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Valhalla Spa

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Some parts of this story are true, so things have been changed like dates, locations, names etc. All characters engaged in any sexual activity are at least eighteen.

It has been almost 16-years since I wrote for this site. My oh my how time flies?

Yes, there are some GRAMMAR errors contained within this story, they are on purpose based on the character’s Asian heritage.


It is Mid-July, summer vacation in the late 1970’s. My name is Jimmy, I just turned 18-years-old, graduated Mamaroneck HS heading to ESF in god’s country New York. I want to be a Forest Park Ranger when I graduate. I will be working for the local ‘Y’ day camp in August, before I head off to college after Labor Day.

A little about me. I am 6 foot 190 lbs. in good shape, dirty blonde hair, kept short with hazel eyes. Haven’t been lucky enough through high school to have a girlfriend.

For my birthday. Typical cash gifts from parents & relatives, this year’s take was $200.00. I plan to keep some of it for college, but decided to treat myself to something special for my 18th. In the local advertising booklet contained within the newspaper are various advertisements. Since I read in the ‘JOHN”, I brought in the booklet.

Various advertisements listed coupon specials some for plumbers, lawyers, restaurants etc. Some were plain advertisements until I came across one for the Valhalla Spa in Valhalla, NY. They noted are located across from the train station. Free parking in the rear. Massage, 60 minutes for $50.00 special for new customers. I never had a massage and it was just $50.00 with $150.00 left for school.

So, the following Saturday around 1:00 pm I drove my Yellow VW Rabbit to the Train Station and parked in an open lot. I didn’t want anyone to drive by and see my car near a ‘SPA’ getting a massage. Men don’t do that I guess; Females typically go to the ‘SPA’.

After I park, I then walk across the street to look for the unit number, there are a bunch of store fronts spread out along the street. I found unit 545 with a neon sign in the window – ‘SPA OPEN’. I pull on the door it is locked, shit.

Through a speaker by the door I hear, “Yes, what do you want?”

I yell towards the speaker, “A massage please.”

“Go away kid, NO minors allowed, you must be 18-years-old with proof of age or older to enter.”

“I just turned 18 last week and have my driver’s license.”

“I’ll buzz you in, take your shoes off when you enter.” BBBUUUZZZZ

Nervous, I open the door forgetting to take off my shoes, walking towards the counter.

“I said take off your shoes.”

I stop in my tracks to flip off my boat shoes, then continue walking up to her desk.

“I need ID give, changing her tone, please give me your ID.”

I handed over my drivers license as she is scanning it, I check her out. Straight black hair that went below her shoulders about 5 foot. She was wearing a Tunic Robe or I guess a kimono but it was short with no clothes showing below. She was maybe 26 to 28 years old, hard to tell but with a very pretty face.

She says, “You check out on your age. My name is Mei Linn. 60-minute massage is $65.00 but you first-time customer, $50.00. If you want a table shower first that is $10.00 extra?”

I open my wallet and take out three $20.00 bills, saying, “I guess a table shower?”

She grabs my hand, then says, “You follow me.”

As I am led down a hallway, I pass a few rooms, we stop in front of room ‘C’, she opens the door pushing me in front of her, I walk in then she follows me in.

Mei Linn says, “You take everything off, use the chair or closet for your stuff, then put on the robe and clogs. I will leave you alone for a few minutes then knock before I come back in to get you for your shower.”

I took off my polo shirt and my shorts, didn’t wear any socks. Being nervous, I left on my Hanes plain white underwear. I opened the closet, took out the short robe then tightened up the belt. As I was putting on the clogs, there was a knock on the door and she enters the room.

She enters the room, in just a see-through white body suit with a black G-String. I could clearly see her maybe 36 C tits, not sure on size, as these were my first to see like this, but her brown nipples were poking out. She took my hand, then led me down the hall. In the room was this weird looking long low bathtub that was shallow inside. The inside has this mat with holes.

Mei Linn came over to me and undid my robe noticing that I still had on my underwear.

“I said take everything off, that meant underwear. They will get wet.”

She then kneels down on her knees, takes hold of my underwear, pulling them down my now wobbly legs. My erect 7-inch dick popped out in front of her as I put my hands over my erection. Moving my hands away, she moved my penis up/down.

“Nice big penis. Ah, you are a shy one, first time for female to see your penis. Don’t be shy I take good care of you.”

I escort am standing on the side of the shower table now nude in front of this stranger. She took a hose to spread warm water over the mat. Now let’s get you onto the table face down first. She then takes the hose and spreads the warm water all over me. Taking liquid soap into her hands she starts washing my feet. Cleaning between each toe, she adds more liquid soap, then goes up my legs brushing inside my thighs. Up one leg, over my butt cheeks to the other leg.

Adding more liquid soap to her hands, she goes back over my butt cheeks, sliding two fingers down my butt crack, then adds liquid soap to my back. On my back she starts giving me a light massage with the soap. Rubbing in the soap all over.

“AH, OH, that feels good.”

As she is rubbing my back, my boner is starting to bother me on my front. Adding a new soap, she rubs my shoulders then my neck. Once done, she goes back to the liquid soap to start doing my butt cheeks again. Moving her hand under me she grazes my balls, then sticks a little bit of her finger into my butt hole. I cum, embarrassed, “I moan out.” She giggles.

Taking the hose, she rinses my body of all the soap now using a wash cloth to finish removing all the soap.

“OK Jimmy, turn over, I will help you.”

I lift up my 6-foot frame, as Mei Linn helps me to turn over. My boner is sticking straight up, as she takes the wet washcloth and tosses it over my boner. Adding more liquid soap to her hands, she does the tops of my legs, now going on the inside of my thighs, into my groin area, under the wash cloth, she grabs, then cups as she washes my balls. Then goes back over my penis, giving it a tug or two. Then she replaces the wash cloth. Adding more liquid soap, she does my stomach next sliding her hand to just under my penis, washing my hair down there, she pulls on my bush.

Changing soaps again, she does my ears and face. I can now feel pre-cum leaking from my penis, hoping she doesn’t notice. Taking the hose with the wash cloth now off my penis, she starts to rinse off all the soap. Once done, she helps me up.

“Stand up, off the table, I will help you.”

From behind me, Mei Linn then gets a large towel. She starts to dry my back over my butt, between my legs, up/down as she hits my groin. Once done on my back, she goes in front of me to dry my face, softly patting it dry. Then my stomach, taking my penis into the towel, jerk’s it once, twice then releases it. She then gets my robe, helping me put it on.

Mei Linn then bends down, moving the clogs over to us, she takes one of my feet dries it with the towel, placing it into the clog then repeats the process with the other foot. She then takes my hand again to lead me out of the room. Back in room ‘C”, she takes off the robe then has me lay on the massage table face down. Placing a towel over my body she starts pressing on me, sliding the towel down she continues to press on my body. The towel is removed from me, as Mei Linn walks to my feet.

Adding oil to her hands, she starts to massage my feet, the feeling is great as she is pressing on some pressure points. After massaging my feet, she lifts my right leg in the air, places her ass on the table, then starts to massage my leg to my hip bone. Sliding up then back down as she quickly tickles my butt-hole and balls.

Moving her hands, she goes inside my thigh going around putting her fingers again under me to scratch my balls, then she goes to the other side on my inner thigh with her hand traveling down to my leg. She stretches my right leg towards my back, shakes it, putting it down. She then repeats this process with my left leg.

I feel like I am dripping/leaking cum from my penis. I have an erection again and my boner is starting to bother me as it presses into the massage table, as I lay on my front. She now goes to the side of the table, near my hand that is dangling off the side. She starts doing my butt cheeks, sliding her hand up my crack and then slides it back down. She slides her hand under the table so I lift up a little when she grabs my balls and my penis. She then slides her hand back adding some more oil to her hand’s.

She pushes her G-String pussy into my dangling hand saying, “OK to play with Mei Linn’s pussy.”

She is now dipping a finger into my asshole again. I start to rub her covered pussy, she starts to move a little up down on my hand. Then I cum. She knows that I came based on my body movements of shaking my pelvis, pushing up into her finger. She, “Giggles,” removing her finger from my asshole.

“That feel good Jimmy.”

I respond, almost out of breath, “Yea.”

Then she slides the G-String patch to the side, allowing me better access with the ability to feel some course hair over her pussy. Taking some more oil, she does my butt cheeks, rubbing hard, then, moves to my back. Raising the arm from her off her pussy she starts to massage my arm going to my fingers, she pulls on each trying to crack izmit escort bayan the knuckle.

She goes to my other side, takes my arm, massages it then again going to my fingers, she pulls on each trying to crack the knuckle. After some crack, she wipes her hands then massages my neck and shoulders with a nice smelling lotion. Having recently cum, my dick is finally soft for now.

She then says, “I’ll be right back,” leaving me laying on the table for a few minutes.

Coming back into the room with a hot towel throwing it over my body and it is very hot but feels good. Rubbing the towel over my back, shoulders, arms, butt, then down my crack, she finishes by wiping my feet taking the oil off my body.

“Jimmy, I’ll help you to turn over onto your back.”

I slowly turn over with Mei Linn helping me. Once on my back she places a towel over my groin area. Based on my now boner, the towel of course is rising a little bit. Leaning over to my right ear, she then whispers into my ear. “Asking are you a virgin?” I nod my head yes.

She then says, “For 100 dollars more I give you the special treatment, you will be very happy with my special virgin treatment.” Not saying what the special virgin treatment is but as horny as I am, I don’t really care. I have the money from my birthday. I say, “YES.”

She leaves the room with me on my back with just the towel covering me. I wait maybe 10 now 15 minutes for her to return. I start getting very nervous as I start to get up thinking the police will now come in, bust the place and arrest me. I go to the robe taking my white undies from the pocket, sit on the chair in the room to start to put them on. As I am putting my underwear on Mei Linn returns just wearing her G-String with the kimono robe wide open, now exposing her maybe guessing 36 C tits.

She looks at me asking, “Where are you going young man? We are not done, you getting special virgin treatment.”

“I was nervous you were gone a while. Thought the police were on their way and going to arrest me. I was going to be running out of the place before they get here.”

Laughing she says, “Trust me, NO POLICE HERE, no police, you are not getting arrested. RELAX.”

“Mei Linn, I have to pee real bad, can I run to the bathroom please?”

Putting the robe back on me, she leads me to the bathroom, leaving the door open, I pull down my underwear, to start peeing like crazy. After I finish peeing, I flush then wash my hands, with Mei Linn taking my hand back to room ‘C’.

Back in the room with the door closed, she tells me, “Take off your underwear and get back on table on your back, so that I can show you good time. Sorry it took so long. I had to get ready for you, also pee first myself then add some lube up my lady stuff. Then put ties into my hair. No worry all good I take care of my virgin boy.”

I notice that her black hair is now tied up on the top and about 6 or so inches from the bottom. Still kept long. As I am getting back up on the massage table, Mei Linn is removing her kimono robe and G-String. Moving to my head, she gets some lotion to massage my ears, rubbing each of them as she sticks a finger into each.

Then licking each ear, lightly blows into each of them, sending shivers down my entire body right to my dick. Bending over, she places one of her nipples to my mouth.

“OK, Jimmy you suck on my nipple.” I start to suck on one of her nipples. “Easy there boy, slowly, use your tongue, swirl it around.”

She remains still while I suck on her nipple, then says, “Next one,” as she lifts the one nipple from my mouth replacing it with her other nipple for me to repeat the action. After a few minutes, she says, “OK Jimmy enough for now.”

She then resumes massaging my stomach, heading down towards my now very erect dick, lifting my dick, she jerks it a few times, noticing pre-cum she says, “OK JIMMY, FUN TIME BABE.”

Moving around to the side, she takes my hand, moving them to her breasts, “I will give you a Blow Job, ever have one?” Shaking my head no. “OK, you play with my breasts, be gentle, I will be gentle and blow you.”

Bending her head down to my penis, I lift my back off the table reaching for her breasts. I start rubbing her breasts They feel really good. Taking a thumb over her nipple, I rub it, then wet my fingers to start rubbing her breasts. With my other hand that is closer to her side, I reach for her pussy. Feeling my hand move, she moves her body closer to my hand, allowing me to rub her bare – uncovered pussy onto my hand. I try to insert a finger and she moves her pussy, shaking her head, mouthing no.

As I rub the outside of her pussy lips, then up her slit, I feel a raised spot, so I start to rub that spot. Mei Linn starts to move faster on my dick, going up/down then inserts a lubed finger into my asshole. Mei Linn starts to moan, “UM, UM, OOHH,” as I feel liquid leak, onto my hand from her pussy.

I then start, “Ohhhhhhhh, WOA,” Ropes of my izmit sınırsız escort liquid cum starts flowing out, as she releases my penis, I cum all over my stomach as she is now pumping me with her hands. After I stop cumming she takes a towel, gets it wet, wiping her mouth first, then the cum from my stomach.

“We rest a minute you need to re-charge your battery.” Placing a small clean towel over my eyes, she leaves the room, saying, “Don’t move I will be back soon. Relax.” She runs out nude.

Thinking to myself, “There is more, I have been here for almost an hour and a half with her giving me a hand & blow job?”

I hear her coming back into the room. She removes the towel off my eyes, then lifts my back off the table, offering me a mini-bottle of water. “Drink this, you need to replace your fluids.”

I open the bottle and suck down the water, finishing it all. She takes the water bottle from me, going to the side of the table, she tells me, “To lie back and enjoy.”

I lay back down on the table, not knowing what to expect. Starting at my shoulders, bent over my body, she takes the lower part of her hair, then starts to brush my body slowly from my shoulders down the side of my body then on my right side up my inner thigh getting to balls, she stays brushing my balls then my penis. I am starting to get another lift off of an erection. From my penis, she goes down my left inner thigh. Goose bumps are forming all over my body. When she is done, she hops on the table.

Taking a small package off the side table and a bottle of lube. Adjusting herself on the table with her knees now on either side of me. She rubs her pussy on my penis, as she takes my hands to her breasts moving our combined hands over her breasts. Moving her moist mound without taking my penis into her pussy, she moves up and down on me with her hands still over my hands she massages her breasts moving them over towards her nipple.

As I’m pulling on her nipples, she releases her hands, takes what appears to be a condom off the massage table, quickly opens it, then slowly covers my very erect dick. Adding lube to the outside of the condom, then placing a couple of fingers in her pussy with lube on it, she sucks my dick into her pussy. As she is riding me, I am able to notice for the first time, that she has what appears to be a small landing strip of black hair by her pussy.

She is now riding me up and down, she is tightening her pussy muscles griping my penis into her pussy, she holds me in place. As she starts to see me, now gripping the sheet, I start to cum. “OH GOD, OH, WHOA, I am cumming,” as I start moving my pelvis off the table pumping into her pussy harder and faster, she starts moving with me, allowing me to cum some more.

“Good boy, you cum good. I happy for you. Rest another minute, you are young, you have more in you, I get it out.”

She then grips my condom covered penis with one hand, squeezes the condom, then slides it off, as she lifts up taking my softening dick out of her pussy, she is now holding the very filled condom in her hand.

“OH, look you cum a lot, you like Mei Linn. Ready for more? As she tells me she’s going to now lay on the table and have me enter into her that way.”

We change positions, I help her get on the table face up then she directs me to come onto the table, my knees on the side like she was. Taking my penis, she places a new condom on me, but since I am soft it doesn’t go on as easy. Finally getting it on, as I start to harden a little more from her hand movement. She centers me between her legs while pulling my penis to the entrance of her pussy.

I try to enter but am having problems, finding her hole, so adding more lube to her pussy & on the condom, she helps me into her pussy, then tells me, “Move your pelvis in out of my pussy.”

With my 6 ft frame and her smaller body I am able to suck on her breasts. She lets me suck on her nipple. I am pumping into her pussy. I am still moving, now going faster, as she is saying, “First time you last long and fuck good. You suck my other nipple now.”

As I move my mouth over, I feel my balls tighten. Locking her legs behind my buttocks and squeezing hard, pushing me more into her pussy, I am balls deep into her now.

She is saying, “Cum boy, you cum. I cum with you. Ah, Ah, OH boy. First time I cum with customer.”

Releasing her nipple, I speed up, moving my pelvis as best I can with her legs wrapped around me, I start shooting my liquid cum into the condom, as my balls tighten up.

I say, “Oh, that feels so good. Um whoa,” as I continue pumping harder and faster until my penis starts to soften.

Getting up into a seating position on the table, Mei Linn says pull out a little, as she places her hand around my exposed condom wrapped shaft placing two fingers to hold the condom in place.

Telling me, “Now pull out of me slowly, as I hold the condom in place.” She now grips my penis to pulls off the condom.

She tells me, “To hop off the table,” while still holding the condom she shows me.

“Boy you cum many times and a lot for the first time, good for you.”

I move off the table, so she can get off the table as she tosses the condom into a trash bin.

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