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Subject: Trucker Lift (11) This is a fictional rale about a hot bear I had met online recently. He is thick and burly and hairy. He is all kinds if delicious. He seems interested in fucking me, but hasn’t happened… Yet! Let’s hope it becomes a reality. This story is for you Zack… Trucker Lift (Chapter 11) … I licked at my lips again as I gazed at the hot bearded trucker man. He had contacted me a few days back to let me know he was going to be in my area. He wanted to get together for talk and other.. And I being the gracious host said he should come here and stay the night. That way we could have a private total ass pounding session. Something I hadn’t had much of lately. And especially not by a bull such as him since. Well, him. I had just suckled on his fat nipple for a bit. But know was about to move into something far more delicious.he fat dick. And he gave me the ‘come hither’ look to say ‘yes. Lets do this’ “Hmm. Feels so good” I said with my hand still holding at his bull crotch I rubbed at him for a bit. Then reached for his zipper. It was time to release his big dick from its tight confines. So I pulled the zipper down as i cupped at the.meatt crotch again. Then I pulled opened.zacks jeans and reached in to get to his covered dick. It was cock sucking time. I pulled the jeans down his meaty thighs and down to his ankles. Them pulled his feet up to get them off him. When I was done discarding his jeans I looked up at the boxer briefs that held his big trucker cock. It looked delicious in them. Pushing at the soft cotton of them. “Hmm. Such a big bulge” I said. “Can’t wait tuzla escort to have this meat again” “Then go on and get at it buddy” he said back I rubbed his dick through them a bit as wanted to feel the confined cock. But my need for the huge trucker cock pushed me to just grab at the brief and Gail them off his crotch. Out fell Zack’s big salami. Not fully erect yet, but already and intimidating looking thing. Already as big as mine and thicker. “Fuckk” I huffed as I looked at it Then I reached for his thick club. I reached for it and wrapped my hand around the trunk of his dick. Feeling the heft and thickness. Knowing it still had growth to be fully hard. But already soo damned hungry for it. I leaned in and then opened my hungry mouth over his big dick. Then I slid down half his length. My mouth and tongue slobbering over him. Zack started to moan as he felt my kips squeeze at the shaft as I moved down it. He felt my tongue rake along the underside and I swallowed him. “Awe yeah buddy.” He crowed “Yes mouth is the best mouth I have had in fucking ages” “Suck it. Suck yet trucker daddy’s cock” And I did. I hungrily moved up and down on Zack. Feasting on as much dick as my fave would allow. Feeling him continue to swell in my mouth. Feeling his dick throb ad I licked up and down his growing shaft. Soon Zack was hard and huge in my hand. My throat finding it hard to suck him down into it again. “So damned thick” I huffed as I came up for air Zack felt me pull from his dick and then grabbed my arms. He pulled me up and to standing before him. He was so big and thick next to me. But his body tuzla escort bayan was sure a hot hairy hunk of deliciousness. “Why don’t you suck on daddy’s tit” he then said. He pulled my head to him. And I saw that huge barrel cheat. The big rose tattoo in his pectoral and the big meaty nipple near ot. I dove for that one. Opening my mouth and quickly clamping down on his nipple. He softly groaned as he felt my lips and tongue on it. “Awe yeah buddy” he moaned “Suck on daddy’s nipple” “Such a good boy. Awee fuck” I sucked on that nipple. Suckling on it like a baby to a mother. Zack just continued to moan in delight if what I was doing. Holding my head to his chest. And I lived his huge beefy chest too. I wanted to just be absorbed into it and into him. So I continued to suck in his nipple. My hand grabbed for that fat dick and stroked it as I sucked at his chest. Feeling the sheer size of his log. Knowing that I would soon be getting another trucker slamming by him. A big heavy and rough trucker slamming. “Such a bug fucking stud” I said “Big awesome mans body.” I pulled from his nipple and then moved back down his body. Licking and kissing at his fur and flesh Moving down his body and belly. Finding myself back on my knees and facing his thick cock again. I grabbed for it once more and opened my mouth to go back down that thick dick he had. “Awe fuck yeah boy” he moaned again “Such a good boy” “Suck in daddy’s big fucking dick.” And I did. I slurped and slid up and down his thick dick again and again. Feeling the fullness of that cock in my face. Trying to suck down all I could get escort tuzla into my hungry mouth. Zack continued to moan as my mouth worshiped him, worshiped his bear log. His hands rubbing at my head and shoulders as I did what I did to pleasure my hit trucker man. Urging me to keep sicking on him. Telling me how hard he was going to fuck me when he was ready for it. “Yeah baby. Awe fuck yess” he groaned “Suck on that dick boy” “Get it raging hard so daddy can slam you” “Yeah. Like that. Just like that!” Zack was soon humping at my head. Moaning louder and grumbling incoherently. He was gonna fuck me real fucking soon. This I knew. But now I was just sucking in his fat trucker dick. Trying to swallow as much of his big fat log as possible. Gagging as it was pished into my throat repeatedly. “Fuck yeah boy. Awee fuck” he groaned “Keep giving daddy blow” “So damned good” “Suck daddy. More boy more” So I did. I sucked on Zack for all I was worth. Giving the big bear trucker the best suck I could. That bug fat dick was fantastic. And knowing he was gonna plow me again had me so hungry for him. “Big. So big” I huffed as I came up for air “Can’t wait to have this in me” Zack told me to get up. He was ready to give me his cock again. “Get up and gimme that hole boy” he said “Gonna eat it all up and get it wet for my big dick” I did as he asked I was out of my clothes fast. I was then down on my bed, laying on it with my ass up for the big bear trucker man. Zack moved in behind me and grabbed at my ass cheek. Then he slapped at one cheek. I grunted as he did. The harsh sting of his big hand registered. But I didn’t care. I wanted to get slammed again. “Give it to me daddy Zack” I said “Gimme that fat trucker cock” Then Zack bent down and shoved his face to my ass. Again I grunted…. To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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