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Subject: Wedding Night (Adult-youth/incest) Hey guys this is my first story here I hope you enjoy it. If you do feel free to send me a tip at -fi/secretshopper I’m really struggling and could use the love. You can send me a private message when you do that if you liked the story or would like to see more. If it gets popular I might even do some drawings of it or a chapter two. Thanks. WEDDING NIGHT God I was so nervous. I don’t think I’d ever been this terrified in my entire life. Everything I prepared for was happening tonight and If I didn’t do a good job who knows what would happen next. I stood outside the door in the outfit chosen for me, visibly shaking when I felt a rough hand on my shoulder. The calluses of my fathers hand on my shoulder rubbed back and forth over the lace of the top I was wearing as he tried to calm me. “It’ll be fine punkin, just stay calm.” I leaned forward into the bouquet I still had hold of and breathed deep hoping the scent of the huckleberry would calm me. I kept hold of it hoping it would make my presentation to my new husband more enjoyable. As I breathed in deep the sweet smell the door in front of me opened abruptly startling me and causing me to choke and sputter. I froze in terror hoping I hadn’t embarrassed my father. The next 30 seconds felt like an eternity as I held my breath hoping to stifle the coughs until my father let out a deep belly laugh. A burst of rumbling noise that I could feel as he stood so close to me. “I guess he’s a bit nervous, can’t blame the kid!” He bellowed, then leaned forward and said in my ear gently “go ahead Darling he’s waiting for ya.” I stepped forward and let the light hit my frame, I was dwarfed by the two men standing in front of me, easily a head taller than me. My skin was an alabaster that practically reflected the light. I tried my best to stand politely without shrinking away but the lace of my bridal lingerie was already riding up the crack of my ass as my cheeks struggled not to burst free but instead were slowly swallowing the material of my lace bikini. The tights rose up to my immense thighs rubbing gently on the auburn hairs that gently covered my quads and glutes. Thankfully I was still wearing my veil keeping the fear in my icy eyes hidden from the two behemoths in front of me. On my right stood the man who officiated our ceremony, Father Brown. As he looked down at me with his midnight skin I couldn’t help but shudder as he ran his hand along my smooth stomach, no matter how hard I worked I wasn’t able to define it into abs causing his enormous mitten to almost pet me as he inspected my body. His arms like pythons under his clerical clothing he ran his hands gently over my entire persons inspecting me for any sign of infidelity or adultery. “You’ll find him in peak condition Father, he’s always been a good boy this one!’ My father beamed cheerily over his bush of a fire red beard. “I’m sure Patrick but just to be safe we have to make sure he’s still an unsullied flower for his patient groom. Noone wants a boy-wife who’s already been spoiled, now do we.” My husband continued to keep his face to the wall, the silver specks in his dark hair shining in the light. As I was appreciating the broad shoulders and the deep tan of his skin I felt hands wrap around my waist and lift me up until my feet were placed on the bed in front of me. “Stand please” I heard Father Brown behind me. I did as he said and stood on the bed, standing there I felt his hands slide up and down my muscled legs gliding across the white tights that were stretched to their limits on my lower body. As his hands reached my ass he took each side in one hand and began to knead and massage them, filling his massive paws completely as he kneaded my muscular globes. I tried to hold it in but I couldn’t, I let istanbul travesti out a quick moan and shuddered. “Wow, she is primed and ready isn’t she.” he said, I could feel his breath just inches away from my crack and I heard him very quietly breathe in through his nose, “And she smells like flowers.” He then guided me with his hands to sit on the edge of the bed. “It’s time for you to wait on the other side of the partition now Patrick” Father brown gestured for my father to step into the segmented part of the room where he would be able to be present to observe in some capacity. I could see his shadow through the partition but not much more as there was no lighting in that part of the room. “Your bride has passed her inspection, none have tasted their fruits and they are ready for the joining of their husband. In order to consummate the marriage and ensure the passing of the dowry you must impregnate the boy-wife while we witness the joining to ensure its done with regard to both parties and done honestly.” Father brown stepped back next to the partition my father was behind but maintained in the room eyes on my, as I moved myself to the center of the bed I noticed that the father had a thickening tube snaking down the right side of his pants and thought about how lucky I was that I wasn’t going to be expected to accept such a large man on my first night as a boy-wife. The shaking began again as I realized it was time. I sat in the middle of the bed and held tightly to my bouquet as my new Husband whom I had met that morning turned to face me. As Bilal saw me I could see an almost as large tent as father brown tenting the tunic he wore, his 6″8 frame was already imposing but I felt myself shrinking even more beneath his gaze until I saw his eyes, they were a beautiful brown and just as nervous as mine. Seeing the moment of vulnerability I slowly started to move myself toward him. I slid off the bed and stood to face him, my head becoming eye level with the base of his massive round chest muscles, thick with dense black hair peeping through the tunic. I reached forward and slowly pulled the strings keeping the tunic closed and as it fell I was slapped in the stomach with the beast I had seen hiding under the fabric. While Balil was massive and no one could mistake his strength as his shoulders and biceps bulged with hardly any effort I had a hard time believing I hadn’t noticed this monster before now. His round belly stuck out firm and strong and underneath it was at least 9 thick inches of Arabian cock already drooling like a beast in heat. We both stood frozen as I watched 2 massive wads of precum slowly drip down my stomach as my new husband’s cock gently pushed against my torso. As I felt his juice begin to soften the lace of my panties I felt my own cock start to get hard feeling his warm juice on my privates. Still unsure what to do we stood frozen for a few moments more until we heard father brown cough inconspicuously. Trembling with anticipation but now wanting to make the wrong move Balil gently picked me up and laid me in the bed, he crawled into a position in between my legs resting them on his own, I naturally wrapped them around his waist feeling his hard rod gently resting underneath the massive globes of my ass. With shaky fur covered hands he reached for my veil and lifted it up looking me in the eyes for the first time. He leaned forward and shocked me by asking, “May I kiss you habibi?” I wasn’t expecting such gentleness and knew from that moment I could trust this man with my body so I took a leap of faith and replied “I am your wife, you own me, you don’t have to ask.” a quick flash of lust and fever shown in his eyes. He looked over his shoulder at father brown who was very clearly fully aroused at this point, his cock almost kadıköy travesti tearing the fabric of his pants. Father Brown noticed the question in his gaze and replied with a firm nod. Turning back to me with all the permission he needed he slowly slid one hand up my body and grabbed me around the throat firmly, suddenly eliciting a gasp from me as he clasped down around my neck. Lifting me up to his mouth with just his one hand around my throat he then shoved his face against mine as I felt his body growl against mine. He was strong and firm, but it didn’t hurt, he didn’t choke me but his grip was iron around my throat. He began to invade my mouth with his massive tongue, his beard felt like it was ripping open the skin on my face and I couldn’t get enough, I moaned into his mouth and he growled back in response, with his free hand he reached behind me with one hand ripped my undergarments into pieces in a single yank, holding them in his hand he then held me aloft in the air as he raised them to his nose and breathed in my scent while looking me deep in my eyes. I felt seen in a way I had never felt before. With the fabric gone there was no longer a wall between my ass and his massive cock, it was so hard I was sitting on it with half my body weight and it continued to hold me up, my cheeks on either side of it like a bun wrapping around a sausage. My skin was red from how viciously his body hair had rubbed against it and I wanted more, I needed more. “Please” was all I managed to say but it was enough for him. With a single motion I was upside down propelled in front of him as he held me by my hips. I was upside down and I could feel him holding me weight in his hands like I was a ragdoll, I was nothing compared to his strength despite all the muscle I had put on for the betrothal. As I hung there I could feel his hungry gaze on my hole, Pink and unblemished, unstretched, waiting for my role as his bride. But I was consumed with my own lust, I was now face to face with what was easily the most intimidating prize I’d ever been faced with, but I was determined to do my part. I grabbed his 10 inches of thick brown meat with both hands and shoved as much of it into my mouth as I could possibly manage. It hit the back of my throat and stopped abruptly as I realized this would be much harder that my good intentions could manage on their own. It was, however, enough. As soon as his massive cockhead hit my throat Balil let out a roar I would find terrifying in any other circumstance and he dived his face in between my cheeks like he hadn’t eaten in weeks. I had never felt anything like it and let out a moan that would have been a scream if I didn’t have a mouth full of beer can sized cock shoved into my mouth. He ate my pussy like he it was the last bottle of water and he’d been lost in the desert for months, I tried my best to keep working his cock but I could barely think as my mind went numb and my eyes rolled into my head, I hung there as he ate my hole his cock thrusting into my mouth while my arms flopped below me, I was useless and in the most pleasure of my young life. I could feel the blush on my face but continued to do nothing but whimper and moan as he chewed on my lips and dove his huge Arabian tongue into my teen hole. The hair felt like a brilo pad tickling my cheeks and absorbing the lube my hole was producing mixed with the saliva he left from his ravenous meal. At one point the sensation was so intense I think I passed out because I was suddenly facing the partition and Father Brown my face pushed down into the mattress the stem of my bouquet between my teeth like a gag. I felt the end of something large separating the halves of my massive ass. “Are you ready Habibi?” I heard a rumble from behind me. I could do nothing but continue to look bakırköy travesti through my glossy eyes at father brown who now had a wet patch reaching from the end of his massive cock the ankle of his pants. Father Brown locked eyes with Balil and nodded, as he did I felt my husband’s cock push into me for the first time. It was so think I thought I was gonna break in half and I was snapped out of my stupor I tried to get up suddenly and pushed down my Balil’s firm hand “It’s time Habibi, we can’t wait any longer” he said as he continued to push it further into me I felt like it had reached my stomach already. “I can’t take it, its too big.” I said I’m still trying to struggle. Suddenly Father Brown was in front of me and put the bouquet back into my mouth. “Bite down.” I did as he instructed and as I bit down I felt a pop in my hole. “There we go, my love, now the heads in, the hard part is over” I groaned, the head? He wasn’t even in before. I was gonna pass out. Father Brown was still at the foot of the bed and he surprised me by reaching over my body and putting his hand on my red ass cheeks, I felt his hands spread my cheeks open so Balil could push in without obstruction. I Grabbed onto Father Brown’s thighs and squeezed for dear life as my husband pushed his massive cock into my chute for the first time. With every inch I could feel myself getting higher and higher. I could barely see straight, I looked through the gap between my Father Brown’s legs and noticed movement behind the partition. Was I delirious or was my father peaking around the partition? Was he… masturbating? He is massive cock was in his hand bating furiously. I thought to say something when finally I felt Balil’s bush against my exposed crack. I saw stars, every inch of my body came alive and I immediately started spraying cum onto the sheets beneath me. After 5 or 6 volleys of my seed I I realized that Balil had already filled me with his cum and was shuddering as the remnants of his own orgasm shook his body, his cock like a steel rod still inside me his cum felt like a fire in my stomach. He slowly pulled out and I could feel every ridge and vein of his cock as it slowly retracted from me. The next few moments happened quickly, Father brown ushered both Balil and my Father out and assured them he would clean me up and have me ready to go home shortly. He pushed them out the door frantically and approached me as he ripped his own belt off. I rolled over and attempted to sit up on the edge of the bed but as I did I was hit hard in the face with a full foot of midnight colored cock. I fell back onto the bed and Father Brown grabbed my ankles and pushed me knees up so they were next to my chest. He lined up his cock with my puffy red pussy and told me “Now we gotta make sure those babies get allllll the way up in that gut ok?” I nodded and let out a pathic moan and I tried to prepare myself for another slow entry. Father Brown had something else in mind and with one deep thrust he shoved all 12 inches into my pussy in one hard slam. I cried out in shock and in pleasure as his cock ripped across my button. “Oh god!” “Yes, praise God.” He spoke as he thrust into me, pulling all the way out until the ridge of his head pulled on my lips. “The Lord” SLAM “Asks” SLAM “Much” SLAM “Of his” SLAM “Followers” SLAM “But the” SLAM “Rewards” SLAM “are” SLAM SLAM SLAM “PLENTIFUL.” He roared the last word as he barreled into me one last time shooting volley after volley of his seed into my body. “I had to be patient with you.” he said “I knew you would be sweet but I couldn’t ruin you for your husband. But now I made sure his babies are wayyyy up in that pretty cunt…… Let’s get you cleaned up.” He got me up and I could feel my stomach slightly pushed out with all the cum inside me like a well fed kitten. He helped me get dressed and I managed to somehow walk to the car so I could go to my new home with my new husband. My dad gave me a pat on the back and told me he was proud of me and Balil held my hand as he drove us home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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