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Trip to bookstore

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Trip to bookstoreLast weekend I came home from a week away for work and as I walked in the house my wife greeted me naked as she stays naked when home. She was very excited to see me and said she had a surprise for me. I said ok what is it. She said remember the waitress at the restaurant that we had at the steak house 2 weeks ago. I said yes why. Well what was the tip you gave her? I said yes I gave her a large tip and your thong and our number. Well she called me and wanted to talk to me so while you were away we met and well she is coming over tonight and we’ll you are going to take us out. I said ok I went up and showered and when I came back down stairs the waitress and my wife were standing in living room both were naked. I asked my wife what is going on she said that Megan and I had been talking and found out she was a submissive and bi female but needed a master to serve. I looked at them and said ok what would you both like to do.My wife told Megan of our visits to the adult theater. She said she would love to go. I walked to Megan and looked her over and asked her age she said 38. I looked at her and asked do you have any clothes to wear to the theater? She said no just what I wore when I came over. I looked at wife and said take her and dress her appropriately for the theater and shave her but do not let her cum. My wife took Megan upstairs and about an hour later they both game down. Both were güvenilir bahis dressed the same nylons gartebelts shelf bras collar and heels.i said wonderful and I walked over and put collars around their necks and padlocked. I told wife to get her lipstick and I got the leashes and two raincoats. I put them on them and we walked to car. They sat in back and Mgan asked what is going to happen and wife said to me tell her whatnot expect.i said when we get to the theater I will take your coats off and mark you and then walk you on the leash into the theater and let the patrons waiting in the bookstore have avoid look. I will pay the admission and walk you into the theater and let you get your eyes adjusted and then lead you to the area that has the couches. I will then have you both kneel and then I will announce to the crowd. Here are two sluts that want to service.imtake the coats and walk you in it is crowed and we see several other couples they are staring at you. I pay and walk you to the door and take the red lipstick and turn to Megan and I write on her forehead WHOREacross her breasts I write CUM SLUT. I turn to wife and write on wife,s forehead CUM DUMP WITH ARROWS TO MOUTH. I walk them around and we stop at the couch and they kneel and I walk to the side. I watch as guys start to walk to them soon they are stroking their cocks and soon both ar giving blow jobs and soon Luther are feeling them up and türkçe bahis one guy bends wife over the sofa and fucks her and Megan is getting fucked in ass. So one the guys that they are sucking pull out and cum on their faces. Then other step up and they are sucking them soon others start to fuck them both and then I saw a female walk to my wife and start to lick the cum from my wife,s face and then walk to Megan and force her mouth open and pours the cum into her mouth she swallows it down. In about 2 hours the sluts have serviced 27 guys and 3 females. I walk to them as the crowd has left I look at them they are both glazed donuts I attach the leashes and walk them out of the theater thru the bookstore and I let customer take pictures of them as they kiss. They are a real mess I walk them out in the cold air and the cum drys on them and I spread a sheet on the back seat. We get home imtake them to the basement and say ok Megan lay down on the bed face up. I cuff her spread eagle. I tell my wife to lay down on her with your cunt in her face I tie her down in 69 position both girls have a pussy in each other’s face I say have a good night and I watch as cum dribbles out of theirmpussies and ass into each other mouth I say at least you will not get thirsty I soon see them lapping each other cunts and I saw see you both tomorrow am and turn off the lights and closed door.the next morning I wake them both güvenilir bahis siteleri with ab bucket of cold water immune tie them and let them shower and then they come down and they are both scrubbed clean and I said well Megan how did you like the evening.. She said that she wanted to serve me as a live in submissive. I turned to wife and said are you ok with this my wife said she can on a trial basis to see if she can take the sessions and the tests. We agree to her to be our live in sub. She can continue to work but she will be home when not working always naked and collared and she will do what ever my wife or what ever I tell her to do. Just as we said that she was excited her nipples were hard and then the doorbell rang I toldmherntomanswer the door she looks for her coat I said no naked. She walked to door and opened it and it was a delivery guy dropping of an order. He was startled seeing the naked woman. Megan took the package and Megan turned to me and said domyounhave atop for him. I said no you give him a tip? She said what? I said see if he will take a blow job instead of a tip. She asked the boy and he said yes. She knelt in the door way and undid his pants and sucked his cock and it did not take long till he was ready to cum. I told he not to swallow. He came in buckets a large cum shot. She held it in her mouth the boy zipped up and left and I said to Megan to walk and kiss wife and swap the cum with her and they both kissed and swapped cum between the mouths. Megan said she loved the experience and wanted to know when she can move in, we told her to dress and she can leave and we will let her know. Whe said good bye .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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