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Views on breeding chocolate shelas…

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Views on breeding chocolate shelas…=============Ok all you white males … share your experiences on the first black cunthole you shot your thick cumloads into.How did it feel? What else was going on around you at the time?What was going through your mind and hers during the naughty/sexxxy act?I wanna know! And so do the rest of us! :-)==============My first time with a Black cunt, was with a girl I went to high school with.We got together and were just running around Atlantic City..We wound up in an adult bookstore that I had “played” in, in the past, and I took her into the booth area.. I convinced her to watch a movie, and after a few minutes of watching, we were both getting horned up…Well, one thing led to another, and we wound up fucking, bareback, in the video booth! One thing she didn’t realize until later, was that there was a gloryhole in that booth, and someone was watching!By the time we were done, she had my cum dripping from her pussy, as she struggled to get her panties back on! We walked out of the booth, and there were like, 10 guys, just standing near our booth, smiling ear to ear! They were asking when THEY were going to get their shot!! We laughed and took off out of there, and headed to her place, which she shared with her grandmother… In the elevator going up, she noticed that she had cum dripping down her leg! It was already down to her calf!That means that we walked at least 2 blocks with my cum visibly dripping down her leg!! LOL! We got her cleaned up before we got to her grandmothers apartment, and within minutes, we were sitting on her bed, laughing our asses off! BTW… it was at least 2 hours, before she went to get cleaned up!! Ain’t having an in-depth conversation great??++++My first time (and first time bareback for that matter) was actually accidental. We had been dating for a while, and had already fucked a couple of times. One night, she wanted to get drunk and horny before fucking, so I drove her to several bars where she got nicely tipsy. After the third bar, she started grinding against me and stripping in my car, so I took her to my place and laid into her.It was fantastic for both of us, better than usual, but it wasn’t until afterwards that we realized the condom, one of hers, a brand we hadn’t tried before, had slipped off. At that point we decided any damage had probably already been done, and proceeded to fuck like rabbits for the next two hours.I came three canlı bahis more times, and she lost count of her orgasms after about the first 30 or 40 minutes. When it was over, she told me I had “fucked the drunk out of [her]”, something I had never heard of until then. But she had indeed sobered up. As some of you might guess, she was walking funny for a couple of days.++++My first black gal was when I went to visit a friend, he was not home but next door was a sexy young black gal who was living with her friend. She just had had a baby five days before.We talked, she asked for money to buy milk, diapers and stuff. I took a chance, moved close and kissed her, she kissed back, I said maybe we could help each other. Never did that she said, not like that I said, we are just helping each other out, more kissing and she said okay I guess. She asked her friend to watch the baby.We went to my hotel, got naked, she said her pussy was sore and I had to use a condom, had none. We kissed, played with each other, I began to tit fuck her, she leaked milk, I sucked it out, she agreed to suck me off. I kissed her cunt, licked it, she sucked me off and we went and got her stuff and condoms.Naked again, God was I hard now, licked her cunt, got her on her knees, pushed into her, WOW what a rush, pulled back, pushed the condom off and back in her, pulled out, no condom, fucked her hard and fast, cum and cum and we fell on the bed. I went soft and pulled out, she saw I was not wearing condom. She asked where it was, I said it must of slipped off.God was it good watching her trying to retrieve it. When she got it out there was so much cum on or it it I think she believed me. Never forgot her. Next day we fucked twice but I wore the condom.++++My first love was half-black with a medium dark color to her during the summer and a lighter mocha color in the winter. She had the foxy Cleopatra hair goin’ on when she didn’t have time to tame it in the morning. We were uh…really young when we started. Not going into details there. Suffice to say, the day her army mom found out about us…well, I was almost killed, but in the end she put her on birth control and left us alone. After that, it was a year and a half of nothing but creampies. I’ve had so many since then, and even other love, but man…nothin’ beats the memory of fuckin’ her so hard she’s crying out my name after 4+ hours of mind blowing sex. We went from 10 to 6 one night, I bahis siteleri came in her twice, and when I saw her the next day, she pulled her shirt up and showed me the deep rug burn that bled right through the back of her shirt from that night. It was so good, and she was so full of afterglow, she didn’t even notice it until she got home and her back felt wet.THAT is the definition of great sex. She walked funny for 3 days and I had a bit of a hobble trying to carry my backpack to schoo++++My first black cunt was this short nymph I was stationed with in the Army. She was the type that just could never get enough. We literally had fucked in just about every place that you can think of, but two places come to mind as very hot.First was the dance club.Her being the little slut, she was wearing a short skirt with no panties, so while on the dance floor, I kept fingering her ass and pussy until she was dripping and ready. We then went back to the bench seats at our table, and while I was standing with my cock out, she was standing in front, slightly bent over the table so I could fuck her for a long time, nice and slow. I eventually blew a load in that tight cunt, and we decided to go for a drive for somewhere to continue. We went down a somewhat quiet country road between the club and my apartment, when I just couldn’t wait anymore.I stopped at the first place we came to, which was a church. We went out onto the lawn of the church, and started a 69. It was totally hot having her suck my cock, while I’m sucking the hot wet pussy that began dripping the load I put in her 30 minutes prior… She sucked down every drop, when she tried to get up, and said she had to go pee. I told her to stay put, and just let it go while I’m eating her pussy. It took her a while to relax enough, but then she pissed long and hard. I drank much of it (it was the first time I enjoyed piss) and it made me so hot, I immediate shot into her mouth!One of the hottest experiences I’ve had before (short of being in a 69 with a later gf while she was being gangbanged! (that’s where my avatar pic came from!)++++First time was in Saginaw, Michigan, in about 1976. About February. Met each other at a self-improvement seminar, believe it or not. Had dinner, some wine, showered together, and spent a few hours loving on each other. She had great tits, and I loved her dense black bush. Have loved black haired women ever since, especially if they’ve got güvenilir bahis a lot of hair around their pussy. I’m such a pale white boy that the contrast of watching myself fuck in and out of her was mesmerizing.Happy days. I have to repeat what a few here have said, I’ve found black women less artificial about fucking, you can tell it’s just natural as far as they are concerned. I find that they have to work less hard to be erotic than some others I’ve been with. Earthier is right, they know what they like and they go after it. No second guessing. Maybe I’m romanticizing them a bit, but they deserve it, all sweet young things that they were … :D++++My history with black women goes back to when I lost my virginity as a teen. It was something like 15 years later before I fucked one for the first time bareback a few years ago.I was very lucky in finding online a curvy, hot, black woman who was fairly local and loved the idea of a white guy shooting deep inside her. We emailed each other for about a week before we arranged the date.The night came and it looked as if she would blow me out as she was stuck with her family and couldn’t get anywhere. By 10pm I had given up the evening for dead, but just afterwards my phone rang and she asked me to meet her at the train station.Sure enough an hour or so later she was in my room, and within 10 to 15 minutes of meeting her for the first time in real life, I was fondling her incredibly big tits through her clothes and she had me unzipped ready to give me a blow job.I could tell she was very wet and I made sure she knew I was very hard. With us both turned on by what we had met up to do, it was not long before we had moved around to what we both ultimately desired. I lay back and Invited her to ride me. She mounted my cock… words cannot describe the intense excitement of the scenario I was in. I was still playing with her tits, massaging and pushing them up – sucking her big nipples.And then I was all the way in her… it felt exquisite – my mind was totally blank – the ecstatic feeling freezing my brain… leaving me to just completely enjoy the sensations as they enveloped us. She was tight, wet and within about 10 minutes, I could feel that I was going to unload.As I got to the point of no return, I yelled her name and told her very explicitly that I was going to cum inside her… she softly moaned and took a big stream of my sperm inside her unprotected womb. My balls totally emptied.She dismounted and we quickly fell asleep. In the morning, I ate her out until she came, we took a shower together and then we parted. We have not seen nor been in contact with each other since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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