May 30

Weekend Workaholic

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I have never really liked working Saturdays, but I was beginning to wonder if that might change. There’s rarely anyone around on Saturday, so it enables you to get a lot done. This Saturday, however, I was hoping not to get any work done at all.

I showed up bright and early Saturday morning, only to find that I would be the only one at the office for the first hour or two. Oh well, that would allow me to settle myself down and plan how Sherri and I could keep this up without eventually being caught. Fucking the boss’ wife (who also happens to be part-owner) is usually not something you want to get caught in the middle of. This was no exception. Even though everyone suspects that Sherri has her fun on the side, we’ve never suspected that it has been anyone within the company. And I was one of the last people anyone would ever suspect, so that made us that much safer. But I would still want to be careful about when and where we found ourselves alone. After last night’s episode, I was pretty sure that spending hours reading over some boring reports was not on today’s agenda. But I would have to wait and see because, as I said, I was the only one there for a little while.

Sherri finally showed up around 10, but before I could get too excited, two people from accounting showed up about the same time. Well, maybe we’d make it through those reports after all. Sherri came back to my office, and the two from accounting headed down the hall to their end of the building. Sherri and I chatted for a while about nothing in particular, neither one knowing whether we should say anything about what had happened last night. Even though we had both wanted last night to happen for a long time now, it still made today a little awkward at first. Not knowing what else to say or do, we finally started pouring over the reports for next week’s meeting to see if we could break it all down into something useful. We kept it up for about an hour, and finally I couldn’t stand it any longer.

“You know,” I began, “I think we were much more productive last night.” Just testing the waters… Sherri just smiled a sly little smile and went on with what she was doing. Up until now, I hadn’t even noticed what she was wearing today. I had been so nervous about last night and whether or not it might happen again today that I hadn’t really taken a good look at her. Stunning as always, her shoulder-length light-brown hair was up in a little twist of some sort at the back of her head. Her shirt was a rather “summery” light blue button-down number that was tight enough to show her marvelous form, yet not so tight that it didn’t bahis firmaları allow a peek at her beautiful cleavage now and then. She’s the closest thing to a goddess that I’ve ever seen. Unless you count that girl who walks by the office every afternoon on her way home from the local university. But that story will have to wait for another time. Completing Sherri’s outfit today was a tight little khaki miniskirt that, as usual, put those sexy legs and sexier ass on display for all to admire. As you can tell, her clothes and the attributes she barely hides under them are enough to drive any man crazy.

With her back to me, she continued reading one of the many boring reports we were supposed to be summarizing for the board meeting. Now that I finally noticed her outfit, however, I had a difficult time taking my eyes off her. She has that effect on people sometimes, but even so, she must have sensed that I had stopped working because she turned around. She didn’t seem to mind my staring with unbridled lust. Playfully tossing another report at me, she asked, “Don’t you want to get these done as early as possible so we don’t waste the entire day?” Smiling to myself, and knowing exactly what she meant, I dove into the reports with renewed energy. We both worked pretty quickly and finished the last two around 1 o’clock. The two people from accounting had decided that two hours on a Saturday was enough and called it a day around noon, so that meant we were once again alone.

As we walked up to the front office to print off copies of our summary for the meeting, we debated whether to press our luck by sticking around the office or if we should try to head elsewhere. I lived nearby, but if anyone happened to see us both going into my apartment, there would be no explaining. We stopped to kiss passionately several times along the way, but somehow restrained ourselves from going further. Finally we got to the back sales office to drop the copies of our summary into her husband’s mailbox. She was about to strut and sway her way back into the hall, but when she noticed I wasn’t following, she stopped in the doorway. I was still standing there contemplating the big conference room table. Walking back to me, she asked what I was thinking. I decided to show her. Picking her up and depositing her seated onto the big oak table, I replied that I was deciding whether or not I could wait any longer to fuck her again.

As I said, she’s used to being in control of every situation, but my sudden aggression seemed to be a bit of a turn on. She pulled me to her and passionately found my lips with hers. She didn’t kaçak iddaa seem to mind my choice of locations. As you can probably imagine, she wore her shirt half unbuttoned, anyway, so it didn’t take me long to loosen the rest of the buttons and toss her shirt aside. In a fit of animal passion, she had pulled my shirt off and was already working on my belt and the top button on my pants. Her miniskirt was short enough that when I sat her on the table, it hiked up enough to see the light blue silk panties she was wearing. In the heat of my passion, I didn’t bother removing her skirt. I just hiked it the rest of the way up around her waist and began pulling her panties down those sexy muscular legs. I paused for a second to admire her legs as I slid her panties down past her ankles and onto the floor. By this time, she had me completely stripped of my clothing, exposing just how turned on I really was. Luckily her bra was one of the front-hook kind because I still haven’t figured out how to work the clasp on the kind that hooks in back. Her bra then quickly joined the other clothing strewn about the room. She would have no control over me today.

Kneeling to take one of her shapely legs in my hands, I began to slowly kiss my way northward. As my kissed grazed the side of her outer lips, it sent a shiver of pleasure through her. Her juices were already running out onto the table and then down her legs, but I was in no hurry. I was in control today. I backed up and moved over to the other leg, and she moaned in protest. She really wanted it today, which means that it will be that much easier to make her helpless with passion. Kissing my way slowly up to her hot and dripping pussy, she was already starting to squirm and moan as if in the early stages of orgasm. “Not so fast, darling,” I said, and she again moaned in protest. Slowly and deliberately, I kissed my way up her slit. Pausing to dart my tongue in and back out on the way by, I managed to get a muffled scream out of her. I began to tickle her clit with the tip of my tongue, and it was almost more than she could stand. I was really loving this. I continued the slow assault with my tongue until she was begging me to bring her to orgasm. Not yet.

I paused from my oral assault and raised my lips up to kiss my way up her tight abs toward my next point of attack. I quickly found my destination and began the same slow teasing of her nipples. By now she was almost to the point of screaming for release. Taking turns on her now hardened nipples, I moved in a little closer and the tip of my erection pressed against her clit. It sent a jolt through her body, kaçak bahis which only served to make her even more wild. Sucking on her nipples while grinding my penis into her clit, I thought maybe she was going to pass out, her breathing was so rapid. When I thought she could finally take no more, I stood up and plunged myself in up to the hilt, my mouth finding hers at the same time. The kiss was a short one, however, as she screamed and convulsed with a trememndous orgasm. It was almost too much for me, but as she finally came back down, I began a slow and grinding fuck. After several seconds of moving slowly in and out, I pulled almost all the way out and stopped, teasing her pussy with the swollen and purple knob on the end. When she began to moan quietly, I plunged in again, eliciting from her a quick shriek of pleasure.

I kept this up for nearly ten minutes, and Sherri had exploded into three more orgasms before I knew I was headed for an explosion of my own. I picked up the pace, trying to make it last as long as I could. Finally it came and I yelled at the intensity of the release. Sherri’s body was rocking though another powerful orgasm, and I realized that it was she who had passed out this time.

As she slowly drifted back into consciousness, she felt my dick still hard inside her and started grinding against me and moaning with pleasure. Wrapping her legs tightly around my waist, she told me to lift her up and seat myself on the table. Pressing her to me, I swung around and sat on the edge of the big table. Pushing me onto my back, she swung her knees up onto the table and told me that now it was her turn. She rode me slowly. She rode me fast and hard. She orgasmed several more times, each time pausing so I could feel the spams along the length of my erection. Finally she decided it was time for me to have another orgasm, and began riding faster and faster, our bodies making a slapping noise as they came violently together. Finally it came and I exploded deep inside her with a scream of my own.

As we lay there together on the table, we realized it was getting late and we needed to be leaving soon or someone would wonder why anyone was working so late on a Saturday afternoon. As we got dressed, I began to wonder how long we could continue this before we could hide it no longer. Neither of us has ever known anything like this before. Oh, I’ve had some great sex in my lifetime, but nothing that compared to what I was having with Sherri. I was addicted to her. Addicted to her body. Addicted to her skilled lovemaking. Addicted. We said nothing as we finished dressing. On our way out the door, Sherri stopped and pulled the summaries out of her husband’s box. Surprised, I asked what she was doing. Smiling, she turned and fed them into the shredder. “So I’ll see you Monday?” she asked with a smile.

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