Mar 25

Watching the Boys Part 9

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Watching the Boys Part 9After parting company with Jonathan we walked down the terminal concourse to the baggage claim area. I noticed Bryan was walking funny again. No doubt from what had happened in the airplane lavatory earlier. I had to admit I felt a bit spent from blowing a load listening to my boy getting plowed in the lavatory next to me. As we came out of the exit area we were greeted by the usual mix of families and limo drivers waiting for their loved ones and clients to come out of the terminal. It was then that I noticed one of the limo drivers holding a sign with Frank Thompson printed on it. “I don’t remember them talking about a limo?” I thought to myself. Bryan followed behind me as I made my way through the crowd to the good looking young Latino man holding the sign. He was dressed nicely in a suit and tie and looked very professional. “Are you looking for Frank Thompson?” I said to the driver. He smiled and put out his hand as I shook it. “Yes, my name is Angel and I am here to take you to your accommodations compliments of Mr. Gross.” Smiled the handsome Latin man. “He welcomes you both to Miami.” As the driver also smiled down at Bryan and shook my boy’s hand. The hand shake lingered a bit between the driver and my son as the limo driver’s eyes roamed over Bryan. “Yes, he will definitely enjoy your company.” He said under his breath leering at my boy then redirected his attention back to me. “Follow me to the baggage area and we will get your luggage Mr. Thompson, then I will take you and your son to the resort.” As he gestured to the baggage claim area. The three of us gathered with the other weary passengers from our flight around our designated carriage return waiting for the machine to start and the bags to come tumbling down the chute. Angel stood beside me as we made small talk waiting for the bags to appear. How the flight was, what it was like to live in California, small talk. Bryan was standing on the other side of Angel listening in to our conversation. Angel then glanced down at Bryan standing next to him. “You have a good tan Chico, you look like your ready for the beach.” Angel said to Bryan. “This is my first time in Miami.” Bryan replied “No worries Chico, Mr. Gross’s house has his own private beach. And I’m sure your first trip to Miami will be a memorable one.” Angel said with a warm smile. “I see your wearing a white anklet Chico.” Angel smiled as he glanced down to my boy`s foot. “You must be good friends with Jamal. He’s a good friend of my master.” Bryan blushed a bit from Angel`s comment as Angel stroked the top of Bryan’s head. “You must be a special boy to be wearing a coveted anklet Chico.” Angel said with a lustful smile. He then slowly caressed his hand down until he was slowly stroking up and down Bryan’s back. The two smiled at each other, almost as if an unspoken signal had been sent between them. I noticed Angel quickly adjust something that was running down his pant leg .Suddenly the carriage return started to move and bags started to slide out of the chute. Angel and I moved up to the edge of the return snatching our luggage when they appeared. After gathering all our bags on a baggage cart we headed out of the terminal. “I’ll be right back with the car Mr. Thompson .” As Angel quickly walked off towards the parking garage. The air felt nice and warm, with a slight feeling of humidity to it. The weather was actually perfect for this time of year in Miami. After a few minutes an impressive stretch limo pulled up in front of us. Angel got out and came around the limo and opened the door for me. “This is a car?” I stated somewhat overwhelmed by the treatment. “Oh yes Mr. Thompson. Mr. Gross wants his future clients to be treated the best way possible.” Angel said to me then smiled at Bryan, who blushed again. Angel then took the baggage cart to the back and loaded our luggage into the trunk. Bryan and I climbed into the back of the limo and took in the large and spacious leather bound space. Very swanky. Angel popped his head in after closing the trunk. “O.K. Mr. Thompson, I will now be taking you to the hotel.” Angel said with a friendly smile. Suddenly, Bryan piped up. “Dad, can I sit up front with Angel?” He said with a hopeful look. Bryan called me dad again! “Do you mind Angel?” I asked the limo driver. “I would love the company, you can sit shotgun up front with me Chico.” Angel beamed as he backed out of the way so Bryan could climb out of the back. Angel said with a smile as he closed the door sealing me in the back. I swore I saw him adjust something big running down inside his pant leg again. The glass privacy divider was up but I could see the top of Bryan’s head as he strapped himself into the passenger seat. Then Angel got in on the drivers side, started up the engine and slowly pulled away from the terminal. My smart phone beeped saying I had an incoming message. It was from Jamal, and it looked like he sent me a small video file. The file was labeled “Ben again (shrtclp)”. My chubbed up cock started to fully harden as my mind started to race as to what it could possibly be. I double tapped on the file and started to download it to my phone. “It shouldn’t take too long Mr. Thompson.” The sound of Angel’s voice over the limo intercom broke me out of my anticipation of this new video clip. Angel made eye contact with me just as I noticed Bryan’s head slowly tilt to the left towards Angel and out of sight. Then I noticed a funny look come across Angel’s eyes. “aaagh, We should be there in about 30 minutes.” Then Angel’s shoulders started to adjust. Was Bryan getting ready to suck off the limo driver? “I’ll close the divider so you have some privacy Mr. Thompson uungh” Angel almost gasped out as the intercom clicked off. Just as my curiosity peeked as to what was going on in the front seat the solid privacy divider started to close. The last image I had was Angel’s eyes going soft with a look of ecstasy in them. Then the privacy divider closed completely and I was sealed off from what was going on the front seat. I couldn’t help it any more. I whipped out my hard cock and started to stroke it knowing my boy was blowing the attractive limo driver while I was sitting in the back. Then my phone chimed that the download was complete. I hit play and the phone’s view screen was filled with a close up of Ben’s face. His face was sideways as he laid on a bed. I think it was Jamal’s bed.. Ben had a look of pure lust on his face. His eye lids half closed as he moaned into the camera. Then the camera pulled out a bit as it traveled up his sweaty heaving body, The camera pulled back even further revealing his ass positioned high in the air. His puffy, well used boy hole completely exposed for the camera to see. His hole glistened with a light mixture of cum and his ass juices. “Yeah, Ben. You have a beautiful ass.” I heard Jamal say in the background as his finger came into the shot and started rubbing around the outer ring of Ben’s puffy sphincter. Jamal’s finger then centered itself directly in the center of Ben’s hole and slowly pushed in. I stroked my aching cock as I watched Jamal’s large digit sink fully into my boy’s used asshole. I could hear Ben moan off camera as Jamal twisted his finger around. Then easily added a second finger along side his first. “Your pussy is amazing.” Jamal groaned as he continued his fingering of Ben`s stretched hole. “Your just as gifted as your younger brother.” Jamal purred as he worked his fingers deep into my boy’s upturned ass, slowly twisting and pushing his thick fingers all the way down until Jamal’s knuckles where pressed between Ben`s upturned boy cheeks. I could hear Ben continue to moan in the background as Jamal kept up his massaging of Ben’s insides. “I think Ben has something for you Jonny.” I heard Jamal say off camera. Then Jonny’s face came into the shot, his face right next to where Jamal’s fingers where snuggly lodged into Ben’s ass. His eyes transfixed on the action before him. “You ready boy?” Jamal asked the mesmerized teen boy. All Jonny could do was nod yes as he watched Jamal’s fingers twist back and forth. Then Jamal suddenly pulled his fingers out leaving Ben’s hole wide open. A long string of cum stayed connected to Jamal’s fingers as he pulled his hand back. “Push out Ben, Jonny wants your creamy center.” Jamal said behind the camera just as Jonny closed in on Ben’s wide open hole. Jamal pushed in with the camera as I caught a glimpse of a large amount of cum suddenly come pouring out. But then Jonny dived ankara escort in, like the cum starved boy he was and started sucking like a fend on Ben’s stretched open ass. Jonny’s face was completely buried in Ben’s ass as he sucked out every last drop of cum that Ben could push out. Wet slurping sounds mixed in with Ben’s moans spilled out from the tiny speaker on my iPhone. I stroked my cock like a mad man as I watched Jonny and my son submit to pure debauchery on my phone. I was so close. Then Jonny pulled back, his face covered in a layer of ass and cum juices as he gasped for air. Then he dove back down and jammed his tongue as deep as he could into Ben’s colon. Like a boy trying to lick every last bit of pudding from a mixing bowl. Jonny had his head jammed so tightly against Ben`s butt that he would’ve pushed it up inside Ben if he could. As Jonny’s unrelenting tongue fucking continued, I thought of all the events that had played out over the last few days in my head. I stroked my achingly hard cock as I thought how my life had changed for both me and my boys since Jamal had entered into it. My boys were now becoming full blown cock sluts. And I loved watching them blossom into their roles. I stretched out on the leather couch as the limo continued on as I furiously jacked off watching Ben get his ass eaten out. “Fuck yeah Jonny, jam that tongue in there! Suck all that love frosting out of Ben!” I heard Jamal say in a lustful tone as Jonny intensified his tongue assault on Ben. My cock wanted to pop so bad as the sounds of slurping and moaning spilled out from my iPhone. Then the camera got jerky as Jamal tried to keep the camera focused on Jonny while he repositioned himself. “O.K. Jonny.” I heard Jamal say off camera as Jonny took his cue and pulled back from Ben’s ass revealing his gaping hole. Then Jamal’s hard cock came into the shot and plunged down fast and hard into Ben’s fully relaxed sphincter, burying his hard eight inches completely into my oldest son. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHH! FUUCK YYYEAAAH!” I could hear Ben moan like the bitch he was becoming as Jamal ground his hips hard against my boy’s smooth teen ass. “Yeah, you love my cock don’t cha bitch?” Jamal moaned as he pulled out until the head was just resting inside Ben’s sphincter ring then plunged it back in deep again causing Ben to elicit more moans. Jamal then started to deep fuck my boy’s ass as the wet sounds of the fucking mixed in with his boyish teen moans and groans filled the back of the limo. The camera coming in close to capture the pulling and pushing of Ben’s stretched ass lips as they got worked by the enormous black cock. “Your going to be a good slut for me aren’t cha boy?” Jamal grunted as he really started to pound into my boy. “YYYEEE…UUUNGH…YYYYESSS SIRRR! AAAAAAGH…HHUUGH…AAAAAGH FUCK” My teen boy moaned out as Jamal rearranged Ben’s insides with his eight inch fuck stick. The sights and sounds of Ben getting wildly deep fucked sent me over the edge as I started shooting my pent up load all over myself and the black leather couch of the limo. I must have shot six or seven times. It felt like the best ejaculation I’ve had since I learned Jonny had been lusting after Ben, while Jamal fucked my dream boy against the washing machine in the garage. I felt completely relaxed but exhausted after that amazing ejaculation. The low hum of the limo driving down the street mixed in with the sounds of Jamal and my boy fucking coming from my phone had me dozing off in no time. I didn’t even bother to pull up my pants as I slipped into a nice sleep. My mind filled with an image of Ben and Bryan playing in the our backyard pool, while Jamal sat soaking in the spa. They smiled at him as they climbed out the pool naked and smiling as they walked over to him. Their mutual hard-ons led the way to the spa where Jamal sat loading the snake. “That’s right my boys come over here to daddy,” Jamal said lustfully as Bryan and Ben climbed down into the spa on either side of his glistening ebony body. Jamal handed the snake first to Ben who took a massive hit, before passing it back to Jamal who then handed it to Bryan who also took a massive hit. While Bryan was taking his hit Ben leaned into Jamal and began to share his hit with his new daddy. Once he had shared the hit with his daddy Ben pulled back and watched Jamal blow the smoke out his lips. Jamal leaned down as Bryan stretched up to share his shotgun with his black daddy. The two were soon engaged in a passionate kiss, while Ben leaned in and began sucking on Jamal’s nipples. Jamal reached out with one of his muscular arms and held Ben’s head firmly against his powerful chest. Finally Bryan pulled back from his kiss and smiled adoringly up at his black daddy. Releasing Ben from his grip, Jamal moved up out of the spa and sat on the edge of the deck. Both my sons looked at one another and grinned. They knelt up on their seats and leaned in to begin pleasuring their new daddy’s thick eight inch ebony meat. They would alternate between one sucking on Jamal’s large purple cock head and licking and sucking up and down on his beautiful veiny shaft, while they both played with his big cum laden balls. Finally my boys pulled away from Jamal’s now glistening cock. Ben climbed out of the spa and straddled Jamal’s body, positioned his tight ass over Jamal’s bulbous cock head. Ben lowered himself down onto Jamal’s thick cock as it spread wide Ben’s ass lips as my boy slid down Jamal’s cock until he was sliding against the curly thick pubes surrounding the base of Jamal’s thick fuck meat. My oldest boy moaned in pleasure as he was filled with his daddy’s cock. Once he was mounted Bryan climbed up facing his older brother and quickly slid down on Ben’s f******n year old cock. They quickly began kissing as my two sons fucked one another while Jamal fucked Ben which in turn caused Ben to fuck harder into his little nine year old brother. Jamal wrapped his big arms around both my boys in a hug as he enjoyed the feeling of my son’s pleasuring each other on his lap. Suddenly the three were surrounded by Jonny and Jeffy and all the rest of the boys in the neighborhood. They were all fucking and sucking one another. Older brothers were fucking their younger brothers, while other neighborhood boys were doing each other. Jeffy’s girlish voice called out begging Jonny to fuck him harder, which caused the other boys to moan and beg as well to be pounded harder. “That’s right my sons! Fuck each other! Share yourselves!” Jamal called out to all the boys fucking around him as he continued to wildly fuck my sons in his arms. Suddenly, all about the neighborhood boys were an equal number of handsome well-endowed black men. They all started mounting the neighborhood boys and soon all the young boys where being fucked by the well endowed black men. The boys seemed to be begging to be used for the older black men’s pleasure. “That’s right b*o’s enjoy my sons,” Jamal grinned as he prepared to fire his load deep into my oldest boy, who seemed ready to plant his seed deep inside my youngest. “Soon your uncles and cousins will share their love frosting with all of you!” moaned Jamal as he started to get closer and closer to cumming. “Fuck with me bros!” Cried out Jamal as he intensified his fucking into Ben and Bryan. The other black men did the same as they started to rapid fuck their long hard cocks into all the u******e boys surrounding Jamal and my boys. The sounds of men moaning and boys groaning filled the air as the fuck fest intensified. “FUCK! FUUUCK! FUUUUUCK!” Jamal chanted as he rammed up into my boys and the other men followed suit. “CUMMMING AAAAAAGH!” I woke with a start, my cock as hard as a rock again. I was in a daze. Then I realized I was still sitting in the back of the limo and the car wasn’t moving anymore. Fuck my cock was hard from that dream. I glanced out the window and noticed the tops of palm trees, blue sky, and birds flying by. I think we were parked at the top of a parking garage. But then I noticed the car was moving, but not from the engine. I could also hear subtle noises coming from the front seat. Then the rocking of the car intensified then stopped. I moved up to the solid privacy divider and tried to listen to what was going on. My pants where still around my ankles as I tried the doors but they were all locked and I didn’t see any way to unlock them. I could see other cars parked around us and clouds and sky beyond. We must have been high up on the roof of a parking garage. I ankara escort bayan moved back to the closed privacy divider and pressed my ear against it to try and hear what was going on. I could still only hear movement and an occasional thump every now and then from the front seat compartment. Then I heard a click and could hear heavy breathing and what sounded like kissing and sucking sounds coming over the intercom system. Someone had accidentally turned on the intercom from the front seat. “Mmmm yeeeeesss chico, suck my cock little panchito.” I heard Angel’s voice say followed by more slurping sounds. “Such a gifted cock sucker you are Chico. My master will not be disappointed.” The sucking sounds continued on for a minute or two then I heard Bryan let out a muffled grunt. “Yeees Chico, you have such a nice chocho.” Angel said in a lustful tone. “MMMMMMMMmmmmph!” I heard Bryan let out a long muffled moan around Angel’s cock. “And it looks like you’ve been busy lately, I think you need Angel to take you to heaven Chico.” Angel said to Bryan followed by the sounds of moving bodies. Then the privacy divider lowered spastically until it was down a couple of inches. Enough for me to peek over the top and into the front seat compartment. I could see the back of Angel’s head right in front of me, he was seated in the middle of the bench seat. I caught brief glimpses of Bryan’s arms and head as he removed his clothes while he sat facing Angel on his lap. Then Bryan’s upper body came into full view as he stood up and straddled over Angel`s lap. His back flat against the roof of the front seat area as he looked down between him and Angel. I think he was lining up Angel’s cock. I then noticed Bryan’s body slowly lower. “uuuuuuuungh!” I could hear Bryan slowly let out a long boyish groan as his body paused briefly. Then my nine year old son slowly raised his head up, his eyes half closed, his mouth open in a silent wail as his body continued to slowly lower down onto Angel’s lap. Bryan had a far away look in his eyes as he stared off into space. Angel’s cock was undoubtedly filling up my boy. He then slumped forward, his chin resting on Angel’s shoulder right in front of my face. He was breathing heavy as Bryan paused as he rested on Angel. `uuuuuuuuuungh…” Bryan let out another low, boyish, guttural moan as he started to lower down again. His ass was probably relaxing, allowing Angel’s cock to penetrate deeper into Bryan. The previous deposits of cum making Angel’s penetration easier. And from what I saw growing down Angel’s pant leg at the airport earlier, his cock was probably filling my boy nice and deep. My son’s lust filled face now slipping off Angel’s shoulder as I watched Angel cup Bryan’s face and pull him into a passionate kiss. Both man and boy mashing their mouths against each other. Bryan wrapped his arms around Angel’s shoulders as my boy enjoyed Angel’s love making. The sounds of boyish moans and wet kissing sounds poured over the intercom. Angel then kissed his way down to Bryan’s neck, the whole time I could hear Angel talking dirty to my boy as Bryan sat back on Angel’s lap. “You like my cock Chico?” Angel said breathlessly. “aaaaagh…mmmm…yyyaaahh.” Bryan whimpered as his body accommodated Angel`s large cock. The wanting look on my boy’s face spoke volumes. “Let Angel take you to heaven mejo.” Angel groaned out between kisses, holding on to Bryan firmly as he started to make slow gentle thrusts up into my boy. Bryan’s head bobbed up and down with each thrust as our Latin limo driver started to slowly fuck Bryan. “mmmmmmm…uuuuuugh…hhuuuuh” Bryan closed his eyes as he moaned in approval of Angel`s cock massaged his insides. His long, slow sensual thrusts slowly loosened Bryan’s colon helped along by the previous loads of cum still in my boy. Angel continued his sucking and kissing on my boy’s neck, surely there would be sign’s of hickies if Angel wasn’t careful. “My god my boy loves cock in him!” I though to myself as I started to furiously stroke my own rock hard cock again. I was really enjoying the show Angel was putting on for me as he fucked my boy mere inches from me. My face pressed against the glass partition as I peered through the two inch gap of the slightly lowered privacy divider. Watching my boy in the throws of ecstasy again for the second time today. “That’s right mejo!” Angel grunted out as he held on tighter to Bryan. “Feel me deep in you chico!” As Angel accelerating his fucking. “mmmmMMM…UUUUUUAAAGH…HHHHYYYEAH!” Bryan moaned out louder with each thrust. I noticed the up and down movement of my boy’s head pick up speed with each undulation of Angel`s hips. Bryan eyes were now shut tight as looks of both pleasure and pain washed across it. His mouth open, little gasps of air being forced out with each thrust as the intensity of the fucking increased even more. “Fuck, my master is going to love you mejo.” I heard Angel say in a low tone. Bryan couldn’t even form words any more. His eyes were closed as the sensations coming from his ass washed over him. “Now it’s time to breed you mejo.” As Angel laid Bryan down across the passenger seat while still impaled in my boy. All I could see where Angel’s gorgeous Latin ass and Bryan’s coltish boy legs sticking out. I noticed Bryan’s puka shell anklet contrasting against his tan skin as he braced his feet against the roof of the front seat compartment. Then Angel’s ass started to pump up and down as the sounds of my boy grunting and groaning started and then increased over the intercom. “MMMMMMPH!… UUUUUUUNGH! … AAAAAAAAGH!…” The sounds of fucking echoed over the intercom as I furiously stroked myself in time with the Angel’s pace. UUUUUNNNGH! …GGGAAAWDD! … AAAmmmmmph…” Bryan’s moans became muffled as Angel probably started kissing him again. The wet, squelchy, sucking sounds of Angel’s long cock sliding in and out of Bryan’s nine year old ass took over. From the sounds of it, Angel was really giving my boy a good fucking. I watched Bryan’s legs fall from their braced position against the ceiling and wrap tightly around Angel’s thrusting waist. Bryan clutched tightly onto Angel’s frame as he received the pounding our limo driver was giving him. His anklet bracelet jiggling with each thrust. “MMmmmmph…” SLURP! SLAP! SLAP! SLURP! “Uuuuumph!” SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The sounds of flesh slapping against flesh grew louder. Heavy moans and breathing through noses intensified as Angel probably had his tongue deeply imbedded down my boy’s throat as he fucked away at my boy`s well used hole. His thrusts were now making the limo rock back and forth now. Fuck! I was so hard at that moment. I watched Angel’s ass clench and unclench as his undulating body concealed my boy beneath him. I stroked along with Angel’s thrusts. I so wanted to cum with them. Suddenly the grunting from Angel increased as did the speed of his thrusting ass. Bryan’s broke away from the kissing as he started gasping for air, the sensations from the furious fucking he was receiving was overwhelming my boy. “AAAAAAGH! AAAAAAGH! AAAAAAGH! AAAAAAGH!” The boyish sounds of Bryan’s moans drove both Angel and I closer to the edge of ecstasy. “Fuck mejo!” Angel started to grunt with each thrust as his ass clinched harder and harder. “Such a good little boy pussy mejo!” Each stab of Angel’s cock more purposeful with each thrust as he held them longer and longer inside my boy. Angel couldn’t hold out anymore. With one final loud grunt Angel unloaded into my boy. “UUUUUUNGH! AAAAAAAAGH! Take my seed mijo!” As Angel made on final lunge of his hips, his ass clenched tight as his balls released their Latin seed deep inside my boy. I could see Bryan’s legs wrapped tightly around Angel’s waist “I’m breeding you mejo!” I heard him say in a low tone over the intercom as he made small intermittent thrusts into Bryan as he finished pumping his load into my boy. With my face pressed against the glass partition, I unloaded a second load of cum all over the leather seats. I slumped back against the leather couch as I tried to catch my breath. My boy was such a cock whore now. He loved getting fucked. Fuck I loved watching him get taken. I could hear gasping and low soothing post fuck cooing coming over the intercom. I couldn’t quite make out what Angel was saying but I’m sure they were enjoying the moment. Then I heard the intercom click off and the privacy partition slowly close up again. I tried to clean myself up as best I could with the box of Kleenex that I found in one of the escort ankara compartments. I heard shuffling and movement coming from the front seat then I heard the engine start up. “We’ll be at the resort soon Mr. Thompson.” I heard Angel say across the intercom as the car started to move again. I bet Bryan was in the same state I was, completely satisfied as we were shuttled off to the resort. It was only a few minutes before the limo pulled up in front of the resort. It looked like a very nice high end boutique hotel situated right on the beach with all the bells and whistles. “We have arrived Mr. Thompson.” Angel said with Bryan standing next to him as he opened the door to let me out of the limo. Both Angel and Bryan looked a bit disheveled but both were smiling with a satisfied look on their faces. Bryan and I smiled at each other knowing both of us got what we wanted. “You have a very special boy Mr. Thompson” Angel said with a smile as he ruffled Bryan’s hair. “Yes, he is.” I said with a smile and with a sense of new found pride. “Welcome to the Palisades.” Said a good looking, Latin boy wearing a form fitting bellhop uniform. Behind him he was pulling a shiny brass luggage cart behind him. “I’ll take care of your luggage sir.” Continued the hot young man as the bellhop give my boy a subtle quick approving once over then headed to the trunk of the limo with his baggage cart. As the bellhop busied himself with gathering our luggage we made our way inside the plush hotel lobby to check in. The hotel accommodations were set up by my new client, the mysterious Mr. Gross so I didn’t know what to expect. But from what I could see so far from the various sports cars parked out front in the valet, this place was definitely a pricy place to stay. “Welcome to the Palisades.” Said the smartly dressed hotel clerk as we approached the front desk. “This is Mr. Thompson and his son checking in. They are guests of Mr. Gross.” Angel said with a smile to the hotel desk clerk. As soon as Angel mentioned his bosses name the hotel clerk snapped to attention and became even more attentive to us. “Aaah yes, Mr. Thompson. Everything is ready for you. We have you and your son staying in one of the Pool House villas.” The hotel clerk pulled out a map of the resort and highlighted where the villas were located. “The three villas are here and surround their own private pool. Only the three villas have access to this pool. The regular hotel guests have another pool located over here.” The hotel clerk pointed to pool located on the other side of the complex. “Mr. Gross has rented out all three villas for the weekend, so the other two villas are also guests of Mr. Gross. The bellhop will show you to your villa and get you settled in.” The hotel clerk said as he handed the keys to the bellhop. “If you’re ready, please follow me and I will show you to your villa.” Said the handsome bell hop. “I’ll give you a call tomorrow before I head over and pick you up Mr. Thompson.” Angel said to me as we shook hands before he departed. “And I’ll see you later my little mejo.” As Angel ruffled Bryan’s hair and gave him a wink. Bryan smiled and blushed a bit responding with a quiet “Uh hu.” I think the long day was getting to both of us as we dragged behind the bell hop as we followed him down the hallway. We then exited the building out into a lovely, lush garden. We approached a two story Mediterranean style house and the bell hop quickly opened the front door. I think Bryan and I were both in awe as we walked into this beautiful villa. It looked like someone’s house. “Welcome to Villa Sonora.” Said the bellhop as the Latin boy pulled the luggage cart to the side. Let me show you around.” He continued as he proceeded to give us the full tour of the spacious villa. “The ground floor has your living room a full kitchen and bathroom.” “You have full internet access and free wi-fi.” As we followed the bellhop through the living room. “You can also view the internet on any flat screen in the villa.” Continued the bellhop as we stopped at the large sliding glass doors at the back of the room. The bellhop slid open one of the large sliding glass doors revealing a large gorgeous pool surrounded by deck chairs and tables, it was just turning dusk so the pool lights were on making the water look so inviting. “The pool is always open and only the three villas surrounding the pool have access to it. There are fresh beach towels in the ground floor bathroom to use if you want to have a swim.” As the bellhop made his way back to the front door and the luggage cart. Grabbing our bags, the bellhop started up the stairs. We followed the bellhop up the stairs, dropping off our luggage in each room as we continued the tour of the two large bedrooms on the second floor. Both bedrooms had great views looking down on the pool area. The bedrooms also shared a very large bathroom with a glass encased shower that you could easily fit several people in. The bathroom also had a toilet with a separate bidet next to it. Bryan immediately noticed the bidet. “What’s that for?” Bryan said with a funny look on his face as he pointed at the odd shaped bowl next to the toilet.. “It’s called a bidet, it’s for washing your butt and genital areas.” Our Latin bellhop said frankly with a smile. “Oh.” Bryan replied quietly, his face blushing as he looked away shyly eyeing the new contraption. “If you have any questions about how to use it contact the front desk and I’d be glad to show you how to use it.” Our bellhop said with a wider grin as he looked at Bryan. I then noticed that both the bellhop and Bryan where starting to chub up a bit. Bryan may have just gotten fucked less than 15 minutes earlier but he looked like he could go another round with our handsome bellhop if he really wanted too. “Thank you very much for showing us around…?” I said as I handed him a 20 dollar bill for his troubles as I glanced at his name badge. “…Paolo.” “Always a pleasure sir.” Paolo said with a smile as he tucked the 20 in his pocket. “If there’s anything you need just call the front desk.” As Paolo boldly adjusted his hardening crotch in front of both me and Bryan with a smile. He then turned and headed back downstairs and out the door. Amazingly, Bryan was hard again. I’m sure the wheels in his head were turning as to what he wanted to do with our bellhop, Paolo. Then like a switch Bryan’s lack of rest caught up to him and he looked really tired. “Do you need to lie down now?” I asked my tired boy. He responded with a low. “yeah…” I guided him to one of the bedrooms and pulled back the covers on the bed as he quickly took off his clothes and crawled into the bed naked. He was out in less than 30 seconds. “Wish I could fall asleep that fast.” I thought to myself as watched him for a few moments. I then leaned down and kissed him on the head then headed downstairs and made myself a drink from the fully stocked wet bar next to the kitchen. I then slumped on the couch and finally relaxed. I slowly sipped from my glass of scotch as I went over the moments of the day. “What a day.” I thought as I slowly nodded off. SPLASH! The sound of something large hitting the water in the pool woke me up. The living room was dark but the reflection of water from the lights in the pool shimmered off the ceiling made the room glow. I looked at my watch and it was an hour and a half since I fell asleep. The sliding glass doors were wide open as the sounds of boys playing and splashing filled the room. I groggily made my way to the open doors peered outside into the pool area. There I noticed Bryan’s head bobbing around in the water as he happily played with three other boys. Where did these other boys come from? Then the boys made there way to the side of the pool and pulled themselves out. I got a good look at the boys as they lined up for another round of cannonballs. Two of the boys looked just like each other, identical twins maybe? They looked a year older than Bryan, both with platinum blonde hair with flawless tans? The other boy looked older, maybe 12. He was a bit taller and had a bit more muscle definition to him, His hair was raven black, and his skin was perfectly smooth and pale. All sexy looking boys, my son included. But what really caught my attention was the fact that they were all wearing the same thing. A pair of those white Speedos, and each boy had one of those puka shell ankle bracelets around one of their ankles just like Bryan. As they all jumped into the pool at the same time with a joyous yell my mind was reeling as to why they were all wearing the same outfit. What was the significance of these…uniforms? What was my boy a part of? And what was in store for him when he finally meets this mysterious Mister Gross? “Oh shit.” I thought.

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