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Subject: Transit Bitch Like my stories? Please remember that the only way they remain out there for all fty/ Living on a major busy street in Queens NYC, I was directly across from the subway station. My Grindr was constantly buzzing for connections from bus drivers and subway conductors. These big hairy bears loved an older white bitch like me, that dressed up in his girlfriend’s panties and loved to be taken into storage rooms, break rooms or even the back of an idling bus late at night and take their abuse. Here I am again, on my knees on the filthy floor, his cock being rammed down my throat throat as I choke, gag and puke all over myself. His giant meaty hands have clamped my head in a vice-like grip. His big fat black cock is raping my throat over and over. The only thing stopping it from completely going down my throat is the fact that his fat meaty thighs are stopping my head from taking the entire length. Suddenly he pulls the entire length almost completely out until only the fat bulbous head has my lips stretched istanbul travesti around it and he holds it there. I am still just trying to breathe or just catch my breath. He just holds my head there and as I start to catch my breath, he just starts to laugh and calls me his little white bitch cumbucket. He tells me that now it is really going to get tough and he hopes his bitch can hold her breath. He counts down from 3 and I know what’s coming next. 3….. 2…… 1…… I gulp as much air as I can but he just rams his cock down my throat and leans back at the same time so that the entire length is down my throat and his pubes are in my nostrils. He is completely buried inside me and he is just holding me there. I start to struggle instantly but my head will not budge. Oh yeah pig. Take Daddy’s cock you worthless bitch. As I feel myself really start to panic, I suddenly realize the he has gotten quiet and then I realize why. He started to piss right down my throat. I felt the warmth as it hit my belly. istanbul travestileri There was nothing to taste but I knew right away and struggled even harder. We agreed after last time that he would not keep doing that but clearly he did not care. His grunts of relief sounded like he was standing at the urinal. He even ripped a loud fart but that I most certainly smelled. He finished and just like that yanked his cock out of my mouth. Get it hard again bitch, and the mouth fucking began again. When finally hard again he slapped me hard and just lifted me up and ripped my sweatpants down. The panties were red, just as he ordered but while holding me by the hair with one fat hand he began to alternate between slapping my panty-clad ass, jamming his fingers into my asshole and jamming them into my mouth to keep them wet. One big fat finger, then 2 and when he buried 3 into my hole I yelled out in pain. Can’t have that now can we, he said. So he completely rips the panties off of me and shoves them in travesti istanbul my mouth. Now, I am no twinky little guy at 190lbs but he just picked me up like I was nothing and starts to lower me onto his Big Black Cock. I am screaming in pain and he has to put his fat hand over my stuffed mouth but he gets the entire length into me. You have a minute he barks and then I am going to fuck you senseless bitch was all he would say to me until I came to some time later while being bounced like a piston. At some point during the fucking that followed, I passed out again. I would come to still being bounced on his cock or laying on some boxes while he fucked me from behind. At some point he finally came in me and made me stay just like that, with his softening cock inside me, while he typed on his phone and even started watching porn. I felt him start to get hard again and in no time he was bouncing me on his cock again. He finally pulled out and dropped me on the filthy subway floor. Only he wasn’t done. He grabbed my head again and made me lick his cock and balls clean. Without saying anything else, he put his overalls back on, yanked my sweats back on which were now filthy, threw my t-shirt at me and just kicked me out of the storage room. See you next time pig. I was rock hard…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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