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Vacation 6

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Vacation 6We awoke to a pounding on our door. Apparently the k**lets were eager to eat and get to the island for our Disney Island day. We didn’t even bother showering as we knew that we would be spending so much of our day in the water. I did take the time to shave though. I knew that you preferred me to be smooth shaven (but that’s ok, because I prefer you smooth shaven as well).After a quick breaky we left the ship and staked out some premium loungers and settled in for yet one more magical day full of snorkeling, swimming, floating, boating and feeding the stingrays.Exhausted and tired after our day we went to our rooms, showered and got dressed for supper and the after dinner show.All through the show my hands kept creeping up under your skirt to clitilate you. I had the grandest plans for what to do with you when we got back to our room. Unfortunately, the show ended late, and by the time we got back into our room I barely had the energy to lay ontop of you for our habitual squish goodnight before cuddling up against you and going straight to sleep.The pace of the next day as we left the ship and drove to our hotel in the Keys was crazy. Not bad, or overwhelming or anything – just non-stop. We didn’t get any time to ourselves till quite late when, boys safely tucked in, hand in hand we went for a walk down the road past our resort just to see what else was around.As we were walking along in the rapidly deepening dusk I noticed a small sign on the hotel two down from ours. It said ‘swingers night – couples only’. I glanced over at you and saw that you had read it too. Without a word we turned to walk up the driveway.The doorman smirked at us as we walked up, but was polite and suggested that we carry straight on through to the pool deck. We stopped off at the bar in the lobby for a couple of glasses of wine and then made our way out to the deck to see what was going on. I must say that I had never seen anything quite like it, even canlı bahis in all my visits to hedo. There were only a couple of dozen people there, but most of them were doing something erotic.As we were standing and staring a perky young brunette girl bounced up to us and told us to hurry up and get our clothes off so that we could join her and her friends in the hot tub. It seemed like fun, so with a glance at each other we found an empty chair and shucked out of our clothes. I had to make a point of not looking at any of the action because I wasn’t quite ready to sport an erection in public – at least not just then.We gratefully slipped into the anonyminity of the swirling water. We found a space right next to the same brunette that had welcomed us earlier. She was bouncing up and down of some fellow’s lap, clearly getting fucked but she didn’t hesitate to ask if she could suck my cock.I demurred saying that I wanted to finish my drink first. She seemed a bit disappointed but seemed to take it in stride by having her guy sit up on the side of the hot tub so she could suck him instead.It was very erotic to be within easy touching distance of the guy getting blown. There was no way to stop my erection at this point, but at least it was still under water, right where you found it and began to stroke it while you sipped your wine.The couple that had been necking across from us broke up, with the guy moving to stand right behind the brunette. The ease that he slipped into her with indicated that she must have been very wet and excited for some attention.Some giggling distracted me from the excitement right beside us, as the girl from the couple that had broken up had drifted over to the only remaining couple in the tub and had moved to the deck to ‘69’ with the girl. The lone guy sat next to them, watching and stroking himself.I’m not sure what happened, but the spontaneous orgy kind of equally spontaneously imploded. The guy that had been bahis siteleri fucking the brunette just kind of wandered away, and shortly after so did everyone else expect our brunette friend. “What happened?” I asked?“oh, they just brought out the appetizers” responded our new friend. “By the way, my name is Cynthia”. In turn we introduced ourselves too.We were almost done our wine, sitting there in the tub with Cynthia bobbing in the water in front of as we chatted about this, that and nothing at all. The tub was getting hotter and hotter (temperature wise) so you and I ended up lifting ourselves out of the water to sit on the side.By then my cock had recovered, and you had only been teasing and being playful rather than seriously playing with me. I’m not sure why I was self conscious about being seen with an erection when I didn’t care if people saw me naked . . .Anyway, as soon as your bottom cleared the water Cynthia saw your all over hair cut and moved closer to admire it. She smiled as she said, “it looks like you wax” She then stood and lifted one leg to rest on the bench right next to you, giving us a clear view of her equally bald beaver. She added to her previous comment “me too”.She then plunked back down into the water, sitting right on the edge of the bench, and pretty much right between your legs. She unabashedly began to look at miss muffy again. “You know” she said “I’ve never eaten out a red head before – would you mind?” Before either of us had any idea how to respond her lips were firmly attached to your mound, and regardless what you thought your legs were spreading to give her better access.My cock had never hardened so fast before in my life. I couldn’t tell exactly what she was doing to you, but whatever it was, you were obviously enjoying it very much because you had let go of me to lean back on your elbows and shut your eyes, losing yourself in the moment.I was rather surprised when Cynthia reached up and güvenilir bahis grabbed my cock and pumped it for a few strokes when she lifted her mouth from your mound just barely long enough to demand that I fuck her.The momentary loss of stimulation caused you to open your eyes and you lost none of the command. You looked first at Cynthia and then at me and said “well, what are you waiting for”. I got the distinct impression that you couldn’t wait for her to get her tongue back in your slit.I moved around behind and found myself at the perfect height to slip right into her, just as that other fellow not that long before – funny feeling that . . .I began to slowly stroke in and out of her watching her eat you with more and more energy. I couldn’t believe the turn on it was to watch her give you such pleasure and it wasn’t long before I began to pump with a greater and greater sense of urgency. Cynthia must have felt my grip on her waist tighten and she broke away from your cunt just long enough to say “slow down a bit sport” to me.I really wasn’t sure what swinging protocol was for cumming but I knew that I had better figure it out soon before I offended this eager girl.You began to moan as you only do as you cum. Cynthia rode you until you pushed her head away from your obviously tender pussy. That seemed to be her signal to turn to look at me and say “ok, now give it to me!”.I picked up my pace again as you watched. I hesitated mid-stroke as I began to feel myself about to unload. The young girl used the moment to spin around and take me in her mouth, just in time to get her tonsils splashed with my white goo.I reached out to you and when you gave me your hand I pulled you close to me and kissed you deeply while I had the last droplets of cum sucked from my rapidly wilting cock.Cynthia licked her lips and then asked if we were staying nearby. We nodded. She said “we only have a party like this once a month, but a few of us are staying two doors down.”I don’t know whether it was a good idea or not, but I blurted out “that’s where we are staying too”.She smiled knowingly and offered up a “I hope we can hook up later then” as we moved off to find our clothes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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