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Subject: Welcome to Gayberry 86 Welcome to Gayberry � 86 Feel free to address any comments on this story to hoo. This is a work of fiction and is based on no real persons, living or dead. If you enjoy this or any of the wonderful stories here, I hope you will consider a donation to the Nifty Archive to keep the site going. It is a treasure!!! fty/ 86 “That was quite a show, gentlemen” the tall, handsome black man said in his melodic baritone voice. “I’ll admit I’m not sure I’ve seen much better in my open pen at the prison. That’s where I house the roughest motherfuckers in the entire joint and I give them free reign to fuck anybody and anytime they want to. I hope you’re planning to send these two fine specimens of young manhood up to me when you’re done with them. I have some rough fuckers who would love to tear those asses apart.” “I know you do, Eamon” Abe said as he walked over and embraced the man. Abe made introductions to Dale and David. “How are you, sheriff” Eamon asked. “Glad to see you’re maintaining law and order down in these parts. Abe said you had replaced that old deputy with a much better model. I’d have to agree with Abe’s assessment” he said as he gave David a long, admiring look. “Thank you, sir,” David said, extending his hand to the warden. “I’ve heard about you from the sheriff and I’m very honored to meet you.” “That’s quite an upgrade for you, sheriff” the warden said with a smile and a wink. “Congratulations are certainly in order, especially after watching the boy fuck.” David blushed slightly at the compliment and offered to grab some wet towels to clean Mark and Luke up a bit as Dale and the doctor had promised there was more to come. Both disciples were worn out and continuing to sob pitifully from their recent fucking but neither was too tired to try to fight off David’s efforts to clean them up a bit. “You slap that boy’s hand away one more time and I will break your fuckin’ arm” Randy said, stepping up to the desk and threatening Luke, who immediately calmed down. “Well, neither one of us likes being touched and groped by faggots!” Luke spat at the sheriff. “Then you really won’t like the next words you hear from me, you fucking asshole” Dale said with a sweet smile as Luke glared at him as if he could gleefully slit his throat. “When I learned that you two were in custody and that Abe was going to let me determine your fates, I spoke at length with both the doctor and Abe. We’ve come up with a little activity we are going to call `cuttin’ and nuttin’.” The two disciples looked puzzled but most of the others knew immediately what Dale had planned for his tormentor and his buddy, the child rapist. “We talked about circumcising both of you with the blade and then cutting your nuts out so you could never rape anyone again” Dale said quietly as looks of terror appeared in Mark’s and Luke’s eyes. “But we decided that with all that cutting, there would be a risk, however slight, of one or both of you bleeding out. We certainly don’t want that because that would mean a quick end to your fucking misery. It turned out the current foreman at the ranch had a device I recalled using when growing up on my own father’s ranch. It’s called the elastrator.” He held up a device which looked a great deal like an oversized pair of pliers and in his other hand a very small, thick rubber ring, much like a rubber band but much smaller and much thicker. “This is a rather clever device often used on the ranch to neuter cows and goats” Dale explained as he held up the pliers, demonstrated how they should be held and how to insert the tiny thick rubber ring to stretch it wide enough to encompass a set of nuts on a goat or a calf. That was when Luke and Mark realized what was going on and they began to began to plead. “We could just as easily cut them off with a blade, however that does carry a small risk of uncontrolled bleeding” Dale explained. We’ll be using the blade to remove both the boys’ foreskins, which should produce enough blood to satisfy all of us.” Everyone laughed at the remark except for Luke and Mark who now had terrified looks in their eyes. It was as though both were praying this might be some kind of mean, cruel joke while, at the same time realizing they were about to receive punishment for their own vile actions. Both Luke and Mark were near-paralyzed with fear as David and the doctor went to work cleaning them up for the next phase of their punishment. All of the captors had put on their underwear and now stood in groups chatting. The warden had pulled Randy aside for a chat. “Abe has told me you are very interested in perhaps fortifying what was your old home to become a more secure facility for incarceration” the warden said to Randy. “I am indeed” Randy said. “I’m afraid I’ve been taking a little unnecessary risk in having Mrs. Bedford and my Aunt there with relatively lax security. Mr. Vague and Eliza have done an excellent job in their discipline, but I fear that they, Mrs. Bedford particularly, could get out of control very easily. I also know the Alabama boys won’t be living there forever as they have started building their own new home out at Governor’s Bend. Their presence alone has been important in putting some fear into my aunt and Mrs. Bedford. The mayor’s wife, Mrs. Dykes is also there but I think she poses less of a threat of violence, particularly as her belly swells with the child the Colonel fucked into her.” “After talking with Abe and speaking by phone with the Alabama boys by phone, I am proposing a renovation to your basement” the warden explained. “The entire renovation should be accomplished in just a couple of days and you will have three maximum security steel cells in your basement, made of the same materials I have in my maximum security cells at the prison. Abe has also authorized me to provide you with two matrons for your residence. Both of the ones I have in mind are excellent and both have worked under my supervision for over twelve years. They are sisters but they also have a, shall we say, very close, secret relationship, if you catch my meaning. No one outside your home will even need to know what is going on. If anyone questions the materials coming and going, I would advise you tell the neighbors you are doing a renovation of your kitchen. No one in Gayberry need know that your former home has now become a maximum security detention facility.” “That sounds excellent to me” the sheriff said. “I will need a place for Mrs. Bedford, Aunt Flea and the mayor’s wife to stay while the work is going on but I guess I can house them at the jail during that period. I really appreciate it.” “You might want to check with William and see if he might want to transfer that cunt wife of his up to your place once the work is done” the warden said. “She is one disruptive, conniving bitch and I have no problem keeping her until she gives birth, but it is something you men may want to talk about. If you consent to the two matrons I have in mind for you, security for Judith Walker will not be a problem.” “Well, I really do appreciate all you’re a doin’ for us down here, warden” the sheriff said. “Just keep up the good work and I guarantee you’ll have all the resources you need from Raleigh” Eamon said. “Now I hear from Abe that you’ve got a couple of assholes who are in need of some lessons.” “Oh yeah” the sheriff said. “We’ve all fucked both of `em but they’ve still got a lot of fight in `em. I can’t wait till they get a look at that big, black monster you’ve got in your pants.” “Aw shit, sheriff, it’s not larger than yours” the warden said. “I think that a lot of white men are so intimated by big black cocks, we all look bigger in their minds. I hear these guys are assholes and they’ll probably be going back with me to Statesville. Abe told me about these two and I’ll have a special welcoming committee waiting for them. I’ve got ten of the meanest, horniest sons of bitches you ever saw all together. I call them my welcoming committee. I keep them all together in what’s called the Hell Cell. After I spoke with Abe, I had all ten of them handcuffed with their hands behind them so they can’t even touch their own peckers. They’re all closely supervised so they can’t even do anything with each other. A few days of that and they’ll be ready to shred anything that walks in the cell with a place to put a hard dick. I don’t envy these two white boys when they get showered, powdered, made to smell all fresh and then get walked into that cell.” “Goddamn, warden” Randy said. “I’d like to watch that. After watching Coach Thomas get his ass tore up and how scared he was, I can’t imagine these two little cowards won’t shit themselves.” “Oh they would but I’ll make sure the guard have them all cleaned out before they walk into the cage with those bastards” the warden chuckled. “Now, sheriff, do you think anybody would mind if I gave both those boys some of my black dick before we start cutting on them? I understand they’ve done some things that weren’t very nice to our darker skinned brothers and sisters out in Arizona.” “Oh yes, I’m sure we’d all enjoy a little exhibition” the sheriff said. “I’ve seen my deputy eyeing you and admiring you. I have a feeling he might just be curious himself about what you’re hidin’ in them trousers of yours. The boy had only had sex with his own paw until a couple of days ago.” “Oh yes” the warden said. “Abe told me all about your handsome new deputy. I just hope we won’t scare him off.” “I don’t think so” Randy said. “The boy’s got a good head on his shoulders. I’ve seen him be gentle as a lamb with young Alex and Kevin but he can get rough when he needs to.” “Well, he’s a very sexy boy” the warden said. “I wouldn’t mind some quiet private time with him at some point.” “I hope you’ll stay here with us a couple of days” Randy said. “I’m sure David would be more than agreeable to that, judging from the way he’s looking at you. Reminds me a little of a dog looking at a thick t-bone steak.” They both had a laugh as the warden walked to the front of the room where Mark and Luke were now standing beside the big desk. “I’m Warden Biden from the prison up in Statesville” he said in his big, baritone voice. “Looks as if you two disciple motherfuckers may be spending some time at my place after these good men of Gayberry get finished with you. Sheriff Gaylor tells me you two have some pretty good pussy for a couple of redneck white boys.” “We ain’t got pussies on us at all and any fucking body with a brain and a pair of eyes can see that! That goddamn nigger dick of yours ain’t coming no where close to me” Luke shouted angrily at the warden, spitting at him and hitting him on the cheek. “Son, that just wasn’t a smart move at all” the warden said in a quiet, deep voice. “Do you not realize that you’re standing there naked, surrounded by men who wouldn’t mind slashing your fucking throats, with your hands cuffed behind you? Do you seriously not realize we’re holding all the cards?” “We are both under the protection of the Prophet Warren Jeff” Mark said. “We aren’t afraid of you or any of your white race traitor friends. These men have hurt us but we will prevail in the end. The prophet has assured us that we are on the side of right. We are the chosen, the righteous. The righteous will always prevail.” “Well maybe it’s time to see how the righteous like a mouthful of big black dick” the warden said as he grabbed Mark’s head in both his large hands and forcing the boy to his knees. The warden rubbed the boy’s face against the front of his pants and then unzipped his trousers, hauling out his thick, long, tumescent uncut meat.”I see you both have shock collars on. I won’t hesitate to use those controls sitting on the desk. And if I feel a single fucking tooth scraping on my goddamned dick, I assure you that you’ll have your own goddamn teeth in your motherfucking stomachs. Now get to sucking that cock and get it nice and hard so I can fuck you boys with it.” “I told you I ain’t sucking no nigger dick!” Mark said angrily when Eamon forced his jaws open and forced his mouth down on the thick, black meat, shoving it all the way into the choking boy’s throat as he gagged and retched, trying to get away from the cock that was blocking his airway as the warden now held his nostrils closed with one of his hands. Mark’s face turned a bright red as the boy panicked, realizing he was unable to get any oxygen at all. His face went from red to blue as they all watched the boy suffocating in silence. “Stop it!” Luke screamed. “You’re suffocating my buddy, you dirty nigger pig! Leave him the fuck alone!” “Okay, pretty boy” the warden said to Luke, throwing Mark to the floor as if he were a rag doll. Mark was sputtering and gasping for air as the warden grabbed Luke’s head and forced his mouth to take every inch of his thick, now hard cock as he now gasped for air. The warden’s cock had Luke’s oral airway blocked and he now pinched the boy’s nostrils closed as he had done with Mark. Luke panicked as he realized he could get no oxygen into his lungs. He began to squirm and thrash, finally understanding he had no control over what happened. But the warden didn’t let up for over a minute, keeping his thick, uncut meat in the boy’s throat and his big, dark hand pinching off any air that he might get through his nose. When all the observers were certain the warden intended to go ahead and suffocate Luke, he suddenly released the nostrils, allowing Luke to hungrily inhale oxygen through his nostrils while the warden removed his cock from Luke’s mouth, lifted the boy’s face to his and expelled a huge wad of spit into the gasping boy’s mouth. “Since you little pussyboy motherfuckers don’t seem to like sucking nigger cock, we’ll see how much you like having a dry one jammed into your already raw boypussies” the warden said as he easily bent Luke over the desk and kicked his legs apart, exposing his raw-looking, slightly bloody manhole. The tissue was obviously swollen and inflamed but the warden began to knead the boy’s fuzzy buttcheeks. Luke was just beginning to breathe somewhat normally as the warden ran his large hand over the boy’s cheeks. “You ever had a black cock in that pretty pink hole, son?” the warden asked Luke. “No, sir, I never had no cock in me till earlier today” Luke responded in a soft voice as he began to sob. “I ain’t no faggot and I don’t know why y’all are treating us like this.” “Don’t pull your poor, pitiful white boy act on me cause it won’t work” Eamon said. “I know what pieces of shit the two of you are. You’re both gonna be wishing it was you that took those bullets instead of your buddy Matthew before too long.” The warden ran his hands over the boy’s round butt cheeks as his long, thick, very hard dick began to leak sticky nectar. Each time his fingers neared Luke’s hole, the boy flinched and tried unsuccessfully to pull away from the warden’s tight grip. Both boys were now bent over the desk, their puffy, angry-looking holes exposed to everyone in the room The warden had uncuffed both boys’ hands and now had them extended over their heads and tied down to the legs of the desk. “My dick’s ready to tear up some boypussy” the warden said as he removed the remainder of his clothing. Eamon was an imposing sight, tall and handsome with a thick patch of curly black pubes above his rock hard cock, standing straight and proud. He stepped first behind Luke and began to rub the tip of his sticky cock right against the hot pink hole, teasing it as the boy sobbed pitifully. “Don’t fuck me, nigger, please don’t fuck me” Luke begged. “If the other disciples ever got wind of me being fucked by a nigger I’d be shunned for life. Ain’t no coming back from some shit like that.” “What the other disciples think of you is the least of your problems, boy” the warden said as he teased the boy’s pucker with the very tip of his cock. “None of them other bastards going to be breathing by morning anyway. They’re holed up in that compound, surrounded by federal agents now. Somebody’s going to start firing sooner or later and I expect the whole place will go up.” “You fucking lying nigger!” Luke screamed. “That can’t be true! Our prophet will protect all of us! Every fucking one of us! He has made us that promise!” Mark joined in the screaming, both disciples loudly objecting to the information they were hearing. Luke’s objections were stopped when the warden rammed his fat cock all the way into Luke’s already ravaged hole, pushing it in to the hilt as Luke began to scream as if the warden’s cock were a sharp knife plunged into his bowels. He pushed the boy’s body up onto the desk and continued to thrust his fat meat as he began to torture the boy’s nipples with his hands, pulling and stretching the man nips. The warden was using long strokes, his fat meat ramming into the boy’s hole. Luke was yelling out each time the hard cock hit bottom. All the men were watching as the warden hard-fucked the screaming straight boy. David was watching more closely than the others and the sheriff noticed he had moved very close to the table to get a better view of the warden’s big black nuts swinging wildly as he thrust his uncut meat into the crying boy repeatedly. It was evident that young David was again hard by the outline of his thick meat in his underwear. Randy moved up close behind the handsome boy and rubbed his own underwear-clad crotch against the boy’s butt. David started to move his butt against the sheriff and whimpered softly. “You like seeing that big black cock fuckin’ that boy, don’t mersin escort you?” the sheriff whispered into David’s ear as he licked and kissed the boy’s neck. “Yes, sir” David whispered. “I never saw a black dick hard before this. I like seeing it slam in and out of the white boy’s butt. It’s just so hot.” “If you want to reach out and touch Eamon’s nuts and maybe even play with his hole, I’m sure he would enjoy that a lot.” “Are you sure he won’t mind?” David asked. “I’m one hundred per cent positive about that, son” Randy answered as he licked the younger boy’s ear. “Go ahead. He’ll enjoy it.” Randy inched the boy closer to the desk and David reached out a hand and began to rub the warden’s muscular brown ass. “I don’t know who that is behind me but I sure do like what you’re doing” Eamon said. “Don’t stop and go for that hole if you want to. I love having that pink hole worked over with a nice, warm tongue.” Randy then guided David’s head closer and the boy began to lick the warden’s pink hole, even as he pounded Luke’s hole. “Fuck yeah, that wet tongue feels so fucking good!” the warden said as he continued to fuck. “Get a couple of fingers nice and wet and stick both of them in my hole. I’m hot as hell!” David did exactly as instructed and he began to aggressively massage the warden’s gland with his slick fingers. “Motherfucker!” the warden shouted as David felt his hole clamp down on his fingers. “Goddamn! That feels amazing!” the warden exclaimed. “Any of you guys got your dicks hard for a second round with these assholes? I’d like somebody to take my place here so I can give little Mark a taste of this nigger dick.” “That boy with his tongue in your hole is hard again” the sheriff said. “His dick’s bulgin’ his underwear straight out in front of him.” “Come on in here, David, and take my place fucking Luke” the warden said as he pulled his big cock from Luke, making a sucking sound as he pulled his thick meat out and moved behind Mark. David quickly stepped out of his underwear, his uncut, shaven meat standing straight out in front of him in spite of the fact he’d cum hard less than an hour ago. “That’s some real nice meat you got there, son” the warden told David as he reached out and stroked the boy playfully before lining up his meat with Mark’s pink hole. Mark was begging loudly for the warden not to fuck him. His pink hole was now red and inflamed looking from the previous rough fucking and he screamed louder than ever as the warden shoved his monster cock all the way into his sore, tender manhole. At the same time, David shoved his cock into Luke’s hole as he screamed in pain. “That’s it, buddy” Eamon told David as they fucked side by side. “Listen to that fucker scream and don’t feel mercy. If you start feeling sorry for that fucker, remember how he treated our new buddy, Dale and those two young boys he was caring for. And remember how he killed those ranch owners and God knows how many more. And remember how this one I’m fucking loved raping little brown baby girls and making them cry and scream. Don’t hold back, buddy! Make that little cocksucker scream and beg. Tear those fucking man nipples off the boy. Pound that pretty white dick into his fucking guts!” The warden was encouraging David to fuck rough and David was doing just that. Luke was begging him to stop as he roughly grabbed both the boy’s nipples and started to pull on them as hard as he could. Luke was howling from the pain to his tender nipples and the constant, unremitting pounding of his now inflamed hole. Mark was in the same shape. Neither boy had ever known the kind of pain they were experiencing at this moment and both were just howling. Then the warden reached between Mark’s legs and grabbed his big ball sac and began to pull as if trying to tear it off the boy’s body. Mark responded as expected as he screamed louder than ever, begging him to stop. David saw what the warden was doing to Mark and responded in kind with Luke by grabbing the boy’s swinging nut sac and squeezing it as if to make it explode. Suddenly Luke went quiet. “Looks like this little fucker has passed out from the pain” David said. Can somebody bring a pail of water?” Abe ran to the broom closet and came back quickly with a pail of cold water. He started to pour it over Luke’s head but David stopped him, motioning for him to set it on the desk beside the boy. David stood up on the desk after removing his cock from the boy’s badly swollen hole and leaning down. He took the unconscious Luke by his ears and immersed his head into the bucket of cold water. Momentarily Luke was again conscious and squirming trying to loosen David’s grip on his head and raise his head out of the cold water. David held his head under for another minute and then lifted it out with Luke coughing and sputtering. “You motherfucker!” Luke screamed. “You almost drowned me! Are you fucking crazy? Have you lost your goddamned mind?” “If you knew what these guys have in store for you, you’d have let yourself drown. It would have been a whole lot more painless than what you’re in for” David said as he again plunged the boy’s head into the water. This time he held him under longer than the first time and Luke was sure David intended to drown him. Just as Luke’s lungs gave out, David again pulled his head out of the water. Luke was crying, coughing and sputtering, trying to beg but unable to take in enough air to talk. The other men just laughed at him, except for Mark, who was still begging the warden to stop the torture of his ass and his nut sac. David manhandled Luke with surprising ease as he again forced him to a kneeling position and lined up his hard cock with the boy’s hole which was now oozing blood. “Please don’t” Luke begged. “I honestly can’t take any more of this.” “You better hope I keep fucking you for a long time cause you’re sure as hell not going to like what comes next.” David whispered in the boy’s ear as Luke began to howl and beg again. The warden was now clawing furiously at Mark’s nipples as he pounded faster and harder. Mark looked as it he might lose consciousness but somehow he did not. Mark’s body appeared limp, like a rag doll being held up by the strong warden who continued to pump his thick meat into the boy’s hole. “Goddam you, I’m about to breed your fucking straight, racist little ass, you motherfucker!” the warden shouted as he turned his head to look at David. “I can’t hold back, buddy. You ready to cum in that cocksucker?” “Ready when you are, warden” David answered as his thrusts increased in intensity and speed. Both men emitted guttural sounds as the pulled their cocks out almost simultaneously and shot their thick loads on the boys’ inflamed, puckered and now-bleeding holes. As soon as he dumped his load, the warden reinserted his dick into Mark and David followed suit, mirroring his actions. “Fuck yeah, son” the warden said to David. “You are a force to be reckoned with and I’m glad as hell you’re on our side!” David gave him one of his biggest, most gleaming smiles as they fucked their cum back into the disciples, then collapsed on top of them, Eamon reaching out one of his dark, muscled arms to pull the coupled bodies closer to him and the fucked out boy beneath him. When the warden and David got off the boys, their cum was running down the hairy legs of the two disciples, missed with blood. Their holes looked red and inflamed, exactly as their captors had planned. Both boys lay there, unmoving until the doctor poured rubbing alcohol onto both boys inflamed holes, causing them to instantly begin screaming in pain. “What the fuck are you doing, man?” Luke screamed at the doctor as the warden, Abe, Randy and David dissolved in laughter. The two disciples still had their hands bound behind them so could do nothing except to come off the desk dancing around trying to create some air to cool the intense burning sensations. “How do you want them two fixed for the next step, doctor?” the sheriff asked. “I hadn’t really thought about it” the doctor said. “I’ll admit I’ve really enjoyed watching these two assholes get what’s been coming to them for a long time. I think it might be easiest to take off the handcuffs and put them both on the desk on their backs. We have rope so we can tie their hands and their feet to the legs on the desk. But Dale will be doing the first part since there won’t be any blood. When we cut them, there’ll definitely be some blood. Dale, does that work for you?” “Absolutely, doctor” Dale said. “I haven’t used one of these elastrators in years, since I left my daddy’s ranch. I believe it will come back to me though. You just squeeze the handles on these pliers and then stretch one of these little thick red rubber bands around the square. Then when you get the nuts inside the band, you just release the handles and the band snaps onto the nuts. In three to ten days, they just wither away and fall off. They won’t feel excessive pain except when the pliers is released and that tight little band closes on their ball sack. Then they’ll probably experience a bit more as their sack and their testicles are initially engorged with blood. But it’s nothing like having the nuts cut off with a blade. That’s a helluva messy procedure and it can be dangerous. Besides, these boys are gonna have enough pain when we circumcise them.” “Would you like to do the circumcisions yourself, Dale?” the doctor asked. “I’ve never done that, although I love the idea of taking a blade to that fucking Luke” Dale said. I’d love to see the look in his eyes when I come toward his cock with a shiny fucking blade.” “You can do it” the doctor said. “I’ll stand right there beside you and guide you. I think it’s a great idea. Non-medical people do these things all the time. The only difference is that with these, we won’t be using anything for deadening. Those two seem all fucked out now but I suspect they’ll both get a second wind when they see us coming for their nuts and their skins. Dale got the handcuff keys from Abe and they laid the two boys side by side on the big desk at the front of the church. “We might want to turn one of them this way and the other the opposite” Dale suggested. “That way they can see what’s going on with the other one and it could increase their feelings of dread.” “Great idea, son” the doctor said as they turned Dale around. Now they could see the other as things happened. Dale could only imagine how horrible it would be to see the tight band being applied to your buddy’s nut sac, knowing that you were next or to see the blade slicing into your buddy’s foreskin knowing the same thing would be happening to you in minutes or seconds. “Do men bleed a lot when they get circumcised, doc?” Dale asked. As you’ve seen, I have no experience with that. My father in law wanted my boy circumcised and he applied some pressure on my wife but I put my foot down about that. I wanted to make sure my boy’s cock looked like his daddy’s. I have nothing against a cut cock. I would actually like to explore a little more if the opportunity presents, doctor. You’re a very sexy man.” “Thank you, Dale” the doctor said. “There is some bleeding when a boy or a man is circumcised, son. It usually is not a problem unless there is some kind of free-bleeding disorder which has not been diagnosed. If there is excessive bleeding, we can put in a couple of stitches and usually stop that pretty easily. I’d like very much to have some time with you. I hope we’ll find the time to explore each other.” “I think that’s a real strong possibility, Doc” Dale said. My son has fit in so well here so far and I feel really comfortable with all of you. You couldn’t have been nicer or more welcoming or sexier. I’m seriously considering the offer you made to take over operations at the ranch. The guy who’s leaving does a great job and those will be some big shoes to fill, but I plan to sit down and have a long talk with Kevin. If he’s feeling as good about being here as I am, you’ll have yourself a new ranch foreman.” “I’m really glad to hear that, son” the doctor said. “I can’t wait for you to meet William and Arnold and their boys. I think you’ll feel as comfortable with them as you have felt with us so far.” “I hope so” Dale said. “I was determined not to make a fast move after the way things turned out in Arizona, but we can’t let a previous mistake dominate our lives forever.” The two men shared a hug and told the other guys they were ready to band the disciples. Both Luke and Mark were lying naked on the table on their backs. Both were handsome with very nice, fit bodies and both were crying, terrified of what was in store for them. Abe stepped up to the desk where Mark and Luke were tied, lying on their backs, to the big oak desk, both their arms extended over their heads and secured to the legs at the base of the desk. Their legs were also secured with their knees slightly spread enough to give access to their privates. Both Luke and Mark were sobbing and continuing to plead quietly to be left alone and released. “Neither of you fuckers is ever going to be released so you ought to just give the fuck up on that idea” the warden said. “Assuming you get out of this shithole alive, your future is either at our prison up in Statesville where you’ll both become little prags for the toughest prisoners in the joint. Or you could get sent down to Angola Prison where the temperature is usually at least a hundred and ten and you’ll be busting rocks in a quarry and moving them from sunrise to sunset. Nobody survives down there for very long. When you finish a day of back breaking work, the guards will hose you down and then, after the guards pick out their fucktoys for the day, you go into gen pop and get fucked by the roughest murderers and rapists in the fucking joint. ” “What is a `prag’? the doctor asked. “Forgive me for using a slang term most of the general public doesn’t know” the warden said. “Prag is a term which is short for a `prison fag’ The meanest motherfuckers in the prison turn pretty straight boys into their cum dumps. They totally dominate them, fuck them several times a day and lend them to their friends for other favors like cigarettes. Both of these handsome white boys will be taken immediately and turned into cum dumps for the meanest, baddest men in my prison or at Angola.” Luke and Mark were sobbing louder now as they heard the words of the warden. “Listen to those pussyboys sob” Dale chuckled. “Wasn’t too long ago they had all the control. Now they have none. None at all. It’s hard to decide who to band first. ” “Do him first” Luke blurted out loudly. “If you’ll spare my nuts, I’ll give you all the information you want. I swear to God I’ll tell you anything you want to know. I’ve got names and I’ll confess to killing those old owners like the prophetess ordered me to. If you’ll let me off this table, we can fly out to Arizona and I’ll lead you right to their bodies.” “Fuck you, Luke, you fucking traitor!” Mark screamed. “That motherfucker has killed a bunch of people and I know their names. If you’ll let me up, I’ll give you every name I can remember and there’s a bunch.” “And I got a list in my mind of all the young girls Mark raped along with that prophetess” Luke said. “He loved raping them and then I also know he killed some of their parents. I remember a whole bunch of names.” Both boys started blurting out names and even some dates as Abe and David grabbed pads and took copious notes. After about fifteen minutes, the boys were running out of information to give and both began to wind down. “I think we’ve gotten about all the information they have” Abe said. “Both of them are getting repetitive now and I think we have plenty to convict all of those damned disciple that survive the standoff out in Arizona. If you’re ready to show us how you band an asshole, Dale, I think we’re all eager to watch.” Both boys were just sobbing now, each begging that the other be done first, praying that some miracle would occur and their disciple buddies would burst through the doors to save them. “Okay, I think I’ll do Mark first” Dale said. “Mark, you understand I’m not really doing this to punish you as much as I’m doing it to make sure you don’t ever get the opportunity to rape another child. You don’t deserve to have that pretty nut sac of yours and you don’t deserve to be able to ever hurt another person with that cock.” Dale then held up the pliers and pressed, stretching the end and he inserted the very tiny but thick red rubber band onto the four prongs of the apparatus. “This guy has an average sized nut sac so it should be easy enough to get those balls squeezed through the band.” Dale took the boy’s furry sac in his hand and kneaded it a few times before squeezing both nuts through the stretched rubber ring. He then released the pliers and Mark howled a pitiful howl. “Oh shut the fuck up” Dale said. “You think that’s bad, wait till you feel a blade in that long, pretty foreskin of yours. That band is going to hurt for about three hours but then everything will start to get numb. According to the doctor, the blood supply has been cut off completely, which will cause the nuts to start to just die, starved of blood. That will happen within three hours and you’ll probably see them wither and eventually just fall off. We aren’t sure how long it will take cause neither the doctor nor I have ever used these things on a human. In a baby goat or a calf, it usually takes anywhere from three to ten days. We’ll have to make sure you can’t use your hands for that period escort mersin of time.” “That’s a fact” the sheriff said. “We’d planned to send you boys on back to Statesville with the warden but we really want to watch and see how long it will take for them nuts to just fall off. So we’re gonna hold you fellers in one of our secret locations until them nuts just disappear. That way we can have some more fun with both of you. We have some other friends who might want to try that disciple pussy.” “No, please, please, please don’t do this” Luke pleaded. “Dale, I know you liked me and I secretly liked you too. I could make you really happy. There’s nothing I won’t do for you if you’ll just tell all these others to let me go. You and I can just go away together. Fuck Mark and the prophet and all them other disciples. We can go away some place quiet and start over. Just you, me, and your son. Please, Luke. Think about how nice it could be. We could have our own little family.” Dale Mason listened to the man and appeared to be seriously considering his proposition. “You mean it would just be you and Kevin and me?” Dale asked, running his hand up the handsome disciple’s furry thigh. “You mean we three could be together? Just us? And you’d do anything I wanted to do? You’d let me kiss you and fuck you?” “Yes, yes, yes, Dale!” the excited disciple said earnestly, smelling freedom on his horizon. “The three of us can be very happy together.” “It does sound attractive” Dale said. “I thought you were the most handsome of all the disciples from the first time I saw you. I fantasized about the very situation you are dangling in front of me. The thought of just you, Kevin and me together, enjoying life. I really think it might work.” “Don’t do this, Luke” Mark started to plead with his fellow disciple. “You can’t break the vows you made to the prophet and to all of your brother disciples. Don’t do it. He’s just lying to you! Don’t let him trick you. He is Satan in human form.” “Shut up, Mark!” Luke shouted at the man. “You may not give a shit about keeping your nuts but I want to keep mine and I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen. I can be very happy living with this handsome man and his very handsome young son. Now, Dale, why don’t you just cut me loose and tell all your friends we’re leaving. They all said that it was up to you to decide our fate. Just tell them we’re going. ” “I think we can be happy too” Dale said. “But I’d like you to prove your sincerity by asking to suck my dick” dale said. “Of course, Dale, please let me taste your sweet dick!” Luke said, speaking very quickly without taking time to breathe. “I was always attracted to you from the very beginning but afraid of what the others would do to me. I was never, ever like them. I never wanted to be mean to you or the boys but I was just doing what I had to do. I was never mean or bad like the others. I swear I was always looking for a chance to get you and your boys off the ranch but they just watched us too closely. I promise you I’ll make you the happiest man alive if you’ll just release me.” “If you’re really sincere, we need to seal this with a kiss” Dale Mason said to the young disciple, their faces very close to one another. “Ask me to give you a good, long, wet kiss.” “Oh yes, Dale, please kiss me the way I’ve never been kissed” Luke begged. “Today starts our new lives together.” Dale leaned in and the two exchanged a long, passionate kiss until suddenly the young disciple pulled away, pushing Dale away from him. He started to scream even louder than he had while getting violently buttfucked earlier. He began to spit blood into the floor as Dale and the others began to laugh. “You motherfucking thun of a bitsch!” Luke screamed, spitting out blood. “You bit part of my goddamned tongue off!” All the men began to laugh at the wounded disciple, especially the man who had just bitten off the tip of the man’s tongue. “You’ve got to be the goddamned stupidest fucker on this planet if you ever thought I’d forgive you for what you did to me and those boys!” Dale Mason said, still laughing. “You actually believed I’d trust you, you lowlife, lying, murderous, raping son of a bitch? I’d have to be even crazier than you to believe a fucking word out of your nasty, filthy mouth, you rancid piece of shit! Now I’m ready to proceed with making damned sure you and your baby raping friend never get to use those cocks as weapons again!” Both boys were sobbing loudly now and Luke was squirming and trying to break free of the ropes as he continued to try to clear the blood from his mouth. “Simmer down, little buddy” Dale said to Luke, stroking the boy’s forehead and pushing his hair from his handsome face. “They’re going to need to find you some lipstick the color of blood. Your red lips look very, very kissable and I know all the fuckers at Statesville will agree with me.” “Fuck you!” Luke said. “You lying piece of shit!” Dale again loaded the pliers with another red band and began forcing Luke’s nuts through the band. Luke’s nuts were considerably larger than Mark’s so it was much more painful as Dale roughly forced them into the tiny, thick band. Finally the bag was in the red ring and Dale released the pliers, capturing Luke’s fat nut sack in the tiny, strong ring. Luke howled, as had Mark only a few minutes earlier and both boys were sobbing and begging to have the bands cut off. “It would be really dangerous to try to cut those off, boys” Dale told them, as he ran his big, strong hands over both boys’ hairy, fit bodies. The doctor could do it with a scalpel, but even if you got your hands free and tried to cut those bands off, you’d probably end up cutting your nuts off. And that would be even more painful than getting yourselves circumcised like we’re about to do.” “No, please!” Mark screamed. “I can’t take that. I’ve had enough. I’ll tell you something if you promise not to cut me. I’ll tell you something you don’t know. I swear I will.” Sensing the information was about him, Luke started to protest. “He don’t know shit else” Luke objected. “He’s just trying to make me look bad and try to gain some favor by doing that. Can’t you see that?” “We ain’t makin’ shit promises to a couple of rapers, but now that you brought it up that you have this information, I `spect I might be remiss in my duties if I didn’t try to get that information” Randy said, picking up the sharp, silver scalpel on the little table beside the desk. “You got some real pretty, nubby nipples on them boytits, Mark, and I’m thinkin’ how it might be fun to cut one off.” The sheriff reached out with the scalpel and blood spurted from the shocked boy’s nipple as Luke started to babble. “No! Stop!” I’m talking as fast as I can” Mark shrieked. “Luke used to masturbate in the barracks at night when it was just the two of us, telling me about how one day he was going to slit dale’s throat and rape the fuck out of those two young boys. He’d talk about it and his meat would get hard as a rock and he’d end up spurting cum all over the place. When we saw that plane go down in the lake, Luke wanted to head straight back to Oklahoma to kill Dale and rape them boys. Matthew and me told him we had a job to do first and he made us promise we’d watch while he tied Dale up, sliced his jugular and then fucked both boys while he watched as he bled to death.” “That’s a goddamned motherfucking lie!” Luke screamed. “That bastard’s just trying to save his cock! Can’t you see that?” Mark’s nipple continued to bleed as the sheriff took a cloth and wiped the blood away from the bloody nipple. “I believe he’s telling the truth” Dale said. “If you could’ve seen the way that asshole looked at those sweet boys, you’d believe it too. He wanted to get his hands on those boys. The only thing that held him back was the fear of the other disciples finding out he was a boylover.” “You’re all a bunch of fucking goddamned liars!” Luke shouted, a wild look in his eyes, as he struggled to get free. “Do I need to stitch that nipple up?” the doctor asked. “I wouldn’t bother” the warden chuckled. “You wouldn’t believe how many of those boys get their nipples chewed and bitten off up at the prison. Some of those mean motherfuckers love the taste of blood. I wouldn’t waste the thread it would take to sew it up.” Mark and Luke were now sobbing as the other men just laughed at them. “Since I haven’t done this before, it might be better if I watched somebody cut before I try it myself” Dale said. “Well, I’ve never done it either, but it sure would be a pleasure to do it to these guys” David said. “Step on up here, David” the doctor said, stepping up to the desk and guiding David beside him. All the men were still dressed in their underwear except the two naked disciples, bound naked on their backs, their limbs spread and tied to the bottom of the desk. It was clear that Luke and Mark were completely vulnerable to anything their captors wanted to do to them. “The fact is that there are any number of ways to circumcise a man” the doctor explained. “I’m cut high and tight but I’ve noticed that Abe has more foreskin left than I do.” The doctor dropped his shorts to the floor and demonstrated how he didn’t have enough foreskin to cover his cockhead, no matter how hard he pulled at it. “Abe, on the other hand, can slide his foreskin over his cockhead while he masturbates” the doctor explained. “Abe, would you mind showing the boys what I’m talking about?” “Not in the least” Abe volunteered, dropping his underwear to the floor and exposing his flaccid, cut meat. “Feel free to touch it and demonstrate anything you like. I like having my little Jew dick touched and fondled by handsome men.” They all enjoyed a laugh as the doctor took Abe’s flaccid cock in his hand and demonstrated his point, pulling what was left of his foreskin over the cockhead and then retracting it. “The truth is that if you don’t cut a man high, you could conceivably repeat the procedure quite a few times, causing him to experience the excruciating pain over and over again” the doctor explained. “I think I’d like to cut the one I cut low so he could at least be afraid it would be done more than once” David said. “I totally agree” Dale said as the doctor and Abe both pulled their underwear up, their dicks looking a bit firmer and fuller than when they dropped their shorts. “I’m thinking this may be an effective punishment tool for my prisoners up at Statesville” the warden said. “I’m surprised I never considered it. “I don’t think any of us would’ve considered using this as a punishment till that fuckin’ Preacher Smith started doing it to young boys without no anesthesia” the doctor said. The doctor guided young David’s hand to Mark’s bushy crotch. His cock had completely drawn up in fear of what was to come and the doctor instructed David to play with it to get it to stiffen just a little. That worked and the cock soon had some additional blood flow. The doctor had the boy stretch the foreskin over the cockhead several times. It was a long foreskin and it moved easily over the pink cockhead. Now when you’re ready to cut, just pull that skin down as far as you want it, get a good grip on the scalpel and start to cut” the doctor instructed. “There are clamps and all kinds of gadgets they use in the hospital to make sure the cuts are precise but I don’t think this little fucker is going to be filing a malpractice suit.” All the men chuckled a bit nervously as they all were so enjoying watching the handsome doctor guide the handsome young boy’s hand on the captor’s bushy private parts. All of them were again feeling tumescence in their cocks. “So when you’re ready, just grasp the skin firmly and start to cut all the way around it with the blade” the doctor instructed as Mark screamed and sobbed, begging them to take pity on him. “Mark, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll hold still like a statue. This is a really sharp blade and one little jerky movement could cause David to cut your pecker clean off.” “Nooooo, please” screamed Mark as he watched David move the shiny scalpel near his cock. David was undeterred, gripping the scalpel and cutting into the skin swiftly and surely as Mark let out a bloodcurdling scream. “I wonder if them babies he loved rapin’ so much could scream that loud” the sheriff asked with a laugh. “Goddammit!” Mark screamed. “You are killing me! I can’t take this fucking pain! Please stop! Please!” “I don’t think you’d really want me to stop now and leave your foreskin just hanging half on and half off” David said calmly as he continued to cut with the confidence of an experienced surgeon. “Dale was holding Luke’s head in his hands, forcing him to watch. When Luke attempted to close his eyes, Dale hit him with a quick jolt of electricity to the shock collar and his eyes were instantly wide open. “Watch what’s happening here, you vile cocksucker!” Dale said quietly to Luke. “And know that your time is coming real soon!” David completed his cutting, holding up the severed skin for all to see. “Maybe we should feed it to his buddy” David said as Luke began to retch and cough. “Just put it over there in that little cooler, David” the doctor said. “I might just use it in a nice meat pie and feed it to our captive bastards later.” The doctor then handed David a roll of gauze and instructed him on wrapping the bloody cock in gauze. “He’ll experience pain as intense as the procedure every time that dried gauze gets ripped off his penis and if it’s done daily it will take quite a while to heal. Under the best circumstances, any man who undergoes the procedure is recommended to avoid an erection if possible for six to nine weeks. Any hardening of the penis before that time will be extremely painful.” “I wish you’d just cut the goddamned thing off” Mark spat at the doctor. “It couldn’t hurt any worse. It burns worse than anything I ever felt and I got shot in the shoulder one time. That was less painful than this, you son of a bitch.” “We can go ahead and cut it off if that’s what you’d like” the doctor said with a smile. “David can just cut if right off and shove it down your throat if you’d like him to. Just say the word.” “Fuck you!” Luke screamed. “Fuck every goddamned one of you fucking shithead assholes!” “Let’s scoot him over a bit so Dale will have plenty of room to take care of Luke now” the doctor said. Luke was sobbing uncontrollably and pleading with Dale not to cut him. He had heard his buddy’s screams and was terrified. “You just don’t understand” Luke sobbed. “I’ve never had a tolerance for pain. I know I can’t survive this. I’ll have a heart attack and die when that blade cuts into me. Do you want my death on your hands?” “Everybody has to go sometime, Luke” Dale said with a smile. “If this time is your time, so be it, buddy. I’d hate for that to happen because we have a lot more fun in store for you but if you check out now, I’m sure we can find a pigpen somewhere close to throw you in. Pigs will eat anything. Absolutely anything and everything.” “Goddammit, please stop this” Luke begged. “I’ll tell you anything you want to know if you just won’t do this.” “Hold up just a second” Abe said. “That’s quite an offer I just heard. Luke, do you know anything about relationships between the Arizona Attorney General and the disciples or about Sherifff Joe’s and t he prophet’s wives relationships with the disciples?” “I know it all and I’ll tell you anything you want to know if you just won’t cut me” Luke begged. “What I’m saying is we’ll hold off on the cutting for now if you answer every single question we give you” Abe said. “That is the only deal I’ll make. If you don’t want that cock cut right this second, you better start talking.” Luke started talking ninety miles a minute. He told about investigators who had been looking into the disappearance of the former ranch owners whom he had strangled to death on the orders of the prophet’s wife and where he had hidden the bodies. He started relating names of countless victims, children and families who had just been disappeared by the disciples. He also named four top investigators on the attorney general’s staff who had received land and cash from the prophet for their work on behalf of the prophet. Luke slowed down when Abe began to question him about the prophet’s wife and Sheriff Joe’s wife and their relationships with the disciples. Abe simply lifted the shiny scalpel and moved toward the boy and Luke again began babbling, relating how Sheriff Joe’s wife had been a stripper at a Phoenix strip club and how Sheriff Joe had dumped his previous wife and his children for her. He related how the sheriff’s wife and the prophet’s wife had voracious sexual appetites and how they had fucked all the disciples repeatedly and kept the secret from their husbands. “None of us have touched the prophetess since the prophet revirginized her” Luke said. “We all want his fertilizing her to be a success so the prophet will have an heir. The prophetess had the prophet convinced her son could inherit his position until the prophet walked in on the boy beating his meat in the shower and saw he was cut. He went through the roof and threatened to have the boy killed right then but the prophetess calmed him down by telling him that her first husband, the boy’s real father, had insisted on having him cut so his penis wouldn’t be different from his father’s.” “That lying cunt!” Randy exclaimed. “Felton told us all about how his wife insisted he get cut before she’d marry him. He was young and thought mersin escort bayan he was in love with the bitch so he gave in and got sliced for her. Then when their son was born, he objected to having the boy cut but she wasn’t having it any other way. She was raised in a Jewish fucking family and I understand they cut all their boys. Ain’t that right, doctor?” “That’s right” the doctor answered. “I’m sure all the men in her family would have been circumcised and I can’t imagine a girl in her position would have married a man who wasn’t circumcised.” “That’s what I thought” the sheriff said. “I hate it but I’m gonna have to get my ass down to the courthouse. I have a meeting there about some very young teenage boys who got caught in a motel room tryin’ to fuck a girl. I’ve talked to the warden and we’ve made a couple of decisions. We’ve agreed that Thor and Mr. Print Sr. can be transferred on up to Statesville. That’ll make room for Luke and Mark to be moved into the quarters with them others and we’ll still have room there for the two comin’ in later tonight. If y’all would be kind enough to make that happen, I’d be most appreciative. I think it’ll be okay to bring Mr. Print and Thor on down to the courthouse later until the warden’s van comes to pick them two up. It’d prob’ly be a good idea to put them hoods over their heads and tape their mouths so no surprises get spoiled.” Luke and Mark looked puzzled as they didn’t know anything about the quarters or that the prophetess was still alive. They both still thought the prophet, his wife, and Sheriff Joe had gone into the lake when the plane crashed. “You sons of bitches!” Mark suddenly shouted. “You didn’t give me the chance to keep from being cut! You bastards let that traitor off and didn’t cut him. I could’ve given you that same information if you gave me the chance. As it is, that son of a bitch broke every pledge we ever made the prophet, the prophetess and to sheriff Joe. Not to mention the pledges we all made to each other! And here I am in awful pain and he got off scot free!” “He’s not off scot free, buddy” Abe said. “He just got a temporary reprieve. I didn’t tell him we weren’t going to cut him. I just told him we weren’t doing it right now. That asshole gets more time to think about what he saw happen to you and how much it’s going to hurt.” “No! That’s a lie, you fucking liar!” Luke shouted at Abe. “You said you wouldn’t cut me if I talked.” “I absolutely did not say that” Abe said. “You heard what you wanted to hear. If I’d said that, I’d honor it but I never said that. Dale will be cutting that pretty little pecker of yours sooner rather than later. I hope you’ll think of nothing else till you feel that cold steel cutting into your fucking meat.” Luke again began to sob loudly. “Since the sheriff and the doctor have to get to the courthouse, that gives us a little more time here before we have to get you over to the other location” David said. “I wouldn’t mind having another piece of that straight boy hole, Dale. How about you?” “Oh Hell yeah!” Dale answered, dropping his underwear and revealing a half hard cock. “I’m in too, if you boys don’t mind!” David said. “The more the merrier!”Abe said as they all got totally naked and moved toward the sobbing straight disciples. “What the fuck is going on here?” Luke demanded to know. “You’re talking about taking us somewhere but you won’t tell us where we’re going. You’ve already violated our rights more times than I can count. I know I have some rights and I am demanding some information. You can’t just treat people this way.” “That’s where you’re wrong, little buddy” Abe said as he smoothed Luke’s silky hair back from his forehead and played with his hard cock just inches from the boy’s mouth. “If your rights were so fucking important to you, then you boys should have kept your murderous little asses in Arizona where you ran things. This is not Arizona, in case you haven’t figured things out yet. You’ll fucking know where you’re going when you get there. I will tell you boys that you have some surprises in store but I think that’s all I’ll say cause I don’t want to spoil any surprises.” “Motherfucker, you’ll get yours when our buddies get here to rescue us” Mark said angrily. “I’ll see to it that you’re paid back for all you’ve done to me. I know my buddies will be here soon to cut this band off of my nut sac. They can’t do anything about my cut cock but I know they’ll take care of me and you boys will be so sorry you ever fucked with us.” Luke and Mark had their mouths stuffed with cock as Randy and the doctor left the building and got into their car to head for the courthouse. As they set out, the sheriff explained to Doc what had happened when he caught the seventh grade Moore twin boys at the Butter Cup Motel with the mayor’s daughter and how he had met with the boys’ father and grandfather, at which time the decision was made to place the boys in chastity. “A part of me feels bad about doing this since I saw how them metal cages was cuttin’ into Dale, his son and Felton’s boy” the sheriff said. “Especially with that big dick on Alex. I think they coulda had some permanent damage if we didn’t cut them things off when we did.” “I was amazed at David’s cool and calm manner when he did that for Dale and Kevin” the doctor said. “That boy has a real talent for putting folks at ease and gaining their trust.” “He sure does” Randy said. “It was the very same way when he cut the one off of Alex the day before. The boys trust him completely and David was steady as a rock. I was shakin’ a little just watchin’ cause that boy Alex has got a whopper of a cock just like his paw. You ain’t met Felton yet but he’s a big burly guy with a cock to match. When I met Alex, I couldn’t believe he was Felton’s son till I saw the dick that boy had between his legs. It was real obvious then that he got his paw’s very best traits.” “So what’s going on with the Moores?” the doctor asked. “I know the grandfather a little bit although I haven’t seen him in a while. He was always a nice enough fellow. He seemed very reserved and always had about the best manners in these parts. He and his wife, whom I understand has passed, were very kind in giving a reception for my wife and myself when we moved to town. He’s about ten years older than I am but was a very congenial fellow. His son was also a nice guy, although he seemed a bit standoffish. I remember Mark’s gorgeous wife. I believe she was a runner up in the Miss North Carolina Pageant. She was one of those perfect wives for a rich man, always knowing exactly what to do and say and wear. I remember what a perfect hostess she was. I don’t know about now but the old man was in the process of handing off the business to Mark when we came here, although Mark seemed to spend a lot more time on the country club golf course than he did at the plants. I think they had five or six huge meat packing plants in the area and were making a shitload of money even then. I look forward to seeing both of them again and to meeting their twins.” “One impression I got when I was there was that the old man has attempted to keep Mark in line” the sheriff said. “I got the impression he still put Mark across his knee from time to time but I couldn’t help wondering if Mark didn’t maybe try to buck his authority from time to time. I just know they both agreed to put the thirteen year old twins in cock cages because they didn’t want any unwanted pregnancies. Apparently both boys are making cum now, although both just had the lightest ring of pubes above their peckers.” “You certainly can’t blame a family with that much to risk for wanting to protect things for those boys” the doctor said. “An unwanted pregnancy, especially in an underage girl, could lead to all kinds of problems which could potentially put everything the old man has built in jeopardy.” They arrived at the court house to find only Mr. Hunt sitting in his cell. The man had a new shoulder length blonde wig which appeared to be of good quality. He had on full makeup, large gold hoop earrings and a modest skirt and pink blouse which completely covered his hairy chest. The sheriff realized that he was actually becoming more passable as a female with each day. “Isn’t that a new wig, Mr. Hunt?” the doctor asked. “And your makeup looks very nice today as well.” “Where are you getting’ all that makeup and them new clothes? The sheriff asked. “My ex-wife brings me some clothes and makeup and so does Miss Nellie from the drugstore next door to here. I’m really feeling pretty excited about things today. I was ready just to end it all a couple of days but now I’m feeling hopeful about things. My mirror tells me I might actually be a very attractive woman once I can get started with the female hormones.” “What in the world do you have to feel hopeful about?” the sheriff asked. “You’ve lost your son. He refuses to even come for a short visit and says he never wants to see you again. Your ex-wife is now engaged to that fuckin’ buffoon of a mayor, you had your foreskin cut off and your balls cut out and your dick is shrinking by the day. That little thing is never going to get hard again.” “I know all that” Mr. Hunt said. “But my ex-wife and Nellie cheered me up last night. She’s going to marry the mayor really soon and then he’s going to run for governor. She says that when Mayor Dykes becomes governor, he can issue me a full and complete pardon. If I can manage to get that gender reassignment surgery, I can become a real woman. Then my ex says she and the governor will hire me as a nanny and our son will come back to live with us in the governor’s mansion. Won’t that be nice! Is there any word from that warden on when I might get looked at for that surgery?” “Well, you certainly have it all planned out” Randy chuckled. “Good luck on all that. But you may need a little reality check. The truth is that the warden is in town but I’ve had too much else on my plate to bring up your surgery to get a cunt. Another point is that your boy Phillip has said he’d like to move on with getting’ emancipated from you and your wife and he never wants to see either of you again. He wants to forget you exist. And the day that mayor of this town becomes governor is the day I’ll probably be crowned the Queen of Fucking England!” “That’s not funny!” Mr. Hunt said, looking suddenly deflated. “I bet you’d get that warden on the ball about my surgery if I told you I had some really, really important information that nobody else knows about. I bet that would get you moving right along.” At that moment, Mr. Moore and his twin grandsons walked in the door. The boys looked cute in their soccer uniforms and Mr. Moore apologized that they had run a little late. “I had to get the boys from soccer practice and I had a meeting before that which ran a little late. I’m very sorry. I pride myself on punctuality and I’ve tried to teach my son and my grandsons how important it is. Maybe I’ll have better luck with Benny and Denny than I did with my own son.” “Where is Mark?” the sheriff asked. “Did he have a golf game? I hear he is quite the golfer.” “He certainly has been but he will not be playing for a while” Mr. Moore said. “Quite a while. Mark will be waiting in the car while we attend to my grandsons. Some very disturbing things have come to light in recent days which I’d like to discuss with you and the doctor before I make further decisions regarding my son.” “I think the boys and I are ready to you to fit their devices on them” Mr. Moore said. “I’ve discussed with both boys at length our reasons for doing this and they are in complete agreement with the plan. Both boys regret letting things go that far with that mayor’s daughter and, while I believe they were more victim than perpetrator, both they and I believe this punishment will serve as a valuable lesson for the boys. I appreciate the doctor being present as it is not my wish to damage either of these precious boys permanently. I love them too much to ever risk that.” “Okay, guys, this won’t be painful at all and that’s a promise” the doctor said. “Which of you would like to go first?” “I’ll go first” Denny said. “I think that’s the right thing to do cause I am older even if by only twelve minutes. My grandpop has told us that you and the sheriff are fine men that we can trust so we’re not at all afraid.” “You boys do realize you won’t be able to masturbate while you are in these devices, don’t you?” the doctor asked. “Yes, sir” Denny answered politely. “We’ll really miss doing that and other things we’ve enjoyed doing together . But grandpop has agreed to an initial period of three months. We’ve agreed not to complain or whine about it. If we break that promise, the time automatically doubles for both of us, regardless of who commits the infraction. Grandpop wants the sheriff to hold the keys as he is afraid he might give in a weak moment.” “I appreciate your trust in us, son” the sheriff said, brushing back the soft hair from the boy’s pretty face. “I hope that my son, Dopie would behave the way you and your brother are behaving under the same unfortunate circumstances. I know it won’t be fun not being able to play with your willies for three months, but you boys could have gotten in trouble beyond anything you can imagine if you’d stuck your willies in them girls, especially without rubbers.” “As grandpop says, we dodged a bullet” Benny said. “But we don’t plan on letting our grandpop down. Not now or ever, the way our dad has. We both want to make him proud and show him how much we appreciate what he’s done for us. ” “I guess that’s enough talking” Denny said. “Do I just drop my shorts right here?” “Yes, unless you’d like to go in the back room and do this” the sheriff said. “I locked the doors so no one will be barging in on us. There’s no one else here except Mr. Hunt and he’ll enjoy the show.” “I don’t mind people watching” Denny said. “Benny and I have always enjoyed undressing in front of each other and our mates at school and our coaches. Grandpop and dad have told us we don’t have anything to be ashamed of. Not that it matters, but you called your prisoner Mr. Hunt. He looks like a woman.” “It’s a long story, boys, but Mr. Hunt had an unfortunate incident where his testicles were removed. He is now becoming more feminine by the day and has even begun to wear makeup and wigs and dress as a woman.” “Doesn’t having no testicles mean he can’t get erections anymore?” Benny asked. “Yes, son, that is ultimately the result of losing one’s testicles” the doctor explained. “When we finish I’m sure Mr. Hunt won’t mind letting you see what it looks like to have no testicles and merely an empty sac.” “Yes, sir, I think we’d like to see that” Denny said. “We heard our grandpop discussing castration with dad. That is what it’s called, isn’t it?” The sheriff and the doctor were increasingly curious about what was going on with the father of the twins but they held their silence, figuring they would find out soon enough what was going on in this family. Denny took off his soccer team shirt, exposing a milky white, hairless chest and a few very light brown hairs in his pits. He then kicked off his shoes and dropped his soccer shorts, revealing a very clean white jock strap. No pubes were visible above the pouch but then, without flinching, he removed his jockstrap, revealing very light brown pubes in a ring around the base of his uncut penis. His penis was average size for a boy his age and the hair above it looked soft and fine. “Are you making spunk when you masturbate, son” the doctor asked Denny?” “Yes, sir” the boy answered, but only for about two months. “Benny started making it before I did by about a month. I was getting a little worried that something might be wrong but grandpop told me to be patient. The next thing I knew, I found my willy sticking to my underwear at times and it wasn’t long before I started making cream when I beat my meat.” “I see that willy’s starting to get a little excited” the doctor said. “That’s very normal. Don’t be embarrassed or worried about it. It’s completely normal for boys to be excited when people are seeing them naked. You’re a very handsome boy and so is your brother.” “Thank you, doctor” the boy said. “I appreciate that. You’re as nice as our grandpop said you would be. I’m sorry I’m getting a stiffy. I’m really trying not to but the harder I try not to, the harder I get. Grandpop told us he hoped we would have time to go home and shower between practice and coming here. He had told us we might want to beat off so this wouldn’t happen. But the coach kept us late and we didn’t have time to do that.” “It does seem to be getting harder by the second, Denny” the doctor said. “You can go n the back and masturbate if you’d like and if your grandfather approves.” “They’re both a bit exhibitionistic” their grandfather said. “They’d probably both like to beat their meat in front of you, if you don’t mind.” “I wouldn’t mind at all and I’m sure the sheriff wouldn’t mind a bit either” the doctor said. “After all, he has a handsome son about your age.” “Yes, sir,” Denny said. “We both know Dopie. He’s a really cute guy and he’s just one grade behind us at school.” “You boys know my boy?” the sheriff asked. “I know Dopie’s pecker gets hard every time the wind blow, so I won’t mind at all if you boys want to beat your meat. It’s gonna be a while before you get to do it again so you might as well enjoy it.” Benny started to undress and it was amazing just how identical the boys were in every respect. Their identical boycocks were standing out straight in front of them as they seemed to enjoy having the eyes of the three older men on them. “If you have any oil of lube, I bet the boys wouldn’t mind a helping hand or two” their grandfather said.

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