May 29

Viviane 02

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02: Leaving on a jet plane

“Wake up, sleepy head! Come on, we have to pack! Come on!”

A naked blond nymph was dancing on my bed, having opened the curtains.

Viviane looked like a sprite, her tousled blond hair making a frame for her pert face, her hard little 19 year old breasts bobbing as she danced around.

We were about to leave on a filming assignment during her university summer vacation, and she was full of energy.

I reached for the camera, focusing on her as she pranced around, calling:

“Get up, you lazybones! Today is the day! We are going to the beach! Oh, come along!”

I struggled to keep her in the frame, and leaned over to the side of the bed to switch on the camera on the tripod, but just as I had her framed she pounced.

“I know how to wake you up! Come here, little one! I know what you like!”

She had spied my droopy penis under the sheets, and she jumped on the bed next to me, eyes big and round, her hand capturing the flaccid member, her other thrusting me back against the cushions.

“Look at the little guy! He looks so sad! Come, perk up! We are going to the beach, and we are going to have fun!”

She was rubbing him up and down, her warm hand cradling him, her tight breasts moving as she crouched next to me.

I could see güvenilir bahis that she was nicely framed in the viewfinder, and I leant back, one hand going to her breast and the other to the tight backside next to me.

She crouched down. “I can see he is waking up! Oh, good, he is coming alive! Would he like a little good morning kiss?”

She took the head into her mouth, now concentrating on sucking him into her throat. My right hand fondled the roundness of her backside, feeling the softness and elasticity of her skin, the slight roughness and softness of her vulva, and then the slick wetness between her lips.

Viviane managed a few squeals of surprise around my penis, but she kept sucking the hardening penis, switching her tongue over the head, while her hands massaged the shaft and caressed my scrotum.

I worked my hand up and down between her lips, flicking the clitoris so that she jumped, and whispered to her:

“It is very nice like that. Now caress just a little further down, like that, there behind the pubic bone is the old prostate. I will teach you how to please it, but for now just rub up and down there.”

She was coaxing me to a hardness that I had seldom achieved, and she whispered endearments as she took a breathing space: “There now, is that not a nice way türkçe bahis to wake up? There is a good boy, so hard! I love the taste, and he is getting really big!”

She licked the head like an ice cream cone, but at the back she was bucking against my hand, driving my middle finger into her pussy. My ring finger was strumming her clitoris like it was a guitar string, and I probed her vagina, feeling its tightness. She squealed as I circled my finger around her cervix, and then hummed with pleasure as I found her g-spot, caressing and stimulating it.

She looked round, her face full of concern.

“Peter, are you going to come for me? Am I doing it right? Ah, that is so nice! Come in my mouth!”

Her head bobbed down again, and then I felt the climax building, from far down, to where her fingers teased it out, held it back, then she scratched my scrotum, sending me over the top, coming in her sucking mouth, again and again.

As I came back to awareness of my surroundings, she was squatting against my hand, my finger still embedded in her vagina. She was softly humming to herself from pure enjoyment.

My mobile camera nicely framed her backside, and the tripod-mounted one would capture her sprawled over me, licking my rapidly deflating penis.

I traced the line between her güvenilir bahis siteleri cheeks again, and then inserted my forefinger into her, the middle finger now flicking her clitoris.

“Oh, that is good, but I am not sure … I have not been to the toilet yet, Peter. Maybe I should go and pee first!’

I had felt the pressure from her bladder, but I kept up the stimulation, and she began to gasp.

“Ah, yes, that is so good, but I need … oh, Peter, it is … yes, there, like that!”

I saw her stomach muscles begin to clench, and I slowed down a little. I did not want her to come yet. Her gasps had become a keening sound as she hovered between trying to control her sphincter and wanting to come.

I felt the fluttering muscles in her vagina signal the beginning of her climax, and then I rubbed my thumb over her anus, now slick with the juices from her pussy.

“Aiee, Peter! Don’t… I cannot, oh Peter! I am going to come!! Oh, I cannot …”

The climax came like a flood, and at the same time she lost control, the pee shooting from her in spurts.

Her body bucked up and down against my fingers, my forefinger milking her g-spot, my thumb stretching the spasming sphincter of her anus. Her clitoris was firmly wedged against my middle finger, and she was in some unreachable heaven for long moments.

Finally she collapsed, laughing.

“Peter, you naughty man! You should not have made me do it! Now we will have to change the sheets and everything! Oh, that was great! I have never felt that before!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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