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We move to LA

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We move to LADan and I met in college at the University of Missouri. I was proud of him as he continued at the Law School and landed a job with a big multi-national firm. He worked hard and made junior partner quickly, two years later he made full partner and became a hit with the local corporations. The senior partners in Los Angeles noticed and we moved to LA, land of sunny beaches and beautiful people.Dan now works with Hollywood directors, producers and actors besides corporations.WE were quickly invited to a party at one of the senior partner’s homes.John, the partner, lives on the top floor of a complex on the outskirts of Century City, near Rodeo Drive.Dan is 30, I’m 28 and we have both stayed fit. We belonged to the most prestigious country club and athletic club in St. Louis. What we weren’t prepared for was the focus on physical beauty in Los Angeles.We made our way around the party. John has a beautiful condo. There’s a balcony on each direction, affording a great view of the city lights. I noticed some of the big Hollywood names Dan had mentioned to me. were I was wearing a low cut dress but some of the women almost showing everything.WE got separated as I became bored with Dan’s business talk. I headed to the kitchen to get a glass of water, the booze was making me a little tipsy. In the kitchen, Sam, one of Dan’s partners came towards me with a big grin. “Jan, that dress is stunning on you. Let me take a little peek.”He tried to pull my top towards him and get an even better look at my boobs.I quickly brushed his hand away and smiled”Now now, behave”I didn’t know if this was the expectation or if he was drunk or just out of line.I moved to the bar and grabbed another drink.A few minutes later I needed to pee. I tried the bath rooms but they were busy. I decided to see if the bedroom had a bath. I carefully snook into the room and found the bathroom available.When I came out I almost gasped. Standing in front of m with two drinks in his hand was Derek Reinhold (Hollywood name) one of the stars of the long running betsobet yeni giriş sopa opera. I have watched him most of my life as he started on the show as a medical student and now plays a prestigious doctor on the show. His beauty is overwhelming.”I brought you a drink” he smiled as he handed me a martini”Oh wow, you.re Derek””Yes, what’s your name?”I struggled to even get the words out. He handed me the martini and pointed to the balcony.”Have you seen the view from this spot?””No” We headed to the nearby balcony.He slid the door to the balcony from the bedroom. I brushed by him as I proceeded onto the balcony.The city lights were pretty, almost mesmerizing.I gulped down my drink as I stared at his features; tall, slightly grey and tanned.I sat my drink down and kissed him. It was just as I had ever imagined. My knees went week as I had to remind myself this was not a dream.I don’t know if I dropped voluntarily, if I almost passed out or if Derek pushed me but I was on my knees. He undid his trousers and took out his slightly erect member.I took him in my mouth; I had always wanted this., He grew erect and I placed my hands on his growing shaft.I sucked and stroked him with great enthusiasm.He pulled me back up on my feet and turned me towards the balcony rail. He bent me over and I grabbed the rail.He slid my dress up over my back and took off my panties”Nobody wears these anymore” he laughedAs he moved in between my legs I parted them and made room.So much for foreplay, he slide in. No problem, I was wet.As he began to take long slow strokes I looked out at the lights and traffic below me.He grabbed one of my straps and began to slide it down my shoulder. I let go of the balcony rail and he eased it down. He then slid off the other strap and slid my dress down to my waist.He reached up and milked my heaving breasts as he continued to stroke me.I looked around and wondered how many nearby residents were watching me getting pounded by this actor, my dress pulled up at one and and pulled betsobet güvenilirmi down at the other.I now found myself getting close and my breathing got louder, heavier.I shuddered as I came and my knees gave out. Derek get me up as he arched his bull length inside me. I could feel him getting bigger and then pulsing. He came for an eternity.He eased me around and grinned broadlyI hadn’t seen your tits before; they’re beautiful.”Thanks”We both got dressed except I couldn’t find my panties, they must have gone over the side.Dan and I left the party around 1 in the morning. When we got home I thought I saw a puzzled look on his face as I jumped into the shower. I wonder if he noticed I didn’t have any panties.We had great sex and I fantasized about having regular sex with DerekThe next day, Jan, one of the partners wives gave me a call and invited me to “ladies spa day.”Tuesday we all met at a local bar, had a few drinks and headed to the Beverly Hills SpaWe were each given a menu. We decided to start with facials and body scrubs and then meet in the whirlpool.I was having the time of my lifeAfter a couple of treatments I realized it was time to meet the other gals in the whirpool. I covered myself in my robe and headed to the roomThe other gals were either in the tub or taking off their robes.They all looked at me”Jan, we have to get you waxed”I looked down and I was the only one in the room without a bald pussyWe all laughed and I explained how things are different in St. Louisafter about twenty minutes four young asians entered the room”Oh, time for our massage” Jan saidI was a bit shocked. two of the staff members were male and two female. They were dressed in traditional asian garb but it looked like puffy diapers to meThe girls were topless, that must me tradition.We headed to a nearby room for our massage. I was a bit startled again as everyone took off their robes and laid downA female was working on me and my thoughts turned to pleasure. I almost drifted off.after a few more minutes she betsobet giriş grabbed my hand and motioned for me to follow her. She had broken english but I was able to figure out it was time for my wax job. This must have been the work of JanShe took me into a smaller private room and had me lay down face up. I wasn’t accustomed to having this many people look at me naked.She looked me over and grabbed some electric trimmers. Since my pussy has never been trimmed she needed to cut the length first.She brushed off the hairs and blew off the stragglers, that felt good. I didn’t realize how thorough wax jobs are now. She had me roll over and trimmed my hair around my ass.Shen then told me it was time for the wax.She started on my ass and spread the hot wax on my butt. I was nervous and she rubbed my back. I laid there with my ass raised, waiting for the wax to coolShe told me it was time and ripped off the waxWow………. That was painfulBefore I could think about it she turned me over and started waxing my pussy area.;l i was so concerned about her spilling it I just stayed still.As I waited for the wax to cool she massaged me some more. This was really;y strange as she rubbed my tits and stomach and kept looking at my pussy.Finally it was time and she ripped off the wax.As I grimaced, she quickly rubbed some soothing lotion on methe liquid seemed to help and I relaxedShe kept rubbing in more lotion and I noticed she was also rubbing my pussyI thought about saying something but it felt good. She had me lift my legs slightly and she moved between them. She kept rubbing in the soothing lotion but eventually she focused on my pussyI have to admit, this was feeling greatI gasped as she lowered her head and ran her tongue up and down my lips. I have never been with a girllet my legs go limp as she moved in further with her tongueWOWI less than a minute I came with a shudderThis little asian girl took out a small towel and wiped me off. She then spread some powder around my pussyI got dressed and met the other girls in the lobby.”I’ve got teh check” Jan saidShe looked over the bill and then gave me a little smile”I hope you left her a good tip”Los Angeles is sure a strange placeI have definitely adaptedWhere else could I have sex with my teen age idols and have a cute little girl lick my pussy whenever I want it?

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