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Wendy and Sara – part 2

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Wendy and Sara – part 2Something is strange here. I’m not in my bed. I open my eyes and I’m definitely not in my bed! Then it all comes back. I’m in Wendy’s bed! and last night was NOT a DREAM. I fucked Wendy last night! and Wendy fucked me several times! In fact my nipples and cock are a bit sore from all the attention that sexy Wendy paid them last night. (start series with Wendy Part 1)I hear noises from the bathroom, must be Wendy.”There you are.” as Wendy comes over to kiss me.”After what you did to me last night, I’m surprised that you’re not still asleep! Doug, do you do that with every woman the first time?””Well actually Wendy, the two women that I’ve had sex with, yes I do that the first time. I want you to orgasm several times and have a good time.””Mission accomplished darling. I had a GREAT time last night and we’re going to have a sexful rest of the weekend!”I sit up in the bed and take Wendy into my arms. We both sigh.”Darling, I love the way you hold me tight in your arms.”I slide my tongue between Wendy’s silky lips and we kiss deeply. My hand carresses her breast and I feel her nipple rising under the palm of my hand. Wendy and I are both breathing harder as our passions re-ignite. She pushes me back on the bed and my erection pops up. Wendy slides her hands over my cock and balls. she giggles as she slides over me, guiding my cock towards her pussy.”Honey are you wet enough yet?””Oh God yes”Her very wet vagina slides down to engulf my shaft. She slides me in then kisses her way up my chest.”I was tired last night Doug, but now I really want to enjoy our fuck.”I slip an arm around her ass and the other through her hair as I bring her lips to mine. My cock is buried deep in her vagina and my tongue is down her throat as I begin to thrust into her. Wendy eagerly responds to my thrusts with thrusts of her own. Her pussy is soooo hot, tight and wet! i feel the first pulses of her orgasm.”Ohhh god! deeper please! I’m uuuuummmmmmiiiiinggg”I grab her hips as I drive our hips together and continue to thrust as Wendy starts to cum. Her lubrication is flooding very hot against my straining cock. I’m nearly there too but I want more orgasms from Wendy.”Oh darling, more!, yes! ram that cock into me! unnnnnggggg””Oh Wendy, I’m uhhhhhh”As I feel the volcanic eruption racing up from the base of my cock to add to the flood in her womb. My hips jerk with the force of my release as I pump cum into Wendys hungry pussy. I hold and kiss her as we both ome down. She’s trembling again and so am I a bit. The cum begins to pour out of her pussy as Wendy slides over onto the sheet next to me. I kiss her lightly then slowly move down to her breasts, nipples and navel. A very light kiss on her clit, then down to suck and lick her pussy dry.Wendy giggles, “not all of that is old since you’re getting me very hot and wet again!””Honey, I love morning sex.””Think again, Doug, it’s after 2.””Well that was quite a night. One I’ll never forget.””Doug you certainly made it memorable. Ready for some pancakes? after all you just finished the honey?!””Ya Honey, I could use some food.”After a pit stop I join Wendy in the kitchen. She has slipped on a apron to make pancakes in. Wendy’s breasts make her a real knockout with just that apron on.We make small talk as we enjoy brekfast together. After breakfast Wendy pulls out a calander.”Remember what I told you about last night? that I want to enjoy you as much as possible but I have commitments to my lesbian partners too.””Yes Wendy, I remember.” “How could I forget! she had tears in her beautiful eyes as she told me last night.”So Tuesday is out since I’ll be with Jen and she is strictly les. Thursday Ann, my s*s is coming down for the weekend. I’ll like to have Thursday and Friday nights with her, but darling I’d like you to join us for Saturday. Ann said something about playing golf. She’ll be leaving Sunday morning. So that means that you’ll have to muddle along for 3 nights next week. Is that OK Doug.””It is what it is Wendy. I’ll take you any chance I can” Wendy giggles.”If I was seeing Pam, but she won’t be back till the week after. I bet she’d go for a threesome……… Doug tell me about Sara?””Sara?””Ya, Nan told me you went out with a girl named Sara. Is she sexy?””Yes, very. A little taller than you with slightly smaller breasts, maybe B cups and slightly broader hips. She’s 21 and a checker at the d**g store near me. We dated twice, just simple kissing. One problem with her is she is still living at home.””Could you ask her out again?””I suppose I could……””You could have sex with her for several nights next week.””I don’t know, She seems kinda shy although the last time we kissed she seemed to enjoy it””Well if you kissed her like you kissed me last night, I’ll bet you got her wet and if you got her wet I’ll bet shes been thinking about sex with you ever since. And remember you thought I was shy!” giggles”I guess I could ask her out for Tuesday night.””Please isveçbahis yeni giriş Doug, I want to know that you’re having fun with Sara while I’m fucking Jen.””Ok, no promises, but I’ll asked Sara out again.””So Doug, …….tell me about your vascetomy. Again Nan told me you got snipped.””Yes, a liile over two years ago. I got it more to simplify sex rather than for birth control. One less thing to worry about. And if I want to have k**s with some nice girl like you, I’ll just get the plumbing connected again. I gather you knew since you didn’t ask about protection last night.””It certainly hasn’t impacted you in the performance department. You plump gallons of cum into me. Doug darling, Our sex together has been some of the best I’ve ever had, man or woman. Not to mention we seem made for each other’s arms!”At that invitation I gather Wendy into my arms and we hug, kiss and caress each other. After a few minutes…..”Wendy I think I’m falling for you.” Wendy giggles.”Doug, then you can join me in this lovers well ’cause I want a very serious beyond sexual relationship with you.””But you still want me to fuck other women?””Absolutely. I know it’s a bit of a risk, but I also know that we’ll both be much happier if you have several cunts that you’ve fucked. I will say this, if we were to jump into the really deep end and get married then I think we’d need to approve each others sex partners.”We talked a bit more about last night. What we liked (everything!) what we didn’t like (Nothing!). This lead to our using the chairs and table in the dining room in ways that they were not intended. After Wendy came particularly hard with my finger again deep in her ass…..”Darling, I want your cock in my ass, please…””Well I aim to please!” as I lift her buns up off the couch.I spread Wendys legs doggy style then hold her ass cheeks apart as I run my tongue down to her hole. She’s moaning very strongly as I slide a finger into her pussy and lift my cock up to her ass. My cock is still very hard and extremely wet from Wendy’s last orgasm as I slowly slide into her. Wendy backs up slightly to help when suddenly I slide fully into in ass. I give her a few slaps on her ass and she seems to enjoy it.”Oh, unnnng, ahhhh god, fuck me!” As I thrust into Wendy. It’s not long until we both cum (I’ve also been fingering her clit).”God I love anual sex, darling.””Me too, though your pussy is almost as tight and it is as tight all over my cock baby.”By the time 6 am Monday rolled around we were both very happily exhausted. I quickly went home to shower and change and soon Wendy drove up with the car pool.”You’ll have to show me your apartment some time. I has such a wonderful view of the beach.” Wendy smiled.”Maybe tonight after work” I grin back.About 8:01 my phone rinks, it’s Nan…..”God what did you do to Wendy, I’ve never seen such a big ‘Boy did I get fucked’ grin on a woman before!””Nan, you should see my grin!””So you did, good.””Very and all weekend!””Horny basterds!. I’m glad for both of you. You think it’ll last till you two go to sea?””We’ll see, but I think so.””Great, I’ll have to find a place where Wendy and I can talk in private. There she is now, bye.”Wendy and I snuggled our way through lunch hour then she dropped off the rest of the car pool before driving over to my apartment.”Darling, I want the nickle tour with a lot of nuggy thrown if if you want a tip.”So we trottrd up to my apartment overlooking the beach. I laid her on my bed and we screwed ourselves silly.After the sex session Wendy says,”Ok let’s get dressed””Why? do you have to leave already?””No silly, we need to go shopping””Shopping?””Yes, sex shopping. Sara is working tonight.I called to make sure. I want to check her out. I’ll go in first, then I want you to go in and buy one of the sex lubricants. I’ll plant a seed when I go in.””So you want me to buy a libricant and have Sara check me out.””Yes, also a sex mag if the sell them so she’ll get the idea that you’re alone.”So we go over to the d**gstore. I wait outside hidden from view as Wendy goes in first.”Oh excuse me, ah Sara is it? Could you help me for a minute?””Sure what do you need?” Sara replies.”Well I ah I ah need somthing private. Where is the birth control section?””Oh sure let me show you…. Here you go mam. Can I help in any other way?” Wendy leans towards Sara and puts her arm around her lightly.”Well yes, ah these ah lubricants, ah ah which do you prefer?” Sara blushes a deep red.”Well of course everyone different, but I like the Intense one.””Thank you. I was thinking of trying that one””Is that all you need today?””Yes for now, thank you Sara, thank you very much.”Wendy comes out and over to the tree I’m waiting behind.”Darling, she is very cute, very sexy, I may try to seduce her into my bed too! Her hips are crying out for sex! But darling go seduce her like you did me.””what did you get?””Oh just a little something Jen and isveçbahis giriş I enjoy using. Now go in there because I’ll bet she’s wet right now, buy yours/mine and ask her out.”So I go in and say Hi to Sara as I walk in. I go over to the magazines and pick out a Forum, then quickly over to get the yours/mine lubricant. Now the hard part, checkout.Sara is not busy as I walk up and put my purchases on the counter.”Hi Sara, it’s been awhile””I haven’t seen you come in much lately”She rings up my purchases and I notice that her hands tremble a little as she picks them up. I hand her the cash and brush her hand.”Sara, I was wondering would you like to go out to dinner tomarrow night?””Tuesday night? Ah, sure Doug that would be fun.””Ok, I’ll pick you up at six?””That’ll work, oh I have my own place now. Here let me give you the address and my new private number (giggles). No more worries about Mom listining in!”I tried to control myself as I walked out of the store. I pick up Wendy.”well darling?””Dinner tomarrow night. What did you do to her, she seemed very aroused?”So Wendy told me what she did and bought.”Darling, I’ll bet sexy Sara has a very wet pair of panties right now. Seduce her like you did me, although it didn’t take much seducing since I had the hots for you when Nan introduced us.”Wendy and I used the Intense later that night when we had sex, since we were both getting a little raw from all the touching. Wendy left for her place as I thought about Sara.Tuesday about six I knock on Sara’s door. She opens it and lets me in. She gigles that I’m the first guy in her new apartment so she wants to show it off. she takes me by the hand for the tour. When we get to her bedroom, I slide my arm around her slim sexy waist and kiss her lightly on the cheek. She responds in kind. I then put both my arms around her and kiss her each of her cheeks, up to her forehead, down to the tip of her nose (giggles) then slowly pull her upper lip into my lips, then her lower lip. I hear her take in a quick breath as I slide my tongue between her open lips. Her soft blonde hair slides through my fingers as we embrace. Sara returns the kiss deeply, deeper than I had gone and holds me tightly against her body. She can feel my cock throbbing against her loins as I can feel her breast press into my chest.We break the embrace.”Ah, Dinner Sara?””Yes, ah Doug, I enjoyed that very much.””Sara, so did I.”So we went to a resturant and I ordered wine with dinner. Sara giggled as she first was asked to show her ID and then laughed when I was asked for mine. Sara was wearing a bit more conservative outfit that the past two dates. Her blouse reached to her neck though her jeans nicely showed off her but.As we left the resturant I put my arm around Sara and she leaned into me. At the car I took her into my arms and gave her the sexyest kiss I could including holding her hips tightly against mine. I break the kiss and she reaches her arms around my neck and kisses me back. She seems very aroused as she is breathing deeply. I let her into the car, then quickly join her. As I get in the car sara’s arms go around me again as we kiss deeply. I lightly touch then begin to caress her breasts. Sara’s tongue darts deeper into my mouth as she moans and holds me tighter. I feel Sara’s nipples grow as I deeply massage her breasts. She breaks the kiss as she holds me gasping for air.”Oh, Doug! We should go, someone might see us!””Ok Sara, is my place OK?””Yes please!”I start the car and give her a soft kiss on the cheek.”Sara, was that OK?””Oh Doug, that was great. Can we make out more at your place?”I put my arm around her waist as we walked up to my door. I take her into my arms and whisper in her ear…”Sara, if I do some that you don’t like, you let me know OK?””I promise Doug.”We enter my apartment. Arms around each other’s waists. Sara was here on our last date. I take her in my arms and kiss her deeply. Sara responds by wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me back just as deeply. Our passions are rising as I slide my hand down to the ass of her jeans. Sara slides one of her hands down my back, over my hip and caresses my cock through my jeans. I moan into Sara’s kiss. She’s stroking my cock very nicely as it gets even harder. She breaks our embrace,”Doug can I use your rest room?””sure, remember where it is?””I think so, please get comfy while I’m gone.”I sit on the couch and Sara quickly returns to sit in a chair next to me.”Doug, can I ask you something? personal?””Sure.””Am I sexy?””Absolutely, not only are you a very beautiful woman, but I’ve felt very attracted to you. Do you find me sexy?””Of course. Do you think my breasts are too small? My girl friends all seem to have bigger breasts than mine. I know how guys like big breasts.””Sara I think your breasts are just wonderful just as they are, you also have very sexy green eyes and a very sexy rounded but.” Giggles and blushes from Sara.”I like isveçbahis güvenilirmi your ass too Doug!””So why don’t you swing that sexy ass over here next to my sexy ass?”So Sara sits next to me on the couch and we kiss and I begin to caress her breasts again. I reach behind her and unbutton the back of her blouse which she helps me slide off. I kiss along her shoulders as I caress her breasts through her black lacy bra. Sara is now holding my lips to hers as she moans loadly each time I rub over her nipples. Her bra clasp is in front. I reach for it and she leans back.”I wore this just because I wanted to see you expression the first time you see my tittys.”I open the clasp and pull the cups away.”Oh Sara you breasts are as beautiful and sexy as I knew they’d be.” As I caress both of her small globes in my hands. Her nipples are getting very erect as I squeeze and kneed her breasts and kiss her. I then kiss my way down to her left nipple and begin to suck nearly all of her breast into my mouth.”Oh, oh, my. That feels so good.”Her hand is stroking my jeans as I suck Sara’s b cup tits.”Sara, I want to fully experience your orgasm. So could you hold off rubbing my cock for a while while I concentrate on you? You’re getting me very excited.””Here Sara, lay your head on this pillow and across my waist.””Is this OK?””Great!”As our lips meet I slide my hand between her thighs. She spreads her legs for me as I slide my hand up to stroke her. Sara is moaning deeply As I remove her slacks and then a pair of filmy black lace panties that are very wet. Her outer lips are purple and spread, Juices all around her pussy as I start to finger her pussy.”Ohhhhhh, deeper, pleasssse, deeeeeper.” I start to finger fuck Sara’s pussy. I can feel it building inside of her. Sara’s back is arching and as she comes, a loud scream of pleasure erupts from her throat. That was so load I’m sure the neighbors heard that!I kiss her deeply to muffle the screams I know that are to come as I don’t stop fucking Sara with my fingers. She just keeps cuming. Her juices are all over my hand and her legs.”Oh god, please stop, Doug, I can’t take another orgasm this quickly.” She’d come at least four times in a row. I snuggle into her breast and lick it as her passion deflates.”Hold me please.” I gather Sara into my arms.”Doug you’re an incredible lover! I’ve had sex before, but never like that.”We rest for awhile, touching and caressing each other. Sara removes my shirt. “Sara are you feeling OK now?” “uh, huh” “cause I want you very much.” I take Sara by the hand and lead her into the bedroom. She unbuckles my belt and I slip off my jeans and shorts.”Oh Doug, yes, I want you in my pussy so bad.”I separate Saras legs and slide between them. I kiss her inner thighs and up to suck and kis her pussy. Sara s quickly getting very hot.”Oh please, Baby I want your cock in me now, unnngggggggg.” as I slide my hard throbbing cock into the tightest pussy I’ve ever felt. Sarae’s body is squeezing my cock as I push in deeper. The throbbing is getting more intense, then she……”unnnnnggggggg ahhhhhhhhhhh unnnnnggghhh, ohhhhhhhhh baaaaaby!!!” I feel the buildup in my cock starting to move up the shaft as I suddenly pump my load into Sara’s vagina.”Oh Sarrrra, cummmmmmminnnn.”Sara and I fucked twice more that night.We both had very big grins on our faces in the morning. Sara had to work Wednesday night but she’d be free Thursday and all day Friday. So we agreed to meet again Thursday night at her place.”Doug honey, I want you in my bed. I’ve never been screwed in my own bed before and I want you to be the first.””Have you had any sex your bed?””I masturbate there all the time, slily.””Sara do you ever think about sex with other women?””Sometimes, when I see a very sexy woman in the store. When my girl friends and I go out and get drunk we’ve kissed each other but never anything beyond that, why.””I was just wondering how experimental you might be.””Doug I’ll try anything at least once,”Wednesday morning my phone rang about 8:02.”So how was sexy Sara””Well Wendy I have a big grin on my face! and so does she! How was Jen?””wonderful as normal with a different twist. I’ll tell you about it at noon.”I meet Wendy for luch and she takes me over to a secluded grassy area that’s very private. We kiss and caress. She askes me to sit and to unbutton her blouse. She’s wearing a nursing bra. She cradles my head and lifts the cup off her right breast. The nipple is partially erect as she places it between my lips. I begin to suckle Wendy’s breast. She leans down and kisses my forehead.”Doug this feels so wonderful!””Let me tell you about Jen. Jen is a lesbian with a husband and two k**s. She rarely has sex with her husband but did recently for their aniversary. Jen is about 6 weeks into a pregnacy. But of more interest she is latcating. I did not know that when she asked me to suckle her breast last night. At first I tasted something unusual but there was definitely fluid on her nipple. Jen held mr tightly to her breast as I sucked and I started to taste more and more milk from her breast. It was very sensual and got us both really turned on. Just like you are really turning me on Doug.””I can hardly wait for tonight, Doug……”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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