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Uncle’s hairdressing salon, and first DP

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Uncle’s hairdressing salon, and first DPI have to confess my appetite for sex is huge, as a woman today, and even more, when as a girl, which always attracted more interest, from older men, was more daring and more exhilarating, because it was all new experiences, but the feeling for it was never ending, and the fruits of the act, were more intense.Today of course, it’s a reversal, as a committed MILF, I fuck younger guys, who are harder and more eager, their cocks drive me wild, and of course, my experience can take them to new heights, plus, their semen tastes more sweeter, as they are fresher, just like younger girls taste to older men.Take for example when I thought I wanted to be a hairdresser, in my uncle’s salon. I started my training, like most girls, as a hair washer and scalp massager. Most of his clientèle, were middle-aged men, with very little hair.I remember sitting on the first day drinking tea with my uncle and remarking that, but he laughed and said, ‘Mariel darling, these men are bald because they have too much testosterone, big balls, and you washing their hair will work wonders for them’.I laughed as we always spoke like that, talking about cocks and balls, so I said, ‘If you think that, why is the basin in the main shop, should it not be more private, like in the back’?’Would you like me to entertain them’, I asked him, more seriously than he anticipated, ‘Do you want to’, he retorted, sarıyer escort his voice thick and his dick getting harder.He looked at me as I burst out in a fit of laughter, he did have an erection, and I pointed that out, ‘Fucking hell Mariel, you cock teaser’, suddenly stopping as the front door opened, and another customer walked in.They knew each other, and uncle introduced me as his 15 year old niece, which caused me to screw-up my face, as I was 16 coming on 17, but looked more 13, suddenly it dawned on me, that there was a hint of sexual innuendo, in the air, well nieces and uncles, do have that little thing going on between them, especially if uncle has no blood ties.Uncle offer a free hair wash to him, then closed the front door, and turned the sign for ‘Closed for Lunch’, closed the curtain, and left us alone in the front shop and disappeared into the back shop, he claimed to have lunch, but in reality, to watch me work my charms on the guy in the chair.He sat with his head on the edge of the basin and to spice things up I removed my coverall, revealing a small ‘tank-top’ that cut just under my smallish breasts, I should mention, bare breasts, as the smallest brassieres, were still to large for them, although my nipples were very prominent, and now being alone with a man, to enact a sexual scenario to please my voyeuristic esenyurt escort uncle, did make me horny and a tad uncontrollable.As I gently washed him, I gave him an ample view of my budding breasts, inches from his eyes, as he looked up at them as they jiggled and wobbled in their loose encasement, playing the nonchalance card, but making myself a very horny girl, thinking if uncle was actually doing it watching me.We chatted, well he did most of the talking, but I told him I was really just 13 and because of labour laws we lied as I wanted to be a hairdresser.Of course he was very complimentary about me, very flattering, and I responded by being more caring as I massaged his scalp, and pressed my pubic bone against if out-thrush elbow, something I was sure he would feel and notice.Eventually I offered a third wash, as if to prolong our intimacy, hoping he would think I was wanting to continue rubbing myself against him, which I did, but in reality I had noticed he was touching himself under the ‘throw-on’ he was wearing, so I just said, ‘I will give you another wash free of charge, as I can see your enjoying it’, and as I said it I looked at his crotch, and winked.I walked over to the back door, that uncle had disappeared into earlier, and he was just inside, cock in hand, indicating I was to continue with the customer, so he continue with his wanking. I smiled and avrupa yakası escort pointing to his cock said, ‘I am having some of that after it’, turned and walked back out, telling the customer, Uncle was having forty winks, he was up late last night.This time as I applied lather and pressure to his scalp, my breast were rubbing him, my tank top wet and lathered, my nipples bared and on his face.He had taken his penis out and was furiously wanking under his smock that it all became too much for me, so I took my knickers off in front of him, and without waiting for an invite, pulled up the linen covering his fleshy cock and mounted him.We fucked on the chair me straddling him and pounding down on him, suddenly another cock was poking into my asshole, uncle had found this too much to resist and the sight of my little pink hole all puckered up, was what he aimed for, scooping the lather from the customer head and thrusting it into my backside until his cock found little resistance to his probing, and on that morning my education was exposed to double penetration, two old men and one nubile teenage nymph, impaled back and front, humped as if there was no tomorrow.Hairdressing was just a passing fad, rewarded with sex, and I learned how to go bareback without becoming pregnant, taking it up my ass, and surprisingly so do young girls today, bare cock in the asshole is more rewarding than wearing a condom, if only they new I was practising that, before they were born, then again, I read a ‘Jack the Ripper’ book and found out that London’s prostitutes were ass fucking then too, so guys, lets have more, I know I am still waiting for you, at least the young guys I meet, get to try it, with my help of courseChatting to him was

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