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TurnaboutJuly 27, 2020Since 1983, I have watched my wife take cock after cock into her little body. We (myself and the other 900+ different men) have put our penis’s into her mouth, pussy and extremely tight little butthole. Yes, I have wondered what she must be feeling with a dick is “inside” her. I have often heard her tell us “I can feel you cumming”. Can she really? Does she actually feel the jizz splashing against the lining of her bowels or or in the depths of her vagina?Yesterday morning, I was feeling quite horny and made an advance on her. She actually turned me down and said that she was expecting Randy at 11a.m.. Randy really liked to eat her pussy and she was all clean and ready for him. I wasn’t too happy about it, but knew I could get some sloppy seconds after he was done.Randy is a 25 year old public servant. He is very lean, clean cut. There is nothing really that extraordinary about him, but he is a nice looking young man with a 5 inch cock. Randy has been having sex with Gracie about every other week for about six months now. Quite often I have left them totally alone, but when I have watched them, I have enjoyed it. He is a very passionate lover. When watching bahis siteleri them, it is like seeing two married people totally “in” to each other. They suck tongue’s and don’t really move a whole lot. He lays in between her spread legs and goes deep and slow.Randy was prompt after it wasn’t long before they were undressed and in our bed. I was in the chair, naked and watching. I had not watched them for the last two times they were together, so I was excited to see the show.He was laying on top of my wife kissing her. They were saying something quietly to each other but I couldn’t make out what it was. They giggled.Randy got off of my wife and smiled. Gracie looked at me and said “Come here babe, you go first this time”. Still very horny from this morning, I got up from the chair and positioned myself between my wife’s thick thighs. She was already soaking wet from their foreplay and I slipped right into her pussy very easily. Wow! She was super wet and juicy. I could hear sloshing with each pump into her.Gracie interlocked her legs around mine and squeezed tight. She grabbed my ass cheeks, pulling me into her. This was wonderful!I was a little shocked with I heard a spitting sound canlı bahis siteleri and felt wetness on my ass crack. I looked over my shoulder just as Randy was using his finger to wipe spit on “MY ASSHOLE”. Before I could say or do anything, Gracie put her mouth right up against my ear and said “I never ask you for anything…please do this for me”. I turned my head back towards her face to see a loving smile. I then felt Randy wet finger rubbing my asshole.While she spread my ass cheeks a little more for Randy, Gracie squeezed her legs ever tighter, locking my body. My cock was inside my wife and I was going to have a cock inside my ass!To be honest, I was petrified, but I had a strange electric tingle go throughout my body. I felt a slight pressure against my sphincter.“Relax Honey”, Gracie whispered as she kissed me.A searing sharp pain come from my asshole which subsided rather quickly. I held my breath for a few seconds when more pain came. That also went away in seconds.More pain with a “fullness”.“What the hell”, I thought quietly.I felt Randy pushing in slowly like he fucks my wife.His cock felt HUGE!Gracie began to suck on my lower lip as she moved her hips forward. canlı bahis She then started to slowly gyrate her hips as I felt the fullness in my ass dissipate. Randy then plunged forward into my ass, which pushed my body into Gracie. She screamed with a crazy orgasm!Just as the fullness would leave my ass, I would feel it again. The pain actually wasn’t too bad now as my sphincter must have stretched to accommodate Randy’s cock. Every thrust Randy made into my asshole, pushed my cock into my wife’s pussy. He was fucking me and I was fucking her.Honestly, I don’t know how long it lasted as I was a little dizzy with everything.Gracie look into my eyes and said “He is going to cum in your virgin ass Sweetie, tell him you want it”.That comment made me pop my nuts into my wife. I screamed out loud as I flooded her. She was squeezing her cunt against my cock milking it of every drop. I still felt the fullness in my ass which I was more focused on now that I was spent and collapsed on my wife.Randy pushed deep into me and grunted.Oh my God….I could feel it. I could feel his cock twitch several times and feel the liquid from his balls spew inside my asshole.Very gently, Randy pulled his cock from me. I felt the semen running out of me and on to my balls.I would never have imagined what just took place. It wasn’t as bad as I would have thought, but not sure how quick I would want to do that again.Peace out!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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