Mar 26

Two best girlfriends discover new dig-things 1

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Two best girlfriends discover new dig-things 1On a warm sunny day two best friends named Tami and Greta trekked through the valley. Both girls lived out in the country and unlike most girls their age they loved to explore the valley. It was nothing but grassy fields and occasional trees for miles. At the age of 18 the two girls could be mistaken for sisters, both had heart shaped faces, were 5’8, had beautiful c-cup breasts, and perfect perky asses. What set them apart was the fact that Greta had red hair and shimmering green eyes and Tami had black hair and ocean blue eyes. It was a hot sunny day and both girls were dressed in tanks and shorts, over their shoulders were tennis bags that when not holding tennis gear held water bottles, magazines, food, bikinis, spare clothes and other things they took while exploring the valley. It was routine during the summer that the best friends would pack up some bags early in the morning and walk to the valley where they would explore, sunbathe, nap and swim until dark when they would head home. The two stopped on top of a hill to rest for a bit. Greta pulled out a plush comforter that she’d packed with no effort and laid it on the grass. Both girls plopped down and soaked up the sun for a minute. As they pulled out some fruit to eat and a couple of water bottles Tami excitedly pointed down towards the creek that lay in the very center of the valley. A herd of wild horses were sipping at the water.“Can’t believe people our age would rather do d**gs or go cause mischief when they could be here enjoying the sun and the sight of wildlife.” Tami commented biting into a strawberry.“I know, this is so much better.” Greta remarked, she elbowed her friend. “Hey check it out, someone is getting lucky.” She pointed down where the heard was but a little bit away was a stallion was mounting and fucking a mare. “Wow, look at that cock.” Tami remarked. Of course at the age of 18 both girls knew about sex, they had even explored a bit with each other. On a dare Greta had purchased a dildo and vibrator from a sex shop in the big city while they were on a class trip. What the girls in their class didn’t know was that she’d kept them for her and Tami to use when they had sleepovers if they got horny.“Yeah its huge, wouldn’t mind a cock like that in me.” Greta admitted. She felt herself getting wet for some reason. She pushed the feeling away and bit into an apple.“I agree, find me a boy with a cock like that and I would do anything for him.” Tami commented.They sat eating and watching the herd until they decided to tan for a bit. They stood up and stripped out of their hiking clothes and into their bikinis. Tami’s was a white one with pink swirls on the top and bottoms while Greta’s was black feather with green flames. They laid on their stomachs first so they could continue to watch the horse herd, although they couldn’t help staring at the mare being mated. “Remember when we went to the big city?” Greta started.“Yeah,” Tami said looking away from the mating mare at her best friend.“I heard some girls from the local high school there talking about some weird thing about a girl they knew who fucked her dog.” Greta said.“Ew, are you serious?” Tami said surprised.“Yeah, I couldn’t believe it and a few days ago I was at Jenna’s house to study but she didn’t answer the front door. I knew she was home so I walked in and went upstairs and when I got to her door I heard some weird noises. The door was open a crack so I peeked in.” Greta told.“What did you see?” Tami asked curiously. “She was giving her dog a blowjob!” Greta stated.Tami gasped, trying to imagine the smartest, prettiest girl at school blowing her dog. The thought gave her a rather weird tingly feeling. “Wow, I can’t believe that.” The two lay on their stomachs enjoying the warmth of the sun on their backs in silence as they continued to watch the herd. The mare down by the creek had long been finished mating but her scent obviously still lingered because most of the males were walking around with their cocks dangling out. Tami couldn’t help but stare at the large cocks; she even started to wonder what it would be like to touch them. “Hey let’s see how close we can get to them.” Greta said with the tone of voice she always used when they went on adventures. Tami giggled and nodded; both girls put sandals on and shoved their hiking boots and other unpacked items back in their bags. Slowly the edged down the hill, occasionally they stopped to assure that they didn’t spook the herd. Surprisingly they managed to make it to the bottom of the hill without bahçelievler escort the herd running off scared. The two slowly unpacked again and made themselves comfortable on their blanket and laid on their backs to sun their fronts and watch the herd.“Ah, this is so the life Tami.” Greta sighed as she rubbed her belly enjoying the warmth on it.“True that girl, other people don’t know what their missing out on.” Tami remarked.The two opened their eyes and watched as most of the herd slowly departed from the creek but a few lingered at different areas around the creek. Tami sniffed the air confused.“Do you smell that?” she asked sitting up.Greta sat up and sniffed the air; a weird, heady smell was in the air. “Yeah, what is that?”Tami looked around and spotted a mare sipping at the pool, something was dribbling from her pussy. She glanced around and saw a few smaller stallions that were only a bit taller than ponies eyeing the mare. Their cocks were hanging free. The weird tingling feeling from earlier came back. Slowly Tami stood up and made her way over to the mare, the mare lifted her head to stare at the approaching girl but made no movement to leave. “What are you doing?” Greta asked speed walking over to her best friend.Tami stopped beside the mare and gently stroked her rump. The mare lifted her head again but didn’t move.“She’s so gentle,” Tami commented.Greta reached out to stroke the mare’s side; clearly the mare didn’t mind the double human contact because she lifted her head and nuzzled at the red head’s shoulder. After a few minutes of letting the girls pet her she slowly moved to walk off, much to the disappointment of the girls.“At least she’s friendly,” Greta said.The dark haired girl nodded, they sat on a rock together and stared at the water. Tami nudged her friend after a few minutes and pointed at the smaller stallions that were still there.“Their cocks are still out even though the mare in heat is gone.” She said. Greta felt wetness between her legs again. The two watched as a white stallion with brown spots was sipping water not too far from them. “Hey dare you to go touch his cock.” Greta said smirking.Tami was shocked by the dare, biting her lip she stared at the dangling cock. She was never one to turn down a dare from her best friend; no matter what it was. Slowly she stood and walked the few paces towards stallion. He didn’t even look up as she approached. She touched his side gently to let him know of her presence. He looked up at her cautiously at first, she murmured gently to him as she rubbed his side. Clearly he was a wild stallion but he wasn’t frightened of a person who talked to him softly. Tami noted that he was as tall as her ribs, not bad for being a stallion that wasn’t full grown yet. Slowly Tami got to her knees, glancing over at her best friend who was watching her intently; she turned back to his cock that was just dangling there. Reaching out she gently touched it, she tensed when she saw him visibly tense at the foreign touch but after waiting for a few minutes he relaxed and allowed her to fully touch it. It felt so different, Tami noted. She then pulled her hand away as Greta approached. “How does it feel?” she asked curiously, kneeling down beside her friend. “Almost leathery but smooth.” Tami said somewhat breathlessly. She quickly smirked at her best friend. “Dare you to run your tongue along his cock.”Greta gasped and looked surprised yet not disgusted. Slowly she moved to sit where Tami was sitting. She gently grasped the stallion’s cock, he didn’t tense this time, Tami noticed. The red headed girl lifted the cock up and stared at it before slowly running her tongue up the shaft towards his testicles then back down towards the head and removed her mouth. “How did it taste?” Tami asked her bikini bottoms were starting to get soaked. She couldn’t believe it; she was getting turned on watching her best friend licking a horse’s cock! “Salty, but surprisingly not bad.” Greta remarked. “Wanna hear something weird?” Tami nodded for her to continue. “I kinda wanna suck him off.”“You should do it!” Tami said eagerly. “I’ll do it with you if you want. I think it would be fun to try.”Greta looked at her best friend surprised but broke out into a smile. “BFF promise?” Tami nodded. “We tell no one of this, no matter what. If we take this farther it remains a secret till death agreed?” she held up her pinky.Tami hooked her pinky with Greta’s. “BFF promise, agreed.” With that Tami carefully moved to the sit beside Greta, she held the cock with one balgat escort of her hands and leaned forward to suck on the shaft while Greta sucked his head. The two massaged the stallion’s cock; excitedly he snorted and shifted his tail but didn’t move away. Greta moaned softly as she worked her mouth and tongue around the head of the stallion’s cock, occasionally Tami took a suck but she remained sucking and licking at his shaft. Tami lifted a hand between hearty sucks at the shaft to massaging the stallion’s balls which he seemed to like because he gave a happy neigh.“Oh boy you taste so good,” Tami moaned as she licked up his shaft some more.Greta removed the head from her mouth to moan as well and jerked it a few times. “So wild and salty.” She then latched her mouth around his cock again.The two girls sucked lovingly and long on the stallion’s cock while jerking him. Greta could feel that he was probably close to cumming so she told Tami that they should massage his balls till him cummed. They scooted to a better position and as they sucked his cock good and hard one of their hands each massaged a testicle. Finally a few minutes later his cock quivered and what seemed like endless jet streams of cum came shooting out. The cum landed all over both girls’ tits, faces, and some globs landed on their bikini bottom covered pussies. The two panted softly and watched as his cock slowly retracted till it disappeared. The stallion then trotted away leaving the two cum covered girls sitting there staring at each other in awe of what they had just done.“I can’t believe we just did that.” Tami was the first to speak.“I know, it was so weird…but so hot at the same time!” Greta said excitedly.Tami eagerly agreed, she wiped a bit of the cum from her tit and stared at it before sticking the cum covered finger into her mouth. Greta watched her smile at the taste before taking a taste of her own, definitely a good taste. She looked down at the cum covered her bikini bottoms over her pussy. She scooped it up, pulled down her bottoms and fingered the cum inside of her.“Oh my god Tami it’s so warm!” she moaned, falling back onto the soft grass she continued to finger the cum deep inside of her pussy.The dark haired girl quickly followed her best friend’s lead and scooped up the cum, pulled down her bottoms and fingered it into her cunt. “Oh god you’re right! So good! So warm!” she moaned, and lay down beside her best friend. They continued to finger the warm horse cum into their pussies until they eventually orgasmed. They lay panting beside each other, smiled in satisfaction. They rolled over and locked together in a deep French kiss. As the two caressed at each other’s bodies they heard hoof beats. Breaking the kiss the two saw a few male stallions male pony walking past. The stallions were walking around with dangling boners and a few feet away a mare that the two guessed was in heat was standing around grazing. The two eagerly watched as one of the stallions mounted the mare and shoved his throbbing cock into her leaking, ripe cunt. “Oh god he’s fucking her so good and hard.” Tami moaned fingering her cunt. “She’s so lucky,” Greta panted; she fingered herself while watching the horse taking the mare.“That pony’s got a boner too,” Tami said nodding at the male pony. Indeed the pony was sporting a pretty hefty boner. He likely had already hit puberty but just needed to grow taller before he was an adult. Tami felt a sudden eagerness over take her.“I wanna give him his first blow job.” Tami said standing up quickly. She stripped off her bikini top as she walked.“Do it girl!” Greta coached. She stood up as well. She carefully walked over to her tennis bag and rifled through till she found the camera she always packed when they came to the valley. “I’ll record it.”Tami nodded and as Greta got the camera prepped she slowly approached the pony. He looked at her almost fearfully but she held out her hand for him to sniff and gauge her being nice. After he nudged her hand she knew he approached of her. She stroked his neck loving the feel of his soft yet wild mane. The pony was black with some dark brown spots on his rump. As she made her way to his rump Greta had to camera ready to press record as soon as Tami was ready. Slowly Tami got to her knees and stroked lightly at the pony’s cock, he jerked a little but relaxed quicker than the small stallion had. “Ready?” Greta asked.“Hell yeah!” Tami stated, she then reached out to grasp the pony’s cock. “Oh baby you’re lucky, you’re getting your first blowjob from a hot girl.” batıkent escort She latched her mouth around his cock and sucked good and hard on it while jerking it occasionally. Greta made sure to get really good angles of Tami sucking off the pony. “Oh baby.” Tami moaned before moving to suck on the pony’s shaft. She moved to lay under him so that she could suck his cock and fondle his balls without having to hunch awkwardly. Greta momentarily stopped the recording and nudged Tami for attention.Reluctantly Tami released the pony’s cock. “When he cums let him cum in your mouth first then see if he can shoot it on your tits and pussy.” Greta said. Tami nodded eagerly and went back to sucking as Greta resumed recording. “Oh I hope you’re loving this baby, cause I know I love sucking your cock. It’s so tasty.” Tami moaned leaning up to suck his shaft by his testicles. She could feel his cock quivering, he was about to release. Latching her mouth back on his cock she sucked the head good and hard till she felt jets of cum start to fill her mouth, removing it she watched as the cum shot over her breast and a bit landed above her pussy and slowly slithered its way over her pussy making her moan in tingling pleasure. Greta shut off the camera and knelt beside the pony that Tami still lay under; his cock had long since retracted.Tami moved from under the pony and pulled Greta into a deep kiss to share the cum. The red head moaned softly at the taste and reached over to finger the bit of cum over Tami’s cunt deep inside of her. When they pulled away Tami allowed Greta to clean the cum off her tits. “Your turn, I see a nice stallion over there that is a bit jealous for not getting some of that ripe mare pussy. This time I’ll record you but I’ll jerk him off till he cums all over your pussy.” Tami said breathily. They both walked over to the brown stallion whose boner still dangled as he watched the mare getting fucked by the white stallion. Luckily he was beside a moss covered rock. As Greta approached him Tami grabbed the camera and went to Greta’s tennis bag to pull out the tripod. By the time that she went over to the stallion Greta had already calmed his wild urges enough to gently goad him to stand over the moss covered rock. She now lay on her back with her legs open, occasionally rubbing his cock. Once the camera was set up Tami hunched on the side of the stallion and she and Greta proceed to work on his cock together. Greta with her hands and Tami with her mouth and occasionally her hands.“You wild horses are so lucky,” Greta moaned. “Got two hot girls sucking you all off. That mare gets you nice and hot and we finish the job for you.” The two girls went to town on the stallions cock, when his cock started to quiver Greta quickly laid back and spread her legs nice and wide while Tami finished him off. With one more jerk and a hard suck on the base of his cock, he shot jets of cum all Greta’s soaking cunt. She moaned as the warm streams of cum completely covered her pussy. Once all his cum stopped following Tami released it and watched as it retracted and he moved away from the rock, clearly satisfied.Tami shut off the camera and moved to straddle Greta and rubbed her soaking pussy against Greta’s cum covered pussy. Both moaned as they grinded against each other, massaging breasts and French kissing. When they pulled away from each other both their pussies were covered with horse cum as well as the rest of their bodies. They decided to go back to the comforter and take a nap. As they cuddled together they allowed the sounds of nature and the warm sun to lull them to sleep.The two awoke a few hours later, the sky was orange and all the horses were gone. The cum that still covered them was now dry and caked. “Wanna take a dip then head home?” Greta asked as she stretched her tired muscles.“Sure sounds good, figured after all the fun we had today we should call it an early night.” Tami said standing up. She picked up her soiled and discarded bikini from the ground and dropped it beside the creek before jumping in the water.Greta packed up the camera and tripod before following after her best friend. As they splashed around they excitedly talked about what they had done earlier that afternoon. They swam to the edge of the creek to grab their bikinis and wash them. Once they were clean the girls climbed out of the water and toweled off before going back to the comforter. Packing their stuff away they dressed into their spare clothes and hoisted their bags over their shoulders and trekked up the hill. The two hour walk back to their homes was partially silent and partially filled with conversation about what they’d done. Tami’s house was the first stop.“Hey same time tomorrow?” Greta asked with a grin.“Hell yeah!” Tami said excitedly, she then turned and entered her house.This was definitely going to be a great summer.

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