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Amateur Deepthroat

Subject: Two for the Price of One This story is 100% fiction and is for mature readers only. If you are under 18 please leave now. Please note that all my stories are written for enjoyment only and not intended to give anyone ideas on what to do, what to try, or who to do things with. The actions taken in my stories should stay in your mind only and not expanded to real life situations. This story is a fantasy involving a young man and two young boys. You can see a list of all my stories on the authors page under the author, Playtime69. All comments are appreciated and can be emailed ard. Please identify what story you are talking about when you send me a message. Even though I do not respond to all emails I do read them all and have used some of your suggested ideas in my stories. I also will write new stories with your suggested ideas. Just send me your ideas to address above with as little or as much information as you want to tell me including names, ages, sexes, positions, relationships, and what section on Nifty you want the story to go, etc. I will see what I can do with it. If you want to name the story that is fine too. Just make sure the information is yours and not from someone else’s story. Thanks for reading. Please, find it in your heart to donate to fty/donate.html without them we would not have a safe place to deposit and read such great stories. This story idea and basic information came from one of my readers. I took their information and worked it into the story you see here. I hope you enjoy this story about a man and a set of twin boys having a sexual relationship together. Two for the Price of One by: Playtime69 My brother Arnold and I were only 5 years old when our parents died. We were sent to live with Aunt Evelyn because she was the last family member alive. This was not the best choice but was the only choice we had. This was because Aunt Evelyn was not too excited about having to be tied down with kids. About two years later Aunt Evelyn married a man named Ash. Since he was married to our aunt we called him Uncle Ash even though he was not our true uncle. Uncle Ash was only 23 years old which was 10 year younger than Aunt Evelyn. They got along fine even with the age difference at least in the beginning. By the time they were marred for a few years things started to fall apart and they got divorced. It was too late by then. Arnold and I were both already attached to Uncle Ash because he was more of a parent to us than anyone else had been. My brother and I both adored Uncle Ash and were really worried we would never seen him again. Being 9 years old was a bit early to start puberty but I guess because of all we had been through, forced both my brother’s body and mine to start the process. To add even more to our overloaded problem, Aunt Evelyn had to go overseas for her job. She was not going to be allowed to take us with her, not that she would have wanted to anyway. Uncle Ash stepped in and said we could live with him. This was going to work out best for everyone. Now at the time of the story beginning, Uncle Ash was 25 year old and Arnold, my younger twin brother was 9 almost 10 years old. Arnold was younger by only 2 minutes but still made me, Kevin, the older brother. Arnold and I both had begun to change but not by much. We had lost our baby fat and with all the activities that Uncle Ash had been doing with us our bodies had began to muscle up. We started to notice hair starting to grow around our private area and we had been getting erections from time to time. Since Arnold and I shared a bedroom we began to get interested in each other’s body changes. We had done some touching and playing but without anyone to help us learn we were just on our own. It was only a week before we turned 10 years old and we had just finished dinner when Arnold and I ran off to our bedroom while Uncle Ash cleaned the kitchen. We had been having some strange feelings all day and we just wanted to do some touching before we watched a movie with Uncle Ash before bedtime. We knew we did not have a lot of time so as soon as we entered the room we took off our clothes and got on my bed. Our little 3″ wieners sticking out toward each other as we sat on the bed. “Can I?” I bashfully asked my brother. Giggling he answered, “Ok.” I reached over and gave his boyhood a stroke. Arnold moaned a little and commented on how it tickled. He then asked if he could touch mine. I told him he could and he reached over and gave mine a rub. We were touching each other back and forth for a few minutes not exactly sure what the proper way to do it was. We were in such a hurry to get started we had forgot to close and lock the door. All of a sudden I looked up to see Uncle Ash standing in the doorway watching us touch each other’s penis. I did not know what to say or to do and just sat frozen. Arnold noticed I had stopped touching him and looked up at my face. He noticed I was looking at the door so he turned to see what I was looking at. When he saw Uncle Ash he too stopped and froze. It seemed like an hour before anyone said or did anything but it was probably only a few seconds. “I see the two of you are growing up. Need any information or help in knowing what to do?” Uncle Ash called out. I looked at Arnold and Arnold looked at me. At the same time we said, “Yes, please.” “Ok. The first thing is you two will need to go take a bath.” Uncle Ash was saying when I interrupted him. “A Bath?” I yelped. Uncle Ash chuckled and said, “Yes! A bath. Get started and I will come help to make sure you are getting everything clean.” Arnold and I went off through the house still naked. We started the water and got into the tub. We were in the water about ten minutes before Uncle Ash came into the room. He had Arnold stand up and told me to watch how we should get everything clean. He took some soap and rubbed it all over Arnold’s body but when he got to Arnold’s privates he took extra time and care to get the shaft, head, and ball all extra clean. He then had Arnold bend over and he got his fingers all soaped up and began to clean Arnold’s butt hole clean inside and out. When Uncle Ash put one of his fingers inside Arnold’s ass Arnold said, “Ohhhhhhh. That feels funny.” “Do you like it?” Uncle Ash asked. “Giggling Arnold answered, “Yeah. I think I do.” It was my turn next and Uncle Ash did the same to me as he had done to my brother. When he shoved his finger up my ass, I pushed back trying to get as much of his finger inside as I could get. I kind of liked his finger inside my butt for more than one reason. When Uncle Ash was finished cleaning us we were told to rinse off and get dried. Then we were to go to the living room. Uncle Ash reminded us to stay naked. While we were doing as he said, Uncle Ash went to his bathroom and took a shower himself. He then slipped on some shorts but no shirt then met us in the living room. “Ok, guys. I think the best thing to do is to show you the different things that you can do. I have a video that shows the different things you can do. It is in four different 15 minute shows. We will watch one at a time then you can try what you saw if you want. Feel free to ask me any questions you have. Ready?” Uncle Ash explained. We both answered, “Yes,” at the same time. Arnold and I were really excited. We had been touching and trying to figure things out for a few months and now it seemed like we were going to get some first hand, no pun intended, experience. “This first part has to do with masturbation and frotting. Masturbation is when you stroke or play with your penis until you have an orgasm. This could also be done by your brother. Frotting is when you rub both of your penises together. You might do so while holding them or could just hump each other. In either case, you do it until you both have an orgasm. That might happen at the same time or close to the same time.” Uncle Ash told us. Uncle Ash started the show and denizli escort we all sat back and watched. There were two guys on the screen that looked to be in their early twenties. They both had limp dicks when the show started. They grabbed their own male member and began to stroke. It did not take long before their rods became semi-erect. When they had began to get hard they each switched and they began to pull on and stroke each other’s dick until they both were rock hard. Arnold and I both were getting hard and we were not even touching ourselves. I looked over and saw Arnold’s hard 3″ rod and giggled. He then pointed at mine and said I was hard too. We were told to be quiet and watch and that there would be time to play later. The next part of the first show was when they got really close to each other. They were so close that their two cocks were touching each other. Finally, they began to rub their rods together. They began by holding them tight and pumping them like they were jacking off. Then after a few minutes of that they got even closer and began to hump together. It did not take long before they were out of control and began to jack off once again. All of a sudden they shot stream after stream of cum all over each other’s private area. By the time they were finished both of their cocks and their balls were covered with hot white cum. Arnold and I both were breathing heavy and each of our cocks were sticking straight up from our laps. Uncle Ash stopped the show and made a comment about how he noticed we enjoyed what we had seen. He asked if we wanted to try it our self. Of course we said we did. “Start out with your own penis and let’s see how you do with your own member.” Uncle Ash began. We each reached down and began to stroke our own dick. With them already hard it did not take long before we were really feeling good. It probably looked a little rudimentary but it was our first time to masturbate. We were both breathing hard as we tried to get as much enjoyment as possible. Uncle Ash then told Arnold to gently take hold of my penis and for me to take Arnold’s penis in my hand. He told us to stroke each other. This was a little more awkward. We did the best we could and it felt good to have someone else stroke my rod but I was just not getting the satisfaction as when I was doing it myself. We worked on it a few minutes before we were told to stop. “Ok. Good. With some practice I think you will be fine. Try the frotting part now.” Uncle Ash suggested. We got really close and we tried to hold our members together while pulling up and down on them. This did not turn out so good so Uncle Ash took his bigger hand and held on to both our dicks at one time and he told us to push into each other. He explained that this was called humping. While we humped he stroked us at the same time. This was really feeling good and before long the breathing increased and a funny feeling began to flurry over our bodies. Arnold and I both began to pant as we could feel something about to happen. Uncle Ash noticed our orgasms beginning so he took a tighter grip and a faster stroke. “Uncle Ash. This feels so good. Something is going to happen.” I moaned. “Me too.” Arnold moaned right behind. Our bodies began to shake as our first orgasm hit full force. Our moans grew louder until the height of the orgasm was achieved. Not long after the orgasm began to subside our cocks became very sensitive and the touching and stroking Uncle Ash was doing began to be very ticklish. We each grabbed hold of his hand to try to make him stop. He chuckled as he slowed to a stop and asked how we liked our first orgasm. We told him it really felt nice. “How long do we have to wait before we can do it again?” Arnold asked. “There is no set time. Some guys can do it again right away and some have to wait a few minutes. Let’s watch the second part and by the time that is over then maybe you will be ready to go again.” Uncle Ash explained. “Ok. What is the next part about?” Arnold then asked. “Oral sex. Do you know what that is?” Uncle Ash questioned. We just stood there and shook our heads, “No.” He then told us to watch closely and we would soon learn what oral sex was and how to do it. This section again had two guys. There was one older man that looked like he was in his fifties and the other looked to be an older teenager. When the show started they were both already hard and naked. The older man was sitting on the couch and the younger boy walked up to him and stuck his dick in the man’s face. The older man opened his mouth and the young boy shoved his dick inside. “Uncle Ash! That guy stuck his penis in the other guy’s mouth. Yuck!” I yelped. “Don’t knock it until you have tried it.” Uncle Ash demanded. Then he said, “Keep watching.” The older man then began to suck and play with the balls of the young guy. He then began to move his head back and forth making it look like he was fucking the young guy’s dick with his face. This went on for a few minutes until the young guy began to moan and pump his cock in and out of the other man’s face at the same time. All of a sudden the young guy sped up and he looked like he was about to have an orgasm. He tried to pull his cock out of the guy’s mouth but the older man put his hands on the firm young ass and pulled him tight into his mouth. The young boy could not hold back and dumped his load of cum into the throat of the older man. “Did he just cum in that man’s mouth?” Arnold questioned. “Yes he did.” Uncle Ash answered. Our attention went back to the TV where now the older man had his dick in the younger boy’s mouth. They were doing the same thing only now they were reversed. The young boy was having more of a problem because the older man’s cock was so big. Five minutes later the older man began to show signs that he too was now going to cum. I expected to see the old man shoot his load down the boy’s throat but I was wrong. Just as he was about to cum he pulled his dick from the warm mouth and began to stroke his cock. In just a few second, the old man blew his load all over the young boy’s face. The old man then bent over and licked the boy’s face clean and the scene ended with them French kissing. I looked over at Arnold and Arnold looked at me. We then both looked at Uncle Ash. He asked if we were ready to try oral sex. We still were not sure we wanted to have each other’s cock in our mouth. Uncle Ash could tell we might not be ready for such a treat so he was going to give us an example. Uncle Ash walked over to where I was sitting and got on his knees. He put his face in my lap and before I knew it his mouth had encased my young hard penis. I loudly moaned as the pleasure of a warm mouth lapping at my penis head washed over by body. I could not believe how good it felt. He then began to play with my balls as he pumped his head back and forth causing me to get the feeling I was about to have another orgasm. Just as I began to begin the orgasmic feelings, Uncle Ash pulled away from my dick leaving it twitching in the wind. “My turn now, Uncle Ash?” Arnold begged. Uncle Ash chuckled as he moved over and gave my younger twin brother the same pleasure I had just experienced. He did the same to my brother as he had just done to me. And just like with me, Uncle Ash stopped just short of letting Arnold have a fantastic orgasm. “Now if you want to know what it feels like to complete the orgasm you will need to suck each other’s dick.” Uncle Ash stated. I asked Arnold to go first and he quickly got between my legs and slowly slid my small cock into his small warm mouth. After about five minutes I began to have an orgasm but when Uncle Ash noticed he had Arnold stop. I then took over and slid his cock into my mouth. It was not nearly as bad as what I expected. Matter of fact I rather enjoyed the experience. Uncle Ash stopped me just before Arnold had an orgasm and asked, “Would you two like to know how to pleasure each other at the same time?” We both said, “Yes.” dikimevi escort He had my brother lay down on the floor and then positioned my body on top of my brother body in the ’69’ position. We each began to suck, lick, and stroke each other’s dick and dick head while we played with each other’s balls. We sucked and licked each other with excitement. The more I sucked and licked my brother’s shaft the more he sucked and licked my shaft. We began moaning and the louder we moaned the more we sucked until we were pumping each other’s face with our own dick. This time we noticed Uncle Ash was doing nothing to try to stop us. We could tell he was really enjoying the show we were giving him as his cock was making a huge bulge in his shorts. All of a sudden my brother and I both began to shake as we each began to have a hard intense orgasm. The shaking got out of control as we each had a hard massive intense orgasm. When we finally regained normal feelings we pulled apart and sat back on the couch. “Well it looked like you two enjoyed that.” Uncle Ash stated. I was first to comment. “Yes, but what about you? We are getting a lot of enjoyment but you are being left out.” “It is one thing for me to teach you how to do things so that you two can enjoy each other, and another for me to do things for self enjoyment. I just am not sure that would be proper.” Uncle Ash explained. “We will not say anything to anyone. Will we Kevin?” Arnold said out loud. “No! We would never say anything that would get you in trouble. It is just…well…you know. We think your…um…backside is so sexy. I know I would love to see what your…you know. Looks like.” I said as I stared as his bulge. We watched closely as Uncle Ash stood up and dropped his shorts right in front of us. His large 7″ dick popped straight out at our face. My brother and I both began to drool as his cock got closer and closer to our face. Soon as his cock was within rage we stuck out our tongues and began to lick his shaft. Just as soon as we made contact he began to moan from the pleasure we were giving him. I think we were getting as much or more enjoyment out of licking and sucking his cock as he was. My brother and I took turns letting him slip his cock in our mouth. He would let one of us suck him for a couple minutes then he would switch and the other would suck him for a few minutes. He got closer and closer to his own orgasm. We continued to lick and suck him while we played with his balls. We soon had him to the point he could not contain his cum any longer. When he was ready to spray his cum he pulled his cock from our mouth and he began to jack off until his cum flew from his dick head and sprayed all over my brother’s and my face. By the time his balls were empty our faces were completely covered with his thick hot cum. Arnold and I looked at each other and giggled as the cum dripped from our chins. Uncle Ash suggested we lick each other clean so we would know what it tasted like. We did not have to be asked a second time. We dove in and before we knew it we were not only clean but we were now passionately French kissing. We had never done that before but by what we had seen on the TV we had it figured out pretty quick. “Ready for the next show? This is called rimming.” Uncle Ash asked. “Sure.” We both told him. The show started with two men in their thirties. They each were already were hard and naked. What was different were they were both shaved. Their cocks, balls, and butts were completely void of hair. My brother asked and Uncle Ash said that some guys and most girls preferred it that way. Then one of the two got on his hands and knees and stuck his butt in the air while placing his head on the floor. The other guy went up behind him and placed his hands on his butt and pull his cheeks apart. He then proceeded to shove his face into his butt crack. The camera shifted angles and showed him licking his butt hole and finally sticking his tongue inside. Arnold and I could not believe it. We could not understand why someone would stick their tongue into the butt hole of someone else. This licking and probing lasted for about five minutes or so and then they switched. When it was over Uncle Ash asked if we wanted to try rimming. Arnold was first to answer only because I was still stunned anyone would do such a thing. “No Way! I am not going to lick anybody’s butt hole.” Arnold yelped. I followed up with, “I agree. I am not going to do it either. That is gross.” Uncle Ash chuckled and said, “Ok. It is not for everyone and very few boys your age would even think to try such a thing. Let’s take a break and get something to eat and come back and watch the last section.” “What is the last section about?” I asked. “Anal sex. I think you will like this part a lot.” Uncle Ash answered. Arnold and I were in a hurry to get back to some ‘fun’ so we quickly ate some cookies and drank some Coke before returning to the living room. Uncle Ash started the last section of the show as we all sat on the couch to watch. This last show started with two young teenage boys. They both looked to be 18 or 19 years old. One had a fairly thick 7″ dick and the other was a big fat thick 8″ monster cock. Neither one was shaved and they were both already hard when the show started. They started out kissing that quickly turned into a hot steamy French kiss. They were laying down with one on top of the other as they kissed. The guy on top grabbed some lube from the table and began to lube up his partner’s ass hole. He then smeared some on his 7″ cock before taking the other’s legs and putting them over his shoulders. With the guys legs spread wide he began to work his hard dick in and out of the guy’s hole. He slowly worked his dick in and out as his dick finally disappeared inside the guy’s butt. Once he was fully inside he began to pump in and out faster and faster. We could hear the guy’s balls smacking the ass of the one on bottom as he was being pounded by a good sized 7″ dick. They both were moaning from the pleasure they were getting from the sex they were having. After about five minutes of hard ass pounding sex the one on top erupted with a torrent of cum which filled up the ass of the one on bottom. Soon as the flow of cum stopped they quickly switched positions and the one with the larger cock was now lubed up and ready to fuck the asshole of the other. I looked over at Uncle Ash and noticed he was really enjoying the show as much as we were. We watched as the one with the fat cock split open the other’s asshole and filled him up with his big fat cock. He then fucked him in the same position for about five minutes before he too shot a massive amount of cum. He pulled out and the camera showed him pulling the guy’s ass apart and the cum flowed like a river from his hole and around his crack to the bed. The two guys on the screen were really breathing hard as their sexual encounter came to an end. With that Uncle Ash asked if we wanted to try anal sex. We both jumped at the chance but Arnold was a little worried it would hurt. Uncle Ash said it might hurt a little but neither of us had very big penises so it probably was not going to hurt much. Uncle Ash grabbed some lube while we decided that Arnold was going to put his hard dick into my ass first. Then I could let him know how much it hurt. We got into the doggie position and Arnold slowly inserted his small 3″ hard cock into my virgin butt hole. It was a tight fit but with the lube It did not hurt much at all. It was more like a filling feeling. It kind of felt like I was taking a dump backwards. Arnold moaned as he sank his cock into my ass, so I guessed he liked how my hole felt wrapped around his stiff rod. Once he was all the way inside I felt his soft balls pressed against the bottom of my butt cheeks. Arnold waited until I became adjusted to his cock inside my body before he began to fuck me. When I was ready I gave the sign and began to pull and push from his body. He then dikmen escort knew I was ready. He picked up the action and began to fuck me slow at first but it did not take long before was picking up speed. He was getting into a regular pattern as he rammed his hard dick in and out of my hole. It felt really nice kind of like someone was wanting me to feel as good as they were feeling. While he pounded my ass, I looked up and saw Uncle Ash pulling on his big dick. It was hard and long and looked to be dripping a lot of pre-cum. I not only wanted that pre-cum in my mouth, I wanted him to feel a part of the action. I looked up at Uncle Ash and asked, “Can I suck on you while Arnold uses my butt hole for his pleasure?” I am not sure if it was the way I worded it or just the invitation, but Uncle Ash quickly came up to me and shoved his big dick in my face. I opened my mouth and gladly accepted his log without hesitation. With each pounding my brother gave me it pushed me into my uncle’s cock and balls. My noses was shoved into his pubic hair as my lips pressed against his balls. The whole time I was being fucked I was being pushed and pulled into my Uncle. I was sucking him like I was trying to get a prize. I had already enjoyed all the pre-cum he had ready for me but by now I wanted more. My cock was throbbing just waiting for its turn at my brother’s asshole. It was only about ten minutes later when I noticed Arnold’s breathing was increasing, his pounding was getting faster and harder, and he began to moan louder. On the other end of my body was my uncle’s dick which was beginning to increase in thickness. I knew this was a sign he was about to blow his load. I wanted this load down my throat too. I wanted him to know I was able to drink a man’s sized load of cum so I prepared myself for the river of cum I was about to drink. “I am about to cum!” Arnold loudly moaned. I was glad he was about finished with my asshole because it was beginning to dry out and needed more lube but I was too busy with a dick in my mouth to say anything. I could feel Uncle Ash too was about to blow but not wanting him to pull out I sucked harder and with one hand holding my body up I took the other and grabbed his butt and pulled him tight into my face. He must have got the message because he fucked my face harder as he neared his climax. “I am going to fill your belly with my cum!” Uncle Ash moaned. There was no time to shift or make any changes in my decision. He instantly began to fire stream after stream after stream of hot juicy cum. Just as the first round hit the back of my throat, Arnold began to have an orgasm and began to shake as he moaned about how good it felt inside my ass. The more and louder Arnold moaned the stronger the streams of cum were fired from my uncle’s cock. The first several hit the back of my throat and dripped down to my belly. The next few puddled up in my mouth and I had to swallow to get them down. Finally, Arnold pulled his now limp dick from my ass and Uncle Ash’s dick was pulled from my mouth but not until I sucked his tube dry. I did not want a single drop to go to waste. We all collapsed in a pile on the floor as we tried to regain some type of composure. We talked about the way it felt, the pleasure, the pain, and all other feelings. I was the only one that had not had an orgasm so of course I wanted to get started right away fucking my brother’s asshole. He was still a little scared but since he had just fucked me he knew he had better let me fuck him the same way. We shifted positions and began. Uncle Ash lubed up Arnold’s butthole and had me lube up my own cock. I was so excited that it would not have taken much stroking to blast off a hard orgasm on my own. I knew it would be dry but still would have felt great. When we were lubed up and ready I gently positioned my dick at his backdoor entrance. I gave a slight push and the head of my dick popped inside his hole. I then slowly worked in and out until my cock was buried all the way to my balls inside his body. I let out a loud moan as I rested my balls on his butt cheeks. I then waited for his sign he was ready and then I began to fuck my brother’s butt like he had fucked mine. Fuck it felt good. I had never felt anything like this before. The oral sex we had just had was not even this good. It was good but this was fantastic. I instantly got out of control and began to pound his ass as hard as I could as I drove my dick in and out of his lubed up asshole. I am guessing it was because I had just been used on both ends for sex with no relief at all with my needs as to why I was so fast in getting to my orgasm. I only lasted about five minutes before I had a mind blowing orgasm and if I had been shooting cum I would have filled his ass up to the top. Arnold on the other had got pounded pretty good but luckily he did not have any pain from it. The bad part was he did not get to suck Uncle Ash off like I did. He was a little upset about me cumming so fast and not getting the chance to suck Uncle Ash off. Uncle Ash told him not to worry that he could have the next load in a few minutes. It was getting really late but we had been so active that we decided to have a big snack. It was pretty much a night meal as we each had a sandwich and chips. We talked about sex and how we were enjoying the learning experience. We took about an hour break and since there was no school or work the next day we decided one more round would be fun. The problem was who was going to do who. “Uncle Ash, would you like to put your dick in my butt?” I asked. “Thanks for the offer but I am way too big for your hole. You really need to be smart and kind when you have anal sex with anyone or even regular sex with a girl.” He was saying. “What do you mean?” Arnold asked. “Well see, when I was about your age, I had a friend that had an older brother. I think he was 16 or 17 years old. Well we were playing at my friends house and his brother got really horny and wanted to have his way with me. I guess because at the time I was small, cute, and had a sexy butt compared to his brother. My friend’s brother told me it would not hurt and I would like it. Well he had a big cock, not as big as mine is now but still big, and even with lots of lube it really hurt a lot. He split me open and would not stop until he fill my ass with his cum. Well I never went back to his house to play and finally we were no longer friends. So because of what happened to me, I have been very careful not to hurt anyone, boy or girl, that I had sex with. So please be careful and do not force anyone to do anything they do not want to do and do not do it if it will hurt them in any way.” Uncle Ash explained. We understood and made sure we were careful from then on with who we fucked. We did ask if we could fuck his ass and he said that was fine. I let Arnold go first and he slipped his dick into our uncle’s asshole. It easily went in and he pounded his ass until he had that orgasmic feeling. I went next but while I fucked our uncle, Arnold sucked his cock. Uncle Ash was getting it in two ways and he was loving it. I was pounding really hard and my brother sucked him off. He sucked hard as he played with uncle’s balls. A few minutes later Uncle Ash blasted yet another load of hot cum into my brother’s mouth. He did the best he could but was not able to drink it all. Some of the cum dripped down my brother’s chin. I finished with a hard orgasm then went directly to my brother’s face where I licked him clean. We all kissed and hugged before we took one last shower together in our uncle’s big shower. Arnold and I went to bed and slept together in each other’s arms and Uncle Ash went to his bed and slept alone. I had suggested we all sleep together but Uncle Ash said that my brother and I should have some boding time together. In the future, we did all sleep together and sometimes I would sleep with Uncle Ash and sometimes Arnold would sleep alone with Uncle Ash. We were just one big happy family even though we were not really family. We were really glad that Aunt Evelyn ended up staying in the other country leaving us with Uncle Ash until we turned 18. We graduated and moved on but we never forgot the lessons we learned from our uncle. The End

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