Eki 16

Tomoko’s Battle for Love Ch. 03

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I sighed as I left the bathroom.

After all the temptations cast upon me by that succubus-like woman, I had to relieve my raging hormones.

Luckily, she didn’t decide to bother me while I was ‘busy’ and just left me be, so I was able to catch my breath.

‘Hopefully, she doesn’t do anything crazy now.’

Today’s the weekend, and uni starts tomorrow, so I don’t really have much to do today except laze around at home.

It seems like it would be difficult though, with that girl around, so I was thinking of heading out, and strolling around the city.

I had already scoped out the area just to make sure the place I rented is a good place to live in.

Still, I wanted to take in the sights of the city, and eat some of the local food, so strolling around would be a fun time.

After eating breakfast, I might just go for a morning walk.


I was heading towards the dining room when I noticed something.

‘Something smells good…’

I walked inside… just to see…

A couple of servings of food prepared on the table.

Ebi fry, tamagoyaki, shredded lettuce, some chicken, Miso soup, white rice, it was a tasty meal just from the smell alone.

“Holy-… did you cook this?”

I said to Tomoko, who just came from the kitchen, having just untied her apron.

“It’s ready. You can eat now.”


I stared at the food, dropping my jaw in awe.

“…I’ve never realized you can cook like this before…”


I sat down, preparing to eat my meal.

Since it was supposed to be just my apartment, the place wasn’t really big.

It had a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room and a living room.

The kitchen was just as big as the bathroom, the dining room was a bit bigger, but it was pretty small, and next to it, was the living room.

So, right after you leave the bedroom, the first thing you’ll see is the dining room, with the only thing there being a small, short circular table, that doesn’t need to have seats around it because of how short it is.

I only had to sit down on the tatami floor to eat.

Next to it was the living room.

There was a small cheap couch there, and a really old TV.

I got the apartment for a good bargain, so I was left with one from the previous tenant, except the TV was one of those old bulky ones that still used antennae. The previous tenant probably knew it wouldn’t sell for a lot, so they decided to leave me the responsibility to throw it out.

The space was still a bit empty after that, the only room that was filled the most was the bedroom, which was supposed to be where I sleep.

“Ah… wait.”

Tomoko suddenly rushed into the kitchen, then came back with a spoon and fork.

“Aren’t you gonna eat?”

I asked.

“I’ve already eaten.”


‘So she was already awake in the morning! She went to my bed after she ate!’


She put down the plate before me on the table and stood next to me.

‘Well… since she cooked my food, I’ll forgive her for now.’

“Thanks for the foo- Ah, wait… What about the spoon and-“


Tomoko suddenly dropped and sat down next to me.


She then decided… to use the fork and spoon on my plate to scoop out a bite.

“Is that yours? Ah, then I’ll get my plate-“


She said, pointing the spoon at me.

“What are you-“


She scooted closer to me, reaching the spoon out to my face.

“Tomoko, what the hell’s your deal?”

“Eat it.”


I then finally realize what she wanted to do.

“Wha- I can eat on my own!”

“No. Open your mouth.”


“Open it.”


I felt really pressured by her, so in the end…



I decided to just take her up on her offer.

Being fed like that, I felt like a small child being spoiled by his mother.

‘…God, can this be any more awkward?’

Tomoko showed the same blank expression, but for some reason, it felt like she shook for a bit.

I’m not sure, but it felt like there were small flowers and a pink atmosphere shining around her.

Still, being treated like this, I felt embarassed.

“O-ok, now give me the spoon.”

“No. Say ahhh!”

“I don’t need you feeding me.”


“This is making me cringe really hard-“




She said, approaching me even closer, as if she wasn’t gonna back down no matter what I say.

“…goddamn it…”

I again, just gave up and…


…let her feed me another bite.

“Ok. Again-“

‘This won’t ever end if she keeps doing this!’


I quickly stole the spoon from her hand.

“Hii-chan, what are you-“

“Say ahhh.”

To turn the situation around, I instead, decided to be the one to feed her.

‘If she realizes how embarassing this is, maybe she’ll stop…’

I thought.


“Say ahhh.”


Again, her deadpan expression stayed the same, but it looked like escort bayan her cheeks were redder than before.

“See? You get embarassed too. That’s why I told you-“


Tomoko opened her mouth, hesitantly.

I had thought she would give up and understand how embarassing it was…but instead…

She knelt there, waiting for me to put my hard thing in her mouth. (the spoon)




I stared at her, feeling a bit flustered.


To any guy seeing this, this would be a really tempting situation.

Tomoko was kneeling in front of me right now, wearing just a camisole and short dolphin shorts, with her mouth wide open and eyes closed…

Of course, I wouldn’t do anything like stick ‘something else’ in, but the view was really amazing just like this.

Not only does she have a banging body, Tomoko also had a really pretty face.

She had naturally long eyelashes, clear unblemished skin, her facial features were perfect… especially… her lips.

Ever since yesterday, I’ve been getting more conscious about Tomoko… sexually.

I probably never felt like this for the longest time. Even if she had a banging body ever since highschool, since her family, my family and even I, treated her like just a little sweet girl that we wanted to protect from any malicious guy, I never thought of her in a sexual manner.

What she did last night and this morning triggered something in me though. Like a switch was somehow flipped.

Of course, if you think of someone as your sister, you’d just think they look like an ugly cow, even if other guys think they’re hot.

…but Tomoko isn’t really my sister. Although I did try to treat her like that for as long as I can remember, she didn’t really live in the same house as me, we had family trips without her, she wasn’t exactly 100% someone I’d call my sister.

If I had to rate her in the ‘I think of her as just my relative’ scale. She would be ‘the cousin you play and hang out with’.

Her feats from tomorrow though, put her even lower in the scale. From the ‘chick that I would never bang because banging relatives is disgusting even though she isn’t really my relative’ she shifted into the ‘I want to bang her but I’m a fucking moron if I did bang her’ part of scale.

And I think she might get even lower because of what’s happening now…

How the hell am I supposed to treat this girl who’s barely wearing anything like my sister if she keeps clinging on to me with her giant tits?

It was obvious she was gonna be look like this because her mom’s extremely voluptuous as well, but goddamn, how am I supposed to survive my city life if I’m gonna be with a girl like this 24/7?

I stared at the spoon and reached out towards her, putting it nearer and nearer towards her mouth.

I was so focused on her lips, it felt like I was doing something worth to be guilty about.

‘Man, whoever gets to be her boyfriend would be a really lucky guy.’

I thought as I put the long hard thing in her mouth. (the spoon)


Tomoko swallowed it, as I pull back the long hard thing.

“I-is that fine…?”

Tomoko opened her eyes and turned away, putting her right hand that was clenched towards her lips.

“…th-that was embarassing…”

“I-I told you…”

She blushed as she looked away.

I couldn’t help but blush as well, seeing her react cutely like that.

“…damn. Your cuteness would be the death of me, Tomoko.”


Hearing this, Tomoko turned to look at me, with eyes wide and cheeks red.



I put my hand on her head and stroked her.

“Now, let me eat by myself, okay?”


She stared at my eyes, not breaking eye contact, as I stroked her head.

“…You should tone down on the embarassing stuff, there’s not a lot a man can handle by himself, you know? I’ve already had so much to work on preparing for uni.”

I said as I kept patting her head.

“Are you listening, Tomoko?”


She lowered her head as she suddenly… grabbed my hand that was patting her.

“Ah…I’m sorry… did you not want-“

She then decided… to pull my hand…and placed my palm… on her cheek.


She kept her head lowered as she did so…

For some reason, it felt like the pink atmosphere around her is back.



She kept quiet as she kept my hand on her cheek.

‘What the hell is she doing…?’




“Are you…ok?”


For a while, she just kept quiet like that, as if there was something special about my hand.

‘What the hell is with her…?’

I thought.

Suddenly, she let go of my hand and stood up.

For some reason, she decided to cover her face with both of her hands.

Her face seemed red as well… I could only see the side of her cheeks though, because she was covering it.

‘Does she have a fever or something?’


“I-I’m going to wash the dishes.


She suddenly ran away into the kitchen.

‘…I kocaeli escort bayan haven’t even finished eating yet though…?’

Not knowing what the hell happened, I just decided to start eating again before I starve.

Luckily, Tomoko finally stopped bugging me.



But, she decided to sit back down right after though and kept on staring at me while I ate… which made me feel embarassed anyway.

“Is it good?”

“…y-yeah…it’s very tasty…”

It felt like the pink aura around her shined again.



The water dropped on me as I finished washing myself.

‘Time to get in…’

I thought as I walked inside the bath.

My plans to stroll around the city is still in place, and I was taking a bath to prepare.

After I ate, Tomoko decided to wash the remaining dishes and since she was busy, I thought I’d just get in the bath first.

‘Since she finally behaved earlier, I don’t think she’s gonna do anything else crazy.’

I relaxed myself as I submerged further in the bath.


Thoughts of Tomoko from last night to this morning flooded in my mind.


‘…Maybe I should get one more rub in…’


As I was relaxing, enjoying my bath, I suddenly heard a door open.

‘Is that here? No. It can’t be. I locked the door.’

I just closed my eyes as I continued enjoying the bath.

*step step step*

‘…That’s probably the neighbor. There’s no way Tomoko could have found a way to enter the bathroom.’


Like that, I heard the sound of a towel being placed somewhere near.

‘…Weird… that sounds like it’s just right next to…’

Suddenly, I realize.

My eyes widened as I saw it.

On the other side of the bathroom, I could see Tomoko’s silhouette.

“Tomoko! What are you doing here-“


I trembled as I noticed what she was doing.

I could only see the silhouette, so I didn’t see her that clearly but…

…Tomoko was stood there, taking off her clothes.

“T-tomoko! What the hell! I’m here! Can you hear me?”

“W-wait there, Hii-chan.”

She seemed to be nervous as I watched her silhouette taking off her camisole.

The bathroom was only a small area, with a blurred but slightly see through sliding door.

I hadn’t bought a shower curtain yet, so I couldn’t hide what’s on the other side.

So the tempting show behind the door was open to my eyes.


I stood up from the bathroom as I saw this.

It was through the door, but I could see a glimpse of it…


The silhouette of Tomoko taking off her camisole…


Normally, most people would have no problems taking off a regular camisole…but in Tomoko’s case… it seemed like she was experiencing a bit of difficulty.

Her large… heavy breasts caused her tight camisole to be stuck on her head… making her struggle as she tried taking it off.

“W-what are you doing?”

“A-almost there…”

After a few attempts… She finally…


Got it off…


I could only see the silhouette of it, but from the other side…

…Her massive breasts, dropped down from the camisole.


I heard her moan, as her large breasts…slapped her torso as they dropped down.

They looked so heavy, it was actually astounding.

‘H-holy fuck…’

I had never thought… in my whole life, that I’d ever see a girl get hurt because her tits were so massive, it slapped herself when they dropped down.

‘…Th-those things could kill…’

I was too mesmerized in what I was watching that I forgot to think about what was going on.

“J-just one more… w-wait there…Hii-chan…”


She turned sideways… causing me to see a glimpse of a silhouette of her nipples.

The shape of her curvy body, was further accentuated in my view.


I swallowed as I imagined it.

‘B-behind this door… Tomoko for me is…’

Although I could only make a mental picture of it… I tried forming an image.

‘S-stripping down naked right now…’

Her long white hair… her smooth soft skin… her large breasts… her thick thighs… her fat ass…

…b-behind this door…’

A vague image of her naked flashed in my mind.

‘…lies the most challenging temptation of man!’


I swallowed again, seemingly excited, but scared at the same time.

‘I w-wonder what she looks like naked-‘

But then… I finally snapped back to reality.

‘Wha! What am I doing just standing here! I should be questioning what the hell that girl is doing!?’

“S-stop stripping, you moron!'”

“J-just one more…”

She then slowly took off her dolphin shorts, but…


She again, had a hard time taking off with how tight it is…

“Guuuhh…why does my butt have to be so big?”

“D-don’t point that out, you idiot!”

‘She should probably take some lessons in seduction…’

I kocaeli escort thought to myself while shaking my head…

‘Wait! That’s not it! I shouldn’t be standing here doing nothing again!’

“T-tomoko! Whatever you’re planning to do, don’t fucking to do it!”

“I-it’s ok, Hii-chan…”

“Don’t you dare come in here naked with me!”

“W-we’re just gonna take a bath together!”

“Don’t be a idiot!”



The silhouette of her dolphin shorts drop down was welcomed by my eyes.


“O-okay. Now, I’ll-“

She said, as she was planning to come in.

“W-wait, what!? Y-you’re finished? Aren’t you gonna take off your panties?”

“I wasn’t wearing any…did you want me to-“

‘Sh-she wasn’t wearing any..’


I swallowed again, for the third time.

“N-no! I mean, what the hell are you doing!? Put back your clothes and get out of here!”

“I-I’m coming in, Hii-chan…”


Seeing her approaching the door I quickly ran towards it.


I struggled as I held the door closed.

“H-hii-chan! What are you doing?”

“What the fuck ARE YOU doing!? Get the hell out, Tomoko!”



We fought against each other, with her trying to open the door, and me trying to stop her from doing so.

“Hii-chan! Let me in!”

“No! Put some fucking clothes on!”

“You don’t wear clothes in the bath.”

“You don’t go naked in front of a a random guy!”

“But you’re not a random guy… you’re Hii-chan.”


I struggled as I kept the door closed.

“I-I just wanna take a bath with you! Is that bad?”

“It’s hella fucking bad, you idiot! I’m a guy and you’re a girl!”

“Is there something wrong with that?”

“I have a penis and you have a vagina!”

“Wh-wha- I-I know! Don’t treat me like a kid!”

“You are a kid! You might be an adult as well but you’re acting like a little brat right now! Getting in the bath naked with a grown man is serious business!”

“I-I know! I am serious!”

“You aren’t! You don’t seem to understand!”

“Understand what?”

“If you come in here, I might not be able to hold back!”

“Hold back what? Tell me!”

“I might assault you, you moron! I’m not some abstinent priest! If a hot girl walks in on me naked, I’m gonna wanna use my dick on her!”

“H-hot girl!? H-h-hii-chan-“

The tone of her voice became shaky as she heard me call her that.

“If you come in here, I might assault you!”

“Th-then do it! Do it already!”

“You just don’t understand!”

“No! I-it’s you who doesn’t understand! You can do whatever you want to me! In fact, I-I want you to do it!”

“Wha-what the hell are you talking about? You don’t even know a single thing about sex so stop fucking acting like some hot seductive chick!”

“I-I know a thing or two! I-I g-got your thing hard yesterday right!”

“That was different! You can’t even do it properly!”

“What do you mean! I-I made you r-really… hard…”

“Th-that’s a different deal! You’ve got a banging body, so it’s normal for me to get hard! You don’t even know a single thing about sexual stuff! You’re not supposed to just bump on it or crush it until it’s broken, woman!”

“…I-I’m sorry… wh-what am I supposed to do then-“

“You’re supposed to rub it up and down! Like how sex works! You put the penis in the vagina and pull and push and pull and push until the magic happens! You’re clueless as hell about these things! Stop trying to act like some sort of sex demon!”

‘W-wait… why am I telling her this-‘

For some reason, I felt like I just made a very bad decision right after I said that.

“..O-ok. I’ll do that then-“

“Wh-wha- what are you talking about!?”

“J-just open the door, and you’ll find out!”

“Y-you’re not gonna get pass me, woman!”

For some reason, I felt like the danger meter has significantly increased.


“T-tomoko, just let go already!’



For a while, we kept fighting with me keeping the door closed and her trying to get it open.



After some time… she finally…

“I give up.”

…gave up.


“You’re too strong, Hii-chan.”


I let go of the door as she said that.

“Of course I am. You’re not the only one who does exercise you know. I’m still a man, packed with testosterone, I ain’t gonna let you win against me.”


I saw her silhouette grab her clothes, as I said that.

‘…She actually gave up. Well…’

For some reason, I felt a bit disappointed. W-well… it’s not like I completely don’t understand why I was a bit disappointed… I still have a boner all ready to go anyways.

“…N-next time, don’t try to do these things, okay? I don’t want things to get weird between us…”

I said as I turned back.

‘I need to calm myself… I need a rub… I’ll wait till she leaves for now…’

“At least finally, you learned your lesson.”


I suddenly heard the door opening as I was on my way back to the bath.



I stood there, shaking while hearing her voice.

“T-tomoko…did you just…”

“L-let’s take a bath together… Hii-chan…”

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