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Truck Sex

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Truck SexSo the other night about 20 minutes into my workout James came into the gym , he is on one side of the gym and I am on the other and we are texting each other, its been 4 days since I fucked him and he is begging for my cock. So we meet outside the gym and jump in my car and we head to James house but all his neighbors are outside so its to risky for me to go in .We decide to look for a secluded spot and after driving around for 20 minutes we find a spot in the middle of no where under trees. We start out Kissing , I can kiss him for hours he is so cute , his asian features, and tiny soft lips and his taste is so delicious that I can cum just from kissing him. His soft hands which for some reason are always cold reach into my shorts and take out my cock , James strokes pinbahis güvenilirmi it for a little bit as we kiss then he decided to go down on me and WAM I explode inside his mouth and my little bitch swallows it all , he starts sucking me harder and harder jerking me off waiting for more cum to shoot out , I cant help it I just keep cumming and he keeps sucking! Now its my turn , I reach under his shorts and start to rub his little shaved cock and balls , our lips are stuck together kissing so intense his cute little moans send my cock as hard as a rock again. Eventually our lips break loose and I wrap my lips around his small cock , his sweat smells and taste so good I start licking it all up cherishing every lick . Now both our shorts are down pinbahis yeni giriş around our knees and James kick one leg out of his shorts and I do the same so he can slide on top of me , it happens again! As soon as my cock enters that tight asian boi pussy it explodes , his ass is so tight and hot my cock cant help but explode as soon as it enters , but no need to panic cause I can bust 5 loads easy when I am with him . He rides my cock so hard begging for more cum while his gorgeous cock is rubbing against my stomach , our lips are locked again first he lets out a scream then some moans thens yells for me to make him my slut ( which I already did) James starts to cum , at first a little squirt pops out then 2 seconds later thick creamy cum shoots pinbahis giriş all over my chest , I wipe his cum with my fingers and start licking it off my fingers loving every second of it and as he whispers ‘ I love you ” in my ear I let out my final load inside his ass. We get dress and kiss some more then sit in the car and just talk for a while , even though the Air Condition was on full blast we are both sweating as our windows unfog we get ready to leave .A Police car pulls up ! Just my luck the officer comes to the window to ask what were doing , we tell him just talking officer , he ask James how old he is when James says 18 the officer ask if he has ID on him , James shows the officer his ID and hands it back to him and tells me to get going , as I pull away I realize my sex with him is becoming more and more risky and eventually word is gonna get around to my wife. I love this sex so much but the risk of people finding out I am in a gay relationship may just ruin my whole life. Im addicted to him , I have to find away to end it and end it soon

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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