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Waiting for the Storm

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The sky was covered with low hanging clouds spread across the brownish grey colour spectrum. The air seemed thicker than usual; it hung around like everything else, waiting for the storm to come. Sam and Emma sat side-by-side in the deserted cove on a large, flattish rock, looking out across the sea to the horizon. Every so often, there was a break in the cloud cover where rays of light broke through and sprinkled stardust onto the strangely smooth surface of the water.

Sam felt the gentlest of sea breezes brush past him, but it completely failed to cool him on the sultry, early autumn afternoon. It was the end of the last summer before they headed off to university, which would be the first time the long term friends would live away from each other. They’d apparently known each other since before either of them could remember and, barring a couple of years at the beginning of puberty when things were a little more awkward, had shared most of their lives’ news and secrets with each other.

They had been in the same position for some time, staring out into the vast blue expanse before them. They were used to each other’s silence, but this time neither sat comfortably. To Sam, every phrase that came to his head seemed either clichéd or overly dramatic. He wanted to speak what he felt, but didn’t have the faintest idea how. Their friendship meant more than words to him and so, it appeared, it did to her. The hairs on his neck that weren’t plastered to his skin by the mixture of sweat and humidity stood on end, through an uncertain mixture of static in the atmosphere, and apprehension.

Emma shuffled slightly closer to him and rested her head on his shoulder. It wasn’t an unusual gesture, she’d come to him for comfort many times before, and he enjoyed the comfort it brought him, too. Although the very air felt too close to him at that moment, he still welcomed the bodily contact; at least they could still enjoy today, even if the future offered only separation.

Sam put his arm around her and shuffled slightly too, pulling their bodies closer together as he did so. After a couple of minutes he turned his head in her direction and his lips brushed lightly against her forehead. Unthinkingly, while still staring into nothingness, he kissed her gently, just at her hairline. There were a couple of seconds delay, then she twisted upwards awkwardly and looked at him; he could see the question in her eyes. He desperately hoped she saw the answer in his before he turned away, but he was too scared of the moment to hold her gaze any longer.

“Sorry,” he muttered, staring pointedly back out to sea.

He didn’t trust himself to do anything else; the emotions that had simmered beneath the surface of his expression for so long were threatening to boil over. He felt her hand touch the side of his face, but he didn’t turn until he felt her apply some gentle pressure. Looking back into her eyes he saw the answer.

She didn’t waste any time on words, they had already shared plenty of those. Instead she kissed him, her lips barely touching his before she pulled away, and took one more look into his eyes, as if she was just making sure.

She moved back in again and playfully bit his bottom lip, pulling him towards her gently, tempting him to join in. He finally managed to coordinate his reaction as she moved in towards him for a third time, and they kissed more passionately, their lips pressing together in an effort by each to make the other understand how much they meant to them.

Sam felt the hand that had been touching his face slide down onto the side of his neck and round onto his chest. He nervously extended his own arm further down her back to the top of her ass. When there was no hint of disapproval, he cupped it gently, then grasped escort kocaeli it as though it was a great treasure that he’d never thought he’d get to hold.

Emma bit his lip again as she pulled her face away from him and when their gazes met once more, he could see that she knew how he felt. The cheeky glint in her eyes only made him want her more, and she arched her back inwards so that her ass rubbed against his hand. She sighed through her smile as his fingers reached under her and pressed gently in between her legs.

Her hand, which had come to rest against his stomach, trailed downwards and continued over the bulge that was appearing in his shorts. They kissed again, now both fully exploring each other’s mouths as they explored each other’s bodies. They each ground against each other’s hand, doing their best to satisfy the urge for pleasure that was building inside them, but it wasn’t enough.

Emma’s hand reached up the leg of Sam’s shorts and boxers, and, pushing the material up as she did so, pulled his cock out into the open. He felt the freedom, but had no capacity left in him to be apprehensive. The feel of her small hand grasping his shaft and slowly wanking him gave him no other option but to enjoy it.

Putting both hands around her, and under her shirt, he unhooked her bra with surprisingly little trouble, and then pulled both shirt and bra up and cupped her breasts. She pulled away rather abruptly and looked around, suddenly aware of where she was, but on seeing no one, she relaxed again.

Sam looked at her, her messy hair and slightly flushed cheeks, her top held up over one breast by her crumpled bra, the rounded shape of the breast and the pink nipple that stood out at him, craving more attention. He pulled at her top, wanting to see the other breast as well, and she lifted her arms straight up over her head, inviting him to take her clothes off completely. He felt his cock tingle and strain at the suggestion; it pushed along the inside of his leg, restricted in movement slightly by his boxers.

Together, they got rid of Emma’s garments, and, taking her left breast in his hand, he leant down to taste it, but she pulled at his shirt pointedly, she wasn’t about to go naked alone. As he hastily pulled his t-shirt over his head, she ran her hands over his body again, managing to savour the firmness, but not linger too long.

They kissed each other once more, and again he felt her hand stroking his cock, as he rolled her nipple between two of his fingers, and slipped his other hand under the folds of her flimsy skirt. The wetness of her panties surprised him at first, and then delighted him. He clumsily pulled them aside, and without further ado, slid his middle finger smoothly into her cunt, feeling her tensing with pleasure as he did so.

She started to pump his cock with more urgency, but he pulled away and jumped down off the rock. Turning back to her, he reached over and pulled her skirt and panties down over her hips. She leant to one side, then the other to help him strip her fully, but couldn’t help covering up a little with embarrassment when he took a step back to admire the view. When she removed her hand from in between her legs, he saw the little tuft of hair above her cunt, and the droplets of moisture that were caught in it.

He stepped back towards her, and taking one knee in each hand, parted her legs wide. She leant back onto her elbows and watched as he bowed his head in reverence, buried his face into her and sucked on her juicy lips hungrily. He heard her gasp with the first jolt of pleasure, and commenced licking her clit purposefully; it was no time for teasing.

Again she moaned at the building tension, and he felt her fingers run through his hair. He slipped a finger kocaeli anal yapan escort into her cunt, hooking it round behind her clit and rubbing it against her g-spot. She started to move almost involuntarily, the search for gratification caused her to buck her hips against him, and writhe against his face. He let her take what she wanted, pushing his tongue firmly against her clit as she moved, and keeping his finger pulsing inside her.

She rode faster against him, arching her body into him as she did so, her muscles becoming firmer with each thrust and her moans seeming to reach higher and higher in pitch until all at once she went rigid, her body contorted in ecstatic pleasure. Her thighs were clamped around his head, and he fought to keep pleasuring her, even as she pushed against him. Keeping his face buried between her legs, he continued to rub his tongue against her clit and lap at her slit as the aftershocks of her orgasm vibrated through her whole body.

After a few moments, with a big effort, she pushed herself back up to a seated position and, grabbing a handful of Sam’s hair, pulled his head back gently. She looked at him, and her eyes twinkled as she smiled. Still without saying anything, she clumsily got down off the rock, taking time to steady her jelly legs as she did so.

She knelt down in front of him and slipping the fingers of each hand under the waistband of his shorts at his hips, slowly pulled downwards. The sensation of the material rubbing along his cock, and the realisation of what it meant was about to happen, caused his penis to harden once more.

As the shorts were pulled over his cock it sprang up lightly, and all of a sudden Emma’s face was looking up at him from underneath it. Sticking her tongue out, she licked from his balls all the way up his shaft. He felt the urge to close his eyes and throw his head back, while gasping at the immense feeling of pleasure, but he didn’t let it overpower him; instead he took a carefully measured breath in and stared open mouthed down at her as she took the tip of his cock in her mouth and he felt her tongue roaming around the underside of the head of it.

She pulled his shorts to the ground and as he stepped out of them, he felt her hand stroke his balls, causing his cock to strain and extend further into her mouth in reaction to the almost ticklish sensation. Taking the base of his cock in her hand, she spat on it and spread the saliva along the shaft as she wanked him, looking up at him as she did so to see the effect it was having.

She smiled at him once more having seemingly seen what she wanted to see on Sam’s face, which he was sure was showing every sign of joy possible, then opened her mouth and swiftly moved forward onto his cock. He felt the tip hit the back of her throat but she didn’t stop there, instead she carried on pushing against him, causing him to tense up and actually throw his head back, unable to contain his euphoria.

With her free hand she took hold of his wrist, and placed his hand on the back of her head, inviting him to participate. He looked down at her to check her willingness, then, on seeing it, began to fuck her face with tempered, but meaningful thrusts. He was struggling to form meaningful thoughts to explain the situation to himself, but then he found he didn’t need to; he just let his feelings revel in the occasion.

He pulled back when she gagged, but after a quick breath, she pressed against his hand again in encouragement and he started to move once more. He felt the pressure begin to build and when she massaged his balls again he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Doing his best to remember everything he could of the moment in high definition, he thrust more izmit yabancı escort forcefully and then, as he felt the tension rise to breaking point, pushed her head down onto him, as every muscle seemed to tighten in an effort to force the orgasm out of him.

He slumped slightly as he felt his cum spurting into her throat, the pleasure still coursing through him. She swallowed once, and then again, and then began to lick his cock, and suck on the head.

“Thanks,” he said, with as much breath as he could muster.

She looked up at him, but still said nothing as she carried on stroking his cock and playing with his balls. The temporary relief from his sex drive disappeared more quickly than he could ever remember it doing so before and, with her encouragement, he soon felt the familiar, instinctive urge building in him once more. When she seemed satisfied that his cock was properly hard again, she stood up, kissed him deeply, then turned around and bent over, leaning against the rock.

“Fuck me,” she said, more as an offer than an order, but with a fair degree of certainty that it would be accepted.

In reply, he moved behind her and, taking his cock in his hand, rubbed it back and forth along her slit. With his free hand he grasped her ass cheek, causing her pussy lips to spread apart. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her cunt and pushed in to her slowly, savouring the moment. Her pussy was tight around his shaft, but it slid in smoothly, moistened by the wetness of her excitement.

She pressed her hips back onto him, forcing the head of his cock to explore her more deeply, and then looked back at him with a gaze full of desire when he began to pendulate rhythmically against her, gently at first, but quickly building up in strength so that soon each thrust jolted her, and made her catch her breath at the depth of penetration.

He held onto her hips firmly now, holding her steady as he pounded into her, his fingers pressing harshly into the softness of her skin. He gloried in the sight, sound and touch of his thighs slapping against her round, peachy ass, and his cock strained again, desperate to fulfil its purpose.

He slowed down his thrusts, eager to prolong the moment for as long as possible. Leaning over her, he kissed the side of her face, and she turned to him, attempting to return the affection.

Obviously deciding against such awkwardly twisted kissing, she stepped away from him and his cock slipped out of her, but his disappointment was only very temporary. Taking their clothes, she lay them out flat on the sand, and then prostrated herself on top of them, spreading her legs in a wide V-shape, as a literal open invitation. He saw the muscles in her stomach tense as she held herself open to him; her puffy pussy lips, swelled with arousal, begged for more attention.

Not wanting to keep her waiting, he dropped down onto his knees, and pushed himself into her as he looked down on her face and studied her expression, watching the satisfaction come over her as he buried his cock deep inside of her. She stared back at him, and they continued to hold each other’s gaze as they ground against each other.

Soon the pleasure began to build too much again for both of them and the search for gratification took over. Sam fucked Emma hard, slamming his cock into her, and she responded in kind, encircling him with her legs and arms, pulling him into her, and pushing her hips up to him, always wanting more.

He felt her muscles began to spasm and her cunt gripped his cock more tightly. The feeling was just too good, and he felt himself tensing but continued to fuck her vigorously, even as his cock spurted his cum into her. Only when he felt her relaxing around him, did he slow down his thrusting and collapse down onto her, managing to hold his upper third of his body up to look into her eyes.

He started to pull out of her, but she wrapped her legs around him once more.

“Please stay,” she said simply, and he did. He didn’t think there could be any better place to be.

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