May 30

Welcum Home

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“Come on in, soldier. I’ve been waiting forever for this moment.” Throwing her long brown hair over her shoulder, Tabitha batted her eyelashes at the man walking through the door. They’d been friends for a year, keeping in contact over the internet while he served in Iraq. Jay had finally gotten a few weeks off for some much needed R which were licked clean.

Jay’s breathing became faster as she took his throbbing shaft in his mouth and started sucking. Working it up and down, Tabitha reached for his balls and gently massaged. Then she shifted, taking his balls in her mouth as she worked as she stroked him up and down. Not wanting him to cum just yet, she stopped and rubbed her body against his, letting her breasts graze his dick.

Tabitha straddled him and kept space between her body and his. She watched him as she pulled her hair to the top of her head and ran her palms down to her breasts; humping the air. She moaned as she massaged her tits. Letting the hair fall around her güvenilir bahis she pushed downward to her pussy. It was wet and she wanted him so bad. But she knew that once she rode him she would explode and she wanted to last longer than that.

Still circling her hips above him she played with her clit as she started stroking him again. She fingered herself, one finger then two. She was so wet now and she could see the need in Jay’s eyes. Reaching forward she released the cuffs. While he was pulling his hands free she sat down on his hard cock and rocked, moving her hips in a tantalizing motion.

Jay immediately sat up and buried his face in her tits, sucking as they hardened to his touch. He grabbed a bit of her hair and pulled gently and tipped her neck back so he could watch her chest heave in excitement. She ran her hand over his bald head, praying that he wouldn’t stop licking and sucking.

“Oh, God….you feel so good. Fuck me harder. I want you.” Tabitha said breathlessly. türkçe bahis She was so close to orgasm and she couldn’t help it. “Oh, God.”

“Go ahead,” he whispered. “Don’t worry, I’ll have my moment.”

Tabitha leaned in and kissed him hard on the lips before she ripped away from him, unable to contain her moaning. She was riding him so hard, so fast….everything went blank in her mind as she was practically screaming. “Harder, fuck me….harder.” Sweat was everywhere as her body clenched in orgasm, wave after wave of pleasure.

She kept riding him, smiling. “How did you hold out? I couldn’t wait any longer, sorry. But that doesn’t mean we’re finished.”

Jay breathlessly said, “There at the end I was thinking of baseball. I just wanted to make you cum first.”

“I have a different idea for you then.” Tabitha said as she slowly let him slide out of her. Turning on the bed, she got on all fours, giving him full view of her glistening wet pussy. Looking behind güvenilir bahis siteleri her she said, “Your choice.”

Jay came up behind her and let his cock rest against her ass as he rubbed it against her. “Hmmmm,” he said, “decisions, decisions….”

In one thrust he tore into her pussy and leaned forward to grab her breasts and kiss her back. Grunting and shoving away he suddenly pulled out. Maneuvering again he put the tip of his cock against her ass. Using her wetness he slowly pushed the head into her ass, feeling it close around him. She was so tight; it was going to be tricky,

Tabitha moaned as she felt herself open up for him. It was such a combination of pain and pleasure that all she could do was hold still and take it. He was a gentlemen…going slowly for her benefit. Letting her get used to the fit, he sped up and found himself grunting with pleasure. He watched as her breasts bounced with every stroke.

Unable to hold back and longer he exploded in her and on her back. They both fell to the bed, sweaty and exhausted. Snuggling in each other’s arms they relaxed in a comfortable silence.

“So I’ll see you again in six months, right?” she asked.

“Same time, same place.” he answered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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