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Velvet Crush’s Cum Addiction

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Velvet Crush’s Cum AddictionJohn went to a medical symposium on one of the days and luckily for me, he was gone when I got a text from Anthony. He wanted to give me the video that he and his friends had shot when they had gang fucked me. I agreed and hoped that we could meet and remain friends and even lovers, on occasions, if he could handle it and be civil. He handed me the cameras and even though there was no way I could verify that nothing had already been downloaded or even posted, I took his word and we had lunch at a nearby fish taco stand. We talked and I let him know about my husband being in town and he asked about seeing me again and I explained the situation. He seemed happy and didn’t push for anything too quickly, but I was happy that it had worked out and it made me want to reward him for his behavior, so I sucked him off, in the parking lot, while we were in his car talking. His cum tasted good and he loved when he got to see me swallow his load, so it made him happy too. We kissed good bye and I returned back to my condo for another evening as a normal wife, or as normal as I got. “I want to start a family.” John said. “I want you to have my baby.” He let me know as his cock slid into me early the next morning. I listened to him as he fucked me from behind, his prick driving me insane with each full, length, slow stroke. “I love you and it would be so great to start now.” He whispered. I came at the thought of going off of my birth control. I would have to get my IUD removed and that meant that I was at high risk for a pregnancy by anyone. “I fuck a lot of men, John.” I told him matter-of-factly as I ground my ass back against him, taking him deep into my wet twat. “I was giving it a thought and maybe you can just perform anal and oral sex with your other actors, clients or…..lovers?” he asked with a wondering inquiry. The thought sounded reasonable and I just hoped that it was also possible in my case, since I was a no-holes barred kind of girl. John rode my ass until he came and we slept once we had made plans for our future family. I was going to make an appointment with my gynecologist and hopefully would be ready to begin down my road to becoming a mother much sooner than I had expected. John flew out the next day and I was able to get in to see my OBGYN a couple of days later. I had spoken with a few of my upcoming directors and all of them agreed to just anal or oral sex for my shoots and now everything was in place. I had my IUD removed and two days later shot my first non-birth control shoot. I sucked off two guys, both of whom double stuffed my ass with their cocks and fucked me to a double facial for a creamy ending. I played with their cum and ate it and the thought of feeling it inside of me made me crazy. Why would the desire to have my lovers ejaculate inside of me be so much higher when I knew the risks were more dangerous, whether it was becoming pregnant or getting an STD. It was my sex obsessed and addicted mind and I tried not to think about it as I sucked off a new client later that evening, after a paid date. He had hired me for an evening and wanted to cum in my mouth, so that took some pressure off of me too, especially after I had let him lick my pussy and he had made me have an orgasm. I fingered my pussy though, as I sucked him dry, and fought off the urge to have him bang me for a while before I sucked his dick. “So is this what you really want to do.” My dad asked as we ate a sandwich at the table in my condo. He had stopped over, at my request, to discuss my latest life choice and he was being rather sweet about it. “I want you to be happy but I also want you to avoid the same mistakes that your mom and grandma made.” He said. “You’ve already been down a few of those roads honey. d**gs, alcohol, prostitution and extreme sex, just to name a few or maybe all of them.” He joked. I knew he was right, but I was married now and this was something that I had to do as a couple now and not a horny individual. “I know.” I said as I laughed and leaned over to hug and kiss him. I loved my dad so much and he had everything I always wanted in a man, not unlike my current husband, John, who only won the competition because I was a size queen. We kissed again, then our lips stayed together and my bursa escort hand found his hard cock as he stood up, lifted me into his arms, and carried me into my bedroom where he fucked me for nearly an hour and dumped a huge load deep in my willing and hungry pussy. “Wow!! That is not what we should have done.” I said with a smile as I went down to clean his semi-erect penis with my tongue. “I know Velvet. We’re both weak and addicted people.” He said, being serious. I continued to suck his cock until he was hard and then rode him again for another sperm draining fuck and a twat full of his spunk. I loved it and I loved knowing that his semen could find my egg and it made me want more. “Fuck me again.” I told him seductively, as I hugged and kissed him at the door, before he tried to leave about 3 and a half hours into his visit. “I have to get home to my wife and your brothers and sisters.” He told me, but I knew his voice and eyes didn’t agree and neither did his once again growing cock. I was on my knees sucking him again, his pants pulled down to his knees and my mouth happily filled with hard cock. He mounted me from behind on the floor, just inside of the door into my condo and drove his dick into me with long, hard thrusts as he made me scream and shake with multiple orgasms. I would just never learn and I knew it. I was weak and so was he. My father always told the truth and as he laid on my back, spent and drained, his semen leaking from my twat and his limp dick still lingering inside of me, I realized the truth too. I loved it though and I didn’t care. I was who I was and that wasn’t going to change, even though from here on out, I was going to try a little harder. I masturbated later that night, filling myself with multiple toys and vibrators, nearly going through my entire collection as I had one of the strongest orgasmic sessions of my life. One after another, my body was wracked with spasms of pleasure and my pussy sprayed my bed with juices as I rubbed my clit and double stuffed my holes with anything lying nearby. The thought of getting pregnant by my dad had driven me over the edge and now my mind was wondering about the option of getting fucked and pregnant by someone anonymous. What if I got pregnant by someone I met on the street or in a bar. I showered and cleaned up, putting on my sexiest and sluttiest dress, then I went out later that evening and my mind reeled with fantasies of being a whore for cum. I laid there, smoking a cigarette in the backseat of a car. He was the third guy to fuck me that night and his name was Corbin. After just a bit of flirting, I had agreed to join him in the parking lot, of the second bar I had been to in over 4 hours that night. I had sucked off two guys and fucked two more at the first bar, before the men began to catch on and get word of the willing whore, drinking rum and coke at the bar. I wanted to fuck the two I blew, but they wanted to use a condom, so I just swallowed their jizz. Not that I didn’t enjoy that too, it’s just that I wanted fucked and to feel a stranger’s hot cum in my pussy. I was so horny and I could have let a lot more men have their way with me, but I didn’t just want to give blow jobs. Corbin had bought me a drink and I had sucked it down quickly before we began to make out at the bar and finally went out to his car. He had loved the fact that I had on no panties and didn’t even complain when his cock slid into my wet, well used hole, like a hot knife through butter. He had pumped me for about 10 minutes before filling me with his splooge and I was now lying there, as he watched me smoke, playing with his sperm as it leaked from my gaping slit. I ate it for him and he smiled as he watched my slutty antics. He had recognized me and knew I was a porn star, so tonight was his lucky night. Two days passed, after I had went on a sexual spree of fucking. I had let 10 different men cum inside of me since I had gotten my IUD removed and it had left me wanting more. My mom had warned me about this, but my addiction was strong. I thought about it even more as I was stuck between three of my fellow actors, two of their cocks stretching my cunt as the third pumped my ass. After a short while of fucking, they switched around and now I had two cocks in my bursa escort bayan ass and one in my wet slit. The director was now asking for their internal cum shots and they all pulled out and took me anally, one at a time, filling my ass with their cum. It felt awesome, but I wished it had been in my twat. I posed for the camera as I squeezed the sperm from my gaping asshole and it ran down, between my legs and into my cunt. I pushed it in with my fingers and began to masturbate with their cum, letting their seed find its way into my vagina. “Cut” yelled the director, as I got up and immediately made my way across the set for a smoke. I was so horny and wanted more. That was unheard of from a women who had just been triple penetrated and cum inside. I wasn’t normal though and I sat there rubbing my clit as I inhaled and relaxed. I finished my cig and then showered and dressed before I returned to my condo, hand in hand with one of my fellow actors. He was cute and I wanted his jizz in me. I got two loads that afternoon and evening and it felt wonderful. “Your pussy feels so good.” John purred in my ear as he fucked me. My legs were wrapped around him as he plowed his big dick into my wet gap. “Oh baby, I’ve been dying for your big cock. I want you to fuck me so hard.” I said as he began to drive his prick in harder and faster. “I’m gonna fill that cunt up with cum baby and get you a cute little preggo belly.” He joked before his massive pole spewed a huge load deep inside of me. Who knew who would be my baby’s daddy, when I did get pregnant, since it seemed that I had been fucking everyone whom I had met. It made me so hot to think like that and I kept sliding on my husband’s tool until it went limp and slipped out of my worn out vagina. He had fucked me 5 times in the last 2 days, that we had been together, and he wanted me to go to New York in a couple of days, to meet him for the weekend. I had a video to shoot the following afternoon, so I would be able to join him on his trip. I was bent over the bed in a bedroom, where I was shooting my latest scene, my face buried between the legs of my sexy, female co-star, licking and fingering her wet twat. I very rarely shot with other women, but occasionally I was in a video that included sex with another woman. Our other co-star was one of the more well-hung, white men in the industry and he was busy pumping me from behind as I moaned for the camera and stuck my tongue deep into the spread-open vagina in my face. The director moved us around during the shoot and I was licking my male co-stars ball’s while he fucked the other female, cleaning his shaft each time he pulled out of her pussy or asshole. We took turns getting fucked and 69ing one another, as we each took his cock in all of our holes. It felt great and he really knew how to work his big rod while he slid it in and out of my ass, alternating with my wet pussy. The end of our shoot had me eating the cum from my fellow female star’s vagina. After the shoot, a handful of the crew and I went to one of the guy’s nearby apartment and partied. I tried to control myself, but I engaged in a little pot smoking and before you know it, 5 of the guys at the party were taking turns in my slippery cunt, pumping me just like they always saw me get fucked, in the movies that they filmed. They each came inside of me, with my permission, and afterward, I smoked a cigarette and sat nude talking to all of the guys as we continued to party. They had seen me nude all of the time and every one of them had also fucked me before, so this wasn’t something new. A late arrival at the party was my male co-star, who was in town from England doing this shoot. I met him at the door and after a drink, he and I recreated our anal scene in one of the bedrooms as he plowed my ass with his huge cock and then I sucked him off. It was a fun afternoon and it let me relax before I had to get ready for my trip to New York with my husband. On the way back to my condo, I stopped to get gas and another carton of cigs, when I began talking to a guy and his 3 friends while he pumped gas next to me. It was already 1 am and I was still high, so it didn’t take much for them to get me to flash my boobs and begin flirting, while they took cell phone pics of me lifting escort bursa my dress to expose my bald slit. All four of them were Latino gangbangers and I spoke to them in Spanish as they hit on me and invited me back to their friend’s place. I followed them back and barely got into the front door before they all pounced on me. It was easy to pull my dress off, since that was all that I was wearing and soon I was naked and on my knees, sucking all of their hard cocks as they circled me. I was going to get gangbanged and the thought drove me wild as one of them lifted me up and carried me into the bedroom, where they all took me on the bed, ravishing me and cumming deep inside of my well used hole. I was spent and sweaty when we finished, as I lay on my back, smoking and talking to the guys as they asked me questions and touched me while they took photos. I let them do what they wanted, as they stuck their fingers in my pussy and ass, taking private cell phone photos of themselves posing with me, squeezing my breasts and even with their limp cocks in my mouth. I was so turned on and even though I was really tired, I stayed awake to let them each fuck me again before I stumbled out and drove home at nearly 7am. I slept until noon and then packed my necessities for my flight to the Big Apple. My hubby and I could both afford to purchase new outfits during the week stay, so I didn’t pack much. All I could think about during the flight was all of the cum that had been shot inside of my cunt the day and night before and it took a lot of inner strength to keep from masturbating, in front of the woman sitting next to me, as I relived the experience. If she had been a guy, I would have done it. I couldn’t wait to get my husband’s huge penis inside of me and I stayed moist during the entire 4 hour flight. We fucked for two days before we even went out shopping for clothes. Who needed clothing when you were naked and getting stuffed by your well-hung, hubby. “I can’t wait to see you pregnant baby.” John said as we lay embraced after a long round of him stretching out my slit with his big dong. I had already gone through half of my case of cigs, that I had bought at the gas station, three days before. Sex was driving me crazy and I was loving every minute of it. I sometimes wondered what I would be like to be a mom and the thought of who’s baby it would be made me very horny. I know it wasn’t fair to my husband, who wanted to impregnate me, but I was a whore for cum and being this promiscuous had been driving me wild. It was all for naught though, as I began my period two days late,r after a hard ass fucking in the shower, by my husband. “Don’t worry sweetie, we’ll start trying again in the next few days.” John told me as I sucked and licked his cock, prepping it for another anal intrusion later that evening. I loved his horse-sized cock and I could never get enough. I was back home a few days later and not as worn out as I expected. John and I had made love 3 to 4 times a day and he had driven his massive schlong into all of my willing openings the entire week, but I was still thinking of more sex as my plane landed and I smoked a cigarette on the drive back to my place. Maybe it was because my dad was coming over with new contracts the next day and I hadn’t seen him for a while. My imagination began to work overtime as I thought about the new month ahead of me and the men who would fill me with jizz this time around and also what the outcome would be. Would I finally get pregnant? The thought thrilled me and kept me wet until the next day, when I had met my father at the door and nearly ****d him. Our clothes laid piled in the hallway, as the trail led to my bedroom and marked a series of wet spots around the house where we had fucked on nearly every piece of furniture. It had been wonderful and I was truly satisfied as we both fell asleep holding one another, naked and finally alone in my bed. When I awoke, my dad was showering, so I joined him and soaped up his hard, white cock and guided it back inside of me for more. I nearly screamed as I came three times. It didn’t match the 6 or 7 orgasms that had rocked me a few hours earlier as he had fucked me throughout my place, but it made me gush as I felt him fill me once again with his own baby batter. Two big loads of sperm already deposited into my vagina and, even though I was physically satiated, my mind wanted more. I had two video shoots this week and three clients scheduled, so I knew that I’d be getting more.

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