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Twenty Five Years Later

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Forty-two-year-old Rosemary Hendon was slightly the worse for drink as she snogged the seventeen-year-old Alan Boyle. They were in a wooded area in the grounds of the hotel at which a party was being held and the young man had his hands all over the body of the married mother of his friend. He had her blouse undone and was groping her tits as she took his erect cock from his trousers.She was sober enough to know what they were doing was wrong but drunk enough not to care and their lips were locked as his hands caressed her large arse. His cock felt so good in her hand as their kissing continued.The sound of a group of people approaching startled Rosemary into breaking away from the boy and saying “We can’t, not now.”She started to do her blouse back up as the voices got nearer. Alan was trying to get his hard cock back inside his trousers.Rosemary hoped that she did not look too flustered as she made her way back towards the building and past the approaching guests. A frustrated Alan, now with his cock back inside his trousers, also made his way back to the party.Rosemary avoided him for the rest of the evening and also avoided any moves that he made towards her over the next few days but decided that she did need to give him an explanation beylikdüzü escort at some point.Now without any influence of alcohol she approached the forlorn looking youth some ten days after the party.”Alan, we had both been drinking and it should not have happened, you know that don’t you?””But Mrs Hendon, I want you,” he replied.”I am twenty-five years older than you and married, we must forget that it ever happened,” she insisted.That was very difficult for the young man to take because he believed that he was in love with this very attractive woman.The two had no more direct contact and the next year the Boyle family moved to another town and, eventually, Alan lost contact with Rosemary’s son Clive on whom’s invitation he had been at the party to start with.Over the years Rosemary’s thoughts would from time to time go back to that seventeen-year-old cock that she had had in her hand and also the feel of the boys hands on her arse and tits. Alan never forgot how that woman’s hand had felt on his prick and how he felt in the excitement of the moment.Eventually Rosemary split from her husband Tim and, at age fifty-eight, she got divorced. Alan had married in his early  twenties but after some fifteen years bahcesehir escort bayan his marriage was over.One day Clive, who lived not far from his mother, said to Rosemary “You will never guess who I spoke to on the phone today.”Obviously she had no idea but her son’s response took her mind back twenty five years.”Alan Boyle that I used to be friends with, his company is doing some business with mine.”Rosemary displayed mild interest and in fact indicated that she did not remember him but Clive then said, “He is coming back to this town next week for a business meeting.”It was twenty five years since ‘that’ party and Rosemary was now aged sixty-seven and Alan forty-two. Rosemary had to try not to show much interest but she had never completely forgotten what the two of them were doing and possibly about to do that night.With Alan knowing that he was returning to his original home town he had thoughts of Rosemary Hendon, in fact he had often had thoughts of her over the years.Clive had told her what day Alan was coming but she thought her chances of actually seeing him were very remote and anyway he would not want to see a woman of her age.The evening before Alan was due Rosemary’s landline phone rang.”Mrs escort bayan beylikdüzü Hendon?” said the male voice.”Yes, who is speaking please?””You probably will not remember me but this is Alan Boyle, I used to be a friend of Clive’s.”Her heart skipped a beat. “Yes, of course I remember you Alan. Clive told me that you had spoken to him.””Yes, I am coming to town for a meeting and um…..I was hoping that I could see you.””See me Alan, why?” although her memories were producing tinglings in her cunt.”Because I was in love with you,” he blurted out. She was glad that he could not see that she was blushing as she said, “Oh that was a long time ago.””But you do remember the party?” he asked hopefully.”Yes Alan, I have often thought about it,” she confessed.”Clive told me that you were divorced, I am too,” he said, hoping that it was relevant.”I am now sixty-seven. I do not look like I did back then,” she said as she took in the implications of what Alan had said.”I am sure that you are still beautiful. Can I see you please?””Well yes I would like that but just for a chat perhaps.”She did not know if this man who’s cock she was massaging twenty five years ago was thinking in terms of sex but she certainly was.Alan said that he would book himself a hotel room for the following night after the meeting but Rosemary said, “No, no you can stay here, but Clive had better not know.”The two people who had not had contact for a quarter of a century both knew that they were thinking in terms of continuing what they had started at that party.

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