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She had finally reached the age that we could make her ours. Still so petite and barely developed, but ripe for breeding. We had waited until she was twenty to officially make our mark.

Lila had come to stay with us just after eighteenth birthday. She had been looking for a job as a maid, but I immediately knew I wanted her as my personal attendant. She was only about five feet tall and must have weighed maybe a hundred pounds. Her breast had barely developed and her hips were narrow. She could easily be confused to be a child. I had to ask for her papers to confirm her age.

Our home was full staffed with maids, nursery attendants, butlers, gardeners, and farm servants. We were well satisfied with our servants.

We had a mix of races and ethnic backgrounds. We had a taste of all sizes and body shapes, so we accepted everyone that came to our door with an open mind of what their work would be.

Tila was pale; the palest of all our servants. Her skin was like porcelain and her private parts were the palest pink. Had she been born to the right family she would have been bartered for a high price. Her misfortune was

our gain.

When Tila came to stay with us, we were very open with our lifestyle and never sheltered her from our behavior. Her sleeping area was a nook in my suite that was open to Zane’s suite. We had no closed doors between us and enjoyed each other’s behaviors.

Our first floor servants dressed in knee length maid dresses, that accented their bodies with a snug corset. They were well kept and could greet guests at all times.

Our second and third floor servants wore short skirts, tight open cup corsets, and stockings. We had specially designed bursa escort their outfits so we could access their bodies whenever we wanted.

The nursery had its own wing. The nursery was for the servants’ children. We kept four wet nurses on staff and a teacher for the children. We wanted them well educated in all backgrounds. I also knew that several of the children belonged to Zane as he bred many of our servants.

Ziri, the wet nurse that had been with us longest, had raised her son Troj with us. He was a large young man and well endowed. Once Troj turned of age he often stayed in my bed chambers for days at a time. Zane enjoyed watching me take Troj’s big black cock. I would often remind Ziri she had done with her son and could always keep him with me.

Tila would watch servants come and go from our beds, it was how we started her grooming. I would often have female and male servants in bed with me. Allowing them to pleasure me top to bottom. She would also watch Zane have his way with many of the servants and then hear Zane and I discuss which ones were likely carrying his child.

I enjoyed toying with the women Zane impregnated. I would alter their uniforms once they begin to show their pregnancy, leaving them topless. I would use my makeshift belted cock on them keeping their pussy loose for birthing.

Zane had also built nursing chairs for our lactating servants and those we wanted to have larger breasts. He had them placed in the middle den so that we could all enjoy watching them be nursed. It was the younger servants’ jobs to nurse the women. Often the wet nurses would bring the older children that still enjoyed suckling down to the den and had them bursa escort bayan suckle the women. The women sat backwards in the chairs also exposing their clits allowing others to play with their clits.

I dressed Tila differently than other servants. She wore a mid length sheer gown, no undergarments, and her hair in braids. I kept her young looking, but exposed. After Tila had been with us for a month or so, I invited her to my bed for a nap.

I opened my dress and laid on my side so my large breasts were exposed. I positioned Tila at my nipples and instructed her to suck my nipples as I napped. She never hesitated and took my large nipples in her mouth like a child would lollipop. This became our daily ritual after lunch.

As Tila got more comfortable in my bed, I taught her to love my clit and would toy with her nipples and clit. She transitioned to staying in my bed even when others were in my bed. I would often use her to pleasure me while I pleasured whoever was in my bed.

I frequently would tell Tila that I wanted her breasts to grow and be as big as mine. I would tug on her nipples and make them swell out. I knew she would need to produce milk to have her breast grow as large as mine.

As Tila approached her twentieth birthday I began grooming her to be bred by Zane. I wanted to see her pregnant and swollen. I wanted her breast to almost burst from the need to be nursed. I wanted her nipples to be suckled so much they stood out an inch from her heavy breast.

Every night I would lay with my legs spread open and have Tila perch between my legs with her bottom up while she suckled my clit to orgasm.

The day after she turned twenty escort bursa as she laid perched between my legs, Zane came behind her and began to toy with her to get her ready to bred.

Zane had never directly touched Tila. He would often play with me and whoever else was in my bed, but Tila had been reserved for tonight. As Tila sucked, he drove his hard cock into her pussy. It only took a couple strokes and he unloaded his seed deep into Lila. He smiled as she continued to love on my clit and said “I think that one will create her child.”

Zane fucked Tila every night for the next three weeks ensuring that she would carry his baby. He also had another nursing chair built and delivered to our suite. I began looking for a servant to tend to her body.

During the third week I noticed her breasts were tender and her nipples stood out. I called for the doctor to have her checked. I informed the doctor of my plans, he understood our lifestyle and delivered many of the children in our home. We discussed the best actions to keep her hips narrow after child birth, but make her breast grow. The doctor greeted Tila and checked her body. He agreed she was with child and likely became pregnant the first time Zane fucked her.

That evening, I kept Tila in bed celebrating her impregnation. Zane was delighted with his success and gifted Tila with a young black girl named Nina to be her servant. I trained Nina on how to nurse Tila’s breasts and clit.

I trained Nina how to tug on Tila’s nipple and clit to make them stand out. The doctor would come by weekly to check Tila’s progression. We wanted to keep extra watch since she was so small. I would use my belted cock on her regularly helping spread Tila open for when it was her time.

As her pregnancy progressed I changed her clothing. She would wear a short sheer skirt and an open cup bralette. I increased her suckings to every two hours and enjoyed how long her nipples were becoming.

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