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Cock Riding

As they rambled about the estate enjoying the afternoon sun. She thought to herself how did I ever get myself into this. She thinks back to when they met that first night not so long ago. She had spent the last of her savings to take the vacation of her dreams. She was about to have to return to her life back in the home town she hated so much.

Anyway she had seen him around the pool lounging in his chair by the water. He was nicely tanned about 6′ 3″ tall with slightly graying hair. Looked to be about45 years old. She didn’t think he would pay any attention to her because she wasn’t the pretty little barbie type. She stood only 5′ 5″ tall and weighed 195lbs. She had never really thought about older men before since she is only 29years old. She started to get up to get a drink and the bartender was walking over to her with a drink already.

She looked at him in a puzzled way and said “what is this”? To which he replied, the gentleman over there by the pool sent this to you. She glanced over only to find that he was not there now. As she turned to look for him he was walking up to her from the other direction. He introduced himself and ask if the drink was all right.

She says yes blushingly not really believing that he had even noticed her. She invites him to sit down with her and they make small conversation. She learns that he is the head of a corporation just outside Houston. And that he has just finished his business and was wanting to relax and enjoy the island before returning to the states.

He finds out that this is her last day on the island and invites her to dinner in his hotel suite. She says she isn’t sure about his hotel suite since she just met him. So he suggests that they go to dinner at the club down the beach. She gladly accepts the offer and she agrees to be ready at eight that evening.

He picks her up at eight sharp. That tells her that he takes control of the situation. When he steps out of his car to walk around and open her door she is taken aback by just how gorgeous this man really is. He stops to look her up and down with a look that seems to see right to her very soul. They go to dinner and afterwards he suggests they go dancing.

They dance to a few fast dances and she thinks to herself that he is not a bad dancer for being older. They sit a couple songs out to cool down and drink some of their wine. Then a slow song comes up and he takes her hand and leads her to the dance floor. As their bodies touch with the rhythm of the music she can feel that he is excited. And she leans further into him as they sway to the sounds of the music. He holds her tighter and tells her in a whisper that she feels good up against his body. And he tells her he would like to spend the rest of the evening with her. He smiles a smile that melts away any inhibition that she might have had. She bahis firmaları readily accepts his offer to join him for the evening.

They return to his hotel suite which she finds to be the penthouse suite. She makes herself more comfortable while he makes their drinks. He returns to the over sized couch that she has chosen to sit in. He sits beside her and looks into her eyes and as she stares back she can still feel the excitement of the evening. She is still thinking about what she had felt of him on the dance floor earlier. She can’t help but wonder just what it would be like to have hot passionate sex with a man she just met. He must be able to read what she is thinking because he reaches out to her and draws her into him. She seems to melt into him as she tries to feel as much of him as she can against her. He softly kisses her on her cheek and slowly moves to her lips.

As he kisses her he runs his gentle hands down her spine feeling all of her back while there. He softly holds her face as they pull apart slightly. He says to her just relax and enjoy where I take you. She gives herself totally to him and says please do take me places that i’ve never been before. He picks her up and carries her to the bed with very little effort. She can’t believe he picked her up in one graceful move and carried her like that. He lays her down ever so gently. Its then that she realizes it is a waterbed. She has never done it on a waterbed. He slowly removes her top and her bra to expose her lovely breast. He says they are perfect just the right size and shape. She had never thought of them that way. She thought they were to big. She didn’t like the fact that they where 38dd.

He slowly lowers himself down to take one in his lips and softly kiss it. Only to stop and raise up again. She grabs for him and says no don’t stop. To which he replies “I’m not stopping just getting started baby”. He helps her off with her skirt. And steps back to drink her beauty in like it is a fine liqueur to be sampled before drinking it all at once.

She sits up to help him out of his suit. Slowly taking off his shirt and tie. Softly kissing him on his shoulders as she removes them. She kisses him on the mouth a hard demanding kiss that tells him she wants what he has to offer. She runs her hands down his chest till she finds his nipples and she admires the way they are rigid with desire. She softly traces her way down to his belt and unbuckles it. She must see what she felt as they where dancing earlier. She unbuttons and unzips his trousers and lets them fall to the floor.

She then realizes that he has no underwear on and she is face to face with what she felt before. It is not huge but it is enough to satisfy her. It appears to be about 7 or 7 1/2 long and just big enough around to stretch her when it is all in. She tells him she must kaçak iddaa taste him and licks the tip of his manhood. She quickly swallows as much of him as she can because she can’t wait. He moans in deep appreciation of her abilities in the oral sense. She continues to lick and suck on him as he starts to moan even louder and to thrust his hips forward so she can have it all.

She pulls back and licks down his shaft to his balls. Which she takes in her mouth one at a time. OH JESUS he says as she does that. She slips back up to take his shaft in her mouth again and slides down it to the base. When she gets there she snakes her tongue out and licks his balls. Then she draws one of them into her mouth at the same time as she is still sucking on his dick. OH JESUS BABY you know how to suck a dick. Feels so good but you have to stop or it will explode and I don’t want that yet. He lays her back on the bed and starts by kissing her on her neck and ears.

She moans as he moves down to her breast. He licks under them where they meet her body and it causes her to suck in her breath. He works up to the nipples and nips at them as he slips his hand up to rub her mound. He slowly goes further down with his tongue stopping to lick her belly button. In a slow thin line he draws to her panty line. He grabs her panties with his teeth and tries to pull them down. They only go so far and he can’t get them the rest of the way off so he rips them off with his teeth and she moans even louder in pleasure. He likes what he sees the hair is trimmed short almost to nothing but not quite. He spreads her legs as he slides his tongue through her slit.

He just touches her clit and she jumps and yelps in pleasure. But he keeps going down till he gets to where he can taste her. As he slips his tongue inside her she moves to give him better access. Spreading her legs as far as she can. He slides her legs on his shoulders and slips his hands under her ass and raises her up a little. Now he can lick like he wants to. He licks around her hole lapping at her juices drinking up her scent. He slips his tongue from her pussy and licks her right on her asshole. She jumps and tries to pull away but he says let me take you places you have never been trust me.

She remembers that she told him to take her those places and she relaxes and says ok. He returns to licking her pussy. She moans and grabs his hair and pulls him into her wanting to feel his tongue deeper in her. He licks up to her clit drawing tiny little circles around it making her groan in ecstasy. He slips back down and puts the tip of his tongue in her ass. OH MY yes I should have let you do that sooner. She throws her self around on the bed as much as she can considering that she is being held. He has her by the legs hanging on as he licks her from her ass to her clit back and forth. She kaçak bahis goes into spasms as he licks on her clit.

She screams out as she feels her orgasm coming over her. Washing out all sense of reality as she comes harder than ever before in her life. OH MY GOD I’M COMMMMMING BABY NOW COMMMMING HARD. HE looks up and says CUM FOR ME BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! And goes back to licking her. She is still in the throws of her first orgasms as he slips a finger in her pussy. She lets out another moan. Long and low sounding almost like an animal growl. She doesn’t believe the sounds she hears from her mouth. As he starts pumping his finger in and out and she is thrashing about making the waterbed splash as it rocks back and forth.

Just as she starts to cum again he slips his little finger in her ass and strokes with both fingers at once. Sending her into a frenzy she has never been like this before. So hot and turned on by just a tongue and a couple of fingers. She seems to keep cumming even when he has stopped stroking her. He pulls his fingers out and starts to lick his way back up her body. OH yes please give it to me. I need to feel your hot throbing manhood in me buried up to the base. She grabs his cock and directs it to the place she needs it the most. It is so hard and hot it feels like it is a hot steel poker straight out of the fire. She slips the head in and tells him to fuck her now. She still can’t believe the words that are coming out of her. But she is in heat she is like an animal she has to have his cock in her. He thrusts forward giving it to her in one swift move. “Oh baby yes that is what I needed”, she cries out. As he starts to pump in to her with total abandonment. Driving hard and fast just as she asked for.

She puts her legs around him driving her heels into his ass making him go that much harder if that is possible. They both are breathless from the pounding he is giving her. She goes into another orgasm screaming loudly as she does. Bringing her pelvis up to meet his with every thrust he makes. So that the top of his shaft rubs her clit every time he goes in. She can feel him swelling up getting closer to giving her what she wants. She want to feel him cum inside her. To fill her with his seed till it runs out because she is so full of it. He drives into her as far as he can and screams to her I’M CUMMMMING CUMMMMING NOW!! CUM WITH ME BABY!! I want to feel you cum too. With those words she cums to right along with him. She can feel him throb inside her as he shoots his cum into her. Glob after glob of his sticky sweet cum all inside her where she wants it. They slow down till he is stopped and just holding it in her till she is done cumming.

He falls beside her on the bed spent. She snuggles into him with her head on his chest. She feels his heart beating ever so fast. She rubs his chest telling him to slow down catch your breath. He enjoys having her fingers running through his hair on his chest. He relaxes and then she starts to run her hand down to his manhood again. But that’s another story to be told later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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