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Wendy Cracks

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Wendy CracksWendy is 28 years old married with a 7 year old boy and 5 year old girl her husband was a big shot in an office till he got himself fired for stealing money the boss was a good friend so no charges were filed but it went on the record, this didn’t matter much cause he did not try to find another job so Wendy had to go back to work. The work didn’t bother her as much as him not trying at all to help not with money not with the k**s not with the housework nothing. So here she was up at six in the morning lay out the k**s clothes then to work on the busy highway only to have her 22 year old snotty bitch boss order her around do things that Wendy had taught her to do, and when she got home fix supper do dishes bath the k**s get them ready for bed and then only try to lay back and chill tell bedtime when says it’s your wifey duty to screw me. Even all this her life was good till.Wendy gets to work and on her desk is a pink slip it says she is fired cause of laziness and lack of work effort. Seeing her at her desk the bitchy boss calls her into her office and starts to cut her down about her work and her appearance her life in general Wendy just sets there and boils. Wendy true is no catch a normal woman about 32A tits her body had some fat but not much in all about 32A-29-34 her hair most of the time in a ponytail and clothes were not new wave at all but, her work was great and this knew nothing about her personal life the more the 22year old daddy baby talked the more Wendy got mad and she wanted to cry but would not give this bitch the joy of it she sat there and took it all in making mental notes then clamly got up and left.At home early she finds an teen babysitting they say that her hubby went fishing and told them she would pay they when she got there Wendy paid her put the k**s down to nap and in her own room laid on the bed staring at the ceiling four hours later hubby came home drunk and smelled of perfume cheap perfume at that but she helped him tuzla escort to bed not saying a thing. She sat at the table and her plan formed in her head. In the morning hubby came to the table thinking a big deal was going to be made but his food ready and a kiss on the forehead before she told him she was going to be out all day and they could talk later. In her car the anticipation made her tingle from head to toe.Wendy went about buying things to insure her plan and the tingling got stronger all the time. Then at 5pm. she was in the parking lot of her old office seeing the last person leave all gone but the bitch. She grab her stuff and in she went locking the doors and closing the window covers shut off the phones and in the office she went. there was her boss at her desk her name is Maddy her dad gave her this business but she sucked at being the boss her 40-24-36 body got the guys to listen to her but as soon as she turned they did what was right not what she said and her father knew it so they were all his guest at the golf club. but today was different Wendy came up behind her and slapped her up side of her head SIT YOUR ASS DOWN BITCH IT’S MY TURN TO TALK NOW.. 1st OFF YOU SUCK AS A BOSS 2nd YOU SUCK AS A WOMAN your body is the only reason these people put up with you so I’m going to put that body to work for me!! Wendy ripped her clothes off her and tied her to her desk on her back Maddy’s big phony tits sticking up Wendy twisted her nipples hard then pushed them up and made her suck her own tits slapping the one not being sucked and making her switch then slapped the other tears rolling down her make-up a mess after a while Wendy moved down to her twat pulling the brown hair and slapping her cunt too then lightly touching the lips and being gentle with her clit then fingering her one then two then three fingers in and out fast slow hard soft deep shollow making Maddy moan and groan she was pushing her hips up to meet the fingers driving her pendik escort wild and as her big O came close Wendy stopped Maddy begged for more and Wendy just laughed at her saying honey you are going to get more all right. Wendy turned Maddy over then undressed herself put on a strap-on that was long and thick and forced Maddy to open her mouth an rammed it in deep causing her to gag but it keep coming in and out fucking her mouth hard her eyes watered and she fought for air Wendy twisted her tits and fucked her mouth hard and deep a long time pulling out she informed Maddy that they had just started so rest and catch your breath. Wendy went into the next room and call Maddy’s house left a message she was working late then called a couple guys she knew asking them to come there that she had something for them. When she went back to Maddy she was trying to get free but could not Wendy used the strap-on to fuck her pussy pushing in to the hilt then out to the tip slamming back in hard over and over and each time Maddy came Wendy pulled out making her suck her cum off the cock then back in hard and deep causing the 22 year old to twist and turn trying to get release to cum but Wendy keep her on the edge not letting her cross over the point of no return after about 30 min. she pulled out and left the room.Sitting in that room she put on some sexy bra and panties and a wrap and when the guys came there she let them in first was John a salesman who always hit on her a tall man about 175lbs. kind and sweet to her she told him that tonite he gets her anyway he wants her for as long as he wants her, John smiles and grabs her in his arms kissing her deep with the passion her hubby never did. She is full of joy and passion as he rubs his strong hands all over her body her puss a swamp and her tits begging to be touched she slides down and takes out a cock bigger then hubby’s thicker too and tries her best to take him as deep as she can but only about 3/4 is all she kartal escort can take her head bobbing up and down she sucks him her best telling him he can have this all the time now he pulls her up kisses her and says I’ll hold you to that. the next guy shows up is Tom a 6’6 black man about 200lbs. she lets him in and he looks at her and grins she tells him she has a gift for him taking him to Maddy and says she is yours to do as you please but be sure to full her with cum get her pregnant make her a BBC slut your BBC slut to share with your buddies. For the next three hours Wendy and John made mad passion love and Tom fucked Maddy hard and deep and filled her cunt with his cum also her ass and mouth too leaving her passed out on the floor with his number written on her forehead. Wendy call her husband and told him to come pick her up as her daddy too told John that she would see him soon and kicked him out. Cleaning up the office she waited out side till hubby and daddy came then went home working in the house in only her bra and panties. Hubby eyes grow wide and he starts to say something when she tells him to shut the fuck up YOU HAVE TWO WEEKS TO FIND A GOOD PAYING JOB AND TREAT ME MUCH BETTER THEN NORMAL OR YOUR GONE FOR GOOD. IN THE MEAN TIME I WELL BE sleepING SOME PLACE ELSE WITH A MUCH BETTER MUCH BIGGER COCK AND HE KNOWS HOW TO USE IT TOO SO IT HAD BETTER BE A DAM GOOD JOB WITH SO MUCH PAY OR BYE-BYE TO BE HONEST I WELL STILL BE FUCKING AND SUCKING HIM LIVING HERE OR NOT BUT NO PAY NO MY PUSSY!!Two months laterWendy is living at home her hubby is working a great job racking in the money cleaning the house and watching the k**s when she goes out with John he picks her up at there house she answers the door in a very short mini dress cut low no bra or panties put her arms around John’s neck and kisses him long and deep then rubbing his dick looks at her hubby and says I’ll be home in the morning maybe I’ll bring you a big cream pie honey and they leave Wendy ask John to go down town first there on the curb of sixth and hill was Maddy in a short dress waving down cars to give blow-jobs for $20 her hubby and daddy kicked her nasty ass out and Tom put the bitch to work…………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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