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Walking my Boy – Rubbing one out

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Walking my Boy – Rubbing one outOut this morning walking the dog, off the lead as usual in the woods, nothing special this morning nice day, lots of mud from the previous days rain making progress slow for me. Saw the dog in the distance, stop and look. Usually means he has seam another dog. Looked around and saw another dog which he ran to, no owner in sight.So it not a dog we have seen before, so he’s sniffing around more than usually interested, she’s trying to play in cool and runs back towards to her owner. She stops halfway, mine catch’s her up and playfully sniffing her arse tries to mount, misses by a mile. Stupid Dick. The bitches owner silly cow runs towards them and tries to keep them apart. “Is your dog intact” she asks “Yes” I say. “Mines in season” she says. Who the fuck brings an on heat bitch out and lets them off the lead. “Ah could be a problem” I say. The bitches owner, late forties, walking gear on. hair pulled back, nice face. looking worried as I get close to try and call my dog back. He’s not talking any notice.The dogs run off, chaos as the women, starts to blame me, shouting and trying to catch her dog or mine. we follow and try to catch up, dogs stop under bush and mines really excited now and the bitch is now encouraging him. Walking through the mud make slow progress As we approach they move off again. His penis is starting showThe owner, clearly upset that her dog is going to get fucked, turns to me and swears. I tried to explain that its not a good idea to bring a bitch out and let her off the lead. She swears again. As we approach this güvenilir bahis this time my boy has engaged and started to pump his cock in and out of the bitches cunt. The women looked at me and said. Aren’t I going to do something. Its a bit late I say as it dangerous to try and pull them apart. We look on, seeing my boy doing what’s natural, kind of turns me on. I stand off from the women, whose so concentrating on what’s happening to the dogs and rub the front of my trousers, my cock stirs straining at the front of my Levi’s I kind of turn half away and undo the flies and pull my cock out, and start flapping. Man it feels good, cock out in the fresh air looking back at the dogs he’s still in, she’s not looking my way. I’m just might cum.”What the fuck are you doing, you pervert”. the owner says, “Lady look I say, all good just rubbing one out. Don’t tell me your not turned on”. “That’s terrible” she says.” No wonder your dogs uncontrollable”. “Its not his fault somebody brought an in season bitch out I say, for fucks sake look away”. “Jesus she says your not going to carry on”. “Can’t stop now, as you say like owner” I say. The dogs are now locked and the women turns away looking me flapping, “for gods sake” she says, “could do with some help” I say, “what the fuck your joking” she says but can’t take her eyes off my cock, I pull back the foreskin pulling the skin tight and the large purple mushroom head is almost steaming in the fresh clear air. The beauty shot I call it. “Jesus for fucks sake”, the bitch’s owner walks over and stands close. I can see her closely türkçe bahis now, attractive clear blue eyes nice features, could have full tits under the baggy top. She reaches out and grips my thick cock between her thumb and forefinger and pulls at the foreskin, slowly at first, breathes in and says, your as bad as your dog. as I reach up to cup a breast. she now stands close enough for me to rub my hand over her crotch roughly, I can feel the damp patch grow, I sniff my hand it smells of cunt. “Oh my god she says I cannot believe I’m doing this”, as I unbutton her levis and reach in to slip a finger along her wet gash and wank her growing clit.”Jesus I’m so wet, you fuck, you going to take me like my bitch”. “Oh yes” I said and we stumbled back into bushes. turning her I pushed her face into a tree and pulled at her levis till her arse was exposed, Undoing mine and pulling my pants down she looked at my long thick cock hard poking towards her, my knob end lubricated with my pre-cum. “Oh Fuck she said that’s a huge cock.”Spreading her legs as much as possible I run my hand into her gash again, and poked my cock at her cunt. One swift push, my hard cock was in her wet cunt, another push and my cock was as far up her as it could go in this position. Both time she gasped and them as I started to pump her cunt she starting to call me, Dirty Fucker Your cock is so big, Oh it feels so good, much harder than my husbands, you dirty fucker. She gripped the tree and pushed her arse back out, allowing my cock to slip another inch or so inside her now very wet cunt, I was pumping güvenilir bahis siteleri away at her cunt, each time I reached the top she lifted a little, but then pushed her gash against me. I held her bum cheeks open to get in deeper, the sight of her brown crack and puckered hole made me fuck her harder.She looked back at me and called me a fucking cunt as she climaxed, whimpering like her bitch dog, me squeezing her tits and pumping my fat long cock in her cunt. She climaxed again, soaking my cock and balls with her cunt juice. I poked it as high as could and splat my hot cum deep into her. Telling her she was a filthy cock loving bitch and holding for a moment like the dogs, my cock slipped from her wet gash with a satisfying plop. I pulled up my levis, my wet cock pushed back into my pants, stepping back I could see that the dogs had finished, mine came over and stuck his nose into the women gash, hey, I said that’s mine and pushed him away. The women looking well fucked, smiled at me and reached down, her head close to my fly kissed my cock through my pants and then pulled her pants and levis up over her nice thighs, with the usual wiggle and said I hope I dry out before I get home. Going straight there, or going to continue the walk, I asked. Not sure if I can, Your cock filled me up I might have difficultly walking. Let me help you I said. As we moved out from the bushes the dogs appeared again and ran around us. Mine sticking his nose in her groin as her wetness was visible on her pants.We joked about puppies as we walked, the woman suddenly stopped and smiled and said I’ve just climaxed again my clit was rubbing against my gusset. Do you want to go again I asked, not now she said, her husband was expecting them home soon, maybe next time we are out for a walk. I got her number anyway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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