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Subject: Tricked by the Show-Bar Waiter. Tricked by the Show-Bar Waiter. By Jacko Jomtien. I had arrived a little early and took my favourite seat just at the side doors of the Jomtien gay show-bar, where it was a little dark and there were no people behind me. I had a plan and this spot was the best place to put it into action. Tingley, my favourite waiter, was there in no time to take my drinks order. He was a handsome young Thai guy, tall, with great well-muscled legs that he liked to show off, always wearing shorts, where all the other waiters wore long trousers. My drink arrived as the show started. The bar was busy and full with customers. As the customers settled back to enjoy the show, Tingley sidled up beside me, massaging my shoulders as he stood there next to the chair I was sitting on, I slowly ran my hand up the back of his smooth muscular legs. Up over his baggy black shorts that he wore to his firm bubble butt and gave it a squeeze. I looked up at him as he looked down at me with a smile on his face. I slowly ran my hand back down the back of his legs until I was gently massaging his thick calf muscle of his near leg. I then slowly ran my hand back up that leg, this time wrapping my fingers around the inner part of his thigh as I ran my hand up the inside of his leg. My hand slipped inside the leg of his baggy shorts as I worked my hand higher until I reached his underwear. I could feel his big balls through the cloth and the head of his semi hard cock all neatly packaged in his tight underwear. I took a grip of his balls and could feel them inside their ball bag. He slowly spread his legs apart a little, so as to give me more room to massage the base of his package in particular his hardening cock. His hand was now massaging the back of my neck as he stood there quietly in the darkness of the show bar. As I felt his package inside his shorts, I could feel that his big cock head, although folded neatly down in his underwear, was now quite hard and no doubt aching for release from the confines of his tight underwear. I thought about releasing it, but then thought that it would cause Tingley some problems with his hard cock poking out the front of his baggy shorts, so I just kept massaging it where it was. He certainly was enjoying it. I ran a finger inside his underwear and was able to feel his smooth ball bag and the tip of his cock head. It was wet with precum that had started to ooze out of its flared head. One of his waiter friends came up from behind and could see what I was up to. He whispered some to Tingley and they both giggled like young girls. He them moved to my other side and started to massage my other shoulder, so I ran my hand up the inside of his trouser leg. Sadly he was not wearing shorts so I could only run my fingers back and forth under his ball bag and feel them through his trousers. He then had to leave as some customers wanted drinks. I repeated this manoeuvre three or four time during the evening until the show was over and the bar began to empty out. I had a couple more drinks and waited until Tingley finished work. He suggested that we head down towards the beach and stop off at the Bamboo Bar for a drink. We arrived at the bar and sat at the back of the bar at the actual bar at the rear of the room. It was fairly dark and very intermit. Tingley soon had his hand up the leg of my shorts and was freely playing with my cock and balls. He eventually got my cock out of the leg of my shorts and was jacking it off slowly. Two older bar boys joined us and I bought them drinks. One was playing with my balls as I was feeling up the other. He had a very large cock and I soon had it out of his shorts. Both had good bodies with strong arms and chests that could be easily seen through their singlets. “I think we should all go upstairs.” Tingley suggested. He flashed a smile at the two guys and both the boys agreed and grabbed the dinks. We headed up the back stairway where it was fairly dark. Just a little light streaming in from the street outside. We walked a little way down the dark passage and Tingley opened a door on the left. He seemed to know where he was heading. I think he had been here before. He turned on a dim light to reveal a big double bed and some basic furniture. The bed had a clean white sheet and the room smelled fresh. The two boys started to undress me as Tingley took off his shirt and then his shorts leaving him standing there in his brief Jockey shorts that had a very large bulge in the front holding back his semi-hard cock. The two boys soon had me completely naked and my cut cock was now standing straight up in front of me. They then both stripped off to their underwear, one with his hard cock poking out the top of his underwear and the other’s bulge was clearly showing as it was pushed sideways in his underwear. Both looked to have large dicks. What happened next took me by complete surprise. I was pushed back onto the bed and one of the boys jumped on top of me, pinning me down, while Tingley and the other guy quickly connected my hands to ropes they pulled out from under the bed. Both ropes had leather cuffs that were quickly fastened around my wrists and then both guys did the same to my legs. I struggled as the ropes were then pulled tight giving very little room to move. They all stood back and admired their work. “Come on guys. What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I asked, now more than a little concerned. “Come on, undo these ropes.” “We are going to have some fun with you.” Said the taller of the boys as the other was on the phone relaying a message somewhere. “You ankara escort can either relax and enjoy what is going to happen or you can fight it. Either way we are going to have our fun with you. So you might as well enjoy it. You have been asking for it all evening.” Tingley said looking a lot more serious. I could now hear noise, laughing and excited talking from outside the room in the corridor. Then the door burst opened and in came seven or eight young guys. Some were Thai and some were white guys and two were tall black guys. I now remember seeing them all sitting together in the front of the bar as we arrived earlier. I had not taken any notice. “OK guys. Get your gear off as the fun is about to begin.” Tingley was now talking with authority. All the guys started to strip off as I began to realize what was going to happen. Tingley and the two tall boys from the bar also dropped their underwear revealing their large uncut cocks. Soon all were standing around the bed, naked and with hard cocks in their hands. I was checking the cocks on these guys. Most were of average size apart from one of the young Thai guy who seemed to have a very small cock. However the two black guys made up for that, as they both had big thick hooded cocks. A couple of the white guys were cut, but the rest seemed to have their foreskins. However Tingley’s cock took my breath away. It was very large and curved upwards. They say that Thai men don’t have large cocks, well, Tingley proved that theory wrong. He had an extra-long foreskin that was still well over the end of his hard cock, with heavy veins running down the length of it. He had a large set of smooth balls hanging loose and low behind. Both his cock and balls were darker than the rest of his tanned body. His pubes had been trimmed so as not to hide any part of his beautiful cock. He was stunning, with his beautiful muscular body and those great powerful legs. All to be set off by this magnificent cock and those large smooth balls, hanging freely behind. “I hope your friend likes hard dick in his arse.” One of the guests said to Tingley. “If he doesn’t, he is going to learn to like it very quickly.” Tingley shot back. He leaned over me and whispered in my ear. “Enjoy this. You have a great body and a great arse that I am sure these guys are going to enjoy filling it with hot man cum.” With that comment the two boys from the bar undid the ropes at the foot of the bed that were holding feet down and tied them to the top of the bed above my head. They then pulled the ropes tight, pulling both my legs apart and up and over my head, exposing my private parts for all to see. “Well go for it boys. It is there for you all to enjoy.” Tingley proudly informed the group as though he was the ring master of a circus. One of the big black guys moved around to my arse, his big black meat swinging freely, semi hard between his legs. It must have been at least 8 0or 9 inches long. He pulled my arse cheeks apart and buried his face in my arse crack. I could feel his tongue working its way into my tight arse. I was now thinking to myself that this may not be as bad a as I originally thought. One of the Thai guys took hold of my now hard cock and started to suck all the precum out of its tip. Tingley now moved up under the ropes that held my legs and straddled my face. “I think you may like to suck on this.” He said as he pushed his large hard cock into my mouth. I could see that it was leaking large amounts of pre-cum from the end of his long foreskin and I love the taste of pre-cum and eagerly took his foreskin covered cock head into my mouth, peeling back his foreskin as it went and sucking all the pre-cum out of the end of his big bulbous cock head. For a Thai man he had a big thick cock that he now had buried deep to his pubic hair into my mouth, forcing the tip of his big boy meat into my throat. He then started to fuck my face. I was battling to breath and struggled to get breath in between his deep thrusts. He kept this up as my arse was being eaten out by the black. Then, as the black guy stopped, so did Tingley. One of the bar boys then pushed a small Thai guy to the front. “OK. You are first to break the seal.” I could see he had only a small cock as the boys lubed up his small weapon and my arse. He lined up and entered my easily. By this time there was another dick in my mouth and another mouth on my cock. The small cock felt good as the guy sucked my dick. “Ok guys. You can start to fill his arse and his mouth with your hot cum.” Tingley informed the group. The guys was now pounding my arse and I knew he would blow soon. I tightened my arse ring around his cock each time he withdrew, until I felt him bury his cock as deep as he could started to spasm and unload the first of many to fill my arse. Not long after the cock in my mouth exploded and filled my mouth with hot Thai cum. It tasted good, as I swallowed all I could suck out of the end of his softening dick. At this point I could feel someone tying something around my balls, but I could not see. However as my mouth fucker moved away, I could see Tingley tying the end of some thin rope around my balls. He then ran the string through a ring in the ceiling and over to a hook on the wall. He pulled it tight and tied it off. It hurt like hell, but the pain still felt good. He just smiled at me. A Thai guy with a long hard cock then lined up my arse and with one shove, buried it deep in my arse. The boys were all egging him on as he started to fuck my deep and hard. All the guys watching were now jerking their cocks as they watched the action. Some çankaya escort were jerking each other off and a Thai guy was also sucking on the other black guy’s cock while a friend sucked on his nipples. Tingley moved close to me and asked. “How are you enjoying the action?” I smiled at him and said. “Fucking great.” He was a bit surprised. “Are you serious?” “Fuck ya. Let me suck your cock again.” I asked. He got back into position and lowered his big smooth ball bag over my mouth and I sucked both of his big balls into my mouth. Thinking I could bite both these sucker off with one bite. I bit down so as to hurt but not to do damage. He yelled and I eased off, but continued to suck on those big nuts. I then released them and Tingley stuck his cock back into my mouth. He had more pre-cum for me. I really wanted to taste his cum and hoped he would unload in my mouth and not my arse. I could feel another load being deposited in my arse as someone was sucking on tied up balls. This cock was soon replaced by another and then another and another. Each one depositing their big load of man cum. I could now feel cum oozing out of my arse and running back down my arse crack. “OK. Time we turned you over.” Tingley informed me, as they undid the string on my balls and the cuffs on both my hands and feet. “Get on your hands and knees.” Tingley ordered. I obeyed. I then felt someone grab me around my cock and balls and pull me back towards the bottom of the bed. Then I felt a thick cock enter me. It was one of the white guys and boy was his cock thick. It hurt like hell for a while until my arse got used to it. Tingley now pulled me up to a kneeling position and he kissed me. With my now free hands, I grabbed his balls and cock in a cock ring type grip as we kissed. I now wanted Tingley in both ends. I wanted him to fuck my arse but I also wanted to Taste his hot boy cum. Another mouth was now on my hard cock as the sucked held my balls tightly, pulling them downwards. Tingley pushed my head back down to his cock and I happily went back to sucking on the hard piece of man meat. I then felt another cock bury itself deep in my arse and unload its thick gooey liquid deep inside me. That cock then pulled out. As the second black guy slid up between my legs and pulled my arse down onto his long hard cock. After the thick white guy, his cock slipped in very easily. However it was really long as I felt it hit the wall deep in my arse. He started to pound my arse from underneath as he took Tingley’s balls into his mouth. At this point I also felt some fingers being inserted into my arse along with the thin cock. They were stretching my arse out. I felt the fingers come out and then I knew there was another cock trying to enter my arse and double fuck me. I had never been doubled fucked and didn’t think I could take two cocks, but I must have been loosened up nicely by all the other cocks fucking my arse, as the second cock slipped inside my arse with ease and only a little pain. I turned to see who it was. It was the black guy who had rimmed out my arse so well at the beginning. Looking around at the guys now watching, I think that those with cocks still buried in my arse and mouth were the only ones left to blow their loads. The two cock in my arse were pump away madly as was Tingley’s cock in my mouth. I now had hold of his balls as he madly pumped my face with his beautiful hard, thick cock. I could now also feel someone was jerking me off and I knew it would not be long before I unloaded. I was hoping we could all cum together. However Tingley was first. I could feel his cock swell in my mouth as he screamed out. “I’m cuming.” As I felt torrents of thick hot cum fill my mouth. There was so much cum it dribbled out of my mouth as I could not swallow quickly enough. The two black cocks in my arse were fucking me madly as I started to unload my cum all over the stomach and chest of the black guy under me. This was quickly followed by both of the black guys who seem to cum at exactly the same time. Now cum was pouring out of my arse and running down the back of my ball bag and dripping onto the guy under me. As the two black cock softened and one by one popped out of my arse, the black guy had been rimming my arse out at the start was now sucking the cum out of my leaking arse. He then sucked all the cum off my balls and then licked my cum off the stomach and chest of his black friend. Wow! My arse was sore, but what a great fuck session. “I think we should all clean up and go back down stairs for a cold beer.” I suggested. I think there was full agreement. I had had such a great time, that Tingley, the two bar boys and I did it four or five more times while I was in Jomtien on holidays. Finding guys to join in was never a problem. oooooooOOOOOOOooooooo Our first such replay, Tingley had arranged the session at the same time the US fleet was in town. I had suggested that we try and have an all-black group as there are usually lots of black guys on these ships and well hung black sexy guys were a real turn on for me. There were three ships anchored in the bay, one being an aircraft carrier. They were saying that there were over 8000 men on R&R. Tingley had invited black gay guys to an orgy/gang bang for those guys who like to fuck white ass. To our surprise we got about 30 replies. He then asked these guys for photos and detail of themselves. Tingly and I went through these and selected nearly all the guys, hoping that we could get about ten. We arranged to have them meet with the two Thai bar boys at the Bamboo Bar at 10.00pm. kızılay escort They were told that it would be a forced gang rape with a white guy. They were not told that I was a willing participant. Tingley and I entered the bar at 10.15pm and were greatly surprised to see around 20 black guys all drinking at the front of the bar. The two Thai guys were there entertaining them. I pretended not to notice them as we walked to the back of the bar and got a beer. The Thai guys must have informed the group that I was the guy they were about to fuck and that I was an unsuspecting attendant. The two Thai boys joined us for a beer and we then moved upstairs. This time I grabbed a look at the group as we were heading up the back stairs. Yes, all the black guys were looking our way, anticipating what was to come. I was imagining all those big black hard cocks looking for action. “This could be very interesting.” I said to Tingley as we got to the room. “However I think you should gag me this time. It will look more realistic.” “OK. That could be a good idea.” Tingley and the boys agreed. They cuffed me naked to the bed, this time a little easier as I was not struggling. I had stuck my Jockey briefs into my mouth and the Thai guy, this time, went down to bring them all up. We heard all the noise as they arrived outside the door. Tingley opened the door and asked them to all come in. As they entered they were all staring at my naked body tied to the bed with the gag in my mouth. The door was shut and Tingley said. “OK guys strip off. This is your white fuck for the night. Fill his white ass, or his mouth, full of your thick cum. He is all yours. Do whatever you like.” The big group of guys all started to get undressed, stacking their gear in small piles along the walls. As they were doing this the Thai guys tied my legs back over my head to again reveal my bare ass and my cock and balls for everyone to see and use. I had shaved my ass and my balls so as to make it look more inviting. The guys all stood around jacking their cocks hard, all a bit shy. “Come on. Who wants to eat out this nice white ass? Get it all sloppy and wet for all your hard dicks.” Tingley was trying to get some action. This worked as soon guys were all over me, one with his tongue buried in my ass as deep as he could, some others sucking my balls and cock. One very young looking guy came around under the ropes, removed my gag and dropped his big black cock into my mouth and started to fuck it wildly. There were shouts of encouragement as he pushed his cock deep into my mouth. Others were jerking each other off. A couple were kissing as they jerked each other’s cocks. The action was hot. “Let me get my cock inside that white man pussy.” One of the black guy told the guy rimming my ass. I could see him put some lube on his cock and the he rubbed it into my ass and lined his big hard cock head up against my ass. I was struggling to try and stop him and make it look real. “Come on. Fuck that white ass,” was the call from the group as he slowly pushed his cock deep into my waiting ass. I screamed, even with this cock in my mouth, to make out he was hurting the fuck out of my ass. In fact it felt great as he slid his long cock deep into my guts and started to fuck me wildly. I had big black cocks fucking me from both ends and the one in my mouth started to blow his big load, filling my mouth with his sweet nectar. I swallowed and sucked the last dribbles out of his softening cock. His cock was quickly replaced with another and my mouth was being abused again. The guy sucking on my balls was doing so with great force. Really sucking hard on them. It felt so good and then the guy in my ass started to blow his load. He was quickly replaced and the fucking continued. One by one they unloaded their thick cum into my ass or my mouth. I love cum and loved to swallow as much as I could. There was so much. Two guys who were jerking each other off blew both their loads all over my chest. The smell of man cum was thick in the air. After about an hour and a half, fifteen guys had all filled my ass with the man juice. Yes I was counting them. Two had nutted on my chest and with Tingly and the two Thai boys, eight had unloaded their sweet cum into my mouth. The bed was now wet with cum as so much was leaking out of my ass. Fifteen loads were dribbling out of my ass. Two of the black guys were massaging some of this cum into my balls and my cock as I had not yet cum. It was making good lube as they brought me to climax, shooting wads of my cum over my head and then onto my chest. There were cheers from the group as I unloaded, and as I had not cum for four days there was a lot. They then massaged this cum into my chest with the other thick white cum that was there from the two who had nutted there. Black guys cum is usually very thick and white, where mine is thinner and more milky than white. The group then started to clean themselves up in the small wash basin in the room, dressed and started to leave to room. I took a towel and went down the corridor to bathroom to shower and clean up. I sat on the toilet and got rid of the bulk of the cum deposited in my ass before I showered. What a hot session. I had never been fucked by so many guys at one time. My ass was sore, but it was well worth it. I am definitely a slut for hard cock and in particular hard black cock. These guys were so sexy. Tingley and I then went down and joined the group of US guys in the bar for some beers. All said they had a great time. One guy said that we should made videos of these sessions, as he would have bought one if available. Well maybe next time. oooooooOOOOOOOooooooo If you enjoyed this story please let me know at ail I would love to hear your thoughts and what you got up to while reading it. Send me some photos. I would love to see.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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