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wanking my wife’s brother

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wanking my wife’s brotherI had slept naked with Tom before.It was no big deal,and Elaine had slept in the middle.We only have a two bedroom apt,and sometimes Tom who is openly gay,comes over for a few beers,and stays the night.We have a daughter aged 1 who has the other bedroom,which is very small anyway,and just big enough for the babies cot.So if Tom stays over,he sleeps with us,with Elaine in the middle.I have always slept in the nude,and it is a family joke,no big deal.On halloween,Elaine had gone for a weekend away on a hens to Cork,and left me babysitting.Tom often came over on the Friday night with a 6 pack of Bulmers cider and stayed over.Elaine and I usually had a bottle of wine between us.Course with Elaine away,I wasn’t expecting Tom to turn up,but he did,with a whole tray of cider,which he said was on special.The baby was fast asleep when i got to the end of the wine,which was already sarıyer escort double what I would drink as Elaine usually had half.So I helped myself to a few cans off cider.Now there wasn’t any flirting or anything going on,never was.I’m straight.Totally…..Anyway,3 in the morning and I’m pissed and I tell Tom,time for bed,and I go in to the bedroom,strip naked,and crawl into bed,leaving Tom to finish off his beer.Some time later,I have no idea how much later,I feel Tom snuggling behind me,obviously naked,and obviously hard.He must have been gently rubbing his cock on my ass for a while,because I was very wet with his pre-cum.I jumped and he said “sorry,I wasn’t really trying to fuck you,I was having a cuddle,and..well..it felt sooo good.”It felt good to me too,but I wasn’t telling him that.We talked for a bit,both of us esenyurt escort a bit embarrassed,and then tried to go asleep.What seemed like ages later he complained that he couldn’t sleep because he was horny and it was my fault.I laughed and said it wasn’t my fault,I hadn’t done anything.He said it had been me who moved backwards and had started rubbing my ass on his cock and not the other way around.He said his cock was just starting to get a tiny bit inside my virgin ass when I “awoke”.He thought I had come on to him.Now to be honest,i couldn’t remember,it was possible i suppose.we were facing each other,and he looked so sad,with his puppy dog eyes,that I thought it WAS my fault he was so horny,I should do something about it.I wasn’t going to let him fuck me mind.He was my brother in law,and I’m straight anyway. Totally. Aren’t I ?. So I took his cock in avrupa yakası escort my hand and started wanking him off.Well.He nearly fell out of the bed.”What are you doing ?”,he said,but made no attempt to move my hand from what I had to admit was a very decent sized cock.At least an inch bigger than mine,and thicker.Just helping you relax so you can sleep I said,so I can sleep.He didn’t argue,and his cock seemed to grow even bigger,and definitely harder. Feck,it was like a rock.It didn’t take him long to shoot his load,all over me,lol. To be honest,there wasn’t an awful lot of cum,I cum buckets,but he sure enjoyed it by the sound of his orgasm.He started to say “don’t tell Elaine,she will…”,but I told him to shut up and let me go asleep.I wiped his cum off me and turned around to try sleep.”Do you want me to ….you know..do you” , he asked.”Eh nooo”,I said,”that was so I could get some sleep,I’m straight,totally”.I wasn’t sure at this point who I was trying to convince though.And when he cuddled close to me,his now semi hard cock between my ass cheeks,I let him.And it was nice.Very nice.I had a strange new feeling in my ass,a longing.Like something was missing.Like it wanted something,Like I wanted something….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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