May 22

Unexpected Three-way and My First DP

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Unexpected Three-way and My First DPAn Unexpected Three-way…a true story.I have been estranged from my family for a long time. Recently we re-connected and my father announced he had sold his house and I could have a lot of my family’s belongings. One of my black playmates has a moving company and he generously provided two men to help me move the stuff into a storage unit. It turns out the two men were brothers, black, sexy in a rough way and super sweet. I had no intention of any hanky panky, however getting all sweaty with two black men is fun even if all I got to do was think about sex and flirt a little.Anthony is 39 and Andre 32, but they both looked in their 20’s. They were both about two inches taller than me. Not my preference as I like my men big. We get in the huge rental truck and off we go to my dad’s house in North Carolina.What a fucking nightmare! I realized why we had become estranged in about thirty seconds. My father and his wife (my mom is dead) are total assholes. There was hardly anything in the house for me to take and then we had to drive the huge truck to a storage unit in South Carolina for the rest. I pretended to be nice, thanked them and left with the guys, knowing I would never see my father again. Good riddance.I was sitting between Andre and Anthony in the truck and I started to cry. Andre was super sweet and we talked while Anthony drove. Anthony was quiet most of the way. I was ok after about thirty minutes and after that we talked about relationships, and Andre started flirting. I wasn’t having any of it but it was fun. We were all sweaty and their manly smell was making me horny but I have a lot of self- control. Also, Rod would be pissed if I fucked his employees.We get to the storage unit and I almost went postal. The unit was full of broken down damaged and rat-infested stuff. I just collapsed in the unit and wept. The guys stood by the truck smoking and I gathered myself in a few minutes.After we emptied the unit the truck was only one third full. I had wasted so much of my limited finances for nothing. We started the long drive back to Atlanta and I was quiet. I was so exhausted I dozed off against Andre. I woke up and Andre was stroking my thigh. I pretended to still be asleep. I wanted to see what he would do. I opened my legs just a little and leaned closer to him. He reached up and started massaging my right breast. I moaned a little but it was hard not to giggle. BAM! All of a sudden something broke loose in the back of the truck and we pulled over. Anthony stayed in the cab and called Rod. Andre and I went into the back of the truck.We climbed up and saw that a headboard to a bed had broken loose, so we pushed it back and started canlı bahis tying it down. I saw Andre was semi-hard and it was a huge bulge in his work pants.I kneeled down to hold the headboard and then I reached out and started massaging his cock. I was so angry with my family I needed a release and I decided to just go for Andre, even for a few minutes.He opened his pants and I started sucking his sweaty black cock. I was soaking wet. It started getting hard and OH FUCK it was HUGE. It was about 9 inches long but really thick the way I like them. I’m slobbering all over it like a slut and stuffing it in my throat. I sucked him for about five minutes and he shot a huge load of spicy cum in my mouth and I started trying to swallow it but a lot ran down my chin onto my T-shirt. Andre was moaning oh fuck oh fuck, damn girl you can suck cock!I stood up and Anthony was standing there, his cock out, stroking it.He walked over and I started stroking his cock. It was longer than Andre’s and not as thick, Maybe 10-11 inches and uncircumcised. Down I went and started working my mouth magic on him. He was rougher than Andre and started shoving my head down on his rock hard cock. I held my breath and he started throat fucking me. I was gagging and drooling all over him. My pussy was screaming for dick.Anthony fed me five or six huge jets of his thick salty black seed. I was now dizzy with lust but we had to go.“Okay guys, we need to go. This was very bad. Rod would be pissed if he knew this happened,” I said.“He will never know,” Andre said earnestly. “We swear. He would fire us both.”We got back in the truck and started driving. I looked down and there was cum drying all over my shirt. We were meeting my Aunt and Uncle in Atlanta and I couldn’t have them smelling sex all over me.“We need to stop at a Wal-Mart someplace,” I said. “I need a new shirt.”We saw one a few exits down I85 and I ran in and bought two tops. I felt like a whore, with cum stains all over me, and smelling like it too. It was a turn-on seeing the young black cashier look at me and then realize I had cum stains all over the front of my shirt. I smiled at her, winked and walked out.The ride to Atlanta was torture because I wanted to suck Andre’s cock all the way back but I resisted.We met my Aunt and Uncle at their house, dropped off two mattresses and went to the storage unit in Atlanta.It only took about 30 minutes to unload the truck and then we returned it and picked up my car. I had to drive the guys back to Smyrna, which was about 45 minutes one way.Anthony was in the back seat and Andre in the front passenger seat. I reached over and started stroking Andre’s cock through his pants. I was so absolutely furious bahis siteleri this day had cost me money I didn’t have, and nothing but crap had resulted from all this work and expense. I needed a release in the worst way.Andre pulled his cock out and I was massaging it and I said I wanted them to both fuck me when we got to their place. We stopped at a CVS pharmacy in Smyrna and they bought condoms. Their house was only five minutes away. They shared a little brick ranch in a nice neighborhood.We went in and were naked in like two minutes and in a small shower washing the sweat off. I was kissing Andre and Anthony was rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks. All of a sudden Anthony shoved his cock in my sopping pussy. I gasped because it was really long and it slid balls deep and hit my cervix. He started fucking me hard. I said for him to stop because there was no condom.He kept fucking me and I was clawing at Andre’s back because I was pressed hard against him.“OH GOD please pull out,” I moaned.Then he ground his cock deeper and my cervix popped and he was in my uterus.I started cumming like crazy and fucking back onto his cock as hard as I could. Andre held me tight and I was going over the edge.“OHHHHHGOD! YES right there! RIGHT THERE! Fuck me harder! FUCK my white pussy with that black cock!”I started gushing all over him and almost blacked out. They picked me up and carried me into a bedroom and threw me down on a queen-sized bed.Andre finally got the condoms and they both put them on. Andre put me on my back and slid his fucking thick cock into my pussy. He lay on top of me with his tongue in my mouth and stared grinding his cock into me. My legs were locked around him and I was clawing at his back.“Oh GOD fuck me baby. I love it. Deeper! OH GOD I’m gonna cum!”Andre was a great fuck and I started chain orgasms. He finally slowed down and told me to ride him. I climbed on top of him and slid him back inside me. Anthony had taken off the condom and stood in front of me and fucked my mouth while I rode Andre. It was really hard to concentrate and properly suck him and then I started cumming again like a maniac. I was gushing all over Andre’s balls and thighs.I was grinding onto Andre and growling like a wild a****l. (I do that, GRIN)Anthony started rubbing my asshole with his thumb and it was making me crazy. I love anal sex but only my lover Jammer had ever taken my ass. I never thought having my ass fucked could rival normal fucking but Jammer is a master in bed and now I crave his cock in my ass as much as in my pussy.But I digress…Anthony slid his thumb or finger in my ass and started pressing against Andre’s cock in my pussy and fucking my ass in alternating strokes.“OHHHGGGGGDDDD canlı bahis siteleri OH MY GOD YES FUCK ME!”I exploded in a continuous wave of rocking and rolling orgasms. It was actually just one continuous orgasm. I felt Anthony remove his finger and I just lay on top of Andre shuddering as the orgasm wouldn’t stop.Andre started fucking me again and I felt Anthony’s finger again, no wait, it must be his thumb. I started pushing back to give him my asshole again because it felt so fucking good. My asshole opened up and fuck he has a big thumb. I started shoving back on his thumb.“OH MY FUCKING GOD! NO NO!”All of a sudden I realized Anthony had his cock in my ass. Nobody gets my ass but my lover.He had about 3 or 4 inches in me and started to fuck me as Andre was working me in perfect synch.“NO NO you can’t do this No! OH MY FUCKING GOD!”Anthony got all 10 inches in my ass and they started fucking me. I was trapped. I was having my first double penetration with two black men I had only met that morning.“OHHHHH FUCKING GOD YES! Fuck me! IM CUMMING AHHHHHHGGGGGGOOOOOD fuck my ass and pussy JESUS CHRIST! FUCK ME! I’m YOUR WHITE WHORE!!!”I remember clearly going absolutely insane with lust. I was ramming my ass back on Anthony’s cock while Andre pounded his huge black log into my cunt.It went on and on. Harder and deeper they used me. I was covered in our sweat. I had stopped even recognizing orgasms. Something else was happening. I felt like my body was on fire. My pussy and ass were swirling in a void of time and space.Jammer had told me this would happen during a DP but I wanted it to be with him. It was too late. I had given myself to these black men. No I didn’t! They took it from me.Two black men are using me like a whore. I started to explode in the most intense feeling in my life. The taboo, shame, lust and guilt overtook me. I needed this I am a whore. I needed this so badly today.“Fuck my cunt you black motherfuckers! Use me! Get that ass and pussy! FUCK ME FUCK ME!!!!”I started cumming again in waves and finally they both came in my ass and pussy at the same time and we all collapsed. I felt their cocks swelling up and they must have both had massive orgasms because we three all lay there shuddering.Finally gathering my thoughts together I went into the bathroom and got in a scalding hot shower and wept. I needed this so badly. The experience with my father was purged and I am free.Will Jammer forgive me for not having my first DP with him? Will I forgive myself?I walked into the living room, found all my clothes and left the house without saying a word to these men. They would never talk.I got in my car and called Jammer and told him everything in tears. I wept uncontrollably when he told me he loved me and everything was fine.Never in my dreams would I believe a man like Jammer existed. I have never known love in my life. Not even a little. I crave his touch! Soon I will be in his arms…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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