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True Story Of Incest – 1

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True Story Of Incest – 1This is based on a true incident that happened when I was in my 2nd year of engineering and my age was 19. This is not a sex story where you would expect hardcore banging but it’s based on a true incident that got me into the world of i****t.To describe myself, I am a good looking guy with a huge sexual appetite. I am 5¨9′ and average built but having attractive looks. Currently, I am aged 29, well exposed to the world of sex having many girlfriends over these years to keep me sexually active. Coming to the incident, it was the marriage of one of my maternal uncles named Ramesh, a distant relative. They lived in a village very far from the city of Kolkata where we lived, so naturally, we barely met each other and the only time we met was in events like marriages and anniversaries. My mom had very fond memories of the c***dhood times, growing up with them, playing in their farmlands and being treated well whenever my mom went to their place, so it was hard for her to turn it down.My father was a government employee who was very strict and had a world of his own, he didn’t quite enjoy leaving the comfort of his home so we hardly went any places. When we got invited to this occasion, my father firmly declined, my mom had a lot of fight trying to convince him to come but he stayed adamant. To describe my mom, at that time she was aged 41, she has a wheatish complexion with good shapely boobs and height of 5¨2′, she has little fat on her waist but a figure to die for.She used to wear sari at home mainly with a thin cotton blouse and many times the sari would not stick to its place. I used to get some glances of her shapely boobs but never had the courage to touch them although I always wanted to. I had once seen her changing clothes without closing the door and she is an absolute sex goddess with big fluffy boobs and pink nipples and shapely butts.So on the wedding day, I and my mother left for the railway station early in the morning as we had a huge distance to travel, I was happy because I got to travel after a long time but my mom didn’t look happy as father had declined to come but she had no choice. We reached there late in the afternoon almost after 4 hours of travel and gladly found my aunt (masi) and her husband waiting at the railway station.Coming to my masi, she is my mother’s own younger sister, 4 years younger to her. At that time, she was aged 37, she has a bit dark complexion in comparison to my moms and has even bigger breasts than my mom’s. She has a husky voice and thin waistline with a height of 5¨6 which makes her more appealing. She has a sex appeal to make head turn when she walks past, she is a sex bomb. My masi had run away from her house at the age of 18 with an autorickshaw driver and had returned only after being dumped by him, thereafter she had numerous physical relationships with the guys in the village but then none of them married her.Finally, she got married only recently 2 years back at a very late age with his now-husband Balaram. Balaram was a sweet shop owner in a nearby town since his shop was in a good location in the town he was doing well with his business and had a car of his own, a white ambassador, which he had got at the station and was waiting for us. Balaram, aged 45 had a heavy body with a pot belly and looked like a raging Bull who could satisfy women in bed with his huge muscular body.Because of my masi’s background, my father had strictly cut off ties with her and Balaram and the last and only time I met her was at her marriage 2 years back. On seeing as they came out of their car to hug mom and me. I could feel the tight breasts of my aunt as we hugged and also she had embraced me tightly which enabled me to feel her whole body against mine. She looked at my mom and remarked that your son has grown up so well, the last time I saw was when he was a k**.Finally, we started our journey inside the village to the uncle’s house. The village had narrow mud roads and some places had thin pitch roads and even in a tough ambassador car, we were finding it difficult to hold on to our seats. I had seated myself in the rear seat middle with ma and Masi on both of my sides and Balaram uncle in the front.It was a treat to see their breasts jump up and down and occasionally it touched my arms and I could feel the soft boobs of my mom and the tight boobs of my aunt. People in the village mostly used bicycles of their own and a few vans were plying to ferry passengers across. My mom thanked masi for waiting for us at the station else traveling in those vans with the village people would have been difficult.As we moved on we moved on to a more remote place where spotting people on the roads became difficult and we could spot only green and vast farmlands with a house in the distance too far from the road. Finally, we arrived at Ramesh uncle’s house around 4 pm in the afternoon, his house was a small 2 room typical village house where there were already 10-15 relatives waiting for us.My uncle’s mother, grandma who was in her late 80’s came to us asking to get refreshed from the pond nearby and have lunch as it was getting late. As I went near the pond I found a group of ladies bathing there mostly having just a wet sari covering their assets, from the top view you could make out their boobs size including their nipples and busts.On seeing me some of them quickly went underwater while others tried to hide their assets with their dry clothes. I got an instant hard on seeing the half-naked women all around but being the shy guy I tried avoiding eye contact and went near the pond to sprinkle some water in my eyes and hands. Also, it struck me that I stand a chance to see my mom and aunt bathing in the pond, as well as there, are no other options for bathing.We planned to leave for the venue early as it was a bit more interior inside the village and the streetlights are absent. They had arranged a state transport bus for all of us to travel but my masi insisted on coming along with her so we decided we both can go in her car and follow the bus. As luck would have it started to drizzle in a while out of nowhere and in no bursa escort time started pouring heavily, the bus arrived late due to muddy roads and by the time we started our journey it was already evening and the sun went down.We started in our car following the bus on the muddy roads and in the rains, the only thing we could see was the headlight of the bus. We followed the bus till a railway crossing and before we could cross it the levels came down before us while the bus in front of us crossed it and moved ahead. In the village, we didn’t have a network to call someone in the bus to wait for us.So after the levels were up we were left on our own to reach the venue. We didn’t see the bus and there were no people on the road to help us. We didn’t know the roads and decided to move forward until we find some help. Suddenly out of nowhere, we found the road blocked with stones and bamboos and our car came to a halt.And out of nowhere, 5 people came out with a torch and a bamboo stick in their hands with their faces covered with towels. They banged on the car and demanded us to come out. We were too scared to come out, so they opened the gates and pulled out my mom and masi from the gates and Balaram uncle came out of the front gate with hands up in the air. The driver came out crying and before they could pounce on him he fled as fast as he could.They asked us to hand over all valuables we had. We gave them our purses, watches, and ornaments and they snatched and took away everything. The rain was still drizzling but not heavy and we were getting wet. Suddenly the leader of the gang asked the goons to tie us up.We said why do you want to tie us up when we have already given you all that we had, to that he shouted and said do as I say or I will kill all off you, taking out a knife from his pocket. We stopped protesting and they tied us tightly. Before they tied they asked my mom and masi to open their benarasi saris and give it to them as they are costly and would fetch a good price and asked me and Balaram uncle to remove our shirt and pants as well.My mom started crying with folded hands saying, ‘Please don’t do that, I have my son with me please let me go’. To this, they all started laughing aloud and the leader angrily came and held a knife to my mom’s throat saying, ‘Shall I slit your throat in front of your son and then take off your sari? will that look good?’.To that mom replied saying, ‘Yes do that, at least I won’t be alive to see my son see his mom robed’. To this, I raised my voice saying, ‘Mom are you crazy, what are you saying’. Masi also spoke saying, ‘He is your son, don’t feel ashamed do what they say and let’s give them what they want’. Ma and masi opened their saris and gave it to them, now they were in their blouse and petticoat.Their huge breasts sprang out in front of everyone and were inviting us to crush them with both hands. The pervert goons tied the ropes in such a way that both my mom and masi had their boobs hanging out in their blouses. The leader of the gang ordered to check inside the blouses for any hidden valuables. Hearing this both mom and masi protested asking not to do this as they have no hidden things but the men slapped them hard on their cheeks and went ahead putting their hands inside the blouse of ma and masi and fondling their boobs and one of them even pinched their nipples to which they gave out a sharp cry.Both my ma and masi were looking sideways with embarrassment and I was looking helplessly at their embarrassment only wishing if ever I could get this chance of crushing their breasts in my hand. Balaram protested on seeing masi’s boobs getting squeezed and the goons pounced on him and hit him on his balls demanding him to shut up.They hit him so hard that Balaram uncle started shaking and crying in pain. When they started squeezing my mom’s boobs, I too requested them to stop and they hit me too on my balls. Luckily I anticipated it and moved a bit and avoided the direct impact. But it started paining for me as well and tears came to my eyes.Suddenly one of them whispered something to the leader’s ears and he pointed at a building nearby and instructed his men to take us there. Ma and masi’s blouse was starting to get wet in the rain and it started exposing their assets as we walked towards a small barn where farmland produce is kept. It was a small building of mud with iron gates, the gate rings were tied together with ropes which the goons cut open with their knife and pushed us inside it.They locked the door from outside and put something heavy outside to lock it. We started to cry and begged them not to leave us like this but they threatened us to be quiet and left us. Balaram uncle started abusing in the filthiest language and started crying in pain and on hearing his car being taken away by the goons as well while we were left in the dark all tied up with ropes.It was a dark room and we could not see anything around. We were struggling to unite ourselves and I and Balaram got the perfect opportunity to touch these hot women. In the dark, I could feel Balaram taking opportunities to touch my mother inappropriately pretending to untie the ropes and I too could feel their breasts and naval against my body while we desperately tried to free ourselves and with some effort, we managed to set ourselves free.We tried hard to open the gates but it was locked firmly from outside, me and Balaram uncle tried hard with all our might but the doors didn’t open an inch. Now we started looking inside the room and found a lantern and a couple of half empty matchboxes and lit up the lantern and saw the room for the first time.It was a small room for the four of us with a small window which we now opened to allow some breeze and moonlight in. I could now see the beautiful bodies of my mom and masi in blouse and petticoat drenched in rain and I realized that I was getting an erection. Me and Balaram uncle had only our briefs to hide our pride. At one side of the room, some hay was stacked making it appear like a bed.Balaram uncle started stroking his balls as the goons had hurt him badly there, soon masi also joined him in checking what bursa escort bayan had happened and insisted him to show us the spot but he felt ashamed in presence of me and mom. Mom insisted not to feel ashamed as we were all family members and that a wound not treated on time may cause damage.Finally, Balaram uncle pulled down his brief and showed masi his dick, there was a small swelling due to a blood clot and my masi started massaging and stroking his dick. Though masi sat in such a way that the view was guarded but we could partially see the huge clock of Balaram uncle.It was very thick and dark black in color and appeared like an anaconda in the dark. Masi quickly called me to see the wound and whether it’s something serious. Balaram quickly tried to cover it with his hand feeling ashamed but then mom insisted that he show what has happened so that it doesn’t turn fatal. At last Balaram removed his hand and exposed his dick to mom.I noticed how my mom’s expression changed on seeing his thick dick.I believe it was even thicker and taller than my dad’s. She asked masi to rub there and get rid of the swelling. Masi started rubbing Balaram’s dick, and Balaram closed his eyes in pleasure and embarrassment. Masi took his underwear near the lantern and made it a bit warm and started applying on his dick.Check out indiansexstories dot net for more exciting and erotic stories.Balaram started making sounds of pleasure keeping his eyes closed. I noticed that my mom was continuously focused on his huge dick which was being massaged and was subconsciously pressing her lips together. I could sense that she was getting aroused by all this. I and mom were seated on the hay bed while Masi continued massaging Balaram’s dick and balls.Masi then suggested that we all remove our clothes as it has got wet in rain. Me and mom both resisted saying that’s fine but Masi insisted that we do as we have no doctors here to take care of us. We realized that the breeze from the window was making us feel cold and before we could start disrobing Masi had already taken off her blouse and was now only in her bra and petticoat. I must have then seen the best boobs in the world, my Masi s boobs were just irresistible. I just wished she had taken off her bra as well.She had huge boobs on her chest and wore a tight white bra to cover it. She asked my hesitant mom as well threatening her that if she caught a cough and cold due to wet clothes around her chest then Masi can’t take care of it as we are trapped in a village with no facilities of Doctor and asked her not to be ashamed of me as there was nothing left to be ashamed of especially after what the goons have done in front of her son.Hearing this my mom got some confidence and she too opened her blouse and now she too was in her bra and petticoat. My mom s breasts looked milky white under the moonlight as she too wore a white bra and the cleavage was reflecting the light. They then asked me to remove my wet undies as well and after a lot of fight I had to give in to the pressures of the 2 women and took off my underwear.I could see both of them looking at my dick while I undid my briefs and I could sense that both of them including my mom was feeling horny looking at my dick as she was already horny after seeing Balaram’s dick. I could see Masi from the side of my eyes looking hungrily at my dick which was long and muscular with strong veins on it sides due to regular masturbation.There was an awkward silence as everyone was staring at each other’s private parts and was feeling horny while the men admired the half-naked women the women couldn’t remove their eyes of 2 strong dicks in the room. Finally, my masi broke the silence by saying we are all a family so there’s nothing to be ashamed and asked me to feel comfortable saying that it’s normal at your age to look at woman’s breasts and there is no shame in it and also they had seen me naked as a c***d so not to feel shy now.My mom felt an urgent need to pee and now we started looking for an outlet to pee and found one. My mom raised her petticoat to pee and I saw my mom’s firm round white butts exposed in front of us, I noticed Balaram uncle stroking his disk on seeing such a delight. It was becoming difficult for me to control my urges. Soon my masi followed and I got a glimpse of her butts as well. Hers was more firm and rounded but nevertheless, I now needed a fuck badly as I could no longer keep myself under control.Soon we decided that it’s getting late and we should go to sleep so that we can wake early and find a way out from here. Since we came from the city and we’re not used to sleeping on the floor me and mom got the bed of hay and masi and uncle took the floor. I slept on the side of the wall and my mom to the side of the floor. Tired from the whole day I almost dozed off and woke up to strange noises.It took me some time to understand that my masi was getting fucked on the floor. I got up slightly to see what was going on but in such a way so that I don’t get noticed watching them. I saw my masi was lying on the ground with her breasts fully exposed as she had removed her bra and her petticoat was raised to her waist.Balaram was thrusting his dick into her pussy while she has spread her legs and engulfed uncle between her legs. Masi had raised her hands on top giving a clear picture of her boobs and her hairy armpits. She was letting out soft moans while Balaram continued fucking her. My mom also woke up to the noise below and turned to their side and asked what they were up to.Masi said Balaram has a daily habit of fucking her before going to sleep so even today they couldn’t control the urge. On seeing my mom awake, I pretended to go to sleep. Mom exclaimed that since I am present they should not be doing all this and what if I wake up to see all this happening. To this, masi replied saying don’t worry he won’t wake up, we made sure he was sleeping before we started and also he is a grown-up boy, not a k** anymore.He has such a strong muscular dick he must have had pleased girls before. Mom got an embarrassed hearing this and took a close look at me to check whether I am awake escort bursa or not. On seeing me sleeping, she turned towards them and started watching them fuck. Balaram was continuously thrusting masi and now he leaned forward and cupped masi’s breasts firmly. Masi let out a moan and started biting her lips in pleasure keeping her eyes closed.My mom now had raised her petticoat to her waist level and was fingering her pussy. I could see her white butts from behind. My mom told masi that she is so lucky to have a loving husband in Balaram who fucks her daily and gives so much pleasure with his thick clock. To which Balaram smiled at her mischievously and noticed that my mom has already started fingering her pussy.My masi opened her eyes from pleasure and asked how is your sex life does your husband not fuck you regularly. To this, my mom let out a sigh and said she is surviving on masturbation for the last few years and sex happens by mistake once or twice a year as her husband has no time for her.My masi sympathized and asked has she not ever considered your son for sex. Mom suddenly exclaimed are you mad he is my son how can I ever think of such things with him. I agree he has a superb dick much better than his father’s but I have never thought of having sex with him. Balaram now took masi’s hips closer to his body and spread her legs even wider and thrust his dick deep inside masi. My masi also raised her legs and let out a deep moan.My mom was fully aroused by now and was finger fucking herself with her petticoat removed to her waist and was looking at Balaram’s dick hungrily. Balaram uncle was looking greedily at my mom’s pussy and her milky white legs while fucking masi. Masi understood how badly mom was craving for sex and asked her to join them below on the ground.Mom was initially hesitant but later gave in and went and slept beside my masi. Masi asked her to remove her bra and after some shyness, my mom opened it and became complete naked in front of Balaram and masi. Balaram uncle could not contain the excitement and held on to masi’s breasts and came heavily inside Masi and fell on the other side of Masi.Masi now started pressing mom’s boobs and sucking the other one to release my mom’s sexual tension. Mom started breathing heavily and in excitement started pressing masi’s boobs and asked her to suck her breasts hard. In no time my mom too vigorously started fingering and shaking and released her fluids. She thanked masi for helping her.Masi sympathized saying it’s sad that mom didn’t get her due sex from her husband, she has such a nice figure any man would have fucked her day and night. Even Balaram would have probably fucked her twice a day. Mom smiled and caressed masi’s head and thanked her for loving her so much and said it’s her fate and till her menopause, she has to only keep on fingering herself for enjoyment.Masi suddenly said this is unfair I suggest you ask your son to help out that way you get your sex and things stay inside the family. I have seen his wonderful dick any girl would love to have a dick like that fuck them wildly. My mom protested slightly ‘but he is my son’, masi calmed her saying so what he is a male and you are a female and you have every right to feel satisfied.You would have perhaps looked outside of family for sex but here things would remain within the family and no one comes to know about anything. Mom agreed, they were now gently pressing each other’s breasts and discussing these stuff as they laid completely naked on the floor. Balaram uncle had dozed off after the great fuck session.Masi continued saying, I am really lucky that I got married to Balaram, he is so good at a bed and always gives me orgasm, I have had sex with so many men but none had the thickness and stamina that Balaram had. All the men were selfish and cared for only their pleasure in sex but Balaram is different he releases his cum only after I do. I know he is not that good looking but who cares about looks when you have to enjoy sex with your eyes closed.They smiled at each other and my mom mischievously pinched masi’s nipples and said ‘lucky you’. Masi told, “tell me didi, didn’t you see his dick so huge and the way he fucked, don’t you feel that he is too good?” Mom replied saying ‘I do but I am not that lucky so I can only feel good about you’. Masi asked do you want to try Balaram, he has enough stamina to do 3-4 times more and smiled at mom.Mom became red with embarrassment and said what are you saying, he is my brother in law. Masi said so what he is going to give you the pleasure you deserve. Masi continued, I have seen him ogle at you when you were masturbating so I pretty understand that he has a fantasy of fucking you as well.Mom became shy and stopped answering. Masi continued but only on one condition I would need your son’s dick inside me, he is young and handsome, it’s been long I have been fucked by someone young and handsome. Mom sprang up and got seated, now I noticed that her boobs have become a little saggy but still good enough to be sucked and crushed with both hands.What are you saying he is my son and you are his masi, I can’t allow this, this is not possible. Why not shouted my masi, if I can allow Balaram to fuck you why can’t you allow him to fuck me, why are you being so possessive. See if we have to enjoy we all should enjoy or else no one does. You can keep on fingering till the rest of your life and I will have no short of sex as I know my tricks how to convince people into sex.Even if you don’t give permission you never know your son may get attracted and end up fucking me. Mom got angry on hearing this and shouted, you slut this is the only reason my husband asks me to stay away from you. She grabbed her bra and started putting it on, you slot you know of only one thing and you can sleep with any person in this world. Don’t dare think about all this I won’t let this happen.Masi abused mom saying fuck you, go finger yourself you bitch, turned towards Balaram uncle who by now was snoring wildly and went to sleep. My mom sat with her hand on her forehead and started sobbing. There was an awkward silence in the room as I saw the moonlight fall on my bed and was controlling my hard erectionIn the next episode, I will share with you how relationships got murkier and I was able to enjoy i****tuous pleasures. The real sex story is yet to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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