him tonight. “On a scale of one to ten?” “Um… six… point five.” “All right, then.” In a flash, I pulled back almost entirely, then slammed forward, knocking the smile off of Tom’s face and the wind out of his lungs. I gave him a few more forceful thrusts before settling on a quick rhythm. I slid my hands under his waistband and clutched at his hips, watching as each stroke caused his round ass to bounce. Mesmerized by the sight, I spared a hand to give Tom a firm smack on one upturned cheek. He cried out in pleasure and bent over the couch. I quickly pulled him back up, wrapping my arm over his shoulder and across his chest. Tom’s back was arched and his head lolled back onto my shoulder. He was past the point of making noise. He could only pant as I pistoned in and out of his hole. I dove into his neck, biting and nibbling his sweaty skin. “Is this what you wanted?” I teased, biting his ear lightly. He grunted quietly. I paused to deliver another stinging slap to his cheek, then pulled him back to me. “I said, is this what you wanted?” “Unh, yes!” I pounded him mercilessly, the sounds of our bodies meeting reverberating through the room. We were both sweating profusely. The light grey of my shirt had darkened and rivulets of sweat rolled down Tom’s mostly naked body. As I wrapped my hand in the waistband of his jock, I felt him move my arm and place his neck in the crook of my elbow. I slowed my thrusts. “Three taps,” I reminded him. “Three taps.” I started pounding him again, this time tightening my arm around Tom’s neck. He held on to my forearm as I choked him just enough to limit his breathing. I watched his face redden as I fucked his ass, making sure I didn’t put too much pressure on his exposed throat. Tom’s mouth hung open and his eyes looked to me. The corners of his mouth turned upward. I saw a tiny flutter of his eyelids and felt his body start to slacken. For good measure, I wrapped my other arm around his chest, supporting his frame. A few seconds later, I felt three tiny taps on my arm and I immediately released him. Tom leaned forward into my arm as he gasped loudly. I held him closely, slowing to a halt. “Keep going,” he grunted. “Keep going.” Assured that he was fine, I picked up the pace again until I was slamming him just as hard as before. The choking was more Tom’s thing than mine, but, after doing some reading and careful exploration, I had come around to it. It was one of the rarer kinks we got into, but he enjoyed it and I didn’t mind exerting my strength to bring him a little pleasure. And, apparently, I had done just that. I felt Tom’s legs shaking and, over the clapping of cheeks, I heard that tiny, “Hoo…” slip out of his mouth. He was close to cumming and he wasn’t alone. My own orgasm was stirring up and, as much as I wanted to blow, I was having too much fun. Tom let out a whine beneath me, on the precipice of his explosion. I felt my balls draw up against my body. At the very last possible second, I pushed myself back and out of Tom with an audible, wet sound. Tom let out frustrated yell, his hole clamping shut at the sudden emptiness. I gritted my teeth and tightened my thighs, my own body in shock from the denied orgasm. My dick pulsed angrily, head engorged and a steady flow of clear fluid streaming from the slit. Tom looked over his shoulder. “You mother fucker…” he panted. “I was just there!” He looked down at my throbbing tool. “Oh, my god! You were gonna cum too!” With my body finally in control, I let out a breathy laugh. “Sure was.” Tom walked up to me and, in a playful way, shoved me. “You arsehole! I was so close and you’ve been fucking tormenting me all night!” He turned his back and started towards the couch. “I can’t stand-,” My hand shot out and I grabbed him firmly by the back of his neck. I turned him back toward me and was pleased to see that his joking demeanor was gone and the look of submission had returned. He looked up at me, waiting. “Hey, you get to cum when I let you cum. And, you’re not going to complain about it. Understand?” Tom swallowed and fought down a grin. “I understand.” “Ask me for what you want.” “Fuck me until we both cum,” he breathed, quickly adding, “Please?” I released my grip on him, pulled my shirt over my head and walked over to the couch, pulling off my socks as I sat down. Tom followed and stood, almost sheepishly, in front of me. I leaned back, my cock still rock hard and leaking on my stomach. “Take that off,” I said, pointing at his last shred of clothing. He all but ripped it off of his body, his long member pointing straight out in front of him. Much like my own, it was engorged and aching for release. I held out my hand and Tom placed the skimpy underwear in my palm. Without breaking eye contact, I brought the fabric up to my face and inhaled deeply. The scent was pure him: a mix of his body, a light cologne, and sweat. Tom moaned quietly, his dick jerking slightly, as I tossed it aside. “Come here and sit on my lap.” He crawled onto my body, a sigh escaping his lips as our skin met. I pulled him down by the back of his neck into a kiss. At the same time, I reached under him and placed the head of my dick at his hole and slid in. Tom moaned, breaking our kiss. I held his face to mine. “You’re going to fuck yourself on my dick. Hard. And, you’re not going to cum until I say so, right?” Another moan escaped his lips. “Yes.” “I mean it. If you cum, we’re done.” He shook his head, already moving to prop himself up on his feet. “I won’t. I promise.” “Get to it, then.” Tom steeled himself and slid up my length before slamming down onto my lap. His face scrunched in pleasure and focus as he bounced. His own dick slapped against my stomach, leaving spatters of precum over my body. I knew that the sensation was keeping him on the edge and reached between us to take him in my hand. Tom, interestingly enough, was not a huge fan of his cock being touched in the sense that he didn’t escort ankara find much pleasure in it. Even when he was alone, he focused more on his ass than anything else. I had learned over the years what touching was acceptable and what was not. I held him in my palm and lightly ran my thumb under the head of Tom’s cock, the smallest circles possible. His pace faltered and his grip tightened on my shoulders as I repeated the tiny motion. He closed his eyes, wrinkling his face in concentration. I knew he was trying not to cum while being overloaded with pleasure. True to his word, Tom managed to keep his orgasm at bay despite everything. He kept up his fervid pace, only pausing to kiss me or rest his head on my shoulder. My hands slipped off the sheen of sweat that covered him as I held on to his bouncing body. I don’t know how long we had been at it when I felt him pause squarely on my lap and move to his knees. His legs were trembling from the exertion. Even when our lips met, I could tell that his energy was flagging. Yet, he continued to ride me. Without warning, I rolled to my side, taking Tom with me. He landed on his back, still impaled on my wood. I placed his legs on my shoulders, noting with some amusement that he looked relieved to no longer be in control of the fucking. I clasped my hands behind his neck and pulled him into me as I slammed forward. Tom’s jaw fell, a breathless grunt escaping each time I thrust. I was nearing the end of my rope, stirred by the sweaty, handsome vision below me. I kissed his leg and buried myself in his hole. “You ready?” I panted. Tom snapped out of his daze, eyes suddenly bright and focused. “Yeah? Can I?” “Can you what?” He bit his lip. “Please, can I cum now?” “You want me to cum, too?” Under me, an uncharacteristic blush spread over his cheeks. “Can… can you cum on me?” I tilted my head at his sudden shyness. “Anywhere in particular or…” He buried his face in his hands which made me laugh. “Tom. In case you forgot, we’ve been having sex for years now. I have cum on literally every part of your body.” “It’s still weird to say out loud!” “Just say it.” “Fine! I want… I want you to cum on my face.” I grinned down at him. “I can absolutely do that.” I resumed fucking with a new vigor. Just hearing Tom say those words pushed me so much closer to the brink of my orgasm. I gave him my best power fuck, hoping that I could get him to cum before I did, but I only succeeded in pushing myself over the edge. As I plowed my lover, I felt myself cross the point of no return. With the same speed as before, I pulled out of Tom’s hole and stood. He slid down to the floor on his knees, looking up at me greedily. I clutched one handful of his hair and jerked only a couple times before I felt my balls churn. I groaned, rising to my toes and feeling the pleasure course through me. With a loud huff, I finally came. Unlike Tom, I wasn’t a shooter. I was more of a dribbler, if you will. I held Tom directly under the swollen head of my dick as my load eked out of me and onto his handsome face. The first spurts landed on his forehead and slowly dripped down between his eyes. I pulled his head back for the next few pulses, drizzling my copious load across his nose, cheek and, finally, his lips. As the stream of jizz began to slow, Tom opened his mouth and stretched out his tongue, happily catching the trickles. I sighed heavily as my body finally began to relax, all the energy draining out of me. I let go of Tom, jumping as he immediately enveloped my dick with his hungry mouth. Finally satisfied that he had gotten every bit of cum out of me, Tom sat back against the couch, scooting low on the floor. He spread his legs and reached down to slide two fingers into his hole, slick and reddened from the rough fuck. He was content pleasuring himself only for a moment. Face shiny with my load, he looked up at me and bit his bottom lip. I knelt between his legs and replaced his fingers with my own, curling vigorously against his prostate. As he writhed in pleasure, Tom reached out. I took the hint, leaned over him and met him for a cum-drenched kiss. I could taste myself on his lips and tongue as he held me. With our lips locked, I didn’t hear his usual orgasmic utterance, but I felt him exhale heavily through his nose. A split second later, Tom groaned in and I felt his pucker clenching around my embedded digits. I broke the kiss to look between us, catching only a glimpse of his orgasm before he pulled my face back to look at him. His eyebrows were perked and his lips, glazed with my cum and our spit, were parted just enough for a quivering sigh to pass through them. He kept his eyes on mine through the entire orgasm, as if locking me in place with him. After a few moments, Tom let out a loud, plaintive sigh and let his head fall back onto the couch as the twitches began. His stomach was covered in his own load, making him quite the mess. I began to rub against his prostate, thinking I could coax another orgasm out of him, but he grabbed my wrist and shook his head. “Nope. No way. I may actually pass out if you do that,” he laughed. I conceded and slowly removed my fingers, contenting myself with running my hands over his twitching legs. “Did you have fun tonight?” I asked gently. Tom let out a puff of air. “Too much.” He tilted his head so he could look at me. “Did you? I know you really didn’t want to go out.” The statement wasn’t a criticism, even though it sounded like one on the surface. “It was a lot, yes, but I had fun. I really like Dina and Vincent and Joseph. And, it was…” I paused to pick the right word. “Interesting… to be in the spotlight for a bit. I don’t think I could take part in that every day, but it wasn’t awful.” Tom smiled just as a bit of cum rolled down his neck. “Come on, babe. You need to get into the shower.” “Don’t you mean `we’ need to get into the shower?” he replied as I helped him off the floor. I gave him a quick kiss. “I’ll be there in a second. I’m gonna put a pizza in the oven.” Tom’s eyes sparkled at the mention of food. He leaned into me for another kiss, leaving a trail of cum on my torso as well as my chin. “Mm, you’re the best.” I gave his ass a squeeze before he headed off towards the stairs. I let my hair down, barely noticing that I lost track of the hair tie almost immediately, and made my way to the kitchen, scooping up our clothes along the way. I tossed the pizza in the oven, casually sent a message to Vincent and Joseph letting them know that we had made it home safely, and joined Tom upstairs. The bathroom was already full of steam and his phone was on the counter, `FOOLS’ by Troye Sivan playing. The mellow tune bounced off the walls and immersed us in the song. Through the fogged glass of the shower, I eyed Tom lovingly as he swayed to the beat while scrubbing his face. I doubted that he remembered, but he had actually introduced me to this exact album almost four years prior on the first night we spent together… ————————————————- Whew! Finally made it through Chapter 4! The next couple of chapters are gonna take us back in time to when Bash and Tom first met! As always, feel free to e-mail me and let me know what you think, what you would like to see or even if you just want to say thanks or ail

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